Must Read on Feminists

This Heartiste post is maybe the only thing I’ve ever read savaging feminists, after which I kind of feel like taking the writer aside, and saying in a whisper, “Maybe that was a little too cruel.”

Of note, it lays out a savaging support for all the most objectionable feminist stereotypes, in such a harsh fashion that any feminist’s immediate response would be to go to denial to save their amygdala from the angst. Yet it lays them out in such common-sense fashion that a denial would make the casual observer question the feminist’s sanity. Then it lays on a credialist backstop of peer-reviewed studies, and finishes with a nice out-grouping attack making feminists look like the nutty-minority of sour-grapes losers they are.

Just Wow.

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Rabbits, Victim Mentalities, and Free Resources

When the environment is r-selecting due to a resource glut, it naturally favors docile, conflict averse psychologies. Imagine Vox Day, Larry Correia, and Woody Allen were all rabbits, living in a field of grass so large they’d never deplete it. Woody Allen goes up to Vox, and begins eating grass a little too close to Vox’s daughter. Vox confronts Woody, and Woody runs off. Woody gets the same resources he would have gotten if he fought Vox, but he doesn’t fight, so he doesn’t risk injury or death at the hands of Vox.

Now Larry gets too close, Vox confronts him, and they go at it. Both are going to take damage, and maybe even kill each other, all for resources they would have gotten had they run away. So over time, free resources will cull the population. It will favor conflict aversion, an expectation that resources should always be free, and even a subtle expectation that others will avoid conflict as well in their search for free resources.

If, as this site asserts, human r-strategists are imbued with this suite of perceptions and urges, you can see how victim status would arise. One day, a black Jewish female rabbit, who for some reason feels inferior due to her black Jewish female status, is roaming around a field of grass. Another white male heterosexual rabbit comes a little too close, and in a fit of self-pity she bawls, “But I am a black Jewish Female Rabbit! Baw Waw Waw Hoo Hoo! Why is he hurting me?”

Suddenly white male heterosexual rabbit, whose amygdala is so damaged that he imagines threats where there are none, gets afraid that an imaginary army of avenging minorities might hold a grudge against him. His desire for conflict avoidance kicks in, he runs away, and Black Jewish Female rabbit looks around wide eye’d at all the grass around her, reveling in her unexpected victory. What will black Jewish female rabbit do from now on, every time she experiences threat?

I just kept seeing this scenario, as I read through Vox’s post here. First, this woman’s amygdala is so accustomed to total ease and control that a guy makes a dongle joke to a friend at a computer conference, and she immediately takes offense. That is an amygdala unaccustomed to harshness.

Then she asserts to the interviewer that she tweeted her horror, out of a fear that the guy sitting five rows away was going to rape her, in the middle of a conference of 2000 computer geeks. The interviewer asks why she didn’t think any of the 2,000 other conference goers would stop the rape and her response is that they are all white males, as if they might rape her too, for good measure, all because she is a black Jewish female. The narcissism, self absorption, and expectation that everyone give her whatever she wants has to be read to be believed.

You can tell, the way she says “I’m a black Jewish female,” over and over, that she has used that phrase a lot. In the context she applies it, it isn’t a logical, thought-out response. It is a conditioned response thrown out in response to any threat or challenge – the type of response which can only be conditioned through frequent repetition when resources are free, and everyone avoids the fight.

If resources were limited so that only those who fought could get resources, all that would survive would be Larry Correia’s type. Given the scarcity of resources they would either kill her outright the first time she tried to play that card and take their resources, or they would humble her so completely she would have begged Vox Day to take her as a concubine, add her to his harem, and do with her as he wished, if only he would throw her some food scraps once in a while. Of course under such conditions, the only such feminists who would survive would be the good looking ones (who are seemingly few and far between), so she’d probably be out of luck there as well.

What these incidents should show you, is that we are beginning the transition from r to K, and the rules are changing. Gamergate is a great accomplishment, but it required motivation, and motivation required irritation. If this were the dot-com boom, I suspect those gamers would have been too busy making money and partaking of other sources of pleasure, to unite together and mount a fight. Games would have deteriorated as everything does under r-selection, but the gamers would have found bliss elsewhere, and left gaming until it got better again.

Yet now, all it takes is a single web post somewhere to set off an army of angry warriors, obsessed with justice and right. Feminists like this bimbo used to dominate only because people avoided the fight, but now there are so many people itching to fight that they are looking for fights in other people’s battles. This is a big change, and we are not all that resource-restricted yet. Wait until the economic system collapses. The rage will be epic, and rabbits will run.

The rabbits are noticing this rule change now, even though it is so minor, and it is tripping their conflict-avoidance circuitry. Scalzi, the pied rabbit piper, sees his blog traffic plummeting as his followers retreat into the shadows, even as Vox’s traffic breaks new records. Blue SF is beginning to realize the gains in its economic muscle as it advances on pink SF. In American politics, Democrats are trying to figure out what to stand for to avoid getting destroyed in the future. And legions of little tyrants like the bimbo in Vox’s post are noticing that their social attacks are generating very real counter-attacks, making them begin to retreat from their side as well.

All we need now is to see the common employment of 4g war (a form of war adapted to conditions of r-selected free resource availability, ie. it is too costly to continue to fight when you don’t have to) begin to reverse toward 3g (ie, fight or we will kill you and everyone around you and take your stuff), as nations begin to turn more K, exhibit increased in-grouping, and resource restriction forces national conflicts waged with less concern for collateral damage on the enemy. As Grozny showed, 4g only works as a strategy if your enemy is hesitant to obliterate the innocent civilian populace around you, and content to leave if the costs are too high. I have a feeling WWIII will show that 3g war can be very effective against 4g, if you don’t mind rendering an entire people to dust.

Until then, revel in the wailing of our adversaries, as their r-selected rabbit psychologies begin increasingly to run face first into the K-selected reality of the wolf-world we are seeing emerge around us.

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Liberal Traitors Need to Keep Their Hands Off Our Patriotism

I was on a thread at Free Republic, and somebody said of American patriotism, “…it’s kinda like saying I love the Bill Cosby I knew before last year.” The implication was that it is tough to be patriotic today with all the treasonous and contemptible liberalism on display. I read it and cannot help but feel the urge to rant.

Statistically speaking, the population of America was nothing special during the revolution. 97% of Americans didn’t partake of the revolution. 10% of Americans offered some support, but wouldn’t fight. That means roughly 87% was the same cadre of corrupted idiots we see today, content to watch the decline and do absolutely nothing, so long as they are able to hope that the decline will leave them alone. Back during the revolution there was an actual war in their backyards, and the future of the nation didn’t matter to them enough to do anything. Ask yourself if they remind you of anyone today. They didn’t have Kim Kardashin’s ass photo or Lady Gaga’s outfits to distract them, but it was the same bunch of tools.

Regardless of the 87%’s patheity, the America which emerged back then wasn’t in any way banal, cowardly, or pathetic. It was exceptional, in the most extreme sense possible. Most amazing of all, it only took 3% of the population to force their amazingness on the rest, and make the entire nation the greatest the world had ever seen. The truth is in our world, 97% of a nation’s people can be worthless, and it doesn’t matter or affect the greatness of a nation. The only measure by which the greatness of a nation will be defined is by the quality of the great within it, and the degree to which they assert their greatness on the civic culture.

If you are looking out on this nation as it circles the drain and saying, “What a bunch of worthless losers,” you’re missing the point. The nation is not what the citizenry as a whole are capable of. It is what the great within it can make of it. It’s never been about the losers. History will remember them about as much as it remembers that shopkeeper who informed for the King to save his own ass during our revolution. The worthless don’t count. Low-information voters don’t count. Liberals don’t count. They are all worthless in the larger picture.

When the shit hits the fan, and believe me it will, they will hide under their wive’s skirts, and hope to God they don’t get hurt. That will be the sum total of their actions. Will history even grant them a footnote? Meanwhile, the real Americans, the great 3% who have always pulled all the slack in this nation when history called, will be the ones who define history by either making this nation great, or dying in the process. We’re not talking about even half the country. We’re not even talking about a substantial minority. We’re talking about a number measured in single digit percentages, who just decide to do what is right when the time comes.

If you look out on this nation today and see patheity, it is a good thing. Those pathetic people shouldn’t have the gumption to make any changes to our historical timeline. Given their stupidity, that patheity can only be seen as a blessing. It will make it that much easier when the time comes for the real Americans to honor the gift our founders gave us, and preserve the greatness of this nation. That patheity should only increase your patriotism, because it indicates that the job of making America great will be that much easier. Never forget, that pathetic cohort is our enemy. Rejoice and thank God that our enemies are such a bunch of apathetic pussies with no convictions or courage. It is why they don’t count.

Nobody has ever said that they loved their country and and been thinking about the Liberal pussies within it. Nobody has ever said that and been thinking about the plethora of small minded shitbags in their government, whose only ambition is to wield authority and oppress their countrymen with mouse clicks and phone calls, delivered from behind a desk. Nobody says they love their nation while thinking about the junkie in a corner looking for a fix, or the idiot Obama-voter gushing about Obama’s stash, or the slut bemoaning how unfair it is that she has to pay fifty cents for a diaphragm before banging the next stranger she meets.

People who say they love America, are instinctively recognizing that America is defined by the greatness within it. They only think about the greatness, because through the natural order of the world, they know that such greatness is the defining quality of the nation’s future. Churchill will always define WWII Britain, and not Chamberlain, because Churchill made Britain great and Chamberlain was just a pathetic failure. If a cop saves a woman from being raped by killing the rapist, that cop defines America, because the rapist is dead, and we are too busy cheering the cop to even notice the dead body. When a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman dives on a grenade to save his buddies and protect the nation, he defines America, because it is his sacrifice which yields the end result of victory and it is his memory which endures after the battle, in the hearts of his fellow great Americans. America is the small business owner who succeeds in making everyone’s life easier, the good samaritan who saves someone from a car wreck, the firefighter who runs into a burning building, and even the guy who goes to a Tea Party rally to try and preserve some semblance of the governmental structure which our elites are now fucking up beyond all repair. America is our greatness, and for us that greatness is our America.

There is one other line of demarcation in our nation that needs to be noted. Just as the hated enemy probably hates you back, there are two Americas, and we hate each other. When we feel patriotic, we don’t think about the liberals and other losers because we know they are worthless. When the leftists and losers think of us and our patriotism they feel their own hatred. For that reason, everything that we hold dear they reject out of spite. You see this in America, in the debate over patriotism. You are with us or against us, there are no two ways about it.

The liberal hates patriotism because they hate us, for recognizing their worthlessness, disregarding them, