Italy Is Going K

Italians are burning refugee camps (courtesy of Google Translate):

Refugees, flames at the reception center in the Casertano: 100 immigrants were expected

“It’s a state of siege, people are tired, but nobody has the courage to say it. Perhaps the exasperation is the key to reading the fire in the center that was to host 100 migrants coming from North Africa to Villa di Briano…

The entrepreneur, owner of an insurance agency, had rented the premises to a cooperative in Naples to obtain an extraordinary reception center… And there they were about to move the migrants from Salerno…

“The fire is of malicious origin,” explains the first citizen of Villa di Briano, Luigi Della Corte, elected in a civic list of center right, very close to the Brothers of Italy. Just him, a week ago, he had protested with a video spread on the web in front of the building to avoid the “move” of the 100 guests…

The flammable liquid was found by the carabinieri along the stairs, in front of the gate. During the weekend the disaster would have been planned: petrol and lighter and the damage was done. The building is now unusable. And the Carabinieri of Aversa have nothing in their hands, apparently; nor a video of a nearby camera (via Kruscev is isolated from the center) or clues.

Well executed. No cameras, no witnesses, no surveillance onsite that we know of to catch them, and no suspects we are aware of. Not that I endorse this kind of thing in Europe’s migrant welcoming centers, but purely as an intellectual exercise, if I were to have to do this, I would actually look into a drone for the final stage of lighting it. You’d have to know a lot about starting fires, such as where to start it, how to exploit airflow to spread it, and how to maximize the economy of your accelerant. But you could do the setup under the guise of petty vandalism, if you had to, and leave the actual act of arson to the drone. A drone would offer the option of both thoroughly scouting such a site, and avoiding being caught doing the actual lighting.

Food for thought, since it is highly likely they will begin staking out these sites in the run-up to their being put into use – and they will be looking to make examples of any concerned community members who look to minimize the number of rapists and murderers imported into their communities.

Even more shocking, Right-wing groups are promoting even more violence (courtesy of Google Translate):

“Honor to the comrade captured in Macerata”. “This is only the beginning of our revenge: we must arm ourselves and do like him”. “Let’s take back our homeland: shoot at sight to those beasts”.

Luca Traini – the 28-year-old who shot a group of immigrants in Macerata after having made the Roman salute – had not yet even had time to confess in front of the police, last Saturday, that already the black galaxy of the web shouted to his name is loud.

Since then, as the Espresso has seen, the secret groups that incite hatred and violence on Facebook and who proselytize on behalf of the extreme right have not yet ceased to praise it.

And above all, the grazed massacre of Macerata becomes a pretext to incite other neo-fascists to do the same thing, to “arm themselves and shoot immigrants” to defend “Italy and our race”…

A potential powder keg ready to explode…

The Facebook group ” I have not betrayed “, for example, is among the most wild. Users call Luca Traini “a comrade”, “one of us”, and they praise him with words like “honor”, “captain” in a flood of Roman and Nazi greetings.

In the group “Benito Mussolini made Italy great” we go even further: “Commanders like us never get satisfied”, they write. “We do not have to stop, we have to shoot at death to dirty immigrants”, is the threat of other users signing with name and surname.

“It is the beginning of the end of the inferior beings”, writes one of the neo-fascists in the Fascist group of the Third Millennium , “each of us would have done the same thing that Luca did”.

Many of the users do not hide their political propaganda on behalf of Forza Nuova or Casa Pound. “Vote all compact for CasaPound!”, Writes a user in the Fascist group of the Third Millennium.

In recent weeks, on social networks, groups and pages praising racial hatred and violence have increased dramatically. Many of them have raised the shot…

And there are those who directly call citizens “to arms”, publishing photos of Kalashnikovs, easy hunting and knives and encouraging the other members of the groups to use them “to start hunting”.

If the left was smart, it would locate these radical rightists covertly, and immediately arrange for the leaders to all fall into lucrative jobs or lottery winnings, and hire salaried prostitutes on to “meet” them by chance, fall in “love” with them, and flood them with sex and pleasure. Not all would fall for it, but it would be the best way to weaken the movement. Anything else is bound to trigger the right into more of this behavior. Although in truth, this shift to K is unavoidable.

Behavior will mark the end of the left, as well as the leftists themselves in the long run. But without r/K Theory, the left doesn’t stand a chance of even delaying it.

