Government Surveillance – Recruiting Informants

An interesting article here, which basically highlights that DEA paid an Amtrak secretary almost $900,000 over 20 years to give them private information on Amtrak passengers, under the table, so they could look for indicators of drug transport.

To many that story may be ho-hum, but they are not familiar with the process of recruiting an agent. If an intelligence agency, even the intelligence division of a domestic law enforcement agency, wants to recruit an asset there is one given. You will operate as if you only get once chance to recruit an asset in the targeted organization.

In this case, had they approached the secretary, and she went to her bosses and reported the approach, then an overzealous boss might actively seek to close down all access to the desired information. In this case, had that happened, there would have been two detriments. First, DEA would have had to ask for the data officially, and share seized assets and money with Amtrak Police, and Amtrak would have had to reveal the information sharing, had anyone filed an official FOIA request with Amtrak for documents relating to it. Clearly DEA decided that was not an option, so they choose to recruit the source, probably mostly to keep the activities of their intelligence division secret. Intelligence operations, wherever they operate out of, want to remain ghosts.

The first thing they did was somehow identify everyone who had access to the information they wanted. I have no idea how they did that, but once they had the list, they initiated passive surveillance on everyone on the list. That means pulling garbage, identifying and infiltrating social circles, probably pulling bank and telephone data (itself illegally acquired through similarly recruited assets in those entities) and getting a feel for who each person was, and where their pressure points were. If I had to guess, I’d bet they got pole-mounted phase-interference mics and maybe video on their house, if broadband was readily available to wire it into, but vehicle and foot operators would have been lightly applied, if at all.

I am certain if we knew the information that these covert domestic intelligence networks have amassed through these intelligence activities, and just what they could pull on any individual on a moment’s notice, our minds would be blown. They have either recruited sources or planted agents everywhere there is any intelligence that anybody could want, and I’ll bet what they haul in is put into a master database that would make “The Machine” on Person of Interest look like a Commodore 64 reading from a 5 inch floppy. Bank data, credit card purchases, cell-phone locations and activity, internet searches and traffic, emails, Fed-ex origins/destinations, stock-transactions, if it’s digitized, it’s all in there, no warrant needed.

As they reviewed potential agents, an upper level Amtrak executive, who owned his home outright, with a good salary, no credit card debt, good credit, and no moral shortcomings would be a bad choice – especially if he contributed to the ACLU and had a brother-in-law who was a reporter somewhere. A low paid secretary, with bad credit, lots of receipts for expensive clothes and shoes in her trash, a high mortgage payment, a high credit card balance, a low bank balance, poor morals, and who was having an affair behind her husband’s back despite their small child, would prove more pliable. She’d be a candidate.

She would probably have a girl or two show up at her yoga class, compliment her clothes and politely chat with her, to get an idea of what she was like. Someone would approach a close associate of her’s, initiate a relationship, and then finagle an introduction at some gathering, so they could begin the relationship with some social proof. You let your guard down with the friends of friends, because to be untrusting of a friend’s friend is almost to be disrespectful to your friend themselves.

The new friend might invite her out to drinks and a movie with some girlfriends, or even a vacation retreat somewhere, recording everything that occurred for later analysis. Since her intel would be important enough to dump almost a million dollars into her, she’d probably be followed everywhere by vehicle and foot surveillance for a time during this part of her assessment period, to see everyone she met, and watch everything she did.

She wouldn’t get the tier one surveillance operators. Her team would consist of the cast-offs with records of getting burned on past operations, but they’d probably be professional enough she wouldn’t notice them. The file on her, documenting every minute of her day for weeks, or maybe even months, even with video and audio files would be amazing. Even more amazing, she would probably be oblivious to all of this happening around her. To her every day would be just another day.

At some point, after they knew enough about her, she would get the pitch. It would ideally combine a carrot and a stick, so if she said no, she’d understand that if she didn’t keep her mouth shut, there would be a consequences. But she would say yes based on everything they knew, and they’d be right.

Once she is recruited, I’d be shocked if she wasn’t monitored more aggressively technically. The mics on her house, her plates in a database for the license plate readers, her phone data (calls and phone location) checked, and maybe even monitored, using the data from assets just like her that were recruited in the phone, bank, and credit card companies. One guy might spend and hour or so every two days quickly reviewing everything the tech pulled in on her, to keep tabs on her, just to make sure there were no surprises, like a cartel leader’s counter-surveillance guy putting money in her bank account to delete data about his mules from what she gave the DEA, or her secretly passing data about what she was doing to a reporter for an expose. She probably wouldn’t get in-person vehicle and foot surveillance normally, but if a flag popped up in the technical stuff, like her phone getting switched off for two hours midday, or a call to a reporter, you could bet vehicle and foot would be on her in a jiff to figure out exactly what was up.

