Migrant Teen Raped 90 Year Old Woman For Not Having Money To Steal

German migrants are so kind:

A court was told the elderly pensioner was walking through the famous Altstadt district when was confronted by the young man screaming “money, money!”

He is also said to have shouted “Keep silent, or death,” according to German media reports.

When he discovered she had no cash, the young man dragged her into a alleyway between two buildings where he raped her while choking her.

The defendant – known only as Souhayl M – then rifled through her handbag, stole her house key and wrote down her address.

In his defense, he has made an effort learn German.

Notice how this is the exact environment of predation of a population that favors r-selection. If you import these characters en masse, and facilitate them running wild, you will end up with a rabbitized, r-selected population over time.

This is exactly what liberals are doing. I suspect it began as an urge to create the environment they are designed for, because they feel uncomfortable in the K-selected environment, and this relaxes them. But over time I suspect the urge was retained, and probably amplified, because it is a competitive advantage for r-strategists due to how it kills back the K-strategists.

The evidence is clear, leftists and Cuckservatives are r-strategists.

Spread r/K Theory, because we need to foist that mortality on the r-selected

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President Trump Invites Supporters To Mara Lago

What a class act:

Supporters of President Donald Trump outside Mar-a-Lago had a busy day that culminated with a surprise invitation inside the exclusive resort.

They followed the president’s movements, waving him and Vice President Mike Pence down as they traveled to and from different spots around Palm Beach.

When the president drove by on his way back from his golf course, it looked like business as usual.

“We waved to him,” Valeria Bianco said. “The cars went by really fast, and we were just sitting down talking about the events of the day.”

But what happened next came as a total surprise.

Bianco said someone from the president’s security detail came back and picked them up.

“Invited us to go to Mar-a-Lago,” Bianco said. “To get in a Secret Service van, get checked out and go to Mar-a-Lago.”

Seven people total were picked up off the street and taken into a ballroom at the private estate, and them Trump himself showed up to thank them and take a few pictures.

To an r-strategist, supporters would be nothing more than a means to an end. But to a K-strategist, those supporters are members of his team, and the possibility of bringing them joy is a burning desire.

I thought it was a nice story that spoke volumes about President Trump’s K-status.

Spread r/K Theory, because our President is a K

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Flashback – NSA Not Only Taps Americans, It Gives The Recordings And Transcripts To The Israelis

We are told nothing like this could ever happen to an American:

The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, a top-secret document provided to the Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals.

Details of the intelligence-sharing agreement are laid out in a memorandum of understanding between the NSA and its Israeli counterpart that shows the US government handed over intercepted communications likely to contain phone calls and emails of American citizens. The agreement places no legally binding limits on the use of the data by the Israelis…

The deal was reached in principle in March 2009, according to the undated memorandum, which lays out the ground rules for the intelligence sharing.

The five-page memorandum, termed an agreement between the US and Israeli intelligence agencies “pertaining to the protection of US persons”, repeatedly stresses the constitutional rights of Americans to privacy and the need for Israeli intelligence staff to respect these rights.

But this is undermined by the disclosure that Israel is allowed to receive “raw Sigint” – signal intelligence. The memorandum says: “Raw Sigint includes, but is not limited to, unevaluated and unminimized transcripts, gists, facsimiles, telex, voice and Digital Network Intelligence metadata and content.”

According to the agreement, the intelligence being shared would not be filtered in advance by NSA analysts to remove US communications. “NSA routinely sends ISNU [the Israeli Sigint National Unit] minimized and unminimized raw collection”, it says.

It is tough to argue these things could never happen when we know for a fact that NSA spooks were eavesdropping on the phone calls of girlfriends and wives with a click of the mouse, without any problems.

The chaos these wiretapping claims by President Trump are generating is an impressive exercise of control over the media’s amygdalae. If you look at the media coverage, people barely even know that there is a major healthcare bill, a Supreme Court Nominee, a skinny budget, and a southern wall about to be built.

