Drug Resistant HIV Is Here

Apocalypse will find a way to cull r-selection one way or another:

A drug-resistant strain of the HIV virus discovered in the Philippines has the potential to spark a new epidemic, scientists have warned.

HIV prevalence among Filipinos has risen sharply in the past decade… The United Nations estimates the number of new cases identified in the Philippines each year has risen by 140 per cent since 2010.

Researchers are concerned a new drug-resistant version of the virus, HIV subtype AE, could be fuelling the epidemic.

The strain is more aggressive, more resistant to antiretroviral drugs and progresses to Aids faster than the HIV subtype B generally found in western countries.

“The HIV virus has the potential to transform itself into a new and different virus each time it affects a cell,”…

Dr Salvana added: “Those infected by the HIV subtype AE are younger, sicker patients who are more resistant to antiretroviral drugs. We are also seeing a faster progression to Aids under subtype AE.”

Fortunately I am sure there will not be any gays in San Francisco which will do sex tourism in the Philippines and bring it back to the US. That would be ridiculous.

Once that makes it into the gay community, what the Holocaust did to the Jews in Germany will seem positively tame compared to what will happen in the gay communities of the US.

Bear in mind, not only are gays with HIV having sex with no protection, there are gays who call themselves bug-chasers who purposely try to get HIV, so they can return to having sex with no protection, and not have to worry about whether they will get it or not.

Add in the use of drugs like Methamphetamine to cloud judgment, gay sex hookup apps, and a delay between the HIV spreading through the population and the first people entering full-blown AIDS to realize a drug-resistant strain is moving, and this will do significant damage to gay population numbers. By the time they realize it is here, I expect a massive portion of the gay population will have it.

And when it does, watch how that natural human disgust reflex kicks in, and aversions to homosexuality return all over again, despite the screeching of the SJWs. And as far as I know, we are still waiting on the Cuban super-HIV that turns into AIDS in a couple of months.

Sadly, this will not only eliminate degeneracy however. Expect a lot of innocent cancer patients to die. Gays will demand all cancer research be set aside, and cancer patients just accept their fates, so science can retask itself to focus solely on their problem, which they made from whole cloth. There is no way the gays will tolerate their own dying at the same rate as innocent cancer patients who had no control over their fate.

Of course if the Apocalypse is timed right, nobody will get their diseases cured, and gays will rapidly go the way of the Dodo.

Apocalypse, ye cannot come soon enough.

You can tell others about r/K Theory, because K will always find a way

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11 Responses to Drug Resistant HIV Is Here

  1. rien says:

    The single best way to transmit diseases is B2B: blood to blood.
    Which happens mostly during sex. Hence nature has a way build in to stop r-selection when it goes too far.
    Nature is a miracle to behold. Never ceases to amaze me. (Not to be misstaken for good/bad, nature just is)

  2. Ron says:

    The entire aids epidemic would end in about 15 years if you simply stopped treating it. Think about it, what are we treating? We are treating a disease that for the most part one can only get by actively trying to get it.

    Those people who insist on aquiring aids should be allowed to do so, and they will then spread it to the other imbeciles who insist on acquring the disease. The rest will learn a lesson and tone down their behavior. Result? The disesse dies out.

    With regards to the aids vs cancer debate, the solution is simple. Move government out of the equation. Simply end all government subsidies to the research of either and lower the tax burden at the same time. If the degenerates wish to spend their own money on this research or can demonstrate to the private pharmaceuticals that it is profitable to research these diseases – great! Im all for more knowledge.

    In the meantime the rest of the population can use their refunded money to privately donate to thise research facikities they decide are best for cancer research.

    Yet another problem that only exists via centralized power.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Somebody get this strain into the bug chasing community, quick!

  4. Pitcrew says:

    This is why there is such an aversion to coalburners, large amygdala people can pick up clues from their hindbrains that one r-selected population is in sexual contact with another r-selected population. This is also why K-selected men really only want to marry virgins.

    A terrible disease can jump from homosexuals to prison inmates or blacks. Then it jumps to SJWs then normies or near-the-wall women. Then when the normies or wall-women are looking for highly-K men/women to “settle down” with it can spread to a K population, if that K group doesn’t have enough of a disgust reflex then it’s roasted.

    Other STDs do this, spreading via the oral sex route (HPV/herpes for example), if HIV were to keep mutating, which it is likely to do, then it could become as common as HPV in an r-selected population (ie. the post-modern diverse West). The HIV strains would become more latent which assists their spread, but would likely be just as lethal once someone reaches biologically “old” age (their early 40’s).

  5. Gonzalo says:

    The Holocaust has been greatly exaggerated, as a right wing dissident yourself, It does not help us to spread the foundational myth of western cucking.

    • The Holocaust is meaningless, IMO. I will bet, if we knew the real people who are the problem in this world, they ordered Hitler to perform the Holocaust, and killed however many Jews were killed there, to take out economic competition. I would not be surprised if they also promote Holocaust denial today, as a means of trying to promote the Jews are the problem meme, so in the next World War they set up, if we ever kill all the leftists, and all the politicians, and all the Muslims, and all the Jews, we will think we solved all the problems.

      And I will bet those hidden bank accounts with no owners, based out of the City of London will continue to pile up wealth, and elites will begin to replay the exact same game they just got done playing. Don’t think any meme promoted online is valid. I am at the point where I’d say, if you see it popularized in groups online, it is almost a reason to wonder if it is machine promoted.

      • Gonzalo says:

        The Holocaust meme is promoted in all levels of education, in media, Hollywood and even in some countries designated the truth by law.

        Holocaust denial meme is something that most people only promote anonymously or the ADL and co. will come down on them hard.

        Anyway, the keystone reason for avoiding white men to have a group interest is because if they do the Holocaust happens and nothing is worse than the Holocaust. Other secondary reasons are the Crusades, Colonialism, Slavery, Segregation, etc. all of these are aimed at guilting and cucking white males and deserve to be deconstructed by us.

        I do not even think that money in hidden bank accounts is the main driving force for the international elite but to destroy any group they think may be able to effectively organize against them.

  6. LembradorDos6Triliões says:


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  7. Nobody says:

    This new strain is going to be problem with medical professional. Needlestick injuries dangers are mitigated due to the having available treatment for HIV in the form of HAART therapy. To lose that protection is going to make like harder for doctors, nurse, and other medical professional. We may have to start treating gays like the 1980’s again.

  8. Today’s corporation and government agencies are hugely invested in keeping r-selection going for a long as possible. r-selection leads to easily manipulated, brainless consumers and voters. When AIDS first came along, it threatened to K-ify the population, but the elites poured millions of dollars into finding a way to nerf the disease so r-selection could continue. Sooner or later, a strain of the disease will pop up that they can’t nerf. (But that doesn’t mean they won’t spend billions of dollars trying.)

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