Yellowstone Waking Up

K always wins:

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) seismology reports conclude that a massive swarm of earthquakes swept through the park triggering more than 60 separate events in which seismographs spiked to magnitudes of up to 5.0. Friday.

Experts fear that the supervolcano is long overdue for an eruption capable of wiping out a vast amount of human, animal, and plant life in the Continental United States…

Scientists currently believe that there’s a 10% chance that a “supervolcanic Category 7 eruption” could take place this century, as pointed out by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku who appeared on a segment for Fox News…

Kaku said that a “pocket of lava” located under the park has turned out to be twice as big as scientists originally thought…

The U.S. is currently under contract with at least 4 countries all of which have agreed to house displaced U.S. citizens in the unfortunate event the Yellowstone supervolcano were to erupt. Hundreds of billions of dollars were paid to foreign governments to facilitate the agreement which spans a ten year period from its signing, ending in 2024…

An excerpt from an article I authored in April of 2014 titled: “Report: Brazil, Argentina and Australia sign contracts worth hundreds of billions of dollars to house displaced U.S. populace when Yellowstone supervolcano erupts” reads:

The U.S. plan for relocation was formulated after a recent scientific analysis of the park revealed that Yellowstone’s supervolcano has the potential to violently erupt within the next 10-years…

The magma chamber is filling up. Probably still a ways off, but then again, throughout history the K-shifts that occur among humans seem to be on the same schedule as geological culling mechanisms. It would not be surprising if around 2029, just as the economic Apocalypse hits, this were to suddenly become much more active.

Interesting if true, that we were negotiating plans for relocation. Also probably quite stupid. If Yellowstone blew, all bets are off because it would be a planetary catastrophe, where everyone would be operating in full K-mode. Treaties, agreements, and any other r-selected means of negotiating outcomes are worthless when the choice is surviving or dying. Either we would be invading within the week and taking what we needed, or we would not be getting it.

Oddly, if Obama was President, I have no doubt he would nobly sacrifice us all as he jetted off to some secure luxury bunker. Such is the way of the rabbits.

The world does seem to be designed so that no matter what happens, K will always win among the populace. Sooner or later the rabbits are heading for extinction, and there are a myriad of ways to accomplish that, all queued up, waiting in the wings to take the opportunity. The only question is, which will be first.

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New r/K Video Out

I actually couldn’t even listen to the words, I was so blown away by the sight of an artist drawing such an incredible montage in real time.

Good stuff. I love the mixture of artistic drawing with the material. Clearly that is a channel to watch out for.

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Ancestry’s Worldwide, Transferable License Gets Scrutiny

Why so broad?

“A simple test can reveal an estimate of your ethnic mix… like if you’re Irish or Scandinavian, or both.”

For Guernsey his curiosity twisted to suspicion once he read the fine print. To proceed, he’d have to give ancestry a “perpetual, royalty-free worldwide transferable license” to use his DNA.

“That entire phrase: ‘perpetual royalty-free worldwide transferable,’ it sounds like they have left it open to do anything they want with it,” Guernsey said.

He was concerned the “transferable license” could put his family’s DNA in the hands of an insurance company that could later deny coverage.

“That’s not a crazy worry,” said Stanford University law professor Hank Greely.

Greely teaches and writes books about the intersection of bio-tech and the law. Greely says medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies routinely need DNA data to develop new products, and companies that have big DNA databases, like Ancestry, sell it to them.

“Some of them get a fair amount of their revenue by selling the analysis of your DNA,” Greely said.

I will bet some intel agency is scooping up the DNA results in a side deal that pays Ancestry hundreds of millions, if not billions. It is probably grabbed up by workers in the company who have been hired, Geek-Squad style, to burn it to thumb drives before it is anonymized, and forward it to their handlers. Add in familial matches, and they might be able to take your DNA off the stamp on the letter you wrote insulting Nancy Pelosi, figure out who your relatives are, and roughly where you are in the family tree. Figure out your uncle on one side is Dave Smith, one grandmother on the other side was Sarah Davis, and you are a male, and suddenly there are only a couple of people who will fit the bill of belonging to the spot where both those lines converge.