By comparison, the idea that one President had wiretapped a successor has so shocked everyone that everything else seems insignificant by comparison. Amygdalae see the claim, and even though it was just one small tweet, it is so prioritized by the amygdalae of everyone that everything else is practically ignored.

Imagine all that could be done under the radar if there is actually evidence that this has happened.

Spread r/K Theory, because it will seize the priority in everyone’s amygdalae

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Ohio Has So Many Dead Bodies From Overdoses They Are Using Cold Storage Trailers To House Them

Heroin is on the rise, and Fentanyl is making it lethal:

By about 3 p.m. Friday, a county morgue in east Ohio was already full — and more bodies were expected.

Rick Walters, an investigator for the Stark County coroner’s office, had just left for two death scenes: a suicide and an overdose.

From the road, he called the director of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency to ask for help. He needed more space, he explained — specifically, a cold-storage trailer to act as an overflow morgue.

As with much of the United States, Ohio is in the throes of a heroin and opioid epidemic that shows no signs of abating.

Like it or not, liberalism is associated with the same D4 dopamine receptor gene as addiction. Whereas liberalism is addiction to the dopamine of free resources, these characters are addicted to triggering the same neurochemical pathway, just they are using drugs. If they were not using drugs, many would be predisposed to leftism.

Drugs are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they are an r-ifying force in the short term, as they create populations with strengthened addiction pathways, and heightened senses of entitlement. On the other hand, over the long term, clearly they cull the r-genes from the population.

So again, as in so many other cases, it is difficult, if not impossible to measurably swing the pendulum of r/K one way without setting up a much bigger shift the other way later on.

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Trump Induced Insomnia

Again, amygdala activation:

…Blue America is having trouble with sleep — tossing and turning as they lie awake, then falling into nightmares. And those who are suffering tend to blame the 45th president of the United States.

…“I have not slept a full night since the election,” says New York fashion designer Ariane Zurcher. “I’m 56 years old. I have never had insomnia or issues with sleeping until this.”

What’s going through their minds in the dark?

Erika Kilborn, a training director for a software company, who has just been diagnosed with cancer, worries she will lose her job as a result of her illness and not be able to afford new insurance as a result of changes in the health care law.

Lea Grover, a Chicago writer, has spent more than one night calculating where in her home she could build fake walls behind which to hide immigrants facing deportation.

Craig Haller, who advocates with school administrators on behalf of students with disabilities in and around Boston, fears changes at the Department of Education will hurt those students.

Imagine the amygdala exercise.

These are people whose amygdalae are placing their brains in a position where they have to make a choice. They can continue to trigger endlessly over normal stimuli, in which case they will not be able to sleep, every day will be a hell on earth, they will feel sick all the time, and they will face a non-stop day of depression and angst at every turn. Or they can begin to acclimate to the stress. Their brain can learn to disregard it and not freak out, and then they will feel normal again.

A long time ago I realize now I was in this space. Periodically I would run into my narcissist Bob, and the opportunity to spend time with him would arise. Whenever this occurred, I always seemed to be busy. Eventually he would comment that every time we met, I had something to do. He was right, and now in retrospect I realize that immediately before meeting him I wasn’t as driven.

My brain hated Bob. Being around him was just miserable for my brain. For some reason this had not fully sunk into my conscious mind, which saw him as peculiar, but not overly noxious. But my brain knew, and every time I ran into him the subconscious operator in my brain triggered my drive neural circuits, and I suddenly was off and running. My brain changed how I behaved, and I had no idea why at the time.

This is what will happen to liberals now. I suspect, given their inability to tolerate these discomforts, many could easy end up being moved to support Trump, if you could simultaneously keep being-opposed to Trump this noxious to them, and at some point trick their subconscious brain into supporting something Trump does, and taking Trump’s side. If their brain sees a couple of instances of supporting Trump releasing this angst and making them feel normal, they could switch to supporting Trump more often to release the angst – and not have any idea why.

As it happens, we just happen to have a master of psychology as our President.

