DeepFake Porn Hits The Scene

An interesting development:

They call them “deepfakes.”

It’s the term for pornography made using artificial intelligence-assisted technology to superimpose a person’s face on another performer’s body – essentially allowing the producer to create fake porn featuring celebrities, politicians or even average every people.

In a report published Wednesday, Motherboard recounted how they discovered a user on Reddit responsible for producing convincing porn videos featuring celebrities like Gal Gadot, Maisie Williams and Taylor Swift.

Pretty soon, the technology used to create “deepfakes” will be widely available enough to be used by extortionists and criminals with only a cursory understanding of how the software works. Another redditor discovered by Motherboard even created an app specifically designed to allow users without a computer science background to create AI-assisted fake porn. All the tools one needs to make these videos are free, readily available, and accompanied with instructions that walk novices through the process.

Two months ago, the first redditor mentioned above created a subreddit dedicated to the practice.

In that short time, the subreddit has already amassed more than 15,000 subscribers. Within the community, the word “deepfake” itself is now a noun for the kinds of neural-network generated fake videos their namesake pioneered, according to Motherboard.

On the one hand, it makes blackmailing you with compromising video more difficult. Now you can just claim it was faked. But there was a more interesting speculation on 4Chan.

One Anon previously claimed to be NYPD, and said Weiner’s laptop’s “Insurance file” had videos of political figures having sex with underaged children. He even claimed there is a video of Chuck Schumer with a little boy. Although that claim is unverifiable, I will bet there are similar such videos out there for many politicians, perhaps about to be used by Trump and company to take down the Deepstate’s compromised political muscle in the machine.

And just as that is about to happen, a technology is released online which makes such video evidence useless in proving anything. Have video of a democratic congressman raping a ten year old girl on Epstein’s private jet? Now all the politician has to do is claim it is a deepfake produced with AI.

Is it really a coincidence this technology is coming out publicly right at this moment, or might it be a tactical release of a technology designed to protect Deep State assets from the devastating evidence Trump and company are about to release?

You have to wonder.

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Dems Call On Trump To Do Something About School Shootings

I agree wholeheartedly:

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) called on Wednesday for President Trump to “get off his ass” and work with lawmakers to address the rash of shootings in U.S. schools.

Responding to a tweet from the president offering condolences for those affected by a deadly shooting at a South Florida high school on Wednesday, Moulton said he is on board with Trump’s claim that “no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.”

“I agree with every word @realDonaldTrump said here,” Moulton tweeted. “I invite him to get off his ass and join me in trying to do something about it.”

What Trump should do is create a Federal Program to train teachers in the carrying and defensive use of a handgun to stop, stall, and contain a school shooter until Police arrive. It could include Federal certification for the teachers, supply of radios to contact, brief, and coordinate with arriving Law Enforcement, supply of concealed retention holsters, and perhaps federal rewards to schools for each teacher certified. Who could ever complain about teachers trained up to federal standards on use of a firearm to protect citizens and block a shooter from accessing victims?

I would bet school shootings would plummet, and they would do it amid the howls and screams of anti-gun leftists.

Meanwhile, children would be safer and teachers would be empowered.

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Q Observed, Nobody Tweeted About Florida

Q noted last night that we had a mass shooting at a school, and none of the suspects tweeted about it. This was the breakdown, as of 12AM EST:

Hillary – retweet of Gabby Giffords’ tweet
Bill – retweet of Gabby Giffords’ tweet (probably a staff response in both cases)
Barack – No tweet
Michelle – No Tweet
James Comey – No Tweet
Biden – No tweet
Sally Yates – No tweet
Loretta Lynch – No tweet

All of these characters are suspiciously dark on Twitter, especially given how they seem primed to love virtue signaling in the face of mass shooters. It does make you wonder what else is going on in their lives.

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AI Can Filter Online Material By Content

This is the future:

The UK government has unveiled a tool it says can accurately detect jihadist content and block it from being viewed.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd told the BBC she would not rule out forcing technology companies to use it by law.

The government provided £600,000 of public funds towards the creation of the tool by an artificial intelligence company based in London.

ASI Data Science said the software can be configured to detect 94% of IS video uploads.

