Awan Security Clearances Forged

If I didn’t know how this worked, I’d say this will be getting interesting:

Federal law enforcement agents working the Imran Awan and Hina Alvi fraud probe said the couple, along with other members of the family, were never properly vetted for Congressional security clearances.

Instead the clearances, which provided the Awans access to dozens of Congressional Democrats computer networks and IT systems, were likely approved absent each individual background file getting “fully investigated.”

“I seriously doubt they could have passed a full background (check),” one FBI insider said. “These clearances were pushed through.”

FBI insiders used the word “forged” to describe the process of what happened to the Awan files. Federal law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case divulged:

Either someone with clout in Congress, or higher, made sure the Awans received their security clearances despite glaring problems or the investigators pushed their files through for approval as part of a systemic breakdown.

Many assertions in the Awan-linked applications and files could not be verified by subsequent FBI vetting as part of the criminal case now pending against Imran and Hina. The files are problematic, FBI sources said.

The FBI did not conduct the background checks on members of the Awan family who were granted security clearances in Congress.

Here is the thing. I could run for Congress and attain a high ranking position there, and there are corners of the government where I would have no power to influence anyone, let alone the real authority in deep state. If I were a normal Congressman, I would probably have trouble even proving those corners of government existed, let alone bringing any sort of authority down on them. Even sympathetic FBI agents have no authority over some things, things seemingly controlled by those in power.

It is unimaginable the FBI is not doing its own background checks on everyone with access to classified information in Congress. Even if OPM is technically responsible for the checks, FBI counter-intelligence is doing their own thing behind the scenes to secure national security. FBI Counter Intelligence will not know there is a hole like that, and fail to plug it by any means necessary.

No normal Congressman, no matter their rank, is getting the FBI to forge or ignore it’s covert background checks by themselves. Congressmen are the puppets. If a Congressman wanted something done at FBI, he would have to be a puppet of the real power players, and he would have to ask them to pull rank on the FBI as a favor.

It is not impossible somebody in Congress wanted Awan to get his clearance, but with his background, Awan was not getting a clearance unless some power player in the Deep State intel world wanted it – and if they wanted it, the natural assumption would be Awan was providing Congress’ emails and computer communications in return.

Of course if that were the case, then the Awan investigation will never go anywhere, and it will simply fizzle out quietly, as even the FBI, and even the President are forced to look on powerlessly.

It is wild as the collapse approaches how much weirdness arises which just peters out, without so much as a second glance by the authorities in charge. Meanwhile President Trump has a massive investigation with a Special Prosecutor looking at a Russian connection that doesn’t even exist, or even involve the President himself in its allegations – and I will not be surprised it is sends some people to jail, or even cripples Trump’s Presidency.

This is the decline.

Spread r/K Theory, because this is the end of the r-selected run

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  1. Pitcrew says:

    Fire up the helicopters. We’ll go on tour. We’ll release some really great hits.

  2. 234534647643632 says:

    This is another example of why war is unavoidable. The rotten globalist politicians won’t allow anyone to fix shit peacefully.

    See more here:

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