Support r/K Theory, because if you don’t your brain will feel pain

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New Trump Wiretap News

Somebody is monitoring Smartphones in DC.

As the discussion over wiretapping and foreign hacking still dominates the conversation in Washington, an unusually high amount of suspicious cell phone activity in the nation’s capital has caught the attention of the Department of Homeland Security, raising concerns that U.S. officials are being monitored by a foreign entity.

The issue was first reported in the Washington Free Beacon, but a source at telecom security firm ESD America confirmed the spike in suspicious activity to CBS News.

ESD America, hired preemptively for a DHS pilot program this January called ESD Overwatch, first noticed suspicious activity around cell phone towers in certain parts of the capital, including near the White House. This kind of activity can indicate that someone is monitoring specific individuals or their devices.

According to the ESD America source, the first such spike of activity was in D.C. but there have been others in other parts of the country.

Based on the type of technology used, the source continued, it is likely that the suspicious activity was being conducted by a foreign nation.

So we are the most technologically sophisticated, highly-surveilled nation today, and we haven’t found who was doing this and put an end to it? Obviously this isn’t foreign, it is just designed to look like that, so everybody thinks that this can’t possibly happen in the US.

Donald Trump and Alex Jones were under electronic monitoring:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Infowars.com have obtained credible information from law enforcement sources regarding individual records of U.S. citizens under National Security Agency (NSA) electronic surveillance in the years 2004 through 2010 – a database that suggests both Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones were under illegal, unauthorized government monitoring during those years…

Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Investigator Zullo have identified dozens of entries at various addresses, including both Trump Tower in New York City and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, under which Donald Trump was apparently under NSA electronic surveillance from 2004, during President George W. Bush’s term of office, through 2009, the first year of President Obama’s presidency…

As revealed from the Dragnet database, not only was Trump himself surveilled but so were numerous employees of his located at Trump Tower…

All these employees appear to have been under NSA phone surveillance, plus various of them under financial surveillance as well.

The Project Dragnet database suggests Trump was under surveillance not only for phone conversations, but also for financial information, including most likely bank account transactions, credit card transactions, and tax filings…

Alex Jones is listed as being under electronic surveillance for phone records, as well as under surveillance for financial records, in 2006.

Brennan and Clapper had a secret system to pull phone calls off the phone company servers, which was probably used on Trump:

Clapper and Brennan were using the supercomputer system to conduct illegal and unconstitutional government data harvesting and wiretapping. THE HAMMER was installed on federal property in Fort Washington, Maryland at a complex which some speculate is a secret CIA and NSA operation operating at a US Naval facility…

That system, THE HAMMER, according to the audio tapes, accessed the phone calls, emails and bank accounts of millions of ordinary Americans.

The tapes also reveal that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (FISA), Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, 156 other judges, members of Congress, and Donald J. Trump were targeted by the HAMMER. One of the audio tapes made public by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow revealed that Brennan and Clapper particularly targeted and wiretapped Donald Trump a “zillion times.”

Montgomery also contends that the government can plant files such as state secrets on a target’s computer, setting up the owner of that device for blackmail or framed prosecution…

The audio tapes were released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow in Maricopa County, Arizona in the Justice Department’s civil contempt case against Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio.

Attorney Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, represented Montgomery before federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth. Klayman, who characterizes his client Montgomery as a “whistleblower,” told Fox News that Montgomery “turned over 600 million plus pages of information to the FBI.” Judge Lamberth was formerly the presiding judge over the FISA court. After Montgomery produced his documentation, the FBI gave him two immunity agreements: one in the area of “production” and the other regarding “testimony.” The FBI then took possession of Montgomery’s documentation. Attorney Klayman asserts that this information precipitated James Clapper’s resignation.

I’m sure they would never do that to Stefan Molyneux, Bill Whittle, Vox Day, or Heartiste.

Perhaps of greatest interest, notice Trump is now President, and he probably could not access this intel himself. Our government is literally forking, right before our eyes. On the one side, the traditional Constitutional aspect we were all taught about, and on the other something else, nebulous and unknown.