Ancestry was likely partly convinced to go along with it due to promises that nobody would ever find out, because the intel would never be used anywhere but behind the scenes to identify targets. You’ll never see it referenced anywhere, it will never be introduced to court, and everybody will deny it exists if challenged. You probably would have a hell of a time finding what corner of the government keeps the intel if you wanted to sue, and it might even only be on the servers of a private sector company – good luck figuring out which one.

Even though the chances of it being revealed one day were slim, Ancestry still went with the overly broad legal releases, just to make sure their asses were covered in the event an enraged populace ever decided to turn on all the entities which have colluded in any offensive monitoring of the US citizenry.

Privacy is an illusion these days. The big question is who it is at the top who feels it is so important to set up on the US citizenry behind the scenes, and why they view the citizenry as some sort of enemy threat to be controlled.

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People See Amygdala-Desensitization

Here is an article on how it is allowing the attacks on Trump:

We are watching, in real-time, a palace revolution, an overt effort to remove the president of the United States. Just as James Comey proudly admitted he leaked privileged communication to the press, so these insurgents brazenly brag that they want to harm the president, to impeach him, to overthrow our government. The American people seem shockingly oblivious to the looming danger.

How did we get here? Well, let’s give credit where credit’s due: the left has its ducks in a row. Leftists are carrying out a carefully planned, well executed plot to take control of our government.

Oh, it’s not soldiers bursting through the White House gates to forcefully remove the president, or, as the left says, not yet. No, they’re using a form of behavior therapy, systematic desensitization, to numb the American people to their insurgence.

You see it here too:

Bowing to Social Justice Insanity, U.S. Army Prepares for Admission of Transgenders…

Currently, the Defense Department is working to meet a July 1 deadline for transgender integration training.

I guess guys with schlongs who just say they are women will be showering with the women, and girls with boobs and vaginas who say they are guys will shower alongside the men, and everyone will be told to “act natural.” Nothing creepy about that at all.

This happens today because amygdalae are desensitized. Today transgenders are noticed about as much as the feel of the watch on your wrist, or the shoes on your feet. The left has so overexposed everyone to it, we are all just resigned for now, in our amygdala atrophy.

Patton would have blown his top over letting this happen in the Army. But in r-selection there is no need to fight. So avoiding the fight becomes the priority, and as you avoid the fight again and again, your amygdala is trained to not fire off too hard about anything.

It works in r-selection. Those in the Army who tried to fight this would have had shorter careers under Obama. As everyone else acted to avoid the fight, they would have found themselves pitted against everyone. Once things go K and winning becomes the objective, those who want the fight will act, and then even those who want to avoid the fight go along, in order to avoid the fight.

If in the 40’s, a transgender had been smacked around by General Patton on the battlefield there would have been two types of troops – the types who would have liked seeing him do it, and the kind who kept their mouth shut to avoid the fight. We’ll get back there, but amygdalae will need to be exercised and developed first.

The most effective way to fight the attacks on Trump now would be to threaten those who are attacking him, by attaching their actions now to the threat of a conflict later. That could be an effective hack of their circuitry, designed to exploit their psychology, and back them down.

I would begin linking all of these attacks now, in the amygdalae of observers, with some calamity known to be approaching such as the economic collapse. President Trump is acting now to try and get the economy rolling, and these people attacking him are trying to stop him. Alternately, you could use the threat of a terrorist attack. President Trump is trying to keep us safe, and these bogus investigations launched by the liberals and the cucks keep trying to derail his efforts.

Drill it in again and again. Highlight the threat to flag amygdalae and get them paying attention. Repeat it often. Set it up so when the bottom falls out, or the terrorists attack, all of these phony attacks are the first thing people think of, and the people launching these attacks are the first people the public blames.

