Religious Thoughts Inspired By Reddit?

I saw this comment on Reddit by CapNSheff, in a thread where people were saying Trump arising at this point in history, and being absolutely perfectly designed for his purpose, was evidence that there was a God who intervened in events to help American:

Well since we’re on the topic of god… I’ve never really practiced my faith and have hid away from it even til today. But I will always know there is someone, something there as I’ve seen something ridiculous a long time ago that I know to be ridiculous as I am a very sane, self aware, normal, clear of thought kind of guy (who still loves to troll shills). Anyways that thing wasn’t natural by any means and impossible but I remember it as if it was yesterday. God has to be real, kek is probably real as it’s most likely an extension of this ‘god’ in another form unbeknownst. Anyways, not trying to make anyone believe. I’m a random internet nobody, why believe me? Merry Christmas

I do not know CapNSheff, but I know what he is talking about. Those things happen, I promise you.

I was watching Joe Rogan go at it with Milo about religion on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Milo was trying to defend religiosity, and Joe was hacking at it as a myth which he thought was ridiculous. Joe commented at one point that he thought Christianity was so ridiculous that he could not see how Christianity was even still around. But in my view, that is a strong argument for it.

Christianity still exists, despite much of what it asserts being, by our established metrics, impossible. It could not happen. And yet people believe. The reason lies in CapNSheff, the God Emperor, and even America’s history.

Religion survives because it is a broader truth that describes things beyond our mere mortal plane. And even though we see its truth rarely on this side of the curtain, every so often trustworthy people get a glimpse behind the curtain, and report what they have observed. And they are believed by trustworthy people, who tell others, and that builds faith. I am convinced that without being truth, and without that truth manifesting in periodic reaffirmations by trustworthy people, Christianity would have failed, and quickly.

Once in a while, what is behind the curtain intervenes on this side of the curtain, and makes things that seem almost impossible just happen, all to further a greater cause. Those who have caught the spark of belief from a story from trusted friends, can see the linkage. Those who’ve had a glimpse behind the curtain can feel the awe.

As an example:

Shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the blessing of heaven and Providential protection of God were manifested upon the Colonial Army.

During fighting on Long Island, British General Howe and his 32,000 well trained troops had inflicted heavy losses on Washington’s army but had not succeeded in capturing or destroying it. General Howe then prepared to attack the 8,000 American troops on Brooklyn Heights. The British Army had Washington’s army surrounded in a great semi-circle with their backs to the mile wide East River.

Here we see the first amazing event, for General Howe remained in this position for two days and did not attack. Had he attacked, victory would have been certain for the superior British force. It is not known even to this day why he delayed.

Washington, greatly outnumbered, realized to fight would mean defeat and the likely end of the war. Surrender was unthinkable! To retreat was the only thing to do…

To make sure the British did not discover their retreat, Washington set out to evacuate his army in great secrecy. He set orders for every rowboat, sailboat and seagoing vessel to be collected in the area. At 8:00 pm on the night of August 29, 1776 the evacuation of the troops commenced. Heavy rain was falling as the evacuation began and the adverse winds which hindered the British ships continued. In this weather, the sailboats were of little use and only few rowboats were employed in the retreat. At this rate, evacuation seemed impossible. But at 11:00 pm the Northeast wind which had raged for three days amazingly stopped and the water became so calm that the boats could be loaded with extra weight. A gentle breeze arose from the South and Southwest which favored their travel across the river to New York.

The retreat continued throughout the darkness of the pre-dawn. But as the sun began to rise, many troops were yet to be evacuated. Their death seemed apparent. But again, an astonishing thing occurred.

Major Benjamin Talmage was still on the island and he recorded what happened in his memoirs: “After dawn of the next day approached, those of us who remained in the trenches became very anxious for our own safety and when the dawn appeared there were several regiments here on duty.

At this time, a very dense fog began to rise out of the ground and off the river. It seemed to settle in a peculiar manner over both encampments. I recollect this peculiar Providential occurrence perfectly well. And so very dense was the atmosphere that I could scarcely discern a man six yards distance. We tarried until the sun had risen but the fog remained as dense as ever.”

The fog remained until the last boats left Long Island…

Here we see the American General Greene say: ‘The best effective retreat I ever read or heard of!’ This event was so astonishing that surely the explanation given by many of the Colonists was true: ‘That God was defending the cause of liberty.’

This was far from the only time providence favored the nascent Republic, many instances of which are accurately aggregated here. All throughout the war of independence rivers swelled, winds arose, fogs descended, storms battered, conditions cleared, and clouds darkened conditions, all at perfect moments to thwart the British and aid the Americans.

Madison wrote of it in Federalist 37:

The real wonder is that so many difficulties should have been surmounted, and surmounted with a unanimity almost as unprecedented as it must have been unexpected. It is impossible for any man of candor to reflect on this circumstance without partaking of the astonishment. It is impossible for the man of pious reflection not to perceive in it a finger of that Almighty hand which has been so frequently and signally extended to our relief in the critical stages of the revolution.

