Michael Slager, Walter Scott, and the Amygdala

This comment at Free Republic is interesting.

A lot of this shooting bothers me, mainly because it doesn’t make sense. If the officer was a psychopath, he would have known that in shooting the suspect in the back, he would be creating problems for himself, if for no other reason than he would have a dead body with eight entrance wounds in the back, and eight exit wounds in the front. He should have seen that shooting calmly at a suspect who is running away would have negative consequences. Afterward he should have known that this shoot would have problems. And yet he seemed blissfully unaware that anything was wrong. Something about it all didn’t make sense.

I had a martial arts match way back when I was a kid, with a guy I knew. We bowed in, the fight began, and everything went lightning fast – I have an actual memory of his face and shoulders, totally clear, and everything behind him a blur. I remember this one fight because after about 45 seconds, we went out of bounds. The ref broke it up and signaled us to return to the starting positions to restart. We both looked around, and even though the crowd was on one side of the auditorium, and the instructors and judges on the other, neither of us knew where our starting position was. We both looked around, and then looked at each other confused. The ref pointed to each of us, and we went where he said, but it was a very confusing moment.

Each of our amygdalae had become so absorbed in the fight that when it stopped, our brains were non-functional for a moment, and we didn’t know where we were, where we had begun the fight, nor could we calculate where we were within the larger auditorium, or where we should have gone. To me, it almost felt as if I had woken up in a place I didn’t recognize, even though 45 seconds before I had been standing right there.

Now I am not saying the Officer should be set free and given back his shield and gun. Nor am I saying this was a good shoot. I think he planted the taser on the suspect afterward, which does radically poison how you view him and the shoot. But from an analytical perspective, those of us who carry, and might use weapons for self defense should bear in mind the effects of tunnel vision which arise when adrenaline begins to pump, and the amygdala bears down on the technical aspects of the actions you take. This may be a teachable moment for everyone.

It is entirely possible that this officer ended up in a chase, and then a fight, and once the suspect grabbed for his taser he saw a justification for deadly force due to fear of being tased and losing his firearm. At that moment, that triggered a series of actions which so absorbed him and his amygdala, he had no awareness of anything else. You can become so focused on taser retention, shielding and blocking physical blows from the suspect, shielding your weapon’s side and firearms retention, holster release, unholstering, muzzle sweep, draw, sight picture, trigger squeeze, and assessing the effects of the shots fired, that you lose sight of everything else that is going on – namely that the threat has ended, the suspect is now attempting to flee, and shooting is no longer justified. In truth, I think such an explanation would make more sense than a psychopath killing a suspect who is running away, while being video’d by a passerby. A psychopath would know better.

Adrenaline is known for producing focus, to the point it can trigger tunnel vision, as the visual field actually collapses in around the margins, only allowing you to see what is right in front of you. In addition, the exhaustion of a fight can deplete blood oxygen, negatively affecting cognitive processes, and limiting the amount of data the brain and amygdala can process.

Baseline amygdala stimulation, due to mood and prior experiences can also produce a psychological effect as well. Since I have begun examining it in myself, I have noticed times when I am much more prone to pull the trigger on an action, and other times when I am much more prone to wait for more data, and further assessment. I don’t carry a gun for a living, but I can see how if I did, such minor changes in psychology could lead me to pull a gun sometimes when I otherwise might not, and not pull a gun at times when I otherwise would. If the stars aligned properly between events and psychological state, I imagine the same person might pull an actual trigger sometimes when they otherwise might not, and not pull an actual trigger at times when they otherwise would. I can’t imagine how a brain could be reliably trained to run such go/no-go processing effectively and repeatably under threat of death, since you could not effectively simulate threat of death short of actually risking death.

It does raise a complex moral question. What makes a person’s actions evil? When the results are life and death, it can be easy to blame a person’s very spirit as evil, for something which they did in the heat of a moment which was so intense it actually changed how their brain responded. But anyone who has had intense, threat-related moments knows, the brain changes. We haven’t, as a society, coined the phrase freak-out for no reason. If this officer’s amygdala became so focused on the technical aspects of gunfighting that he failed to focus on the broader picture of shoot/no-shoot, is he evil, or was this a mistake mediated by a faulty brain that exceeded its capacity for combining stress and highly technical action?

