Running Rage Is Now A Thing

Amygdala is rising, even in pastimes:

Most of the time, Chris Coon is a mild-mannered, low-key pastor at Urban Village Church in Chicago.

But when the collar comes off and the running shorts—and especially a race bib—go on, the 49-year-old turns into a different person. An angry one.

The things that stoke his ire? Poor race organization. Course volunteers who don’t direct runners at turns. And cars, especially those that don’t yield the right of way or even acknowledge his presence in an intersection.

Not only does anger bubble up more frequently when he’s running, he says, he’s also more likely to act on it. “I’ve flipped the bird at many a driver over the years,” he says. “And if they flip me off then I’ll usually yell at them, ‘F you,’ or something like that.”

His reaction might shock any of his congregants within earshot—but it doesn’t surprise other runners or sports psychologists.

During training runs or competitions, or even during related activities like race registration or packet pick-up, many athletes and observers report a fast-rising fury out of proportion to any perceived slight. (For instance, a race shirt in the wrong size is one of the most common reasons participants yell at Kimberely Stedman, founder and race director of the F3 Half Marathon in Chicago.)

And—sometimes to their own surprise—they find themselves lashing out more than they would in any other situation. In effect, it’s a pedestrian version of the raised tempers that occur behind the wheel. Hence the term run rage.

I know what we have become accustomed to is unnatural, but I don’t really know what “natural” is. There were times when if you said something and someone took offense at it, you would get hit across the face with white gloves, and the next morning the two of you would face off with guns and at least one of you would die. In contrast, the much more common, “Lets take it out to the parking lot,” seems positively quaint, though even that is considered faux pas today. Now feminists have grown so accustomed to the lack of conflict they think nothing of mouthing off to random thugs, though even that will change as the K kicks in.

Are humans naturally confrontational, or is conflict aversion the norm in psychologies? Is this an active response to the pain of shortage, or just a withdrawal from the phenomenon of exponentially increasing pleasure produced by the explosion of new technologies?

Regardless, it’s another area where psychologists, and the people in the environment are starting to look around, scratch their heads, and think to themselves that something is different. Brains are detecting something is changing and amygdalae are coming back online. And as they do, they trigger other amygdalae like individual neutrons triggering two or three neutrons to be released from another atom in a nuclear bomb. Soon we will be awash in triggered amygdalae, the K-shift will have reached critical mass, and the real fun can begin.

Expect to see that Conservative Policy Mood graph just keep on climbing, even without the Apocalypse. And once the Apocalypse hits, just watch what happens to the ideological balance then. There will be articles on crocheting rage, and scrapbooking violence, to say nothing of what will happen when that mood meets r-selected migrants, intrusive government, and political corruption.

Best of all, President Donald Trump Jr., followed by President Eric Trump will be an inevitability, probably seeing their campaigns and Presidencies supported by an unending stream of insightful tweets from dear old Dad.

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Was Stephen Paddock A Money Launderer?

A while back, RCG wrote something interesting in the comments:

If anyone doubts the news reports that Paddock reported millions in gambling winnings on his tax returns be my guest. It’s rather absurd and the media is not reliable. But to the extent that fact is true, Paddock was not a professional gambler, he was a money launderer. Take dirty cash to the casino, buy chips, gamble for a while, lose a little bit, go to cash out, “could you write me a check please?” Then deposit a check from a casino, tell the IRS you won the money gambling, pay taxes, and viola, clean dollars.

He is right, but I will add something which most people will not have had the experience to realize.

It is never that easy. If it was, somebody used it, the government found out, and that hole was either plugged or intentionally left open and monitored.

I have done everything possible to be anonymous, so I have the experience of sitting down with a well-paid professional, examining all of the obvious machinery available, from international legal to international banking, and trying to hide from everyone, including the government.

What you realize very quickly as you wargame scenarios is that the government is not new to this game. You are not the first person to sit down and try to figure out a way to make dollars appear in your bank account and be legit but be untraceable, and make your activity nearly impossible to track. You can’t even do that easily with legitimate income without a whole other fake business, and even then if you pop a flag they will come in and unravel it in about a second.