Now here is the funny part. They went to all this trouble and expense – for information that was of limited importance to them. First, if this was high priority data, they would have gotten one of their own agents backstopped as a secretary, or a computer tech, and hired on to pull it themselves. That they were recruiting a mere secretary said they viewed it as normal background intelligence they wanted in their database, but which didn’t relate to any specific high-priority investigation. Additionally, they probably already had two or three other sources of the same information in different offices already pulling it and providing it, so they’d have multiple sources. That way, if one source went down there would be redundancy – and with multiple copies, they could check each list against the others, to make sure no specific asset was providing compromised data.

They went to this effort and a million dollar expense, on low level background intelligence which they could have gotten for free, simply by formally asking, and which they probably already had via other sources (to whom they were paying a million dollars each) anyway. Think about that for a moment, and what it implies about their budget and activities.

Now imagine what would fall on your head if you were ever to become a high-priority target of the government. Or just a medium-priority target, or even just a target of some interest period, which would be more than this secretary was. That is the machine that is operating behind the curtain, and it is keeping excess capacity on hand to handle any requirement for a future terrorism-related surge. Where they don’t have work, they make it, to keep their edge sharp. As you read this, they are infiltrating somewhere, recruiting someone, and adding a new stream of data to their database.

I don’t care that they do this for drugs. Dealers are usually likely to be psychopaths and scumbags, and cleaning the population of them is a public service. But I am worried that this type of intelligence apparatus is evolving domestically, to amass data for purposes of extra-legal control of Americans. The law enforcement professionals who want to fight bad guys probably have a hold of it now, but that will change, if history is any guide.

Things are changing already. Federal agencies are starting to be overtly turned on Conservatives for purely political reasons, from IRS, to EPA, to OSHA. We never do that type of thing, so when George Bush takes office, he simply pretends nothing could ever be wrong. But then a Liberal gets in, plants all their SJW operatives in these organizations, they begin to force out anyone who isn’t on board with their ideological agenda, and eventually, lacking all morals, that agency will be capable of anything.

I see no indication that these agencies are taking steps to exclude liberal ideologues. That is a problem we would be foolish to ignore.

The more power these agencies amass, the more liberal ideologues will seek to infiltrate them, and then purge them of all non-believers – it is how leftists work. Once the Law Enforcement professionals are purged, and replaced with the ideologues, watch-out. Things will get real hairy, real fast for any conservatives who care about freedom.

This is what is coming, and it is why I think anyone involved with Conservative politics should take measures to become more surveillance-aware. If you have spoken out, even just by commenting on Vox, you may someday get attention. Be aware of when it arrives, because once it comes, things will have changed, and nothing will be impossible anymore.

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Liberals Hate Cops For a Reason

Imagine I was a news anchor. On TV, a neo-nazi was stealing some transgender man’s purse. The robber ran to a car, shut the door on the transgender man’s hair, and begins driving off. The transgender guy falls to the pavement, and begins being dragged down the street by the side of the car, his bedazzled miniskirt glittering as he rolls from side to side to spread the road rash out. As the anchor, I begin laughing, and say, “Technically, is the tranny still chasing the car, if he’s being dragged along behind it?” Ha ha ha.

I’m not the biggest fan of the LGBT-SJW mafia lately, what with their trying to bankrupt innocent people who just don’t want to deal with them. I very firmly believe if someone doesn’t want to deal with me, it is their God-given right to enjoy a world free of me. Anyone who demands the right to intrude on the life or business of another is a Nazi in every sense of the word. If they try to force the issue through laws and government, then they are a coward to boot, as any man willing to commit such a sin on another should have the balls to force the issue themselves, face to face, not through some cowardly bureaucratic procedure.

Yet even though I am not an LGBT-mafia fan, I would never have thought to be so insensitive, or even been able to be so insensitive, had I thought of it.

Viewed in that context, this MSNBC tweet similarly mocking a Police officer being dragged by a perp betrays a true underlying hatred. Adding to the irony, not only is that cop potentially being dragged to his death, he is potentially being dragged to his death in the course of selflessly risking his life to make the world safe for the rabbits. Short of mocking a Marine who dives on a hand grenade to save his buddies, it is tough to imagine something more loathsome.

There is a greater gulf brewing. Local law enforcement is drawn from the local community. As local citizens of the community, local police are much less likely to engage in immoral or oppressive behaviors on the communities they police than an outside force would. The people they would be oppressing would be their neighbors and friends, and if that weren’t enough, their neighbors and friends would have much greater recourse politically, should they have cause to unite against the local department. In addition, since the leaders of local law enforcement are selected via a method much closer to the local community, they will tend to have more principles, and be of a high moral fiber. We have seen that recently with local sheriffs refusing to enforce certain gun laws they believe would infringe on the rights of their citizens. Federal law enforcement would never question the legal or moral propriety of any such law before grinding any citizen who disobeyed it into the ground.

