Necrophilia Is Now OK

According to the bioethicists:

This need not be said but at least should be mentioned: corpses cannot be physically harmed. Thus, if we factor out aspects like property violation, there is little that crops us to indicate necrophilia as a wrongful act.

Some might say having sex with the dead is unhealthy. But then so is smoking, driving, drinking, which we allow. Besides, corpses can be cleaned and can be made more hygienic than many living people.

Again it’s not clear what makes necrophilia wrong by definition, aside from property violation since the dead only matter to the living. If there was no living person who cared about the corpse in question, what would make violating it – whether through sex or mutilation or eating – wrong? It’s uncertain, but there’s little reason to support sending people to prison for merely having sex with corpses, if there’s no one to whom the corpse belongs.

Necrophiliacs may disgust us, but we cannot let our disgust filter out clear reflection on the subject. There is little reason to think the act automatically wrong. But being unconvinced by the arguments against an act does not mean one automatically supports or encourages it.

This is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel with respect to lack of sexual discrimination. Notice how a rabbit who will mate with corpses, will basically mate with anything, and in r, that is not only not bad – it is a huge reproductive advantage.

Again, the shift from K to r basically leaves the rabbits unable to grasp the older, traditional K-morals. The idea of someone who mates with corpses maybe having something wrong with them and being a poor choice as a fellow in-group member, or the idea of a behavior predisposing to disease and posing a risk to one’s in-group are so foreign as to be unable to be understood.

It is amazing, because they are obsessed with logical analysis, but given they have no natural grasp of what it takes to survive in the face of adversity, and they just are not designed for the real world, all of their analyses lack and real foundation in reality.

Of course we can’t discuss necrophilia without closing out with the late, great Sam Kinison.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because it never ends! It Never ends!

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7 Responses to Necrophilia Is Now OK

  1. rien says:

    I probably should not have watched that video.
    Does not tickle my sense of humor.
    And I cannot for the life of me understand why people would be laughing about it. Must say the laughs were rather muted, possibly a bit forced at times.

    • That guy was a cult figure for a while in the US. His shtick was the yelling about getting screwed over, which after seeing it a few times would get funnier.

      He was an interesting story. He was a preacher, and quite religious, before becoming a comedian. He actually died after a car accident, in his brother’s arms. The brother said he was in agonizing pain, appeared to pass, then woke up completely calm and pain free, talking to someone nobody could see. He was asking if he was supposed to go now. Whoever it was appeared to say yes, because he said he would have preferred to stay, but apparently he was told it was his time, so he closed his eyes and left.

  2. Andy says:

    Sodomizing the bodies of your dead or dying enemies is a proud warrior tradition found in all cultures. Whats the point of a bayonett(pun intended) in the 21st century if not for creating new ways of relief after the heat of battle?

  3. Sophie says:

    And the writer of that article proclaim himself as ETHICIST! He’s a tutor on Ethics too. Yeah sure, a person with broken disgust reflect teaching ethics to others… Looks like he’ll get along well with Alfred Kinsey.

  4. Pitcrew says:

    That’s trending r. One could not imagine an organization saying that 15 or even 10 years ago. It could be that college campuses and left wing think tanks and mouthpieces- have effectively insulated themselves from K, and thus will continue heading r until the collapse.

  5. Anon says:

    How can you even write these two sentances, in a fucking ROW no less?
    “Necrophiliacs may disgust us, but we cannot let our disgust filter out clear reflection on the subject. There is little reason to think the act automatically wrong.”
    Just read that, over and over again:
    “There is little reason to think the act automatically wrong.”
    “Necrophiliacs may disgust us”
    “There is little reason to think the act automatically wrong.”
    “Necrophiliacs disgust us”
    “There is little reason to think the act automatically wrong.”
    “Necrophiliacs AUTOMATICALLY disgust us”
    This shit is hardwired for a REASON, people. Either you think God made us this way or evolution selected for it, but even the writer roundaboutly admits being disgusted is the default.

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