And these events have been sprinkled through America’s history. When you have the spark of belief, these things are given far more significance. and the connection is not farfetched. Patton’s prayer for good weather leading to clear skies the very next day is not at all unusual, nor was Patton’s ebullient response:

Patton’s adjutant, Colonel Harkins, later wrote:

Whether it was the help of the Divine guidance asked for in the prayer or just the normal course of human events, we never knew; at any rate, on the twenty-third, the day after the prayer was issued, the weather cleared and remained perfect for about six days. Enough to allow the Allies to break the backbone of the Von Runstedt offensive and turn a temporary setback into a crushing defeat for the enemy.

General Patton again called me to his office. He wore a smile from ear to ear. He said, “God damn! Look at the weather. That O’Neill sure did some potent praying. Get him up here. I want to pin a medal on him.”

The Chaplain came up the next day. The weather was still clear when we walked into General Patton’s office. The General rose, came from behind his desk with hand out-stretched and said, “Chaplain, you’re the most popular man in this Headquarters. You sure stand in good with the Lord and the soldiers.” The General then pinned a Bronze Star Medal on Chaplain O’Neill.

Everyone offered congratulations and thanks and we got back to the business of killing Germans—with clear weather for battle.

If you realize what is possible, because you saw what was behind the curtain intervene just once, it all makes good sense.

Today, fewer people believe, and we tend to be raised to disregard Christianity by a culture which has grown disconnected. It is easy to not catch the spark of belief from friends or family you trust, and be left in a cold mechanistic world. But file away that the great, decent, honest men who founded this country, and made her great, saw things which revealed a greater truth to them than the left acknowledges today.

Look at Trump and ask yourself what the chances were that a decent honest man would make the billions to allow him access to the Presidency while mastering such a diverse range of skills as to make him so effective in it. Ask yourself what the chances were that his ascendance would happen at exactly such a critical moment, right as the leftist insanity was reaching peak proportions, the winds of Apocalypse were picking up on the economic front, and the entire world was facing the threat of the most damaged, r-selected members of an ideology of death infiltrating, and being forced into, every peaceful corner of Western civilization by leftist who seem hell bent on destroying everything good.

Trump is the perfect leader we would never have dreamed of asking for, handed to us on a platter with everything he needed to win the battle, at this moment, as everything hangs in the balance. Ask yourself what the chances were.

You don’t have to believe based solely on that, but keep your eyes open, because there is more to see in this world than our leftist indoctrinators will tell you. I’m also not posting this because of some God-driven desire to convert you. I know I can’t, because I was once unconvertible. I know you need your own spark.

I’m posting all of this because I hope each of you will take away the small openness you need to catch the spark, because that spark has altered my life massively for the better. Realize the real mechanism that is working behind the curtain, and the world becomes a richer place. You realize this life is simultaneously a throwaway you can take massive risks in without worry, and a precious opportunity to be a part of something great. You realize death means nothing, and life becomes richer for it. But having been a strict agnostic mechanist, I know those of you who now are where I was, cannot make that jump easily.

Perhaps, a CapNSheff experience may just happen to you out of the blue, removing all doubt. Or maybe in God’s eyes you are perfect for his purposes now as you are, and he will only reveal the truth to you later. Or maybe a close friend will reveal their spark, and you may accept it more readily. No matter, we are all part of the plan somehow, and given what we need. Whatever your path, you are a part of the plan, and will know the truth eventually.

My own suspicion is God enters the world to offer his support most in our worst moments, when everything is at risk of falling down. You don’t see such accounts of God’s interventions in the Roaring Twenties, or the Dot-com boom. He wasn’t seen much on such a grand scale in the fifties, just as the eighties were not filled with such accounts of being rescued from doom by divine providence. But when the smoke is in the air and blood is spraying, or just dark moments are about that seem unable to be resolved any other way, the curtain can be lifted, and people will see behind it.

Given what is coming, I expect there will be much for potential believers to see in the coming storms. The God Emperor’s providential ascendance is just your first, most obscured peek.

Keep your eyes open and it is possible in the future that this day may carry far more significance for you than a mere day to celebrate with presents and family. It may become a quiet day to reflect on the love, holiness, and sacrifice of the Leader of the mission you are a part of, of which you presently are just not aware of.

He is everywhere.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because He supports freedom, and gave us our God Emperor

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17 Responses to Religious Thoughts Inspired By Reddit?

  1. info says:

    When people attempted to thwart the prophecy of Jesus of the destruction of the Jerusalem temple:
    ”Signs of trouble immediately appeared: after the first day, the workers awoke to find the soil they had removed had shifted back into place. Undaunted, they resumed work when “of a sudden a violent gale blew, and storms, tempests and whirlwinds scattered everything far and wide,” according to the account of the ecclesiastical historian Theodoret.

