The Daily Sheeple Shut Down For Pizzagate Story, Twitter Blacklists Pedophile Exposer

Pizzagate hits a nerve:

Earlier today The Daily Sheeple was shut down after a third party DCMA violation over a screencap of an Instagram photo post — not the photo itself, but a *screen capture* of the Instragram post of the photo — was sent directly to our website host to terminate our account, bypassing us completely.

Twitter temporarily shut the account of this researcher who uncovered pedophiles sharing childporn on the twitter network:

A gamer, known only as Molly, has offered up a dossier of accounts hosting pictures of girls and boys she claims are under 16 to the FBI after making the shocking revelation.

Molly told Daily Star Online she has already been offered a bribe of $500 (£400) to remove names from the database which has been posted on Reddit.

She said: “Everyone person on this list follows 90% girls or boys under the age of 15 – I didn’t want there to be wiggle room, every one of these users chose to follow child porn.”

More and more it appears as if there is a real battle between good and evil taking shape, and every facet of the establishment – the old politicians, the interent leadership, and the entertainment/media conglomerates are all the Goliath to Trump, Breitbart, and the online Alt-right’s David. It is hard to imagine how the lines grew so divided, but now that they are, at least it is clear who will win, and who will deserve their loss.

You might want to tell people about r/K Theory because there really are pedophiles in government

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