New r/K Video Out

I actually couldn’t even listen to the words, I was so blown away by the sight of an artist drawing such an incredible montage in real time.

Good stuff. I love the mixture of artistic drawing with the material. Clearly that is a channel to watch out for.

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  1. Nathan says:

    Speaking of art, have you read about the latter life of Howard Hughes, an old film maker and millionaire? His OCD behavior in his later years grew so bizarre that I wonder if it was divorce or wealth or maybe r/K that caused it:

    • He had some sort of problems with the deep state back then, if I recall, and that can drive high amygdala. The Hughes Medical Foundation was a ploy to counter a deep state move to drive him out of Hughes Aviation and seize control. If he was a deep state target, with surveillance, harassment, and so on, going full recluse, and maybe deteriorating under the strain would not be hard to imagine. It would jive with moving from penthouse to penthouse, never opening his drapes, buying Texas based Hotels to own (to control the residence/environment in a state that might value freedom more than most) buying the one hotel, making the eighth floor his business and the ninth floor penthouse his residence (securing all common walls around his residence), and maybe even with mysterious nerve ailments.

      I’ve always wondered if things were rougher than we knew for a lot of the rebels of the past.

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  3. surakvulcan says:

    Ingenious 22 minute summary of the world. However…

    This misses the fact that r’s can be quite aggressive. Look at the failed congressional assassin, ANTIFA, BLM, Occupy, etc., not to mention the leaders of communist nations. How does this fact fit into the r/K worldview?

    • surakvulcan says:

      Sorry, I withdraw my comment expressing positive interest. I found that the video channel associated with Matt Drake includes a SICK video mocking the genocide of 6 million Jews, which he says didn’t happen, but is kinda funny. Huh?

      No, this doesn’t make me have an r mindset. It just means I’m connected to reality. I will make sure that when I write my Amazon review of the book, that information about this is included. That will probably help sales in the miniscule n@zi market, though.

      • Jaded Jurist says:

        Don’t be a loser. There’s more evidence against the Holohoax than for it. Try reading a little outside of your government-run propagandized “education” curriculum before you go telling people how wrong they are.

  4. Jaded Jurist says:

    Most shareable r/K resource ever! I instantly recognized Tara’s beautiful voice and I’m so glad to see such amazing talent teaming up. This WILL impact our culture!

  5. The “Saw-tooth” wave representing the r/K cycle… (towards top right of finished drawing)

    Is that a fair representation AC?

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