Federal law enforcement, as an outside force, is also much more likely to view the local community as outsiders, and much less likely to factor in the interests of the local community when given orders. After decades of moving in to a community, doing what they wanted, and occasionally even walking all over local citizens with little cost to themselves, it is easy to come to view those civilians around you as just potential obstacles to be dealt with as you please. Liberals recently have begun to realize this dichotomy in the law enforcement world as well.

One of the most ominous stories I have heard recently is Obama deciding to restrict the issuance of military surplus to local law enforcement. Note, how he said nothing of federal law enforcement, which will continue to receive these surplus items freely. Obama, or more accurately the eggheads who tell Obama what to say, have done the math and they have decided they don’t want local law enforcement to be too capable tactically in the coming unrest. In the coming unrest, the liberals are hoping local law enforcement will simply be the cannon-fodder that federal law enforcement will use to secure central control over the populace.

By itself this edict might mean little. However, combined with an imminent economic collapse, the massive increase in the domestic surveillance state, the chatter coming out of DC about Conservatives, veterans, and the Tea Party being viewed as terrorist threats to the government, and the unlawful use of federal agencies such as the IRS, the EPA, and OSHA to target Conservatives, a very ominous image emerges. This is a federal power-grab, designed to take effect when the wheels come off.

Not since the height of the Roman Empire’s surplus of conquest booty and slave labor have resources been so freely applied to a nation – or corrupted large parts of it so thoroughly. The main difference between then and now will be the speed and the depth of the collapse when it comes, the quality of the “good” citizens who value freedom, and the lethality of the heavily armed citizen populace. We quite literally have cities full of heavily-armed and short-tempered addicts, about to see their drug of choice withdrawn completely, and heavily armed citizen-soldiers with an immutable sense of right, wrong, and no questions regarding the propriety of violence under the right moral circumstances.

Clearly people at the top are maneuvering, but how much good it will do them is unknown. My guess is, for all their desire to seize some type of control the feds will be lucky to keep half of our major population centers alive once the heavily armed gangs and thugs realize how vulnerable the rabbits are – and how much more they “unfairly” have. It will be redistribution – but not the type liberal rabbits normally contemplate.

I have no idea exactly what is coming, but judging from the metrics biologically, it will be historic. Vox is right. Be grateful. Most people enjoy reading about major events in history. Whatever comes for us, we will be able to say we saw one firsthand.

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DHS Bussing In Illegals

DHS is bussing in illegals.

What will one day astonish the populace is how DHS is padding out the ranks of its surveillance division with newly arrived immigrants, and deploying these immigrants as citizen spies within America, to spy on American citizens.

One of the problems with recruiting surveillance/intelligence agents to operate in the US is the internet. American kids who want to go into that line of work inevitably create an online trail of breadcrumbs, extolling how much they want to be in Army Intelligence at 13, liking that article on the FBI penetrating some terrorist network at 17, or posting Instagram pics from in front of their new home at Fort Benning at 19, or tweeting about their Army Captain Dad’s opinion on the new DCI at 22. It is nearly impossible to scrub every vestige of that from the internet, once it is out there.

When these people are later hired by Homeland Security, and moved into a house somewhere posing as some advertising executive while trying to get intel on a target, a wily target may wonder why they had so many questions. They may go home and google them, find an old facebook account through a forgotten email used to register somewhere else, and uncover that trail of breadcrumbs. Now the target has just burned a very expensive stealth layer of surveillance. Whether he just closes the door on it, or whether he begins feeding it disinformation, that confusion is not how an intelligence gathering operation is supposed to work when it is deployed on a citizen by the government.

As a result, new immigrants from undeveloped nations are an excellent pool from which to draw new surveillance assets. That guy just up from Mogadishu isn’t going to have a long trail of facebook postings, likes of FBI sites, or tweets going back to his teens – he’s probably never operated a computer before. The Mexican who can barely speak English not only will have an untraceable past – an American would never expect such a foreigner who can barely speak English to be working as an elite surveillance asset for the United States government. As a landscaper he may even get access to the grounds of the most paranoid Mafia guy’s estate, without a second glance.

Grab him when he comes in the door, train him as much as you can, and advise him to live in his cover and not discuss his side-gig in surveillance, and you’ve just converted a welfare recipient into something useful – a Homeland Security listening post. From the immigrant’s perspective, it is a great deal too. He sails through his immigration paperwork, gets a minor crime or two disappeared, gets set up in a ready-made life by his handler where they want him to operate, gets a small stipend to add to his income, is protected by law enforcement if he runs into any minor troubles, and he gets to play secret agent in his spare time and spy on other people legally.

It’s great all around – if it’s deployed on known terrorist sympathizers or instigators, in an effort to protect innocent Americans.

