Racial In-grouping On The Rise

White Nationalism picking up:

Across the country, flyers are showing up on college campuses. Some promote blatant neo-Nazi rhetoric, others are much more subtle. “Protect your heritage.” “Let’s become great again.” “Our future belongs to us.” “White people, do something.” “Serve your people.”

They represent a less extreme white supremacist movement targeting the young and educated…

The report says the number of groups across the country increased in 2016 to 917, up from 892 in 2015. In 2011, SPLC recorded 1,018 active organizations, the highest tally it found in more than 30 years of tracking hate groups. That number had fallen to 784 in 2014. The largest jump last year occurred in the number of anti-Muslim hate groups, which tripled from 34 in 2015 to 101.

Even the Bay area is seeing it:

It turns out that the Bay Area’s reputation as a bastion of tolerance doesn’t make it immune to hate groups — eight of them, in fact, according to a new list compiled by a national watchdog group.

In San Francisco, the list names the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the white nationalist Counter-Currents Publishing house as having offices, although contacting them is tough.

Again, liberals want to label this as a simple wrong that “mean people” pursue. I view it as the simple expression of a natural urge designed for conditions of limited resources. My own feel is America was at her best when this urge was manifested in moderate levels in the form of ethnic in-grouping, promoting competition between Irish, Germans, Italians, Blacks, and so on. That cognitive circuitry that produced that aggression between classes of Americans also produced incredible loyalty to each other when external threats to the nation emerged. As this in-grouping urge has diminished, America has become less competitive, less aggressive, less free, less loyal, and less moral. In-grouping diminishes alongside every other amygdala-related function, from morality, to loyalty, to drive, to common sense.

But what I find fascinating is that because this in-grouping is the exact opposite of the liberal’s instinctual urge to import foreigners, you cannot judge it. Liberals exhibit the exact opposite urge, and in the case of importing Muslims, it is clearly contrary to logic and reason if you are looking at it from the perspective of preserving the nation’s greatness and freedom.

These are instincts, not logic, or reason, or choice. For that reason, I don’t think a leftist can blame or judge a white nationalist any more than you can blame a homosexual, or a genius, or a blonde. All are just designed for a specific environment. Blaming them is like blaming an anteater for having a long tongue, or a hummingbird for having a long beak. It is just how they are designed. Judge them, and you betray your low IQ and inability to perceive the biological reality.

Whatever you think of in-grouping is irrelevant. The human machines of the nation sense the disturbance in the force that heralds a coming economic Apocalypse. As they sense it, their brain is remodeling itself to be more K, and as it does in-grouping will increase.

Of course my greatest hope will be to hack the instinct, and replace ethnic and religious in-grouping with r/K in-grouping. If we can unite all K’s to see r-strategists as the enemies, we will find it much easier to establish purely K-selected societies, and impose rules upon them to preserve the K-selection by more permanently banishing rabbitry from them.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because we need our side in-grouped

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10 Responses to Racial In-grouping On The Rise

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  2. Big Time says:

    You have to read these spot-on predictions from 1988:


    The good stuff is bullet-pointed.

    • Very nice. I am always amused how some people never need to know anything specific about a system, or the mechanism behind it, but just from casual observation they can subconsciously process the entire system and make such spot-on predictions.

  3. Maple Curtain says:

    (CNN))) writes a story about the biggest hate group in the country, the (((SPLC))), claiming that white nationalists are ‘haters’ – more and more people, especially the young, are becoming keenly aware of Jew hatred for whites, and which Jews are furiously promoting it.

    “Of course my greatest hope will be to hack the instinct, and replace ethnic and religious in-grouping with r/K in-grouping…”

    If “k” has both a genetic and an environmental component, as it would appear to do, is that possible? i.e. there is no stasis possible in human groups where environmental factors would cause the next generation of both the “ins” and the “outs” to differ in psychology from the previous generation And, if it were possible, that would, of course, create new ethnic groups in no time.

    • It works by statistics. You would be culling for lower carriage of long form dopamine receptor genes. You would not get it clean in one cull, but over time, I am quite certain you could cull humans against r as thoroughly as mice have been culled against K.

      It won’t happen overnight. But over centuries, and millennia, it is not impossible.

  4. Pitcrew says:

    From what I’ve noticed Whites tend to be more K, but not nearly as much as some would make it seem. The risk of any in-grouping not explicitly around r/K is fraught with danger. Thus political orientation is the best predictor or r vs. K, even more than IQ. Beware if you in-group specifically around race, even if someone is the same race, the single-moms, the drug addicts, your commie cousin- if they are r they will likely betray you down the line. In grouping with any r type people will put the entire pack at risk. Especially when food is limited and disease is rampant. Skin color won’t stop plague.

  5. georgeguy says:

    I have a hard time believing anything the Sinister Progressive Libel Center says. I would bet that anyone who laments aloud the decline of the West and her descendants would be categorized as a white supremacist.

    • Pitcrew says:

      That’s why not caring about ridicule is important- I think it’s part of being K. Just don’t let it define you. Younger conservatives can get confused about this in the context of race.

  6. Gleimhart Mantooso says:

    Resisting your dispossession is White Supremacy.

    Okay, got it.

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