There is no good answer to the real life circumstance, but as we all end up having to take on more personal security duties during the collapse, keep in mind that too much focus should become an amygdala flag for you, and trigger a quick assessment of your broader environment for any data of importance. If you can feel each individual ridge on your Glock trigger as you bring it up, you might want to dial down that focus a tad, and see if what is happening might have broader consequences down the line, or if something else happening around you needs addressing.

The amygdala is a machine, and as such, it needs proper handling.

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Aurini Goes for the Shock Hijack

Aurini advocates the airhorn as a counter protest measure. It is a brilliant strategy for many reasons. Loud noises at unpredictable, random intervals will trigger the startle response, activating the amygdala, and warming it up for loading with aversive stimulus.

The noises are also a violation of expectation. Many of these protesters have an astonishing expectation that everyone should want to do what they demand. Here an author complains that white people not only don’t educate themselves into believing the author’s viewpoints on their own, they occasionally question the author when the author tells them how it is. For such an individual to protest, and not only not be listened to, but to see what they say rudely drowned out with random and unpredictable blasts from an airhorn, which they could not stop, would be infuriating. The more it went on, the more frustrated and infuriated they would get.

My only concern would be that if a large group were to face off with the protestors and do it en masse, the stimulus might be too great, it might hijack them too well, and cause them to begin rioting. But one or two horns opposite a protest would be an excellent strategy to hijack a crowd, stymie their messaging, and make protesting less rewarding for them.

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“Right Wing Extremists” Post Home Info of DHS and FBI Officials

From this article:

Federal law enforcement officials are investigating the online publication of home addresses of senior officials and former officials of the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies, CBS News has learned…. In this case, however, sources tell CBS News that investigators believe an apparent right-wing extremist group is behind the posting of the information.

Whether anyone was dumb enough to do this, whether a rabbit thought they would cleverly throw DHS onto the right with a high-tech sort of Swatting, or whether Homeland Security wanted a reason to crack down on, and get into the business of the conservative grassroots, things are going to get turbulent as we transition from r to K.

I have to say this quote:


Sounds more like a rabbit looking to bring DHS down on a Christmas list of the right, the Christian right, the 911 truther movement, then anti NWO movement, and the Militias than a real conservative angry at government.

Hold on tight, ITZ coming.

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Technology Begins Aiding the K-Shift

I must confess to having been somewhat bothered by the effect of technology on our r/K balance. I was particularly bothered by smartphones. If the internet is a big dopamine eliciting drug, then the smartphone is the little package you carry with you filled with needles and spoons to get your fix throughout the day. Dopamine is bad, because when you are high on dopamine, your amygdala is not registering reality and guiding you to avoid harshness.

The truth is that smartphones are proving to be a mixed bag. On the one hand, the dopamine they elicit is deadening and their content is distracting, both good for the r-strategists, who need a deadened and distracted population to ply their rabbity trade.

But cell phones are also bad for the r-strategists. The video of the police officer shooting in South Carolina is a shocking, horrific video. It is an amygdala stimulant which will trigger aversive stimulus in even the most deadened rabbit. I can barely watch it. Although not as shocking, it triggers similar pathways to the videos of the planes hitting the towers on September 11th. Now the black community is becoming more K – more aggressive, more in-grouped, more driven to act, and desirous of a resolution to their aversive stimulus.

When you see something, and suddenly experience that aversive stimulus, whether it is a harmless guy being killed in the course of his daily activities (however stupid they may be), or planes purposely flown into buildings, neurons fire in the brain to produce the aversive stimulus sensation. Neurons fire to register it. Just through use, those neuron’s and neurological pathways strengthen, and their effects in the future will, as a result, be more powerful. To turn it off, you think about the idea that precipitated it, and look for a cognitive pathway to render the idea less powerful in the mind’s eye. For most people, they think, “Well, I’d better never run away from the cops,” or, “If my plane is hijacked, I’ll fight to the end no matter what,” and that is enough to make the idea manageable.

However by then, the brain has already changed. It has been conditioned to feel the aversive stimulus, focus on what is causing it, and look for a solution to resolve the cognitive discord. As those pathways are used, they become easier to use in the future. You begin to change, from a dreamy, oblivious pleasure seeker, to a problem noticing and problem solving machine. Although most readers here made that transition so long ago they don’t even remember it, there is a whole swath of rabbit America that has yet to make the transition.

John Jost documented that mortal salience stimuli, even just a picture of a hearse or a gravestone, would produce a measurable shift toward all measures of conservatism in individuals, from economic to social. It is almost certainly because the problem noticing and solving structure in the brain, the amygdala, also handles issues of loyalty and sexual drive. Stimulate that aversive stimulus, and it all changes.

I can’t imagine what the change will be like in the population, when videos such as the Rodney King Riot videos begin to be seen widely online. If the economic collapse is bad enough, those videos will be unimaginable. Gang-rapes, beatings, killings, torture – it will all be out there online.

As our world goes to crap, nothing will drive a K-shift faster than real-life videos of the horrors to come. Imagine videos of the diversified mobs in the city running roughshod over the decent and peaceful. Imagine videos of violent home invasions. Imagine exposure of the killing of a prominent and popular political leader by a rabbit-inflamed mob. Seeing would certainly elicit a much more powerful reaction than merely hearing the story. Seeing will put you right there. The aversive stimulus will be overwhelming.

To that end, the proliferation of recording devices is certain to aid our population’s grasp of, and reaction to reality as the coming apocalypse approaches. It will be incumbent upon us to popularize the videos, and spread them as widely as possible while offering the cognitive solution to relieve the angst – an adoption of small-government Conservative self-sufficiency.

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r/K Invades the Investment World

There is a great link here on an investment site, discussing resource shortage, r/K Theory, and the changes in psychology which occur due to it all. I particularly liked the rabbit, who faced with the aggression, said, “I left after a while – I couldn’t stand it.”

What that tells you is that they were still under conditions of r, because he could walk away and live easily. This was a fight over ease, not survival. Yet still, the aggression emerged, even when death was not a risk. Imagine if not getting enough water would mean that someone in their family might die. Imagine adding hunger, and the grumpiness which accompanies it, to the equation.

That is why I say that when it comes, the collapse will be like nothing we have ever seen. We are a nation of addicts, desperate for a fix we don’t even know could go missing. Many people will go nuts, in-group, arm up, and in the cities, as it progresses, it will likely progress toward an anarchy that will completely tie-up the federal government’s energies.

I suspect r/K will end up being discussed heavily in investment circles, because investors as a whole should vacillate between a risk-blind abundance-mentality, and a risk-averse competitive mentality in their investing strategies. The shift will come quickly, triggered by a sudden onset of heightened amygdala activation which will feed on itself. As everyone’s amygdalae fire off and they each begin to protect themselves, the abundance mentality will evaporate, losses will become ever-more panicking, more will seek to protect themselves, losses will magnify even more due to the self-protection, and it will be off to the races.

The only reason we have not hit the wall yet is that the eggheads have been able to manipulate the markets to avoid the consequences of risk, furthering the risk-blind psychology. But as reality approaches, they will no longer be able to manipulate away the day when the reality will be so overwhelming that they will no longer be able to manipulate the markets. When that day comes, watch out. Amygdalae will blow up everywhere.

As Jost showed, r/K, or as he described it liberal/conservative attitudes, tended to change as a whole, with shifts (such as triggered by mortal salience stimuli) occurring across the entire spectrum of beliefs and attitudes. Using a measure such as the Conservative Policy Mood in conjunction with an accurate measure of resource abundance/restriction to predict the shift in strategies, and then allocate resources accordingly to exploit it, would in theory offer great predictive value. Add in an understanding of the addict’s desperate need for pleasure vs. the wolf’s sinecure adaptation to survive regulating consumption patterns, and you could predict a lot of what is to come. The only question is, when will the eggheads first stumble?

Regardless, r/K continues to advance.

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Ted Cruz and the K-shift

I keep saying it is getting more K, and as it does, the world will begin to make more sense. Yes, if you travel into the heart of a warren, lesbian rabbits are still stiffing cabbies, and then getting them fined $15,000 for discrimination, but in real America, a Dad can catch a child molester, and do this to him. That is cultural divergence, and while it is probably not good for national harmony, it does signal that the K-shift is well under way.

Now Ted Cruz is pulling in record levels of funding. If there were no other forces at work in our government, I think Cruz’s stars would definitely be aligned. Regardless of whether you think Cruz is a savior, or just the next machine cog, the anger to drive conservatives to do something, anything, is definitely there now, and it’s growing. That anger’s arrival is the K-shift. That anger is what ultimately creates freedom. When those prone to it, exhibit it, those who would meddle in other’s affairs take flight.