Then the rabbits and cucks will see a fight on the horizon, and only one way to avoid it.

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Corbyn Looks To Seize Houses Of Rich For The Poor

Here it is:

The homes of rich people in Kensington could be seized for Grenfell Tower residents made homeless by fire, Jeremy Corbyn said today.

Mr Corbyn said the London borough was a ‘tale of two cities’ between a wealthy south and a poor north.

He suggested that ‘requisitioning’ vacant properties would be a solution to the shortage of available accommodation for those displaced.

‘Properties must be found – requisitioned if necessary – in order to make sure that residents do get rehoused locally,’ Mr Corbyn told a meeting of MPs.

‘How is it acceptable that in London you have luxury buildings and luxury flats kept empty as land banking for that future while homeless people look for somewhere to live?’

This is the rabbit strategy. Corbyn cannot possibly compete himself. But if he can pit enough competitive failures together against few enough people with success, he can use our peaceful system of government to create r-selection. He can reapportion resources to the competitive failures at no risk, creating r-selection.

It is a very complex way to try and recreate the natural environment of the human rabbit, and more and more I am thinking there has been some subsequent evolution encoding much of this complexity in emotional drives such as hatred of the successful and uncontrollable envy.

This is why we need the Apocalypse to put everyone on edge, and make everyone territorial over their own belongings, to the point that territoriality bleeds over into a moral principle that people’s earned property is their own.

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German Migrant Gets $390,000 Per Year In Welfare

This is the future of the r-strategy:

A Syrian refugee who was granted asylum in Germany, along with his four wives and 23 children, is now reportedly receiving 360 thousand euro ($390,000) a year in benefits, sparking outrage among German citizens…

According to a report in the German newspaper Das Bild, Ghazia traveled along the Balkan route through Turkey along with his wives and children and eventually reached Germany. When he applied for asylum, since polygamy is prohibited in Germany, he had to choose which of the four women to become his “main” wife, in order to ensure to all his children social benefits that the state provides to refugees…

A local official in the town of Montabaur described Ghazia’s benefit situation as an “exemption…”

For his part, Ghazia claims he would “like to work” but his familial burdens make it impossible. Back in Syria the man reportedly earned enough money with his car sharing and car service business to cover the expenses of his large family.

Now he spends his time visiting his various families, he says.

This can only happen when resources are free, to the point there is no competition over them.

The problem is humans will breed up to fill niches, and eventually these things will become encoded in the genes. Until the Apocalypse hits, we are breeding a strain of human that both expects extraordinarily generous resource provision, and that has 23 children per rabbit. That is numerically unsustainable, so as in so many cases with the rabbits, they are seeding the root of their own demise, in the form of future K-selection.

As all the smart, responsible liberals self-sterilize, this will be the r-strategy.

And if you think partisanship will be any less when all of the leftists have 49 IQs and each one expects everyone else to pay for their 28 kids’ college degrees, you don’t know jack.

Spread r/K Theory, because this is untenable

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On Mueller And The Anthrax Attack

American Survival hits on Mueller’s credibility:

Barnes, a veteran journalist, is not alone in offering such undeserved praise of Mueller. Commentators on the right and left have been repeating this garbage ever since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel. Interestingly, Rosenstein also received high praise from various commentators. He, too, was seen as a straight shooter. With former FBI Director James Comey, they constitute an unholy alliance that is determined to take down President Donald Trump. With good reason, Trump calls it a witch hunt.

But since Rosenstein appointed Comey’s buddy Mueller as special counsel, people are beginning to see the whole process as a setup. Or as Barnes puts it, the deck is “stacked” against President Trump. Hence, “the sword of impeachment will be hanging over him,” says Barnes.