Anything the software identifies as potential IS material would be flagged up for a human decision to be taken.

The company said it typically flagged 0.005% of non-IS video uploads. On a site with five million daily uploads, it would flag 250 non-IS videos for review.

It is intended to lighten the moderation burden faced by small companies that may not have the resources to effectively tackle extremist material being posted on their sites.

This will be applied at first to IS recruiting videos, and it is there they will gain the right to force it legally upon everyone. But it will quickly shift to being used against right-leaning material opposing immigration, opposing leftist policies, and making fun of SJWs. And once it has the force of law, it will be used prodigiously.

It would never be the death of the right, but it will be an obstacle we will have to overcome. I assume we will have to at some point switch to a twilight-web model, sort of more peer to peer, vs the current client-server model we are presently using, so as to bypass the censors.

As always, the more the SJWs infect any area with their ideology, the more people will flock out of it, and to opposing technologies.

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School Shooting In Broward County – Was The Shooter Muslim?

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Shooter in Custody, supposedly named Nicholas Cruz.

Subject was nodding off when being arrested, either from drugs or amygdala.

Photo. Check out the pained smile.

Instagram here, mostly him with a bandanna wrapped around his face, and posing with knives and a toy handgun, and one of some long guns on a bed, including an AR.

Turns out he had a Muslim/ISIS type Instagram account which Instagram has deleted, to make him look more right-wing, and less pro-Muslim:

Facebook-owned Instagram just deleted one of the two Instagram accounts of Florida high school shooter Nicolas Cruz.

One of Cruz’s accounts seemed to display a fascination with ISIS terrorists and Islamic extremism; the other one showcased Cruz wearing a MAGA hat and contained imagery such as him killing toads.

If you guessed that Instagram removed the ISIS one, you got it right. Why would they remove that one but keep the MAGA hat one up? To control the narrative as this story develops. Unfortunately for them, Gateway Pundit has screenshot the entirety of both accounts.

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Applebees Fires Employees Who Tried To Stop Theft

We are passing Idiocracy:

Three Applebee’s employees have been fired amid allegations that they racially profiled two African-American women dining at a location in Missouri over the weekend, company officials said.

St. Louis resident Alexis Brison was having dinner with a friend at an Applebee’s in Independence, Mo., on Saturday when their feast of buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks was interrupted by a police officer, a mall security guard and a restaurant manager. To Brison and her friend’s surprise, the trio accused them of “dining and dashing” at the same location the night before…

“This is what black people have to deal with,” she added, as the officer continued to ask them questions…

“After an internal investigation and in line with our values, the franchisee terminated the manager, server and another employee involved in the incident,”… Their former workplace was temporarily shut down after their firings so that staff can “regroup, reflect, learn and grow from this,” company officials said.

I have no idea what the reality behind this is, but I will bet Applebees doesn’t either. I would not be surprised if the employee’s recognition of two different women together was correct, given how totally lacking in understanding of the situation the women were. Accuse me of theft, and I would assume I looked like the perpetrator and be cool about it, rather than go on the attack over race.

But either way, here you have two women who either were honestly recognized, or honestly mistaken. The response of authority was to destroy the lives of three employees who were just trying to prevent theft, and now the women who did it all, and who may have even stolen a dinner previously, will probably be able to sue for millions, and settle the suit for close to that.

As with much of r-selection, it transcends the mere stupidity of r-selection, and heads into the realm of evil, where good is punished, and evil is rewarded by ardent leftists who could tolerate nothing else.

All of this is being observed by the next generation. When Generation Zyklon comes of age, expect them to innately distrust all authority, in addition to wanting to kill all leftists, because all they will have known was evil.

And that will be a good thing.

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Italy Goes K, And Splinters From The EU

Inevitable, but happening faster than I’d have thought:

As national elections draw near, Italians find themselves further and further removed from the European Union (EU), according to a new study.
Support for the EU has fallen dramatically in Italy over the past 10 years and now ranks among the lowest in all of Europe, according to Berlin-based think tank European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR), a fact that will benefit Eurosceptic candidates in the upcoming vote…

“The biggest concern is Italy, whose combined fall in structural and individual cohesion (-1.7 points) is the largest of any EU state,” ECFR said. It has gone from being one of the most Europhile countries to one of Europe’s most disaffected.”