The problem which will arise is the collapse. Presently DHS has no practical limits on its budget, and it is building out the most intrusive and expensive surveillance state the world has ever seen, in a world where real terrorism is less of a threat to life than a falling coconut. When the collapse comes, the leadership of this nation will be presented with a choice – accept a greatly diminished level of money, authority, and power, and cut the ranks of its surveillance state tremendously, or seek to impose some level of enslavement of the population, to force the population to continue to work hard to fund the massive surveillance empire that the eggheads at the top control.

Given the power they will have accrued at that point, and understanding the mentality of those who seek leadership in this government, I am not optimistic that they will simply accept the limitations of the coming economic conditions, and choose the path of maximum happiness for every citizen, regardless of how that erodes their empire. I suspect we will enter one of those periods people will look back on with disbelief – a truly historic period.

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Charles Murray Goes Revolutionary

Charles Murray talks about his new book. He says the inspiration for the book was the story of a friend who had multiple government agencies purposely issue conflicting regulatory orders to his business, so they could fine him no matter what he did. When he said to one bureaucrat that he would fight it in court, the bureaucrat simply told him, “If you do we’ll put you out of business.”

Increasingly, things are looking bleak for this government. There is an endless supply now of stories like this, of the IRS just seizing bank accounts for reasons which appear to have no legal backing, and then ransoming their return. This is now a Kleptocracy – all that will change with time is the extent of the theft.

In some classified areas of government relating to “security,” particular agencies have untethered themselves from any vestige of responsibility, and are now spending as much as they can as fast as they can. I have the impression that the spending situation in these agencies was created expressly to free up unlimited resources to prepare for a cataclysm that the eggheads at the top beleive is inevitable – and which could take them down.

Although an opinion piece, this was sobering with the possibilities. I stumbled upon it through this image, which purports to be of the modified Automax railcar model described in the opinion piece, originally designed for car transport, but modified with shackles and air vents to allow it to be used as a mobile prison car – whether for holding, or transport to some sort of camp is unknown.

Our government cannot spend as it is spending, and remain. It will collapse under its own weight. What remains to be seen is what will happen at the collapse. My assumption would be, that an American populace, already disgusted with government, saddled with shortage and anger, armed to the teeth, and left with nothing to lose, will establish a much more limited form of government, solely through the threat of what they could do if challenged.

But some smart psychopaths and sociopaths are moving chess pieces as this is written, so there are no guarantees. Literally, within fifteen years, anything could happen – but whatever happens, it is a good bet it will be a story others will marvel at when they read about it in the history books.

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Childhood Lead Exposure Linked to Criminality

Childhood Lead Exposure Linked to Criminality.

Criminality is amygdala dysfunction – it is an amygdala that can’t properly encounter urges, and weave behavior within the established boundaries of forbidden behaviors to a solution that resolves the aversive urge without triggering other negative consequences. The criminal sees what they can’t do without, and the angst at the thought of failure so panics them that they simply take it, regardless of the consequences which their amygdala is uable to perceive. Interestingly lead has been shown to create cognitive dysfunction similar to amygdala damage.

It will be interesting to find if some of the most malignant of Narcissists have a history of heavy metal exposure during early developmental periods which leave their amygdala damaged – unable to navigate the world without constantly enduring agony, angst, anger, and fear.

Never think a Narcissist operates from a position of strength. The operate from the weakest of positions, with their backs against the wall emotionally, and so overwhelmed by events that they cannot even begin to find their way to the easiest behavioral path of all – simply being decent and reasonable. Whatever the root of their disorder, use their angst against them, never show them any mercy, and never mistake them for human. By the very nature of their disorder, there is no humanity within them.

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Gays, Rabbits, Train Crashes, Car Accidents, and Amygdalae

Gotnews reports that the Amtrak driver was gay. Freepers were quick to wonder if the crash may have happened because he was a gay affirmative action hire, fastracked to Amtrak driver from his last position as Target cashier.

There is an interesting question which does arise from the study of r/K and the amygdala. To quickly recap, if you follow the research in the book, the gay male is probably just exhibiting an exaggerated form of the amygdala modeling underlying the r-strategy. r-strategist males exhibit diminished amygdala volume and diminished volume is assumed, in the study of psychopathy, to underlie diminished functionality. It is likely the diminished volume is diminished development, due to diminished use of such a conflict-managing/risk-assessing brain structure when resources are freely available, as occurs in r-selected environments.

In matters of sexual preference, the r-strategy reverses the normal sexual dimorphism, where males are large, masculine, and aggressive, and females are petite and feminine. In the r-strategy, since females raise offspring alone, females tend to be larger, more aggressive, and more masculine to protect and provision their offspring, while males become more petite and feminine to facilitate showy mate displays and fleeing in the face of aggression. If normal males exhibiting an r-strategy prefer masculine characteristics in their female mates, to maximize the likelihood of their offspring being successfully raised to adulthood, then a slight over expression of that masculine-attracted sexual preference would produce full on homosexuality, where males prefer such a masculine mate that they end up embracing full on males as mates.

Thus a mild r-strategist would simply prefer a manly, angry, aggressive feminist, prone to cuckold him, for a mate, while the over-expressed trait would take things just a little farther, to the point of preferring an actual man. There is other evidence in the book indicating homosexuality is an over-expression of a highly fecund trait, mainly the fact that in families with homosexuals, the non-homosexual relatives have more mates and shorter relationship durations. That would also support the idea of homosexuality as an over-expression of the more fecund, r-selected rabbitism that is the root of the liberal political ideology.

The book also shows how the brain parasite Toxoplasma gondi, (which preferentially infects the amygdala with cysts, presumably diminishing its functionality and mimicking the effects of diminished volume) produces symptoms similar to liberalism, aka the human r-strategy.

Now where it is interesting is this. T. gondii is also associated with car accidents. Presumably, as you diminish the amygdala’s functionality with cysts filled with T.gondi, you diminish the ability to perceive threat, and to prioritize data properly. Thus you may drive faster, not notice you are driving faster, and be less able to experience the aversive stimulus cognitive “flag” in response to the danger of driving faster, which would make normal people slow down. You also will exhibit diminished reaction time, so when that car pulls out in front of you, you will be just a little slower in hitting the brakes. I’d imagine you would also be less able to multi-task, and shift focus between different stimuli smoothly, prioritizing the importance of each activity, and assigning focus to the most important stimulus at any one moment. Thus if you are texting, looking at a map, and driving, you would have trouble shifting focus between those tasks, and keeping an eye on the road (or track). You would also feel less cognitive drive to focus on the road to begin with.

It would be interesting to see a study of gay vs heterosexual car accident rates, as well as conservative vs liberal car accident rates.

It raises an interesting issue. If the r-selected rabbits have diminished amygdala functionality and reduced ability to perceive threat, should they occupy positions requiring robust amygdala function, such as driving public transportation with hundreds or thousands of lives depending upon their less capable amygdalae, or structuring government in such a way as to forestall a future economic collapse.

Obviously, we know the answer.

Update: This was not the first gay train engineer to crash his train.

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The Rabbits Continue to Create Chaos

Obama is flooding the Bible belt with Muslim refugees. These people, with third-grade educations, couldn’t protect democracy or maintain civility in their third-world homeland, so what better idea than to bring them here, so they can fail to protect democracy and maintain civilization here, while consuming our welfare. Even better, they adhere to a violent ideology which wants to subjugate the peaceful, and which views mainstream Americans as lessers to be controlled and dominated. What could go wrong?

DHS violates a Court Injunction to give work visas and Social Security numbers to illegals. The question is, why these specific illegals? Why not all of them? A part of me wonders if these were taking their new IDs as part of a deal to work as informants or listening posts for DHS, and this was part of the Law Enforcement Intelligence Division disregard for rules. I’ll bet a lot of illegals with questionable ties to terrorists, drug smugglers, and other unsavory individuals sail right through immigration with Intelligence Division help, all while those who play by the rules sit on their hands and wait.

Meanwhile, our own savages are killing more cops. One of the cops is reported to have said to a bystander, “I know I’m dying, just give me my walkie-talkie.” A warrior to the end of his watch, killed in large part by savage-coddling politicians trying to play both sides against the middle.

The increase in Police Officer shootings recently is but a faint harbinger of the angst building. A much more dangerous world approaches.

What is coming will be unlike anything we have ever seen, and it may be unlike anything this nation has seen since its founding. One thing that I suspect most people do not realize is how truly worthless those who kill the innocent are. I think after decades of rabbit propaganda that most people tend to think such killers have some vestige of humanity, some spark of a soul, and that they just made a mistake, or got caught in unique circumstances, or my favorite, “made bad choices.” Any decent person, in their shoes, could accidently kill someone, even a cop. It happens to us all. You’re just walking along, and “whoops!” You just made a mistake and killed some poor innocent person going about their day. Oh, well.

I’ve seen into the deepest recesses of such a person. They are nothing like a human. There is nothing there, save a core of evil that is made enraged by the happiness of others, restless by the lack of misery, and which can only rest in the face of everyone else’s suffering. That is why they act out against others, pull guns, and kill people. You see that it is the most loathsome, evil force driving them, once you become acquainted with it.

As this activity grows, people will come in contact with more of these characters, witnessing their evil, and as they do, the realization will hit that some animals that look human are not actually human – and are nothing like decent people. They are misery-creating robots whose whole purpose on earth is to bring suffering to the happy. Once that realization is made, the urge to decommission those robots will become overwhelming. Thanks to the relentless efforts of the rabbits, we will have a veritable never-ending supply to deal with – and that is by design.