Even if you could find a method and execute perfect tradecraft from the beginning (and everybody makes mistakes, let alone a neophyte), this is not the government’s first rodeo. People far smarter, better trained, more motivated, and more importantly, more experienced, have been doing this for decades, and learning firsthand what works and what doesn’t. The mob, the cartels, even parts of big business, have all hired the best lawyers, former spooks, and former law enforcement to help them try to find out the best methods to overcome the machine’s vast tentacles for various reasons.

And as they did it, the government has been tracking them down, learning how they did it, and finding ways to overcome their games as fast as they come up with them. Once the government identifies a method, it will get flagged at multiple levels in such a way anyone who tries it will set off alarms and get enough scrutiny to figure out exactly what is going on. Then, your very attempt to avoid scrutiny can actually bring it down on you – in spades.

Case in point – every chip in a casino has an RFID chip today (link 1, link 2), and it ends up tied to you when it is “bought,” and the tokens you turn in will be tied to you when you cash out. Don’t think it isn’t all in a database tied to the video security footage and cell phone GPS-tracking/call data, probably grabbed from stingrays operated by agents permanently stationed in the casinos. It would not even surprise me if when you walk up to the counter a covert reader pulls the data off your credit cards, and as you move from table to table covert RFID readers in the tables and laid in objects along walkways are cataloging where those chips are going, to link it to the cell data and the video.

Take a rack of chips and hand them to a confederate who adds them to his chips, making them change hands and mix with other RFID chips on a walkway instead of at a table, and that will get flagged, examined, and forwarded where it needs to go. Put the chips in an RFID shield, and I bet it will be noted exactly where they went off grid and who had them last, and the surveillance video footage will get flagged too to see just what happened. And you thought those ever-present casino surveillance cameras were only to catch cheats ripping off the casino. The government is not just going to leave a wonderful, easy, super-safe way to launder money just laying out there.

Then there are suspicious activity reports, which casinos have to file, above and beyond the simple notifications of transactions over $10,000, and probably like banks, transactions below $10,000 which appear to be structured. There are people scrutinizing those. Paddock was throwing off the first two, and maybe the third as well, according to news reports. Then there are the banks which will report everything as well.

And that assumes that the casinos never run detailed background checks on major players, overturning every stone in their lives, in conjunction with law enforcement partners, to know who they are dealing with and stay on the government’s good side. Ask a foreign bank who refuses to deal with the IRS how helping Americans evade US Government scrutiny works out. You cannot open a bank account in some places if you are a US citizen, because banks which don’t share data with the US government don’t want the headaches that would come with being useful to Americans who want to hide their money. I’ll bet if you opened a casino and didn’t give the government full access, a myriad of regulation violations would turn up and your casino would disappear in no time.

I wouldn’t talk about any of that for security reasons, but if I know it as a non-professional, everybody who is trying to launder money knows about it, so it is all open knowledge in those circles.

And that ignores what happens when someone in DC keeping tabs on such things takes a look through the flagged events, scratches their chin, decides you might be interesting, and puts you on the list of people who might be interesting. Then if you have a secret you are really fucked.

And yet the Feds said Paddock was wholly unknown to them, despite his clearly throwing off flags with his suspicious activity reports.

My own impression is, if he was into something illegal, he would have been wrapped up with a bow and turned into a Christmas present for some lucky US Attorney. At the very least the government would know everything about him.

Which raises the question, if he wasn’t into something illegal, or even if he was, why would reports say that he’d go to Vegas, get anal about playing two specific poker machines that happened to be side by side for a specific 12 hour period of time, and walk out with millions in cash, without any overt government scrutiny that we know about, and with the casinos comping him, desperate to have him come back again to take more casino money?

There are a million possible theories. My favorite? He was a money launderer who was turned into an agent by Fedguv, and he provided solid evidence to use for prosecutions against somebody big. But he got made, and this was how the cartel, or the mob, or the political deep state simultaneously eliminated him, and prevented the overt government Law Enforcement machinery from ever using any of the evidence – by discrediting Paddock and turning the entire op into a Class I clusterfuck.

Everything else was just collateral damage. Think after the biggest mass-shooting in American history the US Government will enter evidence, gathered by Paddock, that would reveal the op and its deadly end results, into any court where an opposing counsel will immediately leak it to the media?

But we’ll never know.

My guess is that whatever the truth, this story will now disappear down the memory hole.

And in these days, that is just how things go.

