Consanguineous Mating Now High In London

Nobody understands that this means, biologically, the end of democracy in Europe, at least until they can be expelled:

A new report from the London Borough of Redbridge has revealed almost one in five of all child deaths in the area since 2008 were down to their parents being close relatives.
The statistic was discussed at a meeting of the Redbridge Council Health and Well-being Board on Monday, with the matter of child fatality being raised.

The council’s report found between 2008 and 2016, 19 per cent of child deaths in the borough were caused by infants being born to “consanguineous relationships” — marriage or otherwise sexual relations between couples who are first cousins or closer.

HBDchick was very prescient to hash this out so completely.

This is a very insular gene pool, consisting of individuals that are almost like clones genetically, and who are designed to keep outsiders out of their gene pool and failing in society, while invading neighboring gene pools. What this means practically is no-go zones, crime, rape, short term mating with single parenting, and the replacement of western democracy with Middle Eastern corruption.

It actually increases nepotism and corruption behaviors, and makes a democratic society almost impossible. London now has a population which will do everything it can to screw over native Londoners, and which will rapidly corrupt government to serve its own purposes, with no sense of how that will reduce a thriving society into a failed Mideast state in the middle of Britain. Already they own the Mayor’s office, and that is just the camel’s nose under the tent.

Regular Brits will endure the hardship, until it cannot be endured. By that point, the state will be so corrupt and infiltrated as to offer no redress and the only avenue available will be war.

I hope they remember it was all the left’s fault, and they expel them back the Mideast with the Muslims.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because they all have to go back

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  2. Pitcrew says:

    The Hajnal line explains quite a bit when you look at it. Organized criminal syndicates seem originate from just outside of it. The Irish mob, Sicilians/Italian mafia, Russian mafia and Spain too (although all the cartel family names seem to originate from southern Spain, as northern Spain is placed inside the Hajnal line). Widespread organized criminal activity in the Balkans (also outside the line) is present as well. Islamic communities are probably like a very extreme variant of organized criminal groups- which explains why it is more fertile inside the “multicultural obsessed” Hajnal zone which is less accustomed to this behavior. Continued muslim population growth will collapse the Hajnal zone and this will cause violence- probably similar to the Balkan conflict but on a much larger scale. We all know that these people are not just going to go back, they are going to keep breeding as long as possible.

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  4. dirkhblog says:

    There’s plenty of corruption in the islamic Labour party in Tower Hamlets etc. already. As for the screwing over, the whites are running away so they will have to screw each other over.

    Stick a fork in London, it’s done.

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