Pelosi Speaks Rabbit To Try And Scare The God Emperor

This would work on a rabbit:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sunday spoke out strongly against President Trump’s proposed border wall, saying the Democrats do not support its construction.

“The president talks about how tall it is, who’s going to pay for it and all the rest of that, but you have to understand this part of the country. There’s a community with the border going through it,” she said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

“The president, I think, talking about this wall, is expressing a sign of weakness. He’s saying, ‘I can’t control our borders. I have to build a wall.'”

Pelosi said the government has a responsibility to control the country’s borders. “Building a wall is not an answer,” she said, however.

“Not here, or any place.”

This is an attempt by a rabbit to create a perception in their enemy’s mind that doing something the rabbit doesn’t like will make their enemy look weak. Obviously they hope that their enemy will not engage in the action, in the hope of looking strong.

Notice the psychological nuances. The rabbit thinks that everyone is so afraid of looking weak that a crude manipulation like this will make their opposition abandon their principles, and do what the rabbit wants.

The rabbit thinks that, because they themselves are so afraid of being perceived unfavorably that they will do anything to avoid it. This is because in r-selection there is no real test of fitness, so mate selection is run off of superficial perceptions, absent any real test. Flashy mating dances, peacocking, and appearing to have an alpha attitude are all you need to get the honeys. And any damage to your public perception will be devastating.

So when a rabbit wants to threaten you, they don’t say they are going to bash your skull in. They say your public perception will suffer, unless you do what they want. The guy you are associating with will be outed as a Nazi, and it will tar your reputation, unles you turn upon him. The act you are about to do will make you look inferior, unless you don’t do it. People will think you are a sexual harasser, unless you gain the rabbit’s favor.

Of course the God Emperor has a different psychology. He simply does what he wants and revels in the lamentations of his enemies. Pelosi will never understand that, but it is good she is so ignorant. It means the next eight years will be a non-stop orgy of winning and agonized screams of helpless rabbits.

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Caitlyn Jenner Turns On Trump

This is the turning point:

Caitlyn Jenner is clear about what matters most to her — and it’s no longer her Republican views.

The transgender reality TV star said despite voting for Donald Trump, she no longer supports him…

The emotions of the amygdala have now fully seized control from the logical planning functions of the brain. In the r-selected environment, this actually confers advantage. There, actually logically solving problems is not as important as hedonistically pursuing the pleasure urges immediately, regardless of long term costs or planning. In some ways it is better to not be able to see long term consequences, because those might lead you to sacrifice immediate opportunities to plan for the future – something that is actually disadvantageous in r-selection.

Jenner is a good example of an extreme slide into r-selection, and the outer manifestation of amygdala deterioration. Here, he has progressed from mere dimorphic confusion, to homosexuality, to an abandonment of the K-strategy. Although he has overexpressed the r-strategy’s urges, to the point of subsequent self-sterilization, he has already fathered more children than many K-strategists will. So even with his strange sexual dysfunction overshooting the ideal “r” mark, he has already proven more fecund than most.

I suspect as the K-shift continues, and his condition progresses, he will sink into increasing depression and anxiety, since a well functioning amygdala, tolerant of adversity is critical to an enjoyment of life.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Arms Socialist Militias

Typical rabbit strategy:

Maduro plans to arm 400,000 supporters amid protests and unrest

The socialist leader of Venezuela announced in a speech to regime loyalists his plan to arm hundreds of thousands of supporters after a years-long campaign to confiscate civilian-owned guns.

“A gun for every militiaman!” Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said to uniformed militia members outside the presidential palace, Fox News reported on Tuesday. The Bolivarian militias, created by Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez, already number in the hundreds of thousands and are being used to supplement the regime’s armed forces. Maduro is boosting the number of armed supporters in hopes of keeping control over the country from what he labels “imperialist aggression.”

The arming of Maduro’s supporters comes five years after Venezuela’s socialist regime outlawed the commercial sale and civilian ownership of firearms. Only the military, police, and groups like security companies can buy guns and only directly from one state-run arms company under the law passed in 2012, according to the BBC. The country recently doubled down on its gun ban through a combination of gun buybacks and confiscations in the summer of 2016.