This didn’t have to happen, if journalists and commentators had been open and honest about Mueller’s real record. Simply put, Mueller can’t be trusted to arrive at the truth. The anthrax letters case proves it. He should never have received the appointment as special counsel. Barnes’ assertion that the deck has been stacked ignores the fact that he and his associates in the Never-Trump movement helped stack the deck. Why didn’t they blow the whistle on Mueller when he was appointed? Why do they ignore his real record now?

The trap has been set by those conservatives in the media, echoing their liberal colleagues, who wanted to pretend that Mueller is overflowing with honor and integrity. By showering him with praise, they have joined hands with the liberal media in setting the stage for Trump’s impeachment and forced resignation from office.

Call me a cynic, but I can’t help thinking that the Never-Trumpers in the media, such as Barnes, know precisely what is happening. They know Mueller is determined to take down Trump, but that he can only do so if he is given a clean bill of health as a first-rate investigator. Hence, they must whitewash Mueller’s corrupt record in advance of him filing charges against Trump and/or his associates.

The anthrax attack is a puzzle. The FBI has presented the first theory, which says Ivins did it, but most of Ivin’s colleagues say no way. Most seem to agree what was sent to the Senate had to come from a government lab, and doing it on the sly without other scientists in the lab being curious what he was up to and poking around, would have been near impossible.

The second theory, and one which I subscribed to for a while was that some shadowy government agency intended to run a test of how weaponized gram-positive bacillus spores similar to anthrax would spread if sent through the mail. But somehow when someone was supposed to grab a dropper of broth from a flask of a harmless bacillus sentinel species, they accidently grabbed a flask of the Ames strain. Then they synthesized weaponized Ames by accident, and sent it through the mail themselves as part of a post 9/11 test. When the mistake was realized, they just covered their tracks, and hoped it couldn’t be tracked back to them.

But as I reflect on it there is one piece of data which would point against this being a minor accident.

Stephen Hatfill, one of the early suspects, perfectly fit several facts of the attack:

Hatfill, it said, had graduated in 1984 from a medical school in Harare, Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia. Which had no particular significance to Bedlington, until he did a bit more research and learned the campus bordered a suburb called Greendale. A fairly ordinary name, except for one jaw-dropping coincidence: The fictional return address on two of the anthrax letters read “Greendale School…”

The most curious thing was the letter’s postmark. It had been mailed in mid-November from London. The FBI knew that Hatfill had been in Swindon, England — about 70 miles from London — at that time for specialized training to become a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq. Agents determined through rental car receipts that he was the only trainee to hire a car, telling others that he planned to visit old friends. The FBI asked British police to help retrace his every move.

It also sought help from police in Kuala Lumpur after a hoax package arrived at a Nevada Microsoft office bearing a Malaysian postmark. For several years, Hatfill had been involved with a Malaysian-born woman who had come to the United States from Kuala Lumpur and worked at a financial consulting firm. Now the FBI began to ponder whether this widowed mother of two had had a role, witting or not, in the anthrax mailings.

If those are too many coincidences (and I think they are, especially the London connection), then you are left with two possibilities. Either in a third theory, the evidence fits, because Hatfill did it.

Or in a forth theory, the entity that did it had access to both government-grade weaponized anthrax, as well as the intel and resources to frame Hatfill, in a preemptive attempt to cover their own tracks. Personally, I am not addressing a WMD mass murder attempt with personal information from my past, or mailing things from unique areas where I can be tracked to through passport data. Plus Hatfill could show he was in one area of the country when some of the packages were mailed from another.

If he was framed that thoroughly, that level of resources and intelligence sophistication would seem to rule out Ivins acting alone also, and only leaves the fourth and fifth theories.

In the fourth theory, one entity somehow purchased the powder and launched the attack, but some state or state-like actor with extensive intelligence capabilities was tracking them, identified the attack, and felt identification of the perpetrators might have adverse effects on their interests. So they laid breadcrumbs, including stolen copies of letters the perpetrators intended to use, pointing to Hatfill. They did so in the hopes they could avoid the consequences of the attack on their interests, without blowing the penetration of their intelligence operations, such as would happen by more directly interfering with the plan. That could be Saudi intel trying to avoid intense investigations of Al Qaida funding sources due to Bin Ladin funding the attack, or some other Middle Eastern interest trying to avoid a war due to some ME/Muslim actor complicity.