Meanwhile Captain Luca is now a hero:

“Honor to Captain Luca Traini”. After the banner in Ponte Milvio, in Rome, another phrase…, in the wake of indignation for the young Roman Pamela , torn apart and locked in two suitcases. But this time the drawing of a swastika was also under the writing. The phrase to express solidarity with the 28 year old who injured six immigrants shooting from his car in Macerata appeared this morning on a wall of Villa Bonelli

All over:

“I found a family here, now I’m at home and I have a goal”. At Luca Traini the prison, where he is after the shooting in which he injured six African immigrants last Saturday shooting from his car on the streets of Macerata, does not scare him… In the Montacuto penitentiary of Ancona where he is imprisoned, he has become a sort of hero: the other inmates shake his hand when he passes, applaud him, praise his gesture. As reported by the newspaper Il Tempo, to his defender have arrived in recent days dozens of calls from people who ask to be able to greet him, to talk to comfort him and offer an economic aid for his defense.

And it is playing out in the election as well:

After all, the polls are disastrous… The Democratic Party seems to hold only in the red regions: “Even more after Macerata, there is a feeling of difficulty even in colleges, due to the fact that the Democratic Party is crushed by the positions and propaganda of the other parties” confesses a Tuscan leader close to Renzi. What is feared is that the result will be even lower than the psychological threshold of 25 percent , the one obtained by Bersani in 2013.

The PD would have now fallen to 23 percent : as it could go down again: “If we stop around 20 percent would be a defeat and would not hold anything, because it would mean that the center would have numbers to make an autonomous government.

Most importantly, immigrants are feeling unwelcome:

Sad, scared, disheartened. Luigia Cagnetta, Eritrean and coordinator in Rome of the African Black Diaspora Network in Italy, is following with her community the crazy raid of Macerata, she is worried and looks for words. “Sad, scared, disheartened: now we are scared here in Rome”. They want to take a position. A press release, meanwhile, to say enough to all this hatred. And then, after the meeting, other ideas could come out. Perhaps anti-racist groups. «Yes, the voice is spinning, as soon as we have certain news we will communicate it, we must manage this situation». Because even in Rome, says Luigia, “the climate is heavy”. For example? “For example on the subway, every day, many times a day: the immigrant who sits sits up and immediately the accusation starts,” here, we are standing still today “». Ugly looks, says Luigia, that frighten more where communities feel more isolated, or in the suburbs. “Tor Bella Monaca, Casilina, you can really breathe an atmosphere of resentment: I do not know if it’s because of the economic crisis, which exacerbates everyone, or if there’s something in the DNA of the people that comes out at some point, but the result it is the same: these attitudes no longer know how to manage them “.

“The economic crisis,” is a possible cause, he says. This is not the economic crisis. That is still coming, and with that will come true K. This is just the initial warm up act. At this point, the final state is still unimaginable.

Since these are r-strategists, they are still expecting free resources in the way of ease, so you can see in the piece he is expecting to just mobilize anti-racist groups and have his problems go away. It will take time to reprogram his brain with the realization this is a more permanent state, and there is no escaping the hostility. Once that is realized, expect these migrants to move on to places that are less contentious, just as they fled their homelands when things got hard there.

Eventually, I expect most migrants will flee back home once things are uniformly K enough throughout Europe. But many will still try to remain and have to be expelled by force. The risk is if there is one European state that is so heavily cucked that the rabbits there allow the migrants from all the other states to migrate in and consolidate their forces within it before sufficient resistance arises. Sweden might be a ripe candidate for this.

There, the migrants could gain sufficient numbers to take over, and then Europe would end up with a hostile Muslim state within its boundaries. It could try to conduct raids, create troubles, and of course the migrants will inflict horrors within its borders on the indigenous populations.