This arrival is not a coincidence – it doesn’t just happen by chance. The carrot to support K is that people think now is the last chance to save the nation, but history has shown that carrots are never enough in a dopamine saturated, mentally-deadened society. The stick is that Liberals are ever more viscerally disgusting in a myriad of ways, and people are beginning to get irritated enough by resource restriction to do something about it. The K-spirit is ultimately rising on the back of the societal damage the rabbits are doing.

This will accelerate, given the damage the irreparable damage the rabbits have done thus far to our nation’s finances.

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Bill Buckley Saw the Rabbit Amygdala

From Jeffery Lord at the Spectator: Bill Buckley Was Right: America in the Grip of the Liberal Mania :

What Buckley knew in 1959 was this:

“I shall be assuming that in most respects the liberal ideologists are, like Don Quixote, wholly normal, with fully developed powers of thought, that they see things as they are, and live their lives according to the Word; but that, like Don Quixote, whenever anything touches upon their mania, they become irresponsible. The liberals’ mania is their ideology. Deal lightly with any precept of knighterrantry, and you might find, as so many innocent Spaniards did, the Terror of La Mancha hurtling toward you. Cross a liberal on duty, and he becomes a man of hurtling irrationality.”

What he describes is the trigger, the hijacked amygdala it produces, and the desperation to alleviate the angst. It is the exact same force which drives Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In NPD it is directed at shielding the false self – that image of perfection and flawlessness the narcissist needs to cling to, in order to keep from breaking down mentally. In liberalism it is directed toward shielding the consciousness from the variables associated with K-Selected conditions, namely the societal elevation of free competition, protectiveness, loyalty to group, monogamy and family values, and sexual modesty.

The article goes on to say:

So. What to do? Buckley’s suggestion was concise. Understand that the liberal mania is intrinsic to liberalism… Thus making “the liberal mania” an issue unto itself — if only today’s conservatives are willing to stand up and take it on directly…

The next time an episode of the liberal mania sweeps the land… will more and more conservatives recognize it for exactly what it is? And make a point of standing up, identifying the liberal mania for the “hurtling irrationality” that it is — and fighting it?… To fight the liberal mania — it first has to be named correctly and recognized for exactly what it is.

In other words, hijack that amygdala relentlessly, until the liberal will no longer seek to assuage the angst by oppressing others.

One of the single most destructive memes to liberalism will be a greater understanding of the amygdala, the amygdala hijack, and the greater perception it leads to – that liberal rabbits are neurotic, overemotional pansies, whose every outcry is some sort of overly-emotional inability to cope with simple reality. It takes the idea of liberal mania, roots it in a simple mechanism, easily visualized and fully supported by reams of available scientific literature, and packages it in an easily replicable meme designed to spread from conservative to conservative like a virus.

That greater perception is easy to imbue, based simply on the most casual examination of liberal behavior. Once imbued, it is reinforced with every exposure to liberalism, and once reinforced, it will vaccinate the individual against ever taking anything a liberal says seriously, ever again. Once ever-present, it will shame liberals into not exhibiting their over-emotionality, and by extension, force them to abandon public liberal advocacy. Once there is no advocacy for liberal deviancy, societal normalcy shall return by default. I encourage everyone to spread the meme wherever rabbits seek authority.

Along those lines, I see links coming in here now from all over the net, each at a low but constant level. Combined, all of these links add up to some excellent traffic levels of late. Daily traffic, which just one year back was an unbelievably lucky confluence of several high-traffic blogs linking here simultaneously, (and which I went for years without even approaching) is now a baseline level of daily traffic, sans any recent major linkage from anyone, and it is still rising rapidly. Thank you to all the readers here who have posted a link on a site elsewhere, and helped spread all of this. That help will all hasten the day that everyone sees liberalism for exactly what it is.

I’m very hopeful in the coming decades that we will see a confluence of r/K Selection awareness, widespread awareness of the amygdala model of ideology, a Conservative Policy Mood apogee, and maybe a conservative political ascendancy, all just as the collapse the rabbits have set up bottoms out. If the timing is right, it may not be long before American is set back upon her path and returned to her former glory.

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Conspiracies and the Shadows of Government

Conspiracies are always fun to speculate about so here is a funny memory that was dredged up this week. Harry Reid was in the news for the third time with major injuries that he was attributing to some benign cause. The injuries were weird because according to Reid an exercise band broke, and it not only broke bones in his face, it also broke ribs and gave him a concusion. Rush was circumspect, wondering who had beat him up this time. Breitbart noted the Capitol Police refused to release any report on the incident, and an official resigned.