    Then calamity struck: an earthquake rocked the site, followed by fireballs that burst out of the unfinished foundations for the temple, burning some men, and sending the rest in flight. Some rushed into the church that had been built by Constantine’s mother, St. Helena, only to have its doors shut in front of them by “an unseen and invisible power,” according to one account.

    Some accounts of the disaster read like a retelling of the plagues visited upon Egypt: the fountains by the old temple stopped working, a famine broke out, and two imperial officials who had desecrated some sacred vessels met with grisly deaths. One was eaten alive with worms. The other “burst asunder in the midst.”

    All this culminated with the appearance of the cross—either in the sky or sprinkled like stars on the garments of the workers, according to early Church accounts.”

    ”What makes the story so compelling is that it is also reported in a matter-of-fact fashion by the Roman pagan historian Ammianus Marcellinus, who confirms the core narrative about a strange fire breaking out in his work, Res Gestae (“things done”):

    [T]errifying balls of flame kept bursting forth near the foundations of the temple, and made the place inaccessible to the workmen, some of whom were burned to death; and since in this way the element persistently repelled them, the enterprise halted.”

  2. Michael Kumpmann says:

    Did you know that the indians have a religious figure which is also called the god emperor?

    This here is sometimes called a “god emperor”:

  3. Michael Kumpmann says:

    This text states the connection between the god emperor and the term chakravartin.

  4. Ann K says:

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  5. Lowell says:

    I don’t think Trump is here to help America in quite the way you want to believe. The eclipse last year is what Yeshua referred to as the Sign of Jonah, the only sign in the sky that is given to the gentiles, and only as a warning. It was the sign given to Nineveh before Jonah reluctantly went and preached repentance, which they then did to Jonah’s disappointment, and God spared the city/kingdom.

    In our case, most every idiot out there either looked at it as Armageddon itself or as a carnival sideshow – both extremes being something that should cause you to shake your head. The sign is a WARNING, and now that we know there is another eclipse seven years from that one that will cross and therefore close the out the period, we know how long we have to ship up.

    America is simultaneously the greatest and most openly wicked nation on Earth. A nation by Masons for Masons and if you happen to be a non-Mason that benefits, well good for you. The uneducated label the place a “christian nation” while our Middle East wars always result in Islamic supremacy and the destruction of Christian communities that were planted there by the disciples themselves.

    Our country pumps out more porn than every other country on Earth combined. Our entertainment industry corrupts the youth and our centers of higher learning the thinking of the whole planet. We have shed more blood than any other in recent memory. More power than any other was given to us, should we fail to recognize all of this our fall will be from a quite a height indeed.

    Trump has happened for the same reason that all of the secrets are now being released – our dirty laundry is being aired out for the whole world to see the case against our nation, to see our response to truth, so that whatever God decides, whatever his JUDGMENT is either way, all will know why.

    I am not hopeful.

  6. mobiuswolf says:

    Intelligent design and entropy are enough, miracles aside.

  7. JimP says:

    My father would make the point that the sheer absurdity, impossibility of Christianity is an argument in its favor.

    No one trying to run a scam on people would have made up Christianity in their heads. It would never get going without lots of blood in the soil in addition to saints, and God moving things along.

  8. k says:

    Merry Christman, AC

  9. Dave says:

    According to Moldbug, Generals Howe and Cornwallis were both Whigs who secretly sympathized with the rebel cause. Had Washington and his men been Scots, Irish, or any nonwhite race, Howe would have attacked at once and slaughtered them to the last man. Why do you think they let Washington camp all winter unmolested at Valley Forge, a mere twenty miles from the British garrison in Trenton?

    The English Civil War, the Revolution, and the American Civil War were a continuation of the same conflict between elitism and equalism, with the equalists winning each time, if you date the end of the ECW to 1689. The equalists were definitely wrong in 1860 (the Bible forbids freeing someone else’s slaves, and civilization cannot exist where Africans are granted equal rights) and they are much more wrong today.

    To survive, we must undo this and many other equalist victories and go back, but to what? As one alt-righter commented, it’s hard to be a throne-and-altar conservative when all the thrones are empty and all the altars desecrated.

  10. Pitcrew says:

    The Lord does work in mysterious ways. Special Order 191 and Joseph Warren using PUA techniques on Margaret Gage are two great examples. It is amazing to think how different our world could be if only a few seemingly minor things are different, or rather “out of place”.

    • info says:

      God turned an arrow of an Aramean fired at random into a homing missile in order to strike down the King of Israel he wanted strike down hence altering the course of Hebrew History.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this post AC. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  12. SteveRogers42 says:

    100% this.

  13. Sam J. says:

    Bismarck,“God always looks after the fools and — and the United States.” (I hope he’s right).

    And Merry Christmas to you AC.

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