Once the collapse adds to everyone’s irritation level, to the point that even the civilized are driven to action, the world will cease to look like the world we know now – and that will not be a bad thing. Not dealing with these savages properly and completely, or even worse, inviting them into our nation, only destroys the rule of law and makes the world a worse place to live.

America will come back.

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Surveillance – A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

There was a great piece on a Russian Spy’s covert insertion into American culture, and the FBI’s identification and surveillance of him on 60 Minutes this past Sunday. There were some gems regarding surveillance in it, but you had to look.

From the transcript here:

Voiceover: “It was a difficult decision, but he agreed to join the KGB and eventually found himself in Moscow, undergoing intensive training.”

Jack Barsky: “A very large part of the training was operational work. Determination as to whether you’re being under surveillance.”

If you are going to do anything of meaning where you could acquire any level of authority or influence, even minor things, you need to understand surveillance. It is a key part of espionage, only because espionage plays for all the marbles. But espionage isn’t the only part of the world playing for all the marbles. Whether you see it or not, in every strata of success in our highly evolved social hierarchy, from business, to political, to criminal, it is Darwinian. Those who have dominated, and who are at the top, have gotten there through a mix of ruthlessness and total environmental awareness, which means they have picked up on the competition before the competition was even aware of there was competition, and seized every bit of intelligence they could to gain full control. J Edgar Hoover had tapes on everyone so he could control them, and once that Rubicon was crossed, the next wannabe shadowy cabal leader wasn’t going to destroy the tapes, and never tape anyone ever again. That means surveillance is how the competition works, whether your business is government contracts, or preventing a home invasion. Those who didn’t use surveillance have already been replaced by those who do, in most of the important areas. Learn to spot surveillance, especially as we now head into a particularly disordered period.

Jack Barsky: The Jack Barsky birth certificate that somebody had obtained and I was given. I didn’t have to get this myself.

Steve Kroft: Did you feel strange walking around with this identity of a child?

Jack Barsky: No. No. When you do this kind of work, some things you don’t think about. Because if you explore, you may find something you don’t like.

Part of the job. Don’t think if the FBI shows up on your doorstep someday, that they will be nice because you were a patriotic law-abiding American who supported Law Enforcement and our nation’s warriors, or because as LE, they must believe in freedom and the Constitution like you. If they show up with the orders, and you are a target, they won’t look too closely, lest they stumble upon some feel-bad that interferes with their job. That just goes with the territory.

If you are law-abiding during the collapse, and they are on you, then you have to assume they are gathering intel for someone else who will do something at some point to neutralize you – maybe food contamination, maybe a car accident with a dump truck, maybe even gamma irradiation of your house while you sleep. Historically it is periods of unrest, like what is coming, when governments do the bad things you read about in history books, out of a fear of losing power and being exposed to the instability.

Know the risks, randomize your movements and food purchases, but understand your choices are probably being careful, and then getting cancer and dying quietly they way they’d want you to, or pushing as hard as you reasonably can to maybe help the innocents they will go after, after they are done with you. If it comes to that point, there won’t be good options, so do what the founders did – don’t worry about the details, do what’s right, and trust in God.

Jack Barsky: There’s three things I tell people that the Russians were afraid of. AIDS, Jewish people and Ronald Reagan. And they were deathly…

Steve Kroft: In that order?

Jack Barsky: I think Ronald Reagan took the top spot. They thought he would push the button.

Reagan successfully used r-selected conflict-avoidant behavioral traits to control the behavior of the Communists. Yes, Commies would be ruthless – if the opportunity arose to do so without consequence. But make it clear that you want to fight to hurt them, and they will make careful note of it. Note, how different that is – nobody ever said Reagan was afraid that somebody on the other side would push the button. K’s don’t fear the reality of what is – they prepare for the worst, and steel themselves to deal with it. That nature terrifies rabbits.

The FBI began following Barsky, and when this surveillance photo caught him talking to a native of Cuba, the bureau grew increasingly concerned…

FBI agent Joe Reilly went so far as to set up an observation post on a hillside behind Barsky’s house. This is a picture he took of his view.

Joe Reilly: I got a telescope and binoculars, as if I was a birdwatcher. But I was looking at his backyard and at him. Over time, I learned a great deal about him.

Surveillance can be obvious. Would you ask what the chances are of a birdwatcher just happening to set up his telescope pointed at you, or would you think it paranoid to believe you were under some type of surveillance, and thus assume by default that the guy with the binoculars is just a birdwatcher? It is the desire on the part of the target to not be “paranoid” which surveillance is often really hiding behind.

But that wasn’t enough for the FBI. The bureau bought the house next door to get a closer look at the Barskys.

Steve Kroft: Did you get a good deal?

Joe Reilly: I think we paid what he was asking. (laughing) And we had agents living there so that we could be sure who was coming and going from his house without being too obvious in our surveillance.