Way back when the Clinton scandal broke, Senator Robert Byrd was interviewed about it on “This Week.” Sam Donaldson asked Byrd, “Is perjury in a civil case a “High Crime and Misdemeanor“?” Bryd said, “Oh Yes!” Then Donaldson said, “Do you believe Bill Clinton lied under oath in the Paula Jones case?” Byrd said, “Oh, I think it is clear he did.” Donaldson looked shocked as he paused, and then he said, “Well Senator, didn’t you just let the cat out of the bag on how you would vote? If perjury in a civil case is a “High Crime,” and you believe Bill Clinton clearly has done that, isn’t your vote to convict him already all locked up?” Byrd looked shocked as the realization of what he just said hit him. Then he smiled weakly, and said something like, “Sam you’re going to have to give me some space and let me think more about all this, before I cast my vote.” It was a weak answer, but the conclusions were there for all to see. Bryd went on to make a couple more statements to the effect that Bill Clinton was done for, in other interviews on other shows. He was clearly reveling in his role as the esteemed moral bastion of the Senate.

Later that week, ABC was showing some procedural voting in the Senate, I forget what it was for, and Peter Jennings was doing a voice-over as the film rolled from the camera above the floor. At one point, Jennings softly intoned, “You may notice Senator Byrd leaves the Senate chambers every twenty minutes or so. What he is doing is getting a wound on his hand redressed. Just last night he was reading a book while riding in his chauffer-driven sedan, and the reading light in the car suddenly burst into flames. Senator Byrd tried to put the flames out with his hands, and suffered some very sever burns to his one hand while doing it. The wound is so severe that he has to redress it every twenty minutes or so.”

I must confess to having wondered just how a small 12V reading light in a car could erupt in flames to such a degree that it would produce that type of injury, and why if it had, Bryd would have used his hand to put out the flames, rather than having the vehicle stopped so he could exit.

Regardless, Robert Byrd changed his tune 180 degrees after that in subsequent interviews, saying that maybe perjury about sex wasn’t that bad, and the whole Lewinsky matter should be dropped.

It is overwhelmingly likely these incidents are all innocently explained, but I do try to avoid pretending that I understand exactly how things work in areas I have not traversed myself, so I’m not about to swear to that. My general impression is that people who adhere to such false certainties of truth, tend to do so out of a desire to have a feeling of control and to avoid confronting their own lack of understanding and the resultant lack of control.

I suspect if you were to perform a close examination, the conspiracy theorist actually prefers the adventure and excitement of the unknown and dangerous world, to the boredom and the tedium of the well controlled. I can kind of understand the psychology.

Strangely enough, in a crazy world, sometimes they can even be right.

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Amygdalae, IQ, Reaction Times, and Ideology

A while back, Michael Woodley did some fascinating research into how different generations compare to each other with respect to IQ. His paper generated quite a stir, because it provided evidence that Victorians may have been smarter on average than people today. A fundamental tenet of rabbits is that everyone is equally smart, all of the time, and we always will be.

To imply otherwise could indicate that rabbit policies of rewarding imbeciles with free welfare might generate a fast reproducing crop of idiots that will eventually drag down the greatness of the entire human race, ala Idiocracy. We all know that the rabbits are too smart to do something so stupid that it might destroy the whole human race, so every generation must be equally smart, genetics has nothing to do with intelligence, and any minor difference in IQ must just be due to a transient environmental effect. Or so the rabbit logic goes.

Victorians never took an IQ test, so Woodley needed some way to measure the average IQ that far back, to compare it to IQs today. His brilliant idea came when he realized that reaction time correlates strongly with general intelligence. Fortunately, back in the Victorian age there was excellent data for average reaction time, allowing Woodley to perform the comparison with people today. Of course his work showed that since mortality was reduced and the stupid stopped being culled, reaction times have gotten slower, indicating IQs may be diminishing with time, probably due to some dysgenic effect.

What I find interesting is this. The amygdala is one of the primary brain structures responsible for speedy reaction time, as well as more complex cognitive activity associated with the allocation of cognitive resources, through its ability to drive motivation and focus. So measuring reaction time may be more a measure of amygdala functionality and activation, than a loose approximation of some sort of neural firing time.

Overall IQ does not correlate with political affiliation according to most studies, however there is a split, with most conservatives having a higher General Intelligence, (think practical intelligence), and liberals tending to be better in Specialist Intelligence (the ability to perform abstract thought in a specialized field).

This would make sense in light of the amygdala model. General Intelligence is about reacting to reality, prioritizing what is important, and allocating your cognitive resources proportionally to that reality in front of you. Yes it would be nice if every poor person were to be given a million dollars. But there is other data that should draw one’s focus more in a smart person, namely that we don’t have a million dollars to give each poor person, and trying to get it could wreck the economy which supports us all. This is the type of intelligence you need, when survival is unsure, and screwing up could get you killed. It is no wonder it was highest back in the Victorian age, or that it is declining now that we are no longer actively selecting for it as rigorously.

By contrast, those who excel at Specialist Intelligence, particularly the creative, generally have a mind that doesn’t discriminate as clearly between the important and the unimportant, nor does Specialist Intelligence require a lot of quick reaction times or data prioritization. It does not even require a firm grasp of reality, and indeed, may benefit from some disconnect with reality. Einstein was a full blown specialist genius, but he attained the title by spending his days daydreaming about all the different ways he would see things while sitting on a light beam as it sped around at a constant velocity relative to everything. Einstein was a man who probably would do poorly in a gunfight. Most people with high g would have told him that he needed to focus his time on something more realistically productive. Most people though, would never have come up with Special Relativity or General Relativity. So although I wouldn’t want Einstein in a foxhole with me, nor do I think he would last long in the real world, Specialist Intelligence is not without its benefits.

Einstein was a sort of hippie-ish leftoid, if a very amiable one. He fled Germany as it grew militaristic, and even spent his days under full FBI surveillance, developing a 1400 page file, supposedly due to suspicion of his leftism. (A true rabbit, he advocated for a world government, knowing full well that it would be tyrannical, but saying he had more fear of another war. Better to live a life in chains, than risk any danger at all – the rabbit motto.) This is the kind of creative Specialist Intelligence which will thrive in an environment where screwing up will never get you killed, but which won’t last ten seconds once competition is necessary and actions can have consequences – like being culled from the gene pool. It is not the kind of psychology you want anywhere near your civilizational structure.

So where does this all leave us? Back where this site started, but with yet another perspective indicating that the ideas presented here regarding the amygdala, evolution, and ideology are actually grounded in scientific reality, and that an understanding of this model can help one to better understand everything we see around us on the human terrain.

This also demonstrates why the amygdala model of politics explored here is so powerful. Yes it is explanatory, yes it is predictive, and yes it is practically useful. It is a great argument against leftism. But more than that, it is denigrating and amygdala stimulating to rabbits, precisely due to how thoroughly it comports with all available research and common sense, at the very same moment it goes about explaining how liberals are unable to cognitively process simple reality.

The amygdala model is the perfect meme to seize the attention of a dreamy, unfocused leftist amygdala with the threat of status diminution, and then hijack it with a simple credentialist argument that also appeals to the common sense of any observers to the debate. It is perfectly designed to out-group, both with the “authority” and the mob. Best of all, once an individual sees it, they will see that amygdala mechanism everywhere – a constant reminder of how leftists are reality-detached tools that wouldn’t last two seconds in a state of nature.

As it spreads it cannot help but do good things in politics.

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New Poll – Government is the Enemy

A new poll shows even Democrats are turning on the government.

As the amygdala irritation increases, people will look for an entity to focus on, with an eye to alleviating the irritation. If there is one entity, everyone is allying against it, and it appears as if defeating it will alleviate the amygdala irritation once and for all, anything can happen. I expect as the angst increases, even the rabbits will look for a scapegoat to blame, to avoid blame themselves. If government looks to be the easiest scapegoat to blame for our ills, everything could change very quickly.

At the same time, wise politicians will recognize that government is an easy enemy to rally everyone against, nobody is going to risk the group’s anger by standing up for it, and once rallied, the population will support their leader with a vengeance. As politicians figure out it is in their interest to fight government, expect many more anti-government politicians to emerge everywhere.

More and more it is becoming clear that tectonic shifts are occurring within our populations. All that remains is the application of resource restriction to pull the trigger on the historic changes that will restore freedom to our nation. It is coming.

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