This is having two effects. One, it is invigorating the right. People are taking action, this is fueling thoughts of action among others, and that is conditioning amygdalae. All over Italy, brains are beginning to exercise the K-selected areas, even just with vicarious thoughts.

Second it is triggering leftists, who are now beginning to feel out of control. Leftists do not like feeling out of control. It is amygdala-triggering, and that needs to be dealt with, either through an aggressive crackdown on the right to contain this rhetoric and reestablish control, or, if that is not possible, through changing their own thoughts and beliefs to more align with those rightists who are taking control.

That will be the turning point. Once the right makes it clear their movement is unstoppable, expect a large shift to their position by the populace, as the lemmings of the middle and even many rabbits suddenly see the wisdom of the right’s position.

Amusingly the politicians who have advanced the left’s agenda thus far are the ones who are in too deep. They will be the last ones left standing when the music stops and everyone else has gone right in this game of political musical chairs. If I were a leftist politician over there, I would be expecting to eventually be hunted by the entirety of the nation, once the purge of the Muslim migrants is finished.

And Italian vengeance, especially for treason by leaders, has never been known to be gentle.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because the great war is almost upon us

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15 Responses to Italy Is Going K

  1. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    Ayyyyy the pasta peoples ain’t having it anymore.

    PS: can anyone help a fren with the request I humbly asked for on the comments of this article?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    Another thing is, if gov now tries to make a police crackdown on despaired concerned citizens who are just using the last options available to defend themselves and their loved ones from the invaders that the treasonous globalists want them to submit to, said concerned citizens would be smart to start a relentless information campaign aimed at all police forces to inform them on how much respect for them the invaders and the groups that welcome the invaders like antifa have for said police forces.

    I would not be surprised that police forces armed with the truth would themselves proactively deal with the invasion the only way globalist treasonous politicians allow.

  3. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    I think you guys and gals will like this:

  4. Cecil Henry says:

    Good sign. But go get the source of this death: the politicians, bureaucrats and MSM who have been explicitly aiding this invasion for 30 years.

    They sit in the weeds and wait for another opportunity to virtue signal or just sell out their society for short term gain, or often enough, just envious hatred of the fellow ethnics.

  5. rien says:

    Is it even for the left to acknowledge r/K theory?

    I would think that this would be amygdale triggering all by itself, hence they cannot do so.

  6. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    Read this tweet and the whole thread before it if you think the swamp draining is taking to long:

    Pro-tip: it’s not.

    “Trust the plan.” – Q

    PS: trust the plan AND keep preping for the looming economic decline and temperature crash. Trump and his team of loyal patriots can only do what they can do, they will do as much as they can for the world, but each of us must take control of our situation and increase our survival chances for the coming apocalypse. Stars are our destiny frens. BELIEVE

  7. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    Now for a more on topic comment, this is the reason why jews better stop the hypocrisy of being pro-migration for Western countries:

    If you’re a jew, you better be like Frame Game Radio and tell the truth and expose the the hypocrisy, otherwise K selected people will ressent you, with a passion. Goys have woken up, stop the lies or get drown at the passage of the tides of change.


  8. English Tom says:

    We are at the turning of the tide. Tommy Robinson of Rebel Media covered a recent march/demonstration in Germany against Merkel’s immigration policy. You can also see the fake media in Germany being very uncomfortable with his questions.

    Onwards to victory!

  9. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:

    If you want to learn more about jewish history and culture:

  10. Mountain Farmer says:

    LembradorDos6Trilliões wrote: “trust the plan AND keep preping for the looming economic decline and temperature crash.”

    What do you mean by temperature crash?

  11. Sam J. says:

    This has already been done for you on the Internet Archive(wayback machine). Here’s the link.*/

    Here’s how this works. You put in an address in the top search box. It will give you dates that whatever link you put in were scanned and saved at the internet archive, it has a time line. Click on it to get a time then see the blue dots on the calendar” Each blue dot is a copy of what was at the address at the time shown. Click on the blue dot and it plays or loads whatever page there. You can also save web pages. Very handy for stuff they want to erase. The I.A .saves these and I think does not erase them unless…copyright maybe?? Not sure but it’s usually there. Send the IA money and it will make us all happy. 🙂

  12. SteveRogers42 says:

    “Nice refugee center ya got there. Be a shame if somethin’ was ta happen to it.”

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