All Standard Operating Procedure, any time federal surveillance is deployed. If you see foot units you have cars, and if you have cars, those cars have houses, probably as close to you as possible. The visible occupants may even have day jobs unrelated to surveillance, and if you examine their background, it will usually be exceedingly difficult to link them to any government agency – obviously by design. They may even just be doing surveillance as a side-gig on contract to a private sector investigative agency which retains all records, and thus their reports won’t turn up on any FOIA request. It is all a big pre-prepared, exceedingly thorough procedure that is rolled out together. Such an operation is not as rare as you would think, in today’s age of terrorism-related surveillance mega-budgets.

The innocent residents of the house the Bureau bought next to Barsky were under top level surveillance for weeks to months, to determine if they knew the target (and would compromise things if approached), and to see if they had any skeletons in closets which could be used to make them pliable. This would have included the telephone-pole mics recording private conversations in their houses. Its creepy, but Federal Surveillance plays for keeps.

The FBI did not just buy the one house next door to him, either. They probably bought or rented five to ten houses in that neighborhood at least, with as many sightlines around his house as possible, as well as other houses spread out near areas he frequented, and at critical decision points along regular routes he traveled. They did this both to saturate the environment with static observation posts (which are more difficult to detect), and to allow the staging of the massive numbers of vehicle surveillance units which would have been deployed on a well trained, hardened KGB target like Barsky.

The Vehicle Surveillance teams, and the stealth operators hired on at the stores he’d shop at and the places he’d frequent, can’t just fill up all of the local motels and roll out on 8AM, 4PM, and 12 AM shifts, without risking exposure through town gossip. So they are moved into houses as if they live there, and many even get jobs and set up cash businesses like landscaping gigs, photography businesses (they have extensive training in photography, so it is an easy transition) or maid services, to justify their presence, open access to homes and properties, and pad their covers. Federal surveillance is amazingly thorough and immense in scale once it is brought to bear, and with the massive increases in budgets of late, it is being brought to bear much more frequently.

They also almost certainly got unwarranted ears in Barsky’s house immediately through the deployment of the telephone-pole phase interference mics. These are not Marquis of Queensbury rules, and I’m sure this operational budget was practically unlimited. If you think they would never go so far as to do something or fork out the massive dollars to do something, then that something has a bullet point in their training manual, and is one of the first things they will do, to get one-up on their target.

Steve Kroft: You had no idea the FBI was living next door to you?

Jack Barsky: No.

Steve Kroft: Never saw…

Jack Barsky: No.

Steve Kroft: …Joe Reilly up on the hill with the binoculars?

Jack Barsky: Absolutely not.

The hall of mirrors. A professional will always strive to not let his surveillance know it was burned, or know his exact capabilities in detection. This was one highly-trained, exceedingly hard-target, and by its nature surveillance is difficult to conceal, even from amateurs – there are always guys on such a large team who take careless risks, screw up, and expose themselves.

Did he know? Didn’t he know? Did a highly trained KGB stealth operator miss a guy with a telescope pointed at him, a camera with a telephoto lens in his hands, and binoculars around his neck? Was he even defunct, or was the story about getting called back, and claiming he had AIDS due to love for his daughter, a deeper legend to allow a long term sleeper to continue to work at high levels in American business, and cover his ass if caught? Was he active and the Cuban was his go between with the Russian Embassy through the diplomat renter? Impossible to know, but I’d bet my ass he is lying about not seeing the surveillance.

When the FBI finally got authorization from the Justice Department to bug Barsky’s home, the case broke wide open.

Joe Reilly: Within, I’d say, the first two weeks that we had microphones in his house, he had an argument with his wife in the kitchen. And during the course of that dispute, he readily admitted that he was an agent, operating from the Soviet Union.

There are two possibilities here. They put the bugs in, and within two weeks, he oincidentally made his first-ever admission of being a spy for the Soviets. Or he had been making such admissions all along, they had been listening over the telephone-pole mics and hearing them, and they finally decided to find some other pretext to get the ears inside made official, so they could use the audio to seal their case. I’m betting they wouldn’t have risked the surreptitious entry on such a hard target unless they already knew it would give them exactly what they wanted. If Barsky was the real deal and on his game, he would have threaded his doors, left dust traps, and had all sorts of other ways to know if anybody had entered his home while he was out, make a surreptitious entry much more of a risk than a benefit.

The FBI questioned Barsky throughout the weekend and gave him a polygraph test that he passed. Convinced that his spying days were over, and that his friendship with the Cuban was just that, the FBI decided to keep the whole thing quiet and allowed Barsky to go back to work on Monday morning.

Steve Kroft: Was he charged with something?

Joe Reilly: No.

Steve Kroft: Even though he confessed to being a Soviet spy?

Joe Reilly: Yes.

Steve Kroft: That seems odd.