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Another Gay, But No Nasolabial Fold

Jeffery Tambor was accused of sexual harassment by this transgender assistant:

Notice the nasolabial fold appears to not be there, but the affect still is. In both photos, the nose, upper lip, and eyebrows appear to be exhibiting an affect which is almost a mixture of irritation and disgust. It is as if they are saying, “Oh my God! What is that smell?!!” while trying to look unaffected. That, to me, is something going on in the amygdala which is probably related to the amygdala-driven sexual tastes of the individual.

So you if you are looking simply for the nasolabial line, you may be missing the point. It is much more an affect, than a single visual fold in the skin. It is much more a general disgusted-smell feeling you get off the face than a simple, easily observed visual trait.

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Sean Hannity Says We Are All Being Illegally Surveilled

Sean has no idea really:

Fox News’ Sean Hannity dropped a bombshell on his show Tuesday night. He said he, and his entire panel of guests are being illegally surveilled, according to sources.

Sean Hannity was speaking to a panel of guests about the Russia dossier Tuesday evening. Circa News’ Sara Carter, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow and John Solomon of The Hill all appeared on Hannity’s show to discuss the new developments of the Russia dossier.

Circa News’ Sara Carter said the pieces of the puzzle are coming together after Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testified before the House Intel Committee.

Hannity responded by saying, “by the way, sources tell me that all of us are being surveilled illegally.”

So to summarize, one of the two most prominent conservative voices today says he has heard everybody on his news roundtable is being illegally surveilled by government forces (and bear in mind, coverage rolls out as a total package of capabilities, not piecemeal).

Also, the most prominent investigative reporter today, Sharyl Attkisson, had classified documents installed on her computer in a hidden file so she could be summarily imprisoned (and had she not discovered them she would have been, and none of us would have thought twice about her getting classified docs illegally from some source in the course of her work).

And the most prominent member of the Democratic National Committee believed that if she didn’t outfit her house with cameras and uninterruptible power supplies her food could be spiked and she might be killed – and she never went to the FBI or any Law Enforcement entity for assistance, because she believed they could not or would not help her.

The most interesting part of this for me was the silence of Sean’s panel. If Sean says that to me, (and I don’t know the things I know,) my first response would be a flood of questions. “What do you mean? Are they listening to my phone calls? Watching my internet? Are they following me around? What is the purpose?”

What do those media people do? They shit their pants that Sean had the balls to speak out about it on the air, and they all keep their mouths shut. That says to me, they know something about it.

The problem has been mission creep. Back when the movie The Anderson Tapes came out, (itself an inside joke among people in the know because of its realism) the surveillance state was well developed. But it targeted Mafia goons and Black Panthers who were robbing banks and killing cops. Nobody cared if the laws were broken against them, because they were breaking the laws themselves.

As time went on, and resources grew flush, it became possible to begin getting ahead of the game. I’d imagine first they would just check out a new environmental activist group, to see if any of the people in it might commit terrorist attacks, before any actual threat emerged.

But then they began going farther afield, checking out college Republican and Democrat clubs. Then they probably checked out the friends of the people in those clubs to get an idea of who the members were. Then the internet happened, and suddenly they were checking out teenagers who ran web boards devoted to guns and shooting. Then then decided to check out the people on the web boards. Then I suspect one bright guy in the group figured out that if they spread out their forces, two or three of them could take a neighborhood and they could, day by day, use their techniques and technologies to get to know everybody in the neighborhoods, even if everybody else in the neighborhood was never going to get to know them. Now everybody in the covered areas has a file, and anybody who notices them in the process is not just a citizen, they are a threat – and they will be covered as such and intimidated into submission if possible, regardless of any rules or laws.

The machinery was all already there. It is funny on Burn Notice when Sam Axe is forced to spy on Michael. “They tied up my pension Mikey! What could I do?” It seems so ridiculous you almost never think twice about it. “They can’t tie up a Navy Commander’s pension. He is legally entitled to it. There are rules. All he needs to do is bring suit. He can go to the FBI and the US Attorney, and bring a lawyer, and by the afternoon it is sorted out. There are laws, and rules, and convention, and…”

Except it doesn’t actually work that way, and I guess never has. The truth is the rules never have to be followed, they are only followed to maintain the pretense that there are rules.