The difference between Venezuala and America is America is so rich that moving elsewhere is a step down, and moving to America is always a step up. So our r-strategists can import an r-strategist army of willing migrants eager to move here.

Venezuela, especially in a collapse, is not a target destination for r-strategists looking for a land of free resources. So the rabbits in Venezuela have to make due with what they have, which is a mixture of desperate rabbits, bribable psychopaths, and people eager to do anything to provision their families.

The problem is, a full socialist collapse will always create a situation where too many people are starving. By its nature, he cannot keep enough people comfortable enough to maintain control, unless everyone is disarmed and only his supporters have access to the best weaponry.

If I were President, I would flood any nation like this with airdrops of loaded AK-47s during a massive march against the government, and let the people sort things out.

Spread r/K Theory, because we need to keep our guns for when the socialist revolution begins

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Google Hire May Sell Your Browsing History To Potential Employers

Truth be told, you never should have searched for “Contortionist Midget Shemale Porn” anyway:

THE tech giant is working on a job site called Google Hire, which could let prospective employers snoop your embarrassing search history.

IN THIS day and age, every boss is going to quickly Google a prospective employee before asking them to come in for an interview.

But now the technology giant is working on project called Google Hire, which The Sun reports will help employers learn perhaps a little bit too much about their new recruits. It will reportedly be a recruitment tool similar to LinkedIn — however, early reports suggest it will be available through your personal Google account. If that’s the case, it will link things like your search history and YouTube account with your job applications, laying it all bare for employers to see.

Again, another example where the private sector will be filling out your permanent file, and making it available, for a price. This will not just be employers availing themselves of this. It will be prospective in-laws, girlfriends, friends of girlfriends, business competitors, media people, political foes, and anyone else who sees advantage is screwing you over or blackmailing you to get control of you. If you have money, the future will be an easy world to control.

You would think there would come a point where private sector intel would begin to step on the toes of government intel’s operations, but I suspect it would never come to that. Government will infiltrate all of these operations, and anyone who appears potentially important will get their public files sterilized, and the good stuff will be for government eyes only.

Whoever plucked Obama and installed him in the White House is not going to let google’s plans affect their ability to control people and manipulate events.

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Parent OK’s Field Trip, Daughter Implanted With Three Year Birth Control Implant

Surprise Mom! Now I can gangbang the entire football team and not get pregnant:

An Oklahoma mother allowed her daughter to go on an educational field trip only to have her return with a three-year chemical contraceptive implant inside her arm.

Langston Hughes Academy hosts an annual sex-ed class by Youth Services of Tulsa. When Miracle Foster’s daughter wanted to learn more, she allowed her to visit the clinic…

The government agency surgically implanted the dangerous Norplant chemical birth control device inside Foster’s daughter’s arm, according to Foster.

Youth Services of Tulsa argued that they legally do not have to tell a parent when contraceptives are implanted inside schoolchildren. Title X allows for youth as young as age 12 to receive “birth control” — even abortifacient contraceptives — without a parent’s consent.

The Academy principal also defended the action, saying the school merely transported teens to the clinic. Principal Rodney L. Clark released a statement saying “The student was well within her rights of Title X, which is a federal guideline that provides reduced-cost family planning services to persons of all reproductive age.”

“I just feel like my rights as a parent were violated,” a distraught Foster told local Fox station KOKI. “I feel like the school is responsible. I think they should’ve given us more information, because like I said, I thought she was going to get information… So, therefore, she could come back home and we could discuss what was best for my child.”

“I think that is something that a mother and a daughter should discuss,” Foster said, weeping…

The Norplant contraceptive implant has been connected to several health problems. Its chemical, Levonorgestrel, causes severe hormonal changes and cervical cysts. The implants have been known to dislodge and get lost in the woman’s body, and in some cases cause permanent sterility.

Within six years of Norplant’s 1990 FDA approval, more than 6,000 women filed complaints of “adverse medical consequences,” including heavy bleeding and vision impairment. Some overseas women were bedridden for months, some literally went blind, and some died because population control officials refused to remove the implants.