It is not impossible such a state could precipitate a World War, between the Muslims and the non-Muslims. Muslim states and their intelligence agencies could try to maintain their foothold in Europe the way Russia wanted Cuba, by fueling a war there the way the US funded a war in Afghanistan. And that ignores how potentially hostile uninvolved actors like Russia could enter the fray and try to play all sides against the middle for their own advantage.

It could be a real mess.

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Germans Are Buying Up Airguns

Interesting solution to the problems created by rabbit leaders:

Weapons sales are soaring in Germany, prompting fears that a migrant crimewave and terrorism have made people feel unsafe.

Germans held a record 557,560 licences for minor arms by the end of last year, compared to 300,949 in January 2016.

The surge of more than 85 per cent in just two years has left some dealers of non-lethal weapons such as air and stun guns unable to keep up with demand…

The part-time model, 24, was prompted to buy a £166 Walther P99 air pistol in 2016 after being followed back to her university halls by six drunken men shouting at her in a foreign language.

Since obtaining the £40 permit – which simply requires the purchaser to be over 18 and have a clean criminal record – Miss Matthie has been posting online tutorials for women on how to use the weapons.

She said the gun offered her reassurance because she knew she would ‘have a plan if attacked’.

But Holger Stahlknecht, a minister in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, told the German paper Handelsblatt the sense of security was ‘deceptive’ because the weapons could make the situation worse.

Rabbits are gonna rabbit. But the more you enact r, the more you conjure K.

Airguns are actually quite advanced today. There used to be specialty bolt-action airguns which used cartridges loaded with compressed air and the pellet, and which functioned a lot like a regular .22 short firearm although the cartridges were a lot bigger. And there are even big-bore airguns today, from 9mm up to .50 caliber, which carry a decent wallop as well.

They actually have hollow point airgun pellets too, which could carry a payload. Curare could be grown in a green house and purified from the right plants in the Strychnos Genus, using data on the web. The loaded hollow point pellets would create an airgun that might take people down and put them out of commission as reliably as a regular firearm, and with a similar speed to that of a non-CNS, non-bone, non-artery hit. And if those hollowpoint pellets were in a CO2 powered pistol, it could offer up to 19 shots, each with similar stopping characteristics to a regular firearm, albeit via biochemical means rather than physical means.

Part of the selective process of Apocalypse will be the application of intellect and creativity to solve problems, often problems created by the rabbits who the idiot masses elected to positions of power to enact idiot rabbit policies.

In a way it can be fun:

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What Happened To Podesta’s Hand?

Continuing on with conspiracies, I was looking at this picture:

Notice the scarring on his right pinky, and the fact that both pinkies would appear to have been broken at some point, as well as his right ring finger.

Is Podesta a well practiced practitioner of hammer-peanuckle? Might he be a guy who has a high ranking Black Belt In BJJ and trained in Arizona, where breaking a finger is a perfectly acceptable counter to a choke attempt? No? Then what the hell happened to his hands?

It calls to mind the Clinton Impeachment trial. I remember tuning in once, back in those heady days when evil incarnate appeared on the verge of getting its comeuppance once and for all. Peter Jennings was speaking in a whisper as the proceedings carried on. He suddenly whispered something like the following:

“You’ll notice Senator Robert Bryd is exiting the hall at regular intervals. He has a horrible burn on his right hand. He was reading Senate papers in the back of his chauffeured car, when the 12V reading light illuminating his paper burst into flames. He bravely tried to put the flames out with his bare hand, but in the process he burned his arm and hand so severely that the dressings need to be replaced every ten to fifteen minutes. So if you see him exiting the proceedings, that is what he is tending to.”

It struck me, because the previous week he had been on Sam and Cokie, and Sam Donaldson had really pinned him down. “Did Bill Clinton say, he had not had sex with Monica Lewinsky, while he was under oath?” “Yes.” “Had he had sex with Monica Lewinsky?” “Yes.” “Is perjury a High Crime and Misdemeanor?” “Oh, of course.”

Donaldson jumped on it. “Well then, given you say he committed perjury, and the fact perjury is a removable offense, isn’t your vote now going to have to be to remove the President of the United States from his office? Aren’t you locked in already?”