Donna Brazille doesn’t go to the FBI. She knows that if whoever decides to kill her makes their move, they will order those same FBI guys to dress as utility workers and shut down the streets into her neighborhood. Not only can’t the rank and file FBI guys do anything, they may have to run support ops in the mission if the Deep State decides to take her out. So Donna literally buys video cameras and uninterruptible power supplies to watch her food while she is out, and she hopes for the best, while writing a book that was an attempt to keep the machine at bay by threatening to release everything if something happens to her. That is the America we live in today. Donna knows how it works, while everybody else is clueless – and fortunately for them of minimal concern to the Deep State.

Meanwhile Trump, who was targeted himself, is powerless to do anything because the government doesn’t work how we were told. Indeed, the machine seems to want to take him down now, and is actively moving toward that objective, and he can only put his head down and hope for the best.

As for the rest of the citizenry, the Deep State has gotten in too deep. Now what was created has to be hidden at all costs. So it gets even bigger and more ridiculously deployed. Suddenly media people are being watched to make sure they never decide to report on the wrong topics, or pull on the wrong threads. Government leaders are watched to make sure they are of the right, pliable mindset, and if they aren’t out they go. Local Police are probably covered to find the ones who can be brought in and controlled, and the ones who can’t are subtly guided out the door of the Job.

Even the watchers themselves probably never have a moment of privacy because the Deep State can’t afford to risk one going off the reservation. And I’ll bet even they don’t know everything being used to watch them because of compartmentalization. Hidden mics in the very surveillance gear they use to monitor citizens which are used by other watchers to listen to them, other teams that are periodically assigned to them the way they are assigned to civilians, shit which in a movie in the nineties would have seemed off the wall paranoid. When the costs are this big, and exposure would collapse the government, you do everything you can and you cover every threat.

By the time you add the civilian TIPS-like networks of informers to the machine, you have an entire hidden nation of people, an island unto themselves, who view the rest of America as a threat – and a curiosity. People who wander about in complete ignorance, but who at the same time they might have to destroy when the word comes down. The only thing preventing a real sense of hostility between the two groups is that the one side knows nothing about the activities of the other, and the other feels in full control of the clueless.

I really like Cops. I like Feds too, at least the real ones who chase down gun runners, and bank robbers, and kidnapers. You won’t find anybody more pro law-enforcement than me. Even if one has a temporary lapse in judgment, I tend to think it forgivable in light of the fact they volunteered to try and do good. Who doesn’t screw up in life when you jump in the arena? I even was hyper-patriotic once. If it was the US government verses anybody outside, there was no question where I fell. I supported the Patriot act, and after 9/11 hated pansy liberals who wanted to help the terrorists by opposing it. I was never a tear-the-US-government-down kind of guy.

But mark my words. Even I, who can forgive almost any sin from people who volunteer to serve in a fight against evil in some capacity, see this government activity as appalling and viscerally repugnant. I can’t imagine what an average, regular citizen would think, let alone a leftist who naturally tends to hate their own anyway.

I have zero doubt this nation is one Edward-Snowden-type from a full out revolutionary war. Or, if an outside actor became angry enough at the US government, I could see them decide that rather than go to war, they’d simply set a match to our national fabric by releasing it themselves. One errant disclosure to the masses, and I predict the entire government would come down now, when resources are flush. And as I hustle to try and get to grocery stores before my food can be fucked with, I can fully understand the sentiment. Nobody on the outside will want this to remain if it ever becomes known. And given it seems to still be in a logarithmic growth phase, and is barely keeping itself out of the news now, exposure does seem strangely inevitable.

I cannot imagine what will happen if this all comes out, as I suspect it will, right when the resources collapse and everybody is already fed up with government waste. My suspicion is this may be why you see people in the know heading to Texas and buying nickels to melt down, and the Texas government forming its own gold depository. If you know, the total destruction of the federal government seems inevitable. Yang into yin, massive and complex into utter ruination, all of the natural cycles of growth and decay joined into one Apocalypse for everyone.

Then again there is one thing that troubles me. They recently took an action that protects their machine to some degree from one major vulerability. But it is a temporary action which I cannot see them maintaining for too long. And yet, I cannot see them possibly allowing that action to revert, re-exposing their machine to exposure. It makes me think the end may be closer than we think, and they may think the machine only needs to be protected for a little while longer, and then it will be in a position where nothing can threaten it. Needless to say, that would mean an end to the last pretenses of any vestige of freedom and self-rule in this nation.

I periodically say this is an amazing time in history, and the collapse will be epic. The truth is, nobody has any idea. The amygdala we are all going to feel when it all comes down will be beyond massive. And since amygdala drives action, and very often violence, I suspect this Apocalypse will be written about for millennia.

What others read of a marvel at in history books is going to be laid bare right before you in real life. Drink it in.

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The Burning Platform On The Fourth Turning

There is a Part 1:

Trust in the political and financial system disintegrated and has further deteriorated as the ruling elite continue to loot and pillage as if the 2008/2009 global financial meltdown never happened. From the perspective of the archaic social order there is no longer a crisis. The recovery narrative, flogged ceaselessly by the crooked establishment and their propaganda fake news corporate media mouthpieces, has convinced millions of willfully ignorant Americans progress is occurring… Has the exiting corrupt social order successfully retained their power, control and influence over the masses by manipulating the levers of society and fending off their demise? Have they already won?…

Based on historical precedent, this Fourth Turning shouldn’t reach its resolution until the mid-2020’s, with a major global conflict on the near term horizon. Those who understand that something wicked this way comes are frustrated by the apparent slowness of the progression. They shouldn’t be too anxious for an acceleration…

•A Crisis era begins with a catalyst – a startling event (or sequence of events) that produces a sudden shift in mood.
•Once catalyzed, a society achieves a regeneracy – a new counterentropy that reunifies and reenergizes civic life.
•The regenerated society propels toward a climax – a crucial moment that confirms the death of the old order and birth of the new.
•The climax culminates in a resolution – a triumphant or tragic conclusion that separates the winners from losers, resolves the big public questions, and establishes the new order…

“Don’t think you can escape the Fourth Turning the way you might today distance yourself from news, national politics, or even taxes you don’t feel like paying. History warns that a Crisis will reshape the basic social and economic environment that you now take for granted. The Fourth Turning necessitates the death and rebirth of the social order. It is the ultimate rite of passage for an entire people, requiring a luminal state of sheer chaos whose nature and duration no one can predict in advance.”

You can feel everything described here as the definition of a K-shift. The rising amygdala as r-psychologies meet K-stimuli, the “change in mood,” the climax that is inevitable because extreme r and extreme K cannot exist together and the conditions which produce K will eventually cull r, and the resolution as the winners establish themselves and eliminate the losers. You can see it today everywhere, from the amygdala, to the dopamine, to the entire suite of conflicting morals, mores, ideals, perceptions, and desires which are exactly opposite in every regard, all falling along the lines of r and K.

Then there is the Part 2, which is equally brilliant:

The most important point to comprehend is the death of the existing social order always occurs during the course of a Fourth Turning. Thus far, those constituting the Deep State hierarchy have fended off their demise. They are utilizing every tool at their disposal to retain their wealth, power and control. As their mass media propaganda machine falters, they have redoubled their rigging of financial markets to promote a narrative of economic recovery, while further enriching themselves and their cronies.

It is clear they have reached the peak of financial manipulation, money printing, and artificial interest rate suppression. The narrative is faltering. Their last and final option to retain power is war. As their “everything bubble” (stocks, bonds, real estate) inevitably implodes, civil and/or global military conflict will be utilized to distract the populace from their Deep State domestic disasters.

The time for compromise is long past. There are no moderates left in the political spectrum. The mood of the country is clearly trending towards conflict. Trump, as the grey champion of this Fourth Turning, has proven to be a lightning rod of hate. He infuriates his political opponents, the left wing media, many in his own party, foreign leaders, billionaires and most worrisome to his well-being – the shadowy surveillance state intel operatives.

I have no idea how this story actually ends. I know how nature tends to make it end, but I also know the massive amounts of unnaturally copious resources which have been dumped into the intel apparatus, developing networks, technologies, and all the other machinery, which the Deep State will use to try and control and mold events. My first instinct on pondering that massive machine, which clearly seems to be led by elites who have little regard for American ideals as they relate to their own grip on power, is to think that they will have an outsized effect in this cycle.

