Inbreeding And Kin Selection In Humans, In A Picture

From this article:

The harrowing moment a mother kisses her two young daughters goodbye before sending them off on a suicide mission has been captured on camera.

One of the two girls, believed to be aged seven and nine, died after detonating a suicide bomb at a police station shortly after.

From the K-strategist perspective, how horrific.

When you have inbreeding, it purifies familial genes. Basically when a cousin marries a cousin, they create an offspring which has reduced numbers of outside, non-familial genes. As that continues, the family produces offspring that all have similar, familial genes.

This has been done in strains of lab mice to the point that the lines of mice are now essentially naturally produced clones, eliminating the genetic variable in experiments using them.

HBD Chick has been a huge proponent of the effect that such inbreeding has on behavior. Basically if you come from an inbred line, a relative of your’s will have all the same genes that you do. As a result, your “family genes” can move forward successfully two ways. Either you move them forward by reproducing yourself, or your relative moves them forward, by reproducing themselves. Ir creates a circumstance where you don’t necessarily need to mate to move your genes forward. As a result, the more inbred your family line the more it favors a psychology that ruthlessly seeks to advance the interests of relatives, a behavioral feature called Kin selection.

If you understand it, it makes the middle eastern suicide bomber phenomenon much more understandable. Each suicide bomber could enjoy almost as much Darwinian success by committing suicide and taking his clan’s enemies with him, (and allowing his many relatives to breed) as he would by reproducing himself. The Muslim suicide bomber simply evolved into that warm and cozy evolutionary niche of psychology that was sitting there waiting for him, having evolved as an inbred line.

Sadly this psychology also devalues the worth of individual members of the clan, as you can see here. Whether one child survives or dies is meaningless compared with the overall effect of their passing on the family/collective’s future. It really creates a sort of inhuman Borg-like society by the standards of traditionally K-selected, moderately out-bred individuals, though to each their “way” will seem equally moral and superior.

To us, allowing such young girls to ever come to harm would be inexcusable. But to the Muslim, they should be sacrificed if it will help the clan achieve an objective – and they should want to die to destroy enemies for the clan. Add in the ideas of Allah and Paradise – ideas such a psychology is programmed to latch on to, to justify its urges – and the masterpiece of evil is complete.

The most interesting aspect is that this predisposition is produced at the genetic level.

During times of r, K-amygdalae in Europe will only be moderately aware of these foreign interlopers with their innate immoral psychological predispositions and genetic “inferiority.” Atrophied amygdalae all have difficulty discerning such differences, and like it or not, as K-selected as the right is now, it is by evolutionary standards horribly atrophied by ease and free resources. I knew much more K individuals way back in my early youth, and just as the left is disquieted by our common-sense, their hard edges left even me, as a friend, in a much harder/colder/less-amused/more cautious frame of mind around them. They were all business, and around them I felt all-business as well, even as a kid.

Once the Apocalypse kicks in, and amygdalae naturally adapt to that more K-form, these Muslim invaders will appear to that ruthless K-selected European population as satanic, moral-less savages, in need of full on eradication by any means necessary. This will be, even as the Muslims will adapt to see all Europeans as non-familial out-groups of selfish and immoral losers taking the ease that should belong to Allah’s followers. Given the natural hatred that will produce, they will be willing to die to eradicate them. Allah and Paradise will fuel that, but the seed of predisposition is in their genes waiting, already.

As horrific as that sounds, all of that ignores the simple welfarite criminal savages that will awaken from their slumber, the pitting of government K-strategists against K-civilians by rabbits in government, as well as the inevitable dangers of bickering between states, each looking to shunt their problems off on their neighbors, and occasionally letting the bickering spiral out of control.

All in all, quite an Apocalypse awaits.

Encourage others to spread r/K Selection Theory, because we need all the K-strategists pointing in the same direction when it all goes down.

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  2. FrankNorman says:

    Whatever happens,
    We have got
    The Atom Bomb
    And they have not.

  3. Nathan says:

    I only have a vague inkling of these guys who make you want to be “all-business” around them, but I think my great-great-grandparents from Europe might have qualified. To me something like homosexuality is on that borderline between acceptable and non-acceptable behavior, so I almost dare not think what would be on the borderline for the hardcore K-types.

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