What none of this info considers is that you do not roll surveillance piecemeal, especially on an off-the-books op that will blowback major shit if it is exposed, maybe even get people imprisoned, and destroy the entire capability for all of intel once it is exposed. If you are pulling phone calls on Trump, and he invites his head of security into his office and says, “I think my phone calls are being monitored. Here is $100 million to hire foreign intel specialists to run a massive counter-intel op to expose it to the world,” you fucking-A need to know that, to get on top of it, cover it up, and cover your ass. Because those pros will not come at you from out in the open, because they know you are a pro. Once they are contracted, they go ghost, and you may never see them coming until it is all over.

So you bug his office too. It is an SOP ass-covering measure. And while you are there you bug everything else as well, and recruit sources in his operations to feed you intel, and you put other people on him when he travels out to see if they can glean anything using all sorts of fancy tech. You monitor his laptop camera, turn on his phone mic, and check for any of his people meeting with or calling anybody who might be dangerous to the op, and on and on. You pull everything, because if one little bit gets by you, it could be off to the pokey.

Nobody wants to go to the pokey.

Wonder why they were surveiling Trump’s people, like the pretty blonde tomato from the Apprentice? They were probing for chinks in Trump’s circle of trust, that they could exploit. I’ll bet Trump had super-hot women throwing themselves at him all the time, sent specifically by intel, trying to corrupt him for blackmail. That he is rolling with such brass balls tells you, he never fell for it. The guy is a machine, sent by God.

I will bet both Trump and Jones were under an operation straight out of the movie Enemy of the State every day, only it employed hundreds, if not thousands of people, rather than a small twelve-man team like the movie. I doubt that will come out, but then again, I doubted we would ever see any evidence of anything relating to even actual electronic monitoring. I had thought this issue was just an ass-covering in the event anything leaked out later, and maybe a smoke screen to facilitate policy moves.

This President is full of surprises.

One side note. You have to wonder if this is going to hit this week to smooth Gorsuch’s nomination by sucking all the oxygen out of his confirmation hearing coverage. Talk about a master of exploiting the media. If the Melonheads had figured out Donald Trump was this good, they would have taken him out even before Breitbart.

Too late now, melonhead motherfuckers.


Spread r/K Theory, because then you can say BOHICA!

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Heartiste On Dysgenic Deterioration Of Group Fitness

A reader had posted this in the comments, and it really deserves a thread:

From the linked research paper:

Deleterious mutations are typically understood exclusively in terms of their harmful effects on carrier organisms. But there are convincing reasons to think that such adverse effects are not confined to the individual level. We argue that in social species, interorganismal gene-gene interactions, which in previous literatures have been termed social epistasis, allow genomes carrying deleterious mutations to reduce via group-level pleiotropy the fitness of others, including noncarriers. This fitness reduction occurs by way of degradation of group-level processes that optimize the reproductive ecology of a population for intergroup competition through, among other mechanisms, suppression of free-riding.

In plainspeak, the dangerously scaled-up and decadent postmodern West has lost the ability (and the willpower) to cleanse itself of toxic people who have bad DNA mojo and even worse character, and the resulting sludge will build up to the level where the West will collapse under the weight of its welfare state-supported genetic sewage (insert visual of those Ethiopians buried alive by a garbage heap avalanche (true story)).

In a way, you can view it from a greatness-reducing perspective. Suppose one person is an average guy who lucked out and became part of an 11 man team that features ten Donald Trump’s and him. There are also 11 women available, and ten of them look like Cindy Crawford, and one looks like Lena Dunham. The ten Donald Trumps get the ten Cindy Crawfords, leaving Lena for the average guy. Due to his group’s success however, everyone gets r-fied, and becomes tolerant of the treason we see typically from the fake American left.

Look at how advantageous it would be to him if he could betray his team to a bunch of mentally retarded Somali Musloids. If he could take out those Donald Trumps, and replace them with 90lb, 69 IQ Skinnies, suddenly, even though his group is now officially mentally retarded, he would have ten Cindy Crawfords to choose from as mates.

