Version Of BBC Website For Shithole Countries Covers Shithole Controversy

Whenever I want in-depth reporting from the perspective of shithole countries, I stop by the BBC Pidgen site:

Donald Trump ‘shithole’ talk dey make people ginger

Plenty reactions up and down dey follow US President Donald Trump talk wey im refer to Haiti, and El Salvador and Africa as shithole countries.

Washington Post, CNN, Politico and other tori people bin broadcast say for inside private meeting wey im do with lawmakers on Thursday on top migration mata, im say “why we dey allow all dis people from shithole country to come here?”

But Trump don deny say im talk dat kain thing.

Dis talk generate plenty reaction as some Africa people talk dia mind for di mata on top social media.

I’m still trying to figure out, do people who speak Pidgen actually know how to read? I assume so since BBC created this site for them. But that makes me wonder, do they officially teach this language in schools, and if so why not teach proper English? If they don’t teach it in schools, who the fuck is writing this shit, and what are their qualifications in Pidgen? Did the BBC just hire a Caribbean impersonator to phonetically spell out what they think a West African accent spoken by retards would sound like?

And is “Shithole” actually a word in Pidgen? Shouldn’t it be translated into “Dey hola da dem poopas?” Maybe that would be too long when combined with “countries.”

These days everything is so confusing I can’t keep up with all the ridiculousness.

I just know I am loving this Trump Presidency. Trump is subtly pushing the Overton window to both convince people to consider that different people have different worths as human beings and as potential countrymen, and that America should be doing what is best for Americans, and not importing every loser out there from every shithole we can find. It is feeding competitiveness, feeding in-grouping, and growing the K-psychology.

Whether people like it or not, the seed is planted in everyone’s brains now. Everyone else wants to import shit from shitholes, and only Trump is fighting to keep America great. Come the next election, that is all that will remain in people’s brains, and they will be K-ified.

As once Chan meme pointed out, the Earth has been around 4.5 Billion Years, and of all the years it has existed, you have the good fortune to be able to witness the God Emperor’s Presidency – an event so unique it might just be a once in a planetary-lifetime event.

Drink it in.

Spread r/K Theory, coz it be wat dem all da peeples be talkin bot

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10 Responses to Version Of BBC Website For Shithole Countries Covers Shithole Controversy

  1. Pitcrew says:

    Link was broken for me.

    I literally do not know the way.

  2. Jaded Jurist says:

    I used to have a legit Pidgin New Testament, translated academically by the people at Wycliffe Bible Translators. It wasn’t called The Pidgin New Testament, however, but “Da Jesus Book”.

    King James Version of Galatians Chapter 3 starts with “O foolish Galatians…”

    Da Jesus Book renders it “You guys from Galatia, yoa head all jam up!”

  3. Phelps says:

    Remember also that, for normies, the entirety of persuasion is identity and repetition. What is repetition doing here?

    El Salvador

    So what are normies going to remember out of this a month from now?

  4. Cecil Henry says:

    This kind of behavior is so telling of the motives of leftists:

    namely, to condescend over others and demonstrate their superiority over others while pretending to be benevolent.

    NONE of the BBC elites or reporters speak like this, and they know this pattern of speech and thought is sloppy and leads to lower status, poorer opportunities and social backwardness.

    Yet, they feed it out with ‘caring’ and smugness day after day.

    What ugliness for those who can see.

  5. gxg says:

    Dey be comin’ from de place where da poop be happening ebrywhere. It be rayciss to keep da poopers out. Trump very bad mon.

    • Kharmii says:

      Anon Conservative doesn’t even know the laughs I get from posts/comments like this. -But then it’s funny and not funny at the same time because why does stuff exist like BBC Pidgen and shithole countries full of people who walk around with human body parts in saran they eat off of?

  6. mark in atlanta says:

    AC, for a moment when they first announced the pidgin English broadcasts I thought I was reading the Onion, but when I saw where the broadcasts were targeted to it makes sense, those are resource rich(oil) areas and they desire to psychologically prepare the indigenous people to be dispossessed or exploited, otherwise why would the UK Government spend money on the project? btw am spreading the word of your excellent blog

  7. Robert What? says:

    Every bleeding heart virtue signalling White Liberal who is “offended” by Trump’s (supposed) statement about shithole countries has to ask themselves this question: who would you rather have move into your neighborhood: a block full of Haitians or a block full of Norwegians? If you say Norwegians you are a racist. If you say Haitians you are a liar.

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