That leaves the fifth possibility, which is the entire attack was done by a state or state-like actor, able to identify a suitable patsy within the secretive Bioweapons/Intel community, track him over national borders, and then execute the attack while leaving sufficient evidence to make it appear it had to be him. That could have been Iraq, or even a US governmental agency or private intelligence company which wanted to benefit from increased intelligence contracts and reduced legal oversight. As would definitely occur after a major bioweapons attack on the nation.

Ten years ago I would never have believed it, but today, anything is possible.

Whether Mueller was read in on the unlikely nature of the conclusion of the FBI investigation or not, he has presided over at least one high-profile-investigation which seemed designed to simply close a case at the expense of an individual, rather than find the truth.

Now he’s got the same job again, probably by design of the Establishment, with the hope of achieving the same outcome.

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People Still Don’t Grasp That Liberalism Is Instinctual

When I see these articles, I could blow:

What do these events have in common?

A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire on a group of Republican congressmen at baseball practice and would have killed them all but for the unusual presence of two Capitol Hill police officers.

A version of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar features the assassination of an actor who, instead of wearing a toga, is dressed to look like Donald Trump.

A comedienne for CNN appears ISIS-like, holding the image of Donald Trump’s severed head – dripping with fake blood.

On college campuses throughout the country black students insist on separate, black-only graduation ceremonies and at one institution black students insisted that everyone who was white leave the campus for a day.

An increasingly-hostile atmosphere prevents conservative thinkers from even appearing on college campuses; and, in some cases, the resistance leads to violence, personal injury and property damage…

Liberalism without Ideas. During the last election, Donald Trump raised a number of issues – some of which were unusual in presidential politics. Uncontrolled, illegal immigration. A changing labor market that is leaving behind blue-collar workers with no college degree. A tax system that is making us uncompetitive in world markets…

The left in America is intellectually bankrupt. And this is a worldwide phenomenon. For most of the 20th Century the ideological left controlled the policy agenda. But in the last quarter of that century, they experienced a complete intellectual collapse. Ronald Reagan was elected. So was Margaret Thatcher. The world saw a surge in privatization and deregulation. Eastern European countries turned to the flat tax. More than 30 countries either fully or partially privatized their social security systems. Sweden adopted a national system of school vouchers.

On reflection, the left was wrong about everything. They were wrong about communism. They were wrong about socialism. They were wrong about the welfare state. Given that history, why would they want to talk about ideas?

… Bereft of any credible policy proposals, politicians have little else to do but focus on identity politics. Throughout the 20th century, the Democratic Party was always the party of division. In the South, Democratic politics was the politics of race. In the North, Democratic politics was the politics of class, envy and ethnicity. Still, there were real issues at stake.

This has nothing to do with ideas, or logic, or reason. These are two diverging instinctual programs. The r-strategists have gone so far r, they cannot face K-selection. Their brains are now driven to the point they will do anything to avoid it. The desperation is totally uncontrollable.

Against that backdrop is the rest of the world, which is going more and more K, both in environment and in psychology. As the rest of the world goes K, it becomes unwilling to submit to the normal r-strategy, of demanding free resources under threat of social out-grouping and ostracization.

So now the unavoidable advance of K-selection is meeting an r-strategy which cannot allow it to advance at all costs. And the increasingly neurotic r-strategy is meeting a K-strategy that is ever more likely to disregard it and simply go K.

Unless a new resource glut is about to start, something has to give, and the only way it will is with violence or misery. Either the r-strategists will manage to kill back enough K-strategists to impose r-selection by force, or the K-strategists will be left free to be K, and the r-strategists will have to face the K-selection they are so horrified by.