The treason of the Fake Americans is a reproductive strategy. Fake Americans, be they Cuckservatives, or their fellow anti-nationalist travelers on the left, want to create a nation of failures and the uncompetitive, because that will leave them looking quite capable by comparison.

Spread r/K Theory, because diversity is a mob without dscipline

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New Cali Bill – Leglalizes Purposely Infecting People With HIV

From the comments:

I thought you might be interested in the further degradation of this once-great state.


If it weren’t for r/K I probably would just be confused about articles like these, but now it makes sense. Even the cuckservative’s cuckservatives, Californian Republicans, see how retarded this is. The argument for it is basically “Come on, we’ve moved past this!”

I particularly noted this section:

“Medical advances in recent years that developed anti-retroviral medicines have allowed people to extend their lives significantly. Some 18.2 million people are on the medications. The number of people who died from AIDS worldwide dropped from 2 million in 2005 to 1.1 million last year, many in Third World countries where access to expensive medicines is limited.

The monthly HIV treatment regimen costs range from $2,000 to $5,000, according to the California Department of Public Health.

‘These regimens have to be taken daily throughout a person’s life to help them live a normal lifespan,’ the agency said in a statement. ‘With the life expectancy for HIV patients increasing, the lifetime cost of treatment in today’s terms is estimated at more than a half-million dollars.’”

Okay, wow, that’s great, instead of dying they just spend $2,000 to $5,000 a month on drugs. I did the math and assuming we take the mid-range number, ($3,500 a month), it costs $42,000 a year to support an HIV patient, and assuming they live 40 more years after being infected around the age of 30 (a “normal lifespan” as the article claims) it would cost $1,680,000 to pay for one person’s meds. And this is all for ONE disease. Article doesn’t say who’s paying; that’s interesting considering an average person would have to invest their entire salary leaving nothing for anything else just for the medication. Only somebody designed for free resources could not see a problem here.

And that’s not even touching on the moral issues. Personally, I believe if you engage in an activity that is very likely to spread a nasty infectious disease to someone, and you don’t even bother to tell them, you should be executed, or at least thrown in jail for life. It’s simply gross negligence – even a sputtering retard could say “I have HIV.”


“The measure has drawn support from gay rights groups including Equality California, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the Los Angeles HIV Law and Policy Project and the Transgender Law Center, as well as the Sex Workers Outreach Project.”

Before r/K I would’ve been very confused about this. Gays, trannies, and sex workers are all much more likely to get HIV then your average straight man or woman. If I were gay (or a tranny, or a sex worker, perhaps all three knowing the overlap) I’d fight tooth and nail to keep it a felony or even increase the punishment. r’s simply don’t care though. What’s some more dead bodies and empty treasuries when there’s a slight chance you might not get your fifth blowjob of the week?

From the article:

In a test of shifting attitudes about HIV, a group of state lawmakers has proposed that it no longer be a felony for someone to knowingly expose others to the disease by engaging in unprotected sex and not telling the partner about the infection.

The measure by state Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and others would make such acts a misdemeanor, a proposal that has sparked opposition from Republican lawmakers.

The same downgrade in crime level would apply to people who donate blood or semen without telling the blood or semen bank that they have acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS, or have tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, the precursor to AIDS.

I couldn’t have written this up any better than the reader.

One of the reasons I do not expect this blog to become wildly popular is that after reading it for a couple of weeks, any reader will innately see what is written here, and as a result the blog postings will be come like an endless stream of obvious observations. The sky is blue. The clouds are white. Grass is green. And so on.

That is a double edged sword. On the one hand, this site will not end up with Drudge-levels of readership. But on the other hand, r/K is highly infective, and once you acquire it, there is no cure, and no stopping the progression of the idea’s molding of your mind. Soon, everything is r or K, and it is a basic part of how you see the world.

Because of that, I have to think the idea will spread.