Norplant was taken off the U.S. market in 2002, but manufacturer Wyeth-Ayerst continued to produce it with U.S. tax dollars for vulnerable poor women…

Parent’s rights are not as important to you if you don’t want to parent to begin with. To a rabbit, this parent’s concern is baffling. Why does she care? What is her interest in micromanaging her daughter’s life?

The daughter, getting the implant to minimize rearing investment and maximize mating, makes sense. The daughter is a good rabbit who is logically trying to mate as early as possible and minimize her rearing investments as a consequence of those matings. When she gangbangs the football team, and has no rearing investments to make, the other rabbits would high-five her.

But the mother is just irrationally caring about something which she really shouldn’t give a damn about. To the rabbits, the mother’s concern is viewed as neurotic and illogical, similar to how we would view a homeless person concerned that their collection of pebbles and wood chips wasn’t being protected from the rain well enough. If the daughter gets cancer or goes blind due to the implant, to a rabbit that is just how it went. Because they are designed to have hundreds of kids in nature, the leftist is not designed to care that deeply about an individual child’s path. Just pump them out and let them be.

Even though they use birth control to reduce their numbers of offspring and really diminish rearing investments, they still aren’t designed to care about children that deeply, beyond understanding any child-rabbit’s desire to express their rabbit urges.

Spread r/K Theory, because parents should be allowed to care about their offspring

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More Gender Dysphoria

There is no other reason out there for why this would appear when resources grow flush:

Last night was hard. It was my first bonafide red carpet in LA (at the Beverly Hilton of all places, where they host the Golden Globes) and for some reason I felt really alienated from my body. Last night it really started to dawn on me just how much further we have to go. While gender nonconforming and nonbinary people are making progress in some ways, it’s generally only been people who fit a certain androgynous, hairless, youthful look. Last night on the red carpet, I felt the weight of just how radical my chest hair and armpit hair and leg hair continue to be. I felt out of place because I refuse to get rid of the hair that’s on my body. I felt the weight of what it means to push back against the idea that hairlessness equals beauty. And I started to get a sense of just how hard it’s going to be to make it as a hairy nonbinary femme in this industry. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with choosing to wax or shave, but last night I felt like the only girl in the world who doesn’t choose to do so. I’ve always known that my beauty will take time for others…

Here is the author:

Personally, I’m going to have a hard time taking him seriously until he grows a ZZ Top beard.

As ridiculous as it sounds, it is moments like this, being forced to confront things like this, that I feel like I am actually sacrificing in some way for the good of humanity with the endless gibberish this blog provides. That is the weirdest homogenous mixture of grossness, sadness, horror, terror, repulsiveness, and sheer awfulness I have seen in a long time.

He shows up to an event looking like that, and he still said, “it really started to dawn on me just how much further we have to go.”

Who is this “We” you speak of Kemosabe?

So all of this hasn’t gone far enough, in his mind. And why? Not because he was ostracized – he wasn’t. It hasn’t gone far enough because he feels weird himself, as a hairy man trying to pretend to be a woman.

Just imagine where he would see this end, if that picture is just the starting point. Would you want to drop your child off at a Kindergarten, with that as its teacher? Suppose you were running from a street gang, called the Police, and that showed up to save you. Would you want that sitting opposite President Putin, negotiating for America’s interests?

Only r/K Theory explains a reason why when resources grow flush, you begin to see characters like this emerge, and they are not run out of town on a rail. This is the reversal in sexual dimorphism you see in r-selection, playing out in humans right before our very eyes. That is why you wouldn’t have seen this during the Great Depression, and it is why you will see it in wealthy societies we term “decadent.”

If r/K didn’t explain anything else, just explaining this utterly repugnant weirdness alone would justify its existence and spread. But add in that it explains all of the left/right political divide’s existence, as well as the cycles of civilizations, and even explains much of the rise of homosexuality in wealthy empires destined for collapse, and it becomes one of the most important concepts in the understanding of human civilization, and who we are as sentient beings.

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Is Civil War Between Conservatives And Liberals Inevitable?