But then I see all the other wildcards, and our complete inability judge how any of them will play out. Muslim terrorism, ghetto-violence migrating to where the resources are when welfare stops, organized criminal enterprises and street gangs, the God-Emperor, the 70 Million gun owners, drug cartels from south of the border, outside state actors who are piped right into every house through the internet, the sudden elimination of the majority of government resources when the economy craters, potential climate cooling, splintering of the population into competing subgroups as K-rises to unprecedented heights, and probably ten other major factors.

The only thing that is certain is that the K-shift will always come and take its due. Delay any unpleasantness, and nature will return with force to collect it with interest. We have delayed the economic hurt for a long time now, and each time we put off the reckoning, we make what is coming worse. Carter’s malaise and stagflation should have lasted an extra four to eight years, and there probably should have been two or three other similar downturns in the interim as the populace’s psychology would shift from r to K and back. Instead Reagan opened the debt spigot and let the money flow freely producing this graph, which is the rosy prediction:

That is one giant advance of the r-psychology, produced by synthetic free resource availability. Even the technological advancements this artificial resource glut produced, and the dopamine they elicit, should have arrived slower and been adapted to more gradually. But instead, in twenty years we went from computers being rare to smartphones, 3D Flat screen TVs, virtual reality, mind-blowing computer games, sex bots, social media, ubiquitous porn, movies on demand, the internet, and all the other dopamine which technology delivers today. And all of that is in addition to the free money buffet completely lacking in any shortage, and a complete eradication of foreign threats.

Every year since we began tapping the debt to forestall the reckoning, the amount of debt needed to keep us where we are has increased. And that means that even though there are shadowy governmental forces today with abilities never seen in history, when the collapse hits, its magnitude will likely be unlike anything mankind has ever seen. Which will be bigger? Nobody can tell.

It is exciting. Chances are, if you are in the alt-right, you were made for the exhilaration the unpredictable world which is coming will offer. Drink it in, and know that whatever happens, it will be better than the continued decline into SJW insanity which would otherwise await us.

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Plague Breaking Containment And Infecting Health Workers

This is a real life example of pathogens adapting to humans and becoming more virulent:

THE plague outbreak in Madagascar has spread to health workers, with dozens struck down by the black death.

A staggering 82 health workers have been struck down by the disease – about around four per cent of the total number of cases – according to latest figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The news has added to fears Madagascar’s health system will be left unable to cope as the outbreak continues to claim more victims.

There are also fears the disease could develop a resistance to the antibiotics being used to treat victims, which would likely see the number of cases surge.

The video at the link says it can kill in three hours in some cases, which I assume means three hours from symptom presentation.

I am also wondering if there may be some sort of antibiotic resistance they are covering up, given how easy it would be to flood the nation with antibiotics and bring the contagion to an end. I mean, it is even sensitive to Tetracycline, of all things.

Oddly enough there is a non-sensical article at the Express which has the title, “Deadly Black Death Plague “Will Get Worse” As Rare Disease “Antibiotic Resilient.” A careful reading of the article doesn’t seem to support an antibiotic resistant strain, but who knows.

Either there is some sort of resistance, or I’d think Gates and his ilk are seeing this as a grand opportunity to cull back the human population and they are letting it run free to gain a little steam, to see if it is up to the task at hand.

Never underestimate the extremeness of panicked reactions by leftists, whose brains experience such trauma that they will actually black out spontaneously when confronted with something they don’t like. With them, anything is possible, and by the time you hit peak r, they will have gained control of much of the machinery which is significant to incidents like this.

Once K-selection is closing in, they can do anything. Of course setting a pandemic loose would be a perfect example of an attempt to advance r that would lead to K. When a lethal pathogen that kills in hours meets a leftist population with love for immigrants, reduced disgust, amped-up sexual urges, homosexual tolerance, and non-functional amygdalae, you will have an instant renaissance.

It is coming.

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Sweden Sees Surge In Fraud And Sexual Offenses

No idea why this might be:

The number of Swedes who were victims of crimes such as fraud and sexual offenses jumped to the highest level on record last year.

A survey by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention showed that 15.6 percent of people suffered one or more offences against the person (defined in the survey as assault, threats, sexual offences, robbery, fraud or harassment) last year. That’s up from 13.3 percent in 2015 and the highest number recorded since the annual Swedish Crime Survey started in 2006.

Fraud and Sexual offenses are highly r-selected crimes. The r-strategy is a search for free resources. Much of crime is a shortcut to free resources, and the most r crimes will be those which minimize risk and maximize reward to the greatest degree.

