French Migrants Lay Boobytraps For Police

You know you’ve got cultural diversity when Punji Pits are scattered around your neighborhood:

Several testimonies and photographs have been received from the residents of the district of Trois Ponts in Roubaix. A group of young individuals dug holes 60 cm deep on average and covered them to camouflage them. Their goal ? Attract police officers in pursuit races at night to trap them. According to several consistent testimonies, these traps worthy of North American trappers contain sharp metal objects to injure police officers. Police officers alerted by the residents were sent to the scene to observe the reported facts. They have confirmed that they have spotted many pitfalls. No official information was provided by the authorities.No one has been arrested for the time being.”

Next up, blow guns and cannibalistic headhunter tribes. Then we’ll really be cooking.

If you can’t bring the French Cop to Gaza, bring Gaza to the French Cop. Notice, the migrants don’t come in and immediately align with the K-selected police, to produce stability and safety for all the people. They come in, rape, thieve, and try to attack K-strategists everywhere they see them, with no thought of what the future will look like as they destroy Western Society. That is why leftist r-strategists want to import them. This is an ancient genetic war, between r and K, and the r’s are trying to kill us.

Migrants are r-strategists, just like the leftists who import them.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because otherwise you may end up turning on a spit over a fire with an apple jammed in your mouth

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6 Responses to French Migrants Lay Boobytraps For Police

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  2. Pitcrew says:

    Its going to be very hard and lethal to remove migrants. That’s why they have to be stopped pronto. Once the migrants pass about 25% of the population the only working strategy that’s less lethal for French fighters will be to starve the migrants out of their no-go zones. If too many French K’s die, their r-traitor co-ethnics will just go right on importing. Even if all the current migrants are culled, if France remains r, they will just bring in more sub-saharans/muslims. Africa and the Middle East will have potentially billions they can send.

  3. Carl says:

    The police should be able to summarily execute anyone they see digging a pitfall on sight.

  4. European Civil War says:

    If its like this now, just imagine what will happen once the debt/economic musical chairs game stops and the Western governments can no longer provide ‘shopping mall multiculturalism’!

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