Lots of talk lately about civil war:

However, something has changed. You can feel it in the air. Our nation has clearly never been this divided since the Civil War. A lot of people noticed it after the last election, but the truth is that these divisions have been deepening for decades, and they’re just now reaching a very noticeable breaking point. That’s obvious enough when you look at how the left and the right have been going at each other. It used to be a war of words, but it’s turning into something very dark.

Consider what happened last week in Berkeley after Trump supporters and counter protesters clashed for the third time. 21 people were arrested and 11 were injured (that we know of), six of who had to be taken to the hospital. At least one person was stabbed. The police confiscated confiscated knives, stun guns, and poles. One Trump supporter admitted to being surrounded, pepper sprayed, and beaten with sticks by a mob of “protesters.”

But wait, that’s not the dark part. After these groups clashed, the leftist protesters took to Reddit and admitted that they lost this particular battle (I can’t believe I’m using the word “battle” to describe it), and that it was time for them to attain more combat training and better weapons, including firearms.

Do you see what’s going on here? Conservative demonstrations, which used to be placid affairs (remember the Tea Party protests?) are now turning violent as conservatives grow tired of restraining themselves, and are no longer afraid to hit back. Liberal demonstrators are responding by ratcheting up the level of force that they’re going to bring to the next street battle. It’s a tit for tat that keeps escalating, and I shudder to think of where it’s going to end up.

This may not be hyperbole. There is an increasing aspect of the left which seems wholly unable to tolerate any K-selected attitudes exhibited by others. There are those in the comments saying that this can be averted if everyone will make an effort to listen to the other side, but I think they are wrong.

I think part of the problem may come from being in a wealthy country. Normally r-strategists would be designed to migrate outward, but in a nation such as the US, there is no wealthier nation to migrate to. So the r-strategists are stuck, trapped as K-selection closes in. Since they are designed to be driven mad by K-selection until they flee, and since they cannot flee, the result is something which is essentially ever-increasing mental insanity.

I do not believe any nation ever unites its r’s and K’s. They are the lions and lambs, not designed to unite. Rather, nations unite when their r-strategists are consigned to such a minority that should anyone in the nation notice them, they would immediately be destroyed.

After 9/11 the nation united. But it was not because we embraced our r-strategists. Rather, it was because when somebody said our chickens had come home to roost, the nation turned upon them. The events on 9/11 did not so much unite, as it turned everyone overwhelmingly K, and left the r-strategists so outnumbered they had to remain silent out of fear.

Similarly, we were united during and after WWII, but not because the communists and the capitalists decided we could all agree to disagree. We were united because the people, Tailgunner Joe, and even the Hollywood establishment decided that if someone didn’t like capitalism, they could find a way to support themselves outside of our capitalist system. The blacklist actually united a heavily K-ified country by leaving the left in fear.

In short, r-strategists cannot be united with others. They can only be either destroyed, or they can fill enough mass graves to kill all their enemies and make everyone left submit before them. They will never live in peace alongside their fellow Americans. As we try to live in peace alongside them today, you see what happens. If we even gather someplace to talk they will descend on it to try to disperse us with violence. The fact we never raided a Bernie rally, or threw explosive devices outside a speech by Elizabeth Warren means nothing to them. They violently demand subservience of our peaceful people, as they call us fascist.

The reason I think Civil War may be likely is two fold. One, the r-strategists will engage in violence in proportion with the degree to which a society has gone r. If a society is completely K-ified, the r’s will be completely peaceful. If the society has gone completely r, then it should prepare for the mass graves to begin filling up, first from violence, then from shortage.

The second reason I think this path may be leading to civil war is that I am not sure any society has gone as r-selected as we have. I do not think anyone saw “Caitlyn Jenners” in the French Revolution, let alone had them being hailed by the media for posing naked in some magazine shoot as they pined for a “boy toy” to play sugar mommy to. This is a period of psychological r-selection, probably facilitated by our massive technology-fueled dopamine overload, the likes of which history has never seen. If the rise of r causes a proportional level of mortality, and we already have had mass mortality events we cannot imagine under lesser periods of r without the trannies, what awaits us today?

