Venezuelan Health Suffers On The Maduro Diet

Death of all sorts is coming:

Shortages and a crumbling economy have forced Venezuelans to change their eating habits; many are losing weight and battling malnutrition.

Venezuela’s political and economic crisis has done deep and lasting damage to its population’s health. In the past year, 74.3 percent of the population has lost weight — an average of 8.7 kilograms (19 pounds) per person – because of food scarcity, according to a recent study by three of Caracas’ largest universities (UCAB, USB and UCV) and the nonprofit Bengoa Foundation…

Since the beginning of the Hugo Chávez era, importers in Venezuela have required approval from the government to exchange the local currency, the bolívar, into dollars to bring products into the country, and have had to do so at a rate that overvalues the bolívar. When oil prices dropped in 2014, the Maduro administration tightened this control, causing a significant decrease in imports and more inflation. Today’s scarcity and malnutrition are a direct consequence of these policies…

Residents told AP that they’ve found oats, sunflower seeds, and pig feed at a landfill in Puerto Cabello where the military gets rid of rotten food (above)…

Franyelis, a 9-year-old girl from Yare, was diagnosed with severe malnutrition (AQ has blocked her face in compliance with laws pertaining to the depiction of minors in Venezuela). Franyelis’ mother said their diet consists of root vegetables. If they have breakfast, they don’t have lunch, she said. Franyelis started falling below the expected weight for her age when she was six months old and her condition has continued to deteriorate in the past years….

Severe malnutrition in children under 5 years old increased from 8.9 percent in the last trimester of 2016 to 10.2 percent in the first period of 2017, according to the Cáritas study. The World Health Organization considers this level of malnutrition critical. Above, a boy in Yare shows what a typical meal looks like for him and his family.

Juliani is also from Yare. Juliani’s mother is now receiving milk formula from Cáritas to treat her daughter’s malnutrition, which is critical…

By the end of this year, 380,000 children will suffer of malnutrition, a study by the Central University of Venezuela found.

Notice, you have people who have malnutrition, their immune systems are compromised, and they are gathering food from dumps and garbage, and eating rotted food they would never have otherwise gone near, as their disgust is overwhelmed by their hunger.

That is why the pandemic follows the collapse. Pathogens, which now get expelled from human bodies immediately, by strong immune systems, will begin to linger in these weakened human hosts. As they do, they will adapt and evolve mechanisms to overcome human immune systems. They will grow stronger.

As this occurs on a global scale, with tens of thousands of different diseases, major pathogens will emerge. As economic constraints of the Apocalypse limit public health responses, and given todays globalization and ease of air travel, expect those pandemics to go global in a way few ever have in history. The 1917 flu will look like allergies compared to what is coming once the global collapse hits.

Don’t associate with rabbits, or be in areas of high population densities.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because K-strategists should understand what is coming to survive it

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  2. c_arnold says:

    Hurricane season is right around the corner, which means lots of rain and malaria is already on the comeback. I expect Venezuela’s apocalypse will be rather biblical in scale and proportions. I hope they’re praying people.

  3. Dave says:

    Even worse, when starving, immuno-compromised humans scavenge through dumpsters, it brings them into contact with starving, immuno-compromised rats, inviting pathogens to jump the species barrier. Consider the pathogen’s strategic options:

    (1) Be mildly virulent, so the host maintains its daily routine and infects others.
    (2) Be hyper-virulent, quickly dissolving the host into a puddle of highly infectious pus.
    (3) Be hyper-virulent in one species and mildly virulent, or even asymptomatic, in another.

    By staying away from unclean animals and biting insects, and avoiding unnecessary contact with other people, we can force pathogens into strategy (1).

  4. dirkhblog says:

    ” As they do, they will adapt and evolve mechanisms to overcome human immune systems. They will grow stronger.”

    Disagree. The most advantageous behaviour is coexistence. Killing the host like typhus, the typical collapse pandemic, does, is not a positive for the pathogen. See evolution of syphilis: Since it arrived in Europe, it has weakened progressively, extending the lifespan of its hosts. Started out as a quick killer.

    • Not always. There was a strain of MRSA that evolved the ability to invade healthy skin after enough exposure to immonocompromised gays in Socal. They are also picking up resistance genes from the bacterial cornucopia they encounter on infecting a gay.

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