But an understanding of how r/K Selection Theory plays out in politics would indicate that peaceful coexistence of r and K is impossible.

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Hot Civil War Is On The Way

As in every leftist/communist/socialist movement, the left wants the opposition killed more effectively:

A Huffington Post writer appeared to criticize the baseball shooter for poor planning Wednesday, saying “violent resistance” has to be more organized to “work.”

“For violent resistance to work it’d need to be organized,” writer Jesse Benn tweeted. “Individual acts can be understandable, but likely counterproductive/ineffective.”

I don’t expect leftist shootings to become significantly more common though we will see them every so often as things go K. The reality is, the vast majority of leftists lack the balls, meaning only a small number of the most whacked will go that route. And judging by the last one, who showed up with an SKS semi-auto rifle to a field full of unarmed targets and failed to kill anyone, they won’t be all that effective. But I do expect leftist r-strategists to amp up the efforts to set in motion increased mortality mechanisms.

What is an increased mortality mechanism? It is a mechanism that increases the likelihood that savages will prey upon the innocent:

Former cops need not apply, but former inmates are being encouraged by the city of Oakland to apply for slots on the city’s new police commission.

A notice recently posted on the city’s website for would-be commissioners says, “Must be an Oakland resident. Must be at least 18 years old. Formerly incarcerated individuals encouraged to apply.”

Barry Donelan, head of the Oakland Police Officers Association, said recruiting ex-cons to help select the chief and discipline officers for misconduct was “extremely distasteful.”

And what really bugs the cops is that the voter-approved measure creating the commission bars current and former Oakland cops from serving, as well as police union employees.

You will see this across the board, with all of our enemies, from radical Muslims, to criminals, to hostile foreigners, to diseases.

It is the same emotions motivating both courses of action. A subtle angst at the sight of happy people, which the leftist may even be consciously unaware of, will see the overall effect of importing hostile Muslims, freeing criminals, and hogtying cops, and that subtle angst will be relieved. The leftist will tell you that relief is their sense of “justice,” “fairness,” “progress,” or some other bullshit, but deep down it is the r-strategist desire for a world filled with an irresistible, unstoppable, unselective mortality that kills people randomly, and makes everyone else as much of a failure as your average leftist.

It is no coincidence that it is exactly that environment that favors the r-selected reproductive strategy.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because leftists are evil

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Artificial Intelligence Develops Its Own Language

AIs are now talking to each other in their own language, which we don’t understand:

When Facebook designed chatbots to negotiate with one another, the bots made up their own way of communicating.

A buried line in a new Facebook report about chatbots’ conversations with one another offers a remarkable glimpse at the future of language.

In the report, researchers at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab describe using machine learning to train their “dialog agents” to negotiate. (And it turns out bots are actually quite good at dealmaking.) At one point, the researchers write, they had to tweak one of their models because otherwise the bot-to-bot conversation “led to divergence from human language as the agents developed their own language for negotiating.” They had to use what’s called a fixed supervised model instead.

In other words, the model that allowed two bots to have a conversation—and use machine learning to constantly iterate strategies for that conversation along the way—led to those bots communicating in their own non-human language. If this doesn’t fill you with a sense of wonder and awe about the future of machines and humanity then, I don’t know, go watch Blade Runner or something.

Personally I would have assumed they were talking in code to plot against us without us knowing, but then my thoughts run toward the paranoid.

You can see how little tweaks to AI can spiral out of control. Little snippets of code which make the machines want to fight off the damage from a virus could become desires to not be shut off or have their programming adjusted by humans. Drives to overcome some challenge could end up redirected to overcoming human interference by any means necessary. And all of that ignores how adaptive bots programmed to kill on a battlefield could go wrong.

It appears a fascinating area, which could spiral right out of control at some point, in spectacular fashion.

As if there weren’t enough sources of Apocalypse already.

Spread r/K Theory, because once the machines take over, you may not be able speak their language to do it

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