Given the degree of r-selection, and the fact that it seems directly proportional to how much violence the left will produce, this may be the biggest bloodletting in all of history. And that ignores the amount of diversity the r-strategists have imported which will produce even more conflict once the free-resource spigot closes.

Possibly the only hope would be for a major threat to emerge and K-ify us, to hold us over until the cycle completes its normal path, returning us to a period of resource shortage and unpleasantness designed to re-establish the K-selected psychology in our species in sufficient quantity. Whether that will be a resurgence of the Cold War, an eruption of a World War, the arrival of a pandemic, or some other mass tragedy, embrace it when it comes, for however bad it is, it may protect us from something much worse.

Spread r/K Theory, because this decline needs to hit rock bottom

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Texas Has A Mumps Outbreak

Mumps is on the move:

The Texas Department of State Health Services warned this week of multiple ongoing mumps outbreaks. The surge, which includes 221 cases this year, constitutes the highest incidence of mumps in the state in 22 years.

Mumps is a contagious disease caused by a virus that spreads from person to person through saliva and mucus.

“What we’ve seen — as in other parts of the country, (it’s) really just the same thing — a pretty big resurgence in mumps cases over the last six or eight months,” said Chris Van Deusen, spokesman for the state’s health services department. In 2016, Texas experienced 192 mumps cases, he said, primarily in the last few months of the year…

An outbreak of mumps began in Arkansas in August, explained Dr. Dirk Haselow, Arkansas’ state epidemiologist. Between August and April 13, Arkansas reported 2,930 cases, he said. (Similarly, Washington state (PDF) has been hard hit by the mumps, reporting 611 confirmed and probable cases during 2017…)

Across the nation, most mumps cases are occurring among people who have been vaccinated, according to the CDC, and these outbreaks are not due to low vaccination rates. For example, in Texas, 97.6% of kindergarten-age children have received two doses of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, Van Deusen said, while 98.7% of seventh-graders have.

Still feeling the benefits of the Obama administration’s immigration policies, I see. Imagine what is cooking in Venezuela right now, just waiting to explode into our populations if they get up here. Personally I am waiting to hear about the Cuban super-AIDS showing up in our gay communities. Everything we see now is nothing compared to what will happen when the economic situation collapses.

My guess is we ship our unused, outdated vaccines to the third world, probably charging them full price. Oddly enough I remember reading how after a flu season passes, we sell our unused flu vaccine to African nations and vaccinate all the Africans with it. I thought it odd, as by then we are getting rid of the flu vaccine because it is no longer tailored to the dangerous strains that are posing a threat. Between that and the fact that you rarely hear of flu outbreaks in remote villages in Africa, I always assumed it was just a way for the melonheads to deliver sterilants to Africa, and, in Ruth-Bader-Ginsberg-esque terms, deal with “certain populations” in Africa.

Regardless, as a result the third world has been like one big petri dish, where we throw the worst diseases the world has to offer against weakened and outdated versions of our vaccines and drugs, probably diluted with sterilants and nobody knows what else. The funny thing is, if I were to try and create a super-pathogen to wipe out humanity, that is the special sauce I would use to really supercharge it.

It is getting to the point you don’t even need a Bind villain to plot the end of the world. The imbecile in charge will do just as much damage as they claim to be trying to help.

Fortunately, when these super-pathogens hit, the first to die will be the rabbits.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because the pandemic is coming because of the rabbits

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Millennial Students Experiencing Mental Problems

Leftists melting down:

After Donald Trump won the presidency in November, liberal college students were pretty upset as they took part in cry-ins, walkouts, and marches. However, a psychiatry professor at Michigan State University believes that a lot of millennials upset with the election results are now developing mental health problems.

Dr. Farha Abbasi, who’s an expert on mental health post-election, told the Spartan Newsroom that some millennials are becoming more anxious as they struggle with their identities while depression is worsening for others…

Most of these mental health problems are seen in women, LGBTQs, minorities, and non-white immigrants. They can experience anything from fear, shame, or helplessness.

