There Is No Middle Ground On Gun Control

Not surprising:

On Monday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Today,” Tom Brokaw argued that it’s impossible to have a conversation on what kind of firearms can be purchased because it becomes emotionally-charged between gun owners “who are protected by the NRA, and other people who are saying, ‘There ought to be a more reasonable middle ground.’”

No. The conversation is between people who want to defend themselves and their loved ones, and other people who think a valid middle ground is for the capable to risk being unable to defend themselves and their loved ones.

On the other side of the argument are people who can’t defend themselves or their loved ones, and their idea of a middle ground is that others should weaken themselves to the point that they can’t defend themselves either.

Of course that produces emotion. One, you are a tool who doesn’t even love your own loved ones enough to take every available measure to secure their well being. Given that, where do you get off thinking that I would ever take your opinion seriously on anything? And what you propose is that I should be just as much of a helpless plebe as you, when my loved ones are in danger? There is no middle ground on that. What you propose is, either I make myself a more helpless victim to some degree, or I do not. You can guess my answer.

The reason there is no middle ground is simple. You are talking about the safety of my family. It is like saying you are going to screw up the brakes on my car, and though it will stop eventually, it won’t stop as fast as it could, but I probably won’t need to stop fast anyway, and it will make you feel better if I do it. Or you are going to add chemicals to food which will increase the risk that my kids will get cancer, but it will only do it a little bit, and they probably won’t get cancer, and it will make you feel better. Or we should add a little poison to the water we drink, so you can feel less bad about feeling sick yourself. And if we oppose the reasonable middle ground of a little poison for our loved ones, somehow we are irrational and intransigent.

And you want us to do all of that, so you can feel better about your own inability to defend yourself and your loved ones.

It would be different if anything you proposed would actually disarm the criminals, or make it impossible to get a gun. But we’ve watched big government idiots outlaw drugs, only to have Afghanistan, which barely has a functioning road system or industrial infrastructure, and which is under our full military occupation, ship us 4800 metric tons of opium paste each year. Not 4800 lbs. 4800 Metric Tons. To say nothing of Coke, Meth, Pot, Synthetics, Ecstasy, Crack, and on and on, all of which are freely available to criminals.

Win the drug war, end the importation and manufacture of all drugs, and make it so you can’t buy pot on any corner in the nation, and then we might cede that maybe a gun ban might do something. Until then, you are just asking us to risk our loved one’s lives because you are too stupid to recognize reality, and you would feel better if we made ourselves and our family into some degree of victims too.

I got news for you – its never going to happen.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because like our guns, they can pry it from our cold dead hands

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  1. 04432133232423432 says:

    Amazing post. I love you dude (no homo).

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  3. Pitcrew says:

    One of Paddock’s planes was later used by Volant LLC. Some would call Volant a major deep state operator.
    also thought this was interesting.

  4. John Morris says:

    Nah, if the government were competent enough to do all that they would really be dangerous, dangerous enough we would probably need those guns pretty quick to stop the Communism they would also be competent enough to try making work.

  5. Duke Norfolk says:

    Well said. This pretty well describes my 2 brothers (and mother), who are wholly immersed in this thinking. They’ve also rationalized it in their minds by swallowing the whole “you’re more likely to kill/hurt yourself or your family than successfully defend yourself” B.S. talking point from the gun control crowd. Among other talking points, of course. There’s no getting through to them. I’ve stopped trying.

    They’re prototypical “progressives”, and I hardly have anything to do with them anymore as it’s like we’re different species; unable to communicate. And since everything is politicized now there’s no way to avoid touchy topics; even the bloody weather! And sports, and, well, everything.

    • 233243242342 says:

      I feel your pain. I have quit talking about pretty much anything with my family for the same reasons.


      I finally had to tell them, ok then, but when SHTF, you’re on your own then. It hurts, but there is no way I’m going to be pulling on ungrateful; logistically, mentally and emotionally unprepared dead wieght around. They are family but they’d get me killed along with them if I was to chose to be in their sphere of influence when SHTF. I know it, and so do they because I make it a point to tell them what I think about the future. I would love that preping for the Apocalypse would bring us closer and that we could help each other survive and thrive in the future, but you can’t save people from themselves, even the ones you love. They will be missed.

  6. Mr Darcy says:

    Interesting post, and everything you say is true, of course, but I do think you’ve “over-complexified” the issue where the leftists are concerned.

    Why? Because a great many of them actually believe that guns kill people. They really do believe that. They really do believe that if would-be killers were unable to get guns, they would not kill.

    Remember that these leftist types are staggeringly shallow and stupid. That’s why they can’t conceive of any political position–or even any human emotion–between adoring love and bitter hatred. That’s why if you don’t agree with them on something, you are a “hater.” They have such shallow minds and souls–and they are so utterly lacking in imagination AND in real-life experience–that if you don’t burn incense at the holy shrine of gender equality (or gun control or whatever), then you are a proponent of “hate.” They *literally* cannot even *imagine* any idea or position or emotion between those two polar extremes. That’s how shallow and stupid they are.

    So for them, this whole question is simple: No guns = no crime. Period. Their little minds and their shriveled souls can’t go any further than that. They simply do not have the capacity. These are shallow, shriveled shells, not human persons with ordinary emotions and intellects. They are robots in human form. Their thinking is magical; medieval. Inanimate objects can spring to life and action apart from human agency. Guns are bad because “violence.” Magical thinking. Infantile minds. Emotions as shallow as a mud puddle–everything is black or white to them. There is no middle ground. They quite literally cannot imagine anything else.

    Then there are the others: Those who know very well that it is people, not guns, who kill other people. That crowd is made up of people who are simply evil and power-mad. They are would-be tyrants. They want unfettered power over the deplorables, and if they have to keep repeating the same lame lie to get it, then that’s what they do because the end justifies the means because “we are superior, right-thinking people, which is why it is self-evident that WE should rule.” Tom Brokaw is one of these. Their useful idiots, on the other hand, are true believers in the ability of weapons to act alone and to kill people quite apart from any human agency or activity. Children. Robots.

    We face stupid people and evil people. This is not a “debate” about “public policy.” It is a death match, for only one side of this “issue” can prevail–and in only one way. Things hae gone that far now. That’s where we are.

    • 23432432432432432 says:

      You are completely right Mr Darcy.

      That is why when SHTF, all traitors, invaders and inciters must be culled. When SHTF drop as many enemies of the West as you can. Invaders, muslims and traitors (both the evil power grabbers and their zombified useful idiot thugs) must be purged. Never let a good crisis go to waste! And when SHTF, there is no law, so it won’t be illegal. Until then, train, prep, and follow the law. See you on the other side friend.

  7. dr_excel says:

    > The reason there is no middle ground is simple. You are talking about the safety of my family.

    From their POV, you are the DANGER. They already don’t have a gun, so a gun in your hands is an additional threat to their security, because they do not control your gun, you do. That’s the psychology or even game theory calculation of the problem.

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