Joe Reilly: Well, we wanted him to cooperate with us. We didn’t want to put him in jail. He was no use to us there.

With both Law Enforcement Intelligence, and Intelligence Law Enforcement, there are no rules. Whitey Bulger was planting dead bodies all around Boston like petunias, but so long as he was providing intel to his handler, he was bulletproof. He walked into an innocent man’s house with one of his goons, told him he was taking his liquor store, handed the guy’s four year old daughter a loaded gun, and said she could play with it until her father signed over the deed. He walked out of the house with the store, and under government protection. Nothing could be done. Bulger had the golden ticket.

You can break the law any way you want, and they can make it all go away. Or you can be law abiding, and end up in the can for having ten kilos of Coke found in your trunk. Good for results when they focus on the right enemies, but some day soon, as more easily triggerable Marxist SJW’s infiltrate our government, conservatives may end up being those enemies.

The FBI agent who apprehended him, Joe Reilly, still believes in Barsky. And in yet another twist to this story, the two are good friends and golfing buddies.

Joe Reilly: He’s a very honest person. And if you want to find out how honest someone is, play golf with them.

Steve Kroft: But you’re a former FBI guy and he’s a former spy. What’s the bond?

Joe Reilly: It’s personal. He credits me for keeping him out of prison.

The funniest part of the piece. This is almost certainly a stealth layer of surveillance left on Barsky by the Bureau. I’d be shocked if Barsky doesn’t know it. So you have an ex-FBI surveillance agent keeping tabs on the old Russian spy to make sure he doesn’t suddenly go active or otherwise do something embarrassing to the Bureau, and the old Russian spy making nice with the FBI agent to open his life to the Bureau so he can keep his deal and his happy life, while both pretend neither knows what is going on, and they are just old friends who both enjoy golf.

At the international espionage level it is good we have people who do this, but that life is not for everybody.

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An Interesting Loophole in the ATF/NFA Short Barreled Shotgun Regs

Interesting article here, for those looking to update their Zombieware.

It amuses me no end that just as the collapse approaches we are maximizing the lethality of our personally owned defensive weapons. A population armed with semi-auto M-4 clones, Hi-cap Semi-auto 308’s, and Hi-cap shotguns they can conceal on their person will make much shorter work of what will need to be done than would have been possible in the 70’s with bolt action rifles and revolvers.

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The Disadvantage of Quality in an r-selected Environment – Bill Whittle Edition

This is another great video by Bill Whittle.

As I watch it, I am astounded at how the r-selected environment actually disfavors quality like this. Bill literally wouldn’t be able to produce these videos today without subscribers at Meanwhile Bill O’Reilly cruises through Foxnews, and rakes it in doing videos saying “Yeah, we should have free speech, but…..”

The reason lies in amygdala. Those who are K are trained to embrace amygdala activation, where it is warranted. When Bill is provocative, we focus in on it, and feel the aversive stimulus, because we have been trained to embrace that aversive stimulus. When we have embraced that aversive stimulus in the past, we have been motivated to act, and then we have seen how that action forestalled far worse consequences later on. That has made us grateful for feeling our aversive stimulus, and that training motivates us to seek it out in the future.

The rabbits are different. Corrupted by free resources, they are trained to avoid the aversive stimulus wherever it pops up and then avoid the consequences later on, because having resources everywhere makes consequence-avoidance easy – at least for a time. All of life is a short-term discomfort-avoidance exercise for them. Those conditions train them too. Once they avoid the discomfort, and then avoid the consequences, they say to themselves, “Boy it was good I avoided that discomfort.” Show them an uncomfortable truth in the future, and they will deny it and avoid it with all their might, as they wonder why you are so crazy for promoting such feel-bad.

Liberalism, as an r-selected reproductive strategy is basically an ideology of corruption, willing to do anything and bribe anyone to avoid reality. “We’ll give you power if you’ll use that power to take stuff from other people, and give it to us, so we don’t have to work for it.” Conservatism, as a K-selected reproductive strategy is supposed to be the party of anti-corruption, but when the corrupting forces of resource availability are everywhere, corruption bleeds over, even into Conservative media.

So Bill O’Reilly sees an issue through the lens of, “How do I minimize everyone’s amygdala stimulation, avoid confrontation myself, get myself the most followers possible by making everyone not “feel-bad,” and who cares what the long term consequences are?” The result is a reality-blind psychology, with a lack of motivation to act, rooted in an instinctual avoidance of all cognitive discomfort. That is not the psychology that produced the greatness of America. But then things are too easy right now for that psychology to take root widely.

Once the economic tide shifts then the harshness will return, people will once again become trained to listen to that little amygdala-voice and see it as a friend, and then the citizenry will demand quality, and reproduce the greatness of America.

Until then, needs members to keep the flame of K alive, until such time as the collapse nurtures it into a roaring American inferno of greatness once again.

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