All rabbit constituencies.

What I suspect is going on is that r-strategists are designed to migrate. Their brains detect the incoming K-selection and throw out all the signals and emotions designed to drive migration.

K-strategists are increasing in number. They are all around the r-strategists. Aggression is everywhere. So the r-strategists first come to hate the K’s, then feel repulsion, and then feel anxiety so severe that it is nearly unbearable. Where that all meets the helplessness of facing unstoppable K-selection, all of it combines into an urge to go somewhere else – somewhere filled with a foreign people the r-strategist is instinctually designed to feel are wise and kind, compared to their own countrymen.

In a natural state, like where the urges evolved, the leftists would be driven to migrate out. Then having landed in an r-selected environment, the urges would abate and the rabbit would feel satisfied, causing them to cease their migration. In its natural environment the programming would work, maximize survival advantage, and thus produce happiness. But living in the US, all other nations would be a step down in terms of resource availability. Additionally, due to global interconnectedness, economies are linked, and so is the K-selection. It is everywhere at once. There is no place to migrate to.

So now, here the leftist r-selected rabbits are, programmed for a world where they should migrate to a richer land with increased resource availability. But there is no such land, so they can’t relieve the emotional drives. So their brain keeps throwing out the signals, making the leftists ever more uncomfortable but their brains are unaware that there is no way to relieve the discomfort.

In short, I do not view this as liberals going insane, so much as I view this as robots that have a programming that is not well designed to function in this world, and as a result it is melting down. So these robots short circuit, spiraling down into a programming loop that feeds off itself and appears totally dysfunctional because it is.

Leftist Operating System

10 If miserable, find richer land with foreigners.

20 If no richer land, feel more miserable.

30 Goto line 10

Of course many rabbits will respond by eventually trying to import the foreigners, without actually migrating, to at least satisfy part of the programming. But all along the way, they will seem absolutely insane and miserable, mainly because they will be.

Broken robots should really be recycled.

Spread r/K Theory, because we have a duty to put leftist rabbits out of their misery

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New Trend – Converting Garbage To Food


Flour milled from discarded coffee fruit. Chips made from juice pulp. Vodka distilled from strawberries that nobody seems to want.

At one point not so long ago, such waste-based products were novelties for the Whole Foods set. But in the past three years, there’s been an explosion in the number of start-ups making products from food waste, according to a new industry census by the nonprofit coalition ReFED.

The report, which was released Tuesday and tracks a number of trends across the food-waste diversion industry, found that only 11 such companies existed in 2011. By 2013, that number had doubled, and ReFED now logs 64 established companies selling ugly-fruit jam, stale-bread beer, and other “upcycled” food products.

The companies have diverted thousands of pounds of food waste from landfills, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. They’ve also become a model for larger, multinational food companies, which are starting to realize that upcycling peels and piths can be good business.

“What was once considered ‘waste’ — or an accepted cost of doing business — is now seen as an asset and revenue generator,” said Chris Cochran, the executive director of ReFED. “As companies begin to track, measure, and understand food loss and waste, the economics of food waste solutions begin to look a lot more attractive.”

You do not fry chips made from juice pulp when you are swimming in potatoes. I suspect some shortage is beginning behind the scenes and we are not being told about it, though it is making such schemes as above appear profitable where they would not have a decade back.

I have always suspected the leftist r-strategists have a propensity for eating unusual foods that most of us would reject, as a way of exploiting unused resource streams and avoiding competition for more desirable fair. It would jibe with monkey studies on amygdala lesions. Amygdala lesions produce tendencies to eat all sorts of food, absent any disgust or aversion.

I wonder if that novelty-seeking gastronomic urge amps up as the stress of K-selection – and the arrival of a God-Emperor ply their stresses to the amygdalae of suddenly frightened rabbits.

My guess is that just as the left-wing Antifa types exhibit and seek out strange sexual traits in their mates, as the collapse closes in we will be seeing leftists eating some weird stuff that we will not understand either.

I would also assume it will amp up the chance of a pandemic beginning.

Tell others about r/K Selection Theory, because Antifa chicks are a public health hazard

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