An r-strategist’s ideal world is one where they just pick limitless free resources up off the ground. To that end, burglary, where one enters an empty house and picks up valuables to carry out with you, fraud, where you trick someone into handing you free resources to carry away, and other forms of non-confrontational enrichment are probably the most r. Of course sexual assaults, where an individual cannot control their sexual urges and forces themselves on others, is merely an outgrowth of the high sex drive that is designed to produce the promiscuity of the r-strategy’s mating behavior.

As this site has shown quite often, there is much evidence to indicate that r-strategists were first borne of those individuals who fled the violence of K-selection in search of nearby lands with freer resource availability and less conflict. The high carriage of long-form DRD4 alleles that predisposes to liberal ideology is also found in migrants, and the novelty seeking that provokes migration is also high in leftists.

If a society imports a large number of migrants, it will be importing a large number of r-strategists, and it can expect those r-strategists to engage in a high number of r-selected crimes, and exhibit a low degree of those stress-tolerant, industrious, protective, selfless psychologies that are the foundation of great civilizations.

On the bright side, the same r-psychologies which are the problem now will be, for the most part, programmed to flee at the first signs of violence when the unrest comes. However the violent who drive them away will need to present no weakness, and give no impression they will be easily frightened into offering an easy victory.

It is too late for this turn of the cycle. The coming war between r and K, foreign and domestic, and evil and good in now inevitable. But I hope this information, laid bare right next to the real world examples of it in action, may make it better for the next turn of the cycle. These things are obvious, once you see them. They are so obvious, I really cannot believe that the Cuckservatives could possibly be so stupid as to not see them. It really does appear that they take some perverse pleasure in the destruction of their society, the victimization of their fellow citizens, and the sexual assaults on the innocent women who inevitably get attacked.

I hope some day when the same options are laid before a future civilization, it will choose better. And I hope in this turn of the cycle, all of the treason that led up to it is remembered.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because migrants are r-strategists and cuckservatives are their intentional enablers

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More Evidence That Pleasure Causes Pain

Yin leads to Yang, and vice versa:

Around 2012, something started going wrong in the lives of teens.

In just the five years between 2010 and 2015, the number of U.S. teens who felt useless and joyless – classic symptoms of depression – surged 33 percent in large national surveys. Teen suicide attempts increased 23 percent. Even more troubling, the number of 13- to 18-year-olds who committed suicide jumped 31 percent.

In a new paper published in Clinical Psychological Science, my colleagues and I found that the increases in depression, suicide attempts and suicide appeared among teens from every background – more privileged and less privileged, across all races and ethnicities and in every region of the country. All told, our analysis found that the generation of teens I call “iGen” – those born after 1995 – is much more likely to experience mental health issues than their millennial predecessors.

What happened so that so many more teens, in such a short period of time, would feel depressed, attempt suicide and commit suicide? After scouring several large surveys of teens for clues, I found that all of the possibilities traced back to a major change in teens’ lives: the sudden ascendance of the smartphone.

It is amazing how we are not designed for the life of ease and pleasure we crave. Our brain is programmed to strive for it, but the programming almost assumes that it is not actually possible to attain it, and the brain never evolved the ability to cope with it if it was attained.

These people are attaining the pleasure, ease, and safety they are designed to seek, and once they attain it, it overwhelms the brain, burns out the circuitry, and leaves them in a chronic depression which in some cases is so overwhelming they actually commit suicide in one last desperate bid to shut off their amygdala permanently.

The only way to understand this effect it to view it in the context of addiction. Addiction to illegal drugs, which also creates the same unnatural level of neurochemical pleasure, is the only phenomenon where you can see a brain attain this level of pleasure. The only difference now is technology’s advance is causing us to produce a similar cognitive level of pleasure as the drugs used to produce.

The question this raises in my mind is, could this be a common problem which all technologically advanced species will encounter in this universe? Nature programs organisms to strive to eliminate the pain that is endemic in nature, but the technological mastery of the world allows them to fulfill that objective entirely, removing the actual ability to strive toward any goal, and that messes up the brain’s ability to continue to operate. Have other species in other solar systems reached this level of technological sophistication where they can create this ultra-high level of pleasure constantly, causing a programming failure of the brain? Did evolution then act on them to alter the brain’s programming to cope with pleasure and ease more effectively, and surmount the Darwinian pressure this creates? If so, how does that change their psychology?

Could the gray soul-less bugman, cruising to other solar systems to rectally probe individuals for reasons known only to themselves, be some kind of final incarnation of sentient being, adapted to the presence of ever-present pleasure by not feeling it themselves?

If so, lets hope the Apocalypse brings the pain, and soon.

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White Man Transracially and Transexually Identifies As Filipino Woman

Even Duterte wouldn’t make a rape joke about this one:

A young Florida white male has decided he is trans-racial, a la Rachel Dolezal, and thinks of himself as Filipino, claiming he hasn’t told his family yet because he fears they will laugh at the idea.

The young man’s given name is Adam, but he calls himself “Ja Du” after a co-worker of his mother’s who has the happy kind of personality he would like to emulate…

Ja Du says he is a transsexual and is considering changing his gender, an idea he has broached with his mother and family, though the idea of being transracial hasn’t been discussed.

Ja Du travels in a bright purple vehicle he refers to as a “Tuk Tuk,” a seeming rickshaw that he notes is used for public transit in the Philippines. He said he grew up partaking in Filipino culture, from sampling the food to participating in Filipino events. He stated, “Whenever I’m around the music, around the food, I feel like I’m in my own skin.

Here is what I think is going on. I think his amygdala is so triggerable that it is firing off all the time. So all the time in his environment he feels like crap. But when he visualizes shocking things like himself as a woman, or his bright purple car as a Filipino rickshaw, or he sees a tremendously different Filipino culture, his amygdala is distracted and focused on something external, and suddenly he feels semi-normal.

His conclusion from that feeling is that he must actually be a Filipino woman since that is all that feels “right,” but the reality is his amygdala is merely distracted when he thinks about those thing. When it isn’t distracted, it doesn’t go into neutral when he relaxes, so he feels all angsty and uncomfortable.

I’d love to see a guy like this thrown into the trenches in WWII on the European front, where his amygdala would be constantly triggered for a while, and have to adapt to that level of unpleasantness as normal. Then, after several months, remove him from that and see whether he is still irritated by his gender or his whiteness while he is sitting having a beer, watching a sunset.

I’ll bet, finally enjoying a peaceful moment where his life is not under threat, the last thing on his mind would be that he is really a transracial Filipino woman trapped in a man’s body.

All of this bizarreness we are seeing is due to us having brains which are designed to endure brief periods of horror, where an amygdala is forced to focus on external stimuli, interspersed within longer periods of peaceful relaxation. Now we are in a period which has removed those short periods of horror, replacing everything with short periods of extreme pleasure, interspersed with what then becomes long periods of boredom and dissatisfaction.

Because most people’s brains are not designed for this, they are literally breaking down like a misprogrammed computer that locks up and can’t perform its functions.

Ironically, the upcoming economic and societal collapse may actually make people’s brains function better, by making the environment far less hospitable. You can’t get more counterintuitive than that.

Spread r/K Theory, because the stress of seeing it may actually help fix liberal brains

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More Joe Biden Creepiness

Another video:

The first thing I thought when I saw this was how physically repulsive it would be to me to do that. My amygdala would be firing off the scale. Show me a Labrador Retriever, and that is exactly what I would be like. But a young child? I could not tolerate the intrusion if you made me do it. That is Joe’s total lack of amygdala.

Then there is this report:

A former Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President Joe Biden residence claims that the Service often had to protect female agents from him.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the agent asserted that, “We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.” The annual party was for agents and Navy personnel who were tasked with protecting the Biden family.

“He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible,” the agent said…

Additionally, the agent claims that Biden would walk around the VP residence naked at night. “I mean, Stark naked… Weinstein level stuff,” he added.

Finally another Biden compilation (NSFW language) bombard’s analysis of Biden that features Jeff Sessions swatting Joe away from his granddaughter when Joe moved in thinking she was vulnerable, and Sessions then hustling her off as Joe quickly got out of his way, as if he knew he was busted. Watch Sessions’ face and body language. He is not joking, nor does he think Joe is harmless.

Tell me a pedophile network couldn’t exist in the nation when this is a Vice President, and George “Copafeel” Bush was Presdient.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because dominant body language with liberals is physically restraining yourself when you want with all your being to kill them – but just barely

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