Spread r/K Theory like you’re a liberal spreading HIV

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Almost One In Four Public School Children From Immigrant Households

Though to see how America comes back from this without war:

Almost a quarter of the nation’s public school students live in immigrant households, raising questions about America’s long-term ability to continue its tradition of assimilation, according to a study released Thursday.

The report, published by the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, indicates that 23 percent of public school students live in a household with at least one immigrant parent. That is more than double the percentage in 1990 and up from 7 percent in 1980…

Immigrant-heavy PUMAs also often are associated with high rates of poverty, according to the report. Overall across the country, 28 percent of students living in immigrant households are poor, while 19 percent of those in native households are. Students from immigrant households made up 30 percent of all students living below the poverty line.

In the 200 PUMAs with the highest poverty rates, nearly a third of students are from immigrant households. The poverty rates among all public school students in those areas average 46 percent.

So these immigrants are wracked with poverty, meaning importing them increases property taxes on those who are not wracked by poverty by about 33%, not counting the need for bilingual services for who knows how many different languages. This is r-selection, when nobody cares about resources thrown away, so the fake Americans can get away with doing this to the real Americans.

That ignores the fact that of this next generation of voters, almost a quarter will want to import even more low IQ third worlders right out of the box, on top of indigenous American rabbits. Few of any of them will really understand the ideals of freedom, and many of them will carry migrant genes designed to flee a nation when times get tough, rather than stick around and do what needs to be done to protect freedom. An entire new generation of fake Americans who will want to import even more fake Americans.

And all of these fake Americans will resent the real Americans who are not afflicted with poverty, so they will ally with each other, trying to use the authority of government to reapportion ever more free resources from those who have them, to those who do not.

The Cuckservatives and liberals who comprise the Fake Americans will destroy this nation, without an extended period of Darwinian Selection. Hopefully the Apocalypse will make it happen.

Spread r/K Theory, because it will never be America if we fill it with Fake Americans

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Dog Killed, Boy Injured By US Government Cyanide Bomb

Public Safety Notice:

A “cyanide bomb” planted by U.S. predator-control agents targeting coyotes near homes and hiking trails in Idaho exploded when a boy handled the device, injuring him and killing his dog, authorities and relatives said on Friday.

Canyon Mansfield, 14, was playing with his yellow Labrador retriever, Casey, on Thursday afternoon near his home east of Pocatello when he saw what he thought was a sprinkler head on the ground and touched the device, causing it to detonate.

The explosion sprayed the boy and his 3-year-old, 90-pound (40 kg) pet with toxic cyanide gas, according to the boy’s mother, Theresa Mansfield.

“Canyon said there was a bang like a bomb, then an explosion of an orange substance that covered him and Casey, who was writhing in pain on the ground before he died right in front of Canyon,” she said.

Pic of a device:

Apparently they put blood and flavor on it, and when it is touched it detonates, spraying cyanide all around. I am not sure why you wouldn’t just spike meat with poison, given if it sprays enough to kill an 80lb dog, you’d think it could kill a child – and there are quite a few cases of humans being hit by them and needing immediate hospitalization. I could see myself as a kid noticing one of these out in the middle of nowhere and wondering what it was. I might even not think “explosive cyanide bomb” and take a closer look.

You’ve gotta be wary these days. Amygdalae are atrophying everywhere as free resources and lack of threat take their toll. If I were putting one of these out near a residential area, the first thing I would think is that a kid or pet might find it, and I would be freaked out by that. Either the agent who placed it was amygdala-addled, or he had some issue in the neighborhood with neighbor’s dogs or trespassing kids, and he used the coyote-pretext to justify putting it out there. Though in the PDF linked above, it turns out the Wildlife Service has a habit of going on private property and placing these without notifying the property owner. It almost feels like the producer is somehow politically connected, and they have a quota for placing these devices to justify the contracts.

Either way common sense and common decency are all decaying, so we will all have to watch our own asses in the years to come.

Spread r/K Theory, because putting out dog-killing cyanide bombs is just retarded

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