Bryd stuttered and stammered, and then looked embarrassed, as he said, “Well Sam, why don’t you let me go through the process first.” The talk in the roundtable was all about how screwed Clinton was, now that this legend of the Senate, who everyone looked up to, had basically said he had to be impeached and removed.

After Bryd’s hand was burned, his entire reasoning shifted 180 degrees, and he became Bill Clinton’s most ardent defender from that point forward in every interview. My assumption at the time was somebody on Clinton’s team had caught Bryd alone in a room. Bryd probably tried to pull the US Senator card, and they then had him held down, and did a little flambe’ thing on his hand and arm with a propane torch, until his reasoning and Clinton’s were more perfectly aligned.

As I look at Podesta, who should have perfectly preserved little baby hands if any aged pencil-necked soyboy ever should, I have to wonder if his induction into the elite’s cabal came with a similar lesson in why you never stand up to the machine, and always do what you are told.

Still wonder why Trump distrusted his Secret Service early on? Thank God he has a hardened K-selected psychology, perfectly designed for this environment.

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New Q Drops Just Keep Coming

There are a ton of new Q drops. I don’t know what to make of most, so I am not commenting on them. I get the impression there may be multiple Q’s though, one who handles intel/surveillance issues specifically, one who oversees other aspects of operations and planning, and maybe one who is not experienced, but is relaying general things they are briefed on.

First, he claimed that things are taking long, because they need to disarm the machine in a specific way, to avoid it striking back:

Ask yourself, would the PUBLIC understand the following statement: “Rogue actors (Clowns/US former heads of State) initiated a missile launch in order to ‘force’ the US into a WAR/conflict against X?”…

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


He also posted this:

Seals are wonderful creatures.
Heard they work fast at capturing their prey.

One thing which came to mind was the SEAL convoy which drove over the US highways with the Trump flag flying. I thought at the time SEAL training would seem pretty time-intensive, which I would have thought would have precluded taking the time to acquire a flag like that. I mean how many people in the nation have a Trump flag like that? Did a SEAL take time out from 24/7 training to involve himself in politics that intensively and purchase that flag? Or could that have been a message from Trump, that the most elite in the military were on his side, and he wanted his enemies to know that?

Regardless, Q also mentioned Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but whether it was supposed to show he knew she was about to be mentioned in the news, or whether she is about to have her ticket punched to pay back the left for Scalia, who can say? Time will tell. But if she was Deep State, (and I would assume she is) then she was updating Deep State on Scalia’s activities, given their “friendship,” and probably help set up the hit by apprising them of his vacation and travel plans. I’d also check out the dude who Scalia bumped into “by chance” in the airport, who invited him to that ranch. That whole thing reeked of a setup.

Q has also shifted his narrative in the latest posts toward promoting a more general idea that the elites treat the masses kind of like masters treated slaves in the past. They take all the meaningful profit, and only allow their slaves to use unimportant parts of the economy to scratch out a sustainable lifestyle to keep them placated.

He even raised idea of the theme in the Matrix, where humans are farmed for something, while given a thin illusion to keep them compliant and out of the elite’s hair. He has also tied it all in with North Korea, which he has maintained is the ultimate CIA blacksite, out of reach of everyone in the world but the elites. He also said the ending of all this will not be for everybody, implying there is a horrific series of revelations at the bottom of this rabbithole.

Some of the more conspiracy-minded in his discussion board are taking it to mean that the elites are farming children, either for a pedophile network, or even some sort of demonic energy-harvesting. But there is another possibility.

I have commented that decades ago it was observed that an infusion of blood from young mice made old mice rejuvenate. Their tissues regressed to a younger state, even at the microscopic level. I have always been stunned that the research was dropped, right there, at least until a couple of years ago. Why would we try to cure AIDS, or Muscular Dystrophy, or the flu, or even erectile dysfunction, before we tried to cure the debilitating condition that ultimately kills everyone? And yet, if we are looking at the correct version of history, they dropped the aging research and never put a dollar to it. It never made sense to me. From a curing people perspective, fixing aging would cure everyone. From a profit perspective, it is a disease which everyone gets, and which everyone would pay to cure. Somebody had to shut it down affirmatively.

I was even more stunned that the elites were not farming children to take their blood for anti-aging rejuvenation therapies, so they could live forever, although companies have recently popped up to try and exploit this advance.

There would be a problem with the therapy, though, and that is that the younger mice get old when the older blood is replaced back in them, something probably necessary due to the amount of young blood needed to maintain constantly high levels of “young blood” characteristics in the older patients. This might also explain the obsession with population “replacement rates,” and the willingness to import low-IQ foreigners to increase the numbers of children relative to adults.

It is possible the elites needed a source of young children’s blood for use in anti-aging therapies, but due to the scale of the need, and the fact that the children would age in return, the moral implications meant that it had to be done secretly. The scale of what they needed may have meant that they needed an entire country’s worth of children as well. It is possible they even have other research they want to do which could cure other aspects of aging and disease quickly, but it would not happen quickly enough if they have to follow the regular path of in-vitro, mouse, dog, and then human clinical trials, complete with oversight and approvals by animal care and use committees, and medical ethics boards, and government agencies.

If that were the case, North Korea would fit the bill perfectly. They punish with the 3 generation rule, meaning that they have work camps full of young children from a generation or two after the initial criminal, over whom they have complete control. It would explain why people like Eric Schmidt travel there to set up complex computer networks, without fear of being kidnapped and ransomed. The regime would almost have to keep its citizens struggling for survival, to prevent them from idly chattering about the horrors it performs and perhaps rising up. So that part of the model could fit too. And if the blood therapy worked the way I think it might, the best blood would come from the calorie-restricted. So check that box off as well. The famine could be purposeful.

But to do that, the nation would need to be able to keep the world at bay, to explain why no nation has gone in to feed the starving people by force and restore decency and order, as we did in Somalia. That might explain why a broke nation, whose people are starving, could possess the will and the means to fund a complex, technologically sophisticated nuclear program, as well as produce the ICBMs to threaten distant lands. The lack of high technology would even help run counter-surveillance within the country.

What does point against the theory is that Poppy Bush can barely lift his arms to grope young women anymore, and George Soros looks like a human raisin on life support. You would think they would look younger. But then again, perhaps the real elites, the one with the brains and control, have no need for fame because they view the clueless masses with such disdain that they would feel horrified to have the masses even know who they were. Perhaps in the shadows is a class of real elites, who exist almost without aging, while their minions content themselves with more pedestrian pleasures, like TV interviews, public recognition, and simple money.

I’m neutral on this one, but the past few years have been a huge learning experience, teaching me that nothing you assume is necessarily true, and the elites are truly off-the-wall-crazy in their willingness to violate all the norms of behavior regular Americans are taught to believe in throughout their lives.

That said, if any of Trump’s people are watching these blogs, there is another possibility, and that is that Q is enemy action. I could see the left, especially their psych-ops people like Cialdini putting this together, supported by the leftists that have infiltrated high-level intel agencies to supply the predictions to make it seem confirmable.

They could put this together in the hopes of elevating the expectations of meme-lords on the chans and Reddit, so that when this peters out, the time and energy of Trump’s most enthusiastic and active online army has been wasted, and everyone feels demoralized. Q is spinning up very high now, with a conspiracy that covers everything from biomedical conspiracies, to elite child-trafficking, to class warfare of a scale we have not seen to date, to utter destruction of the Democrat party. If Q crashed this whole thing, and showed it all to be a farce, just as the midterms were hitting, it could be a mess for the right from a cognitive neuroscience perspective.

If this is not a set plan coming from Trump’s administration, the Trump administration should put word out more officially, to quiet it among the online right before it does any significant damage to the online right’s motivation and enthusiasm.

That said, nothing Q has said thus far seems impossible to me, but only because I am aware of how weird the world around us is. Literally, almost anything is possible these days. So I keep it in a quantum mechanical state in my brain where all possibilities exist simultaneously, and I am prepared for the reality to be far less than the possibilities. But I do remain hopeful.

If this was real though, I’d hope Trump would see to it they kill everyone, and make everything public. Protecting the masses is for the rabbits. It builds weakness. Give us the tornado, and let only the warriors emerge from the other side, and rebuild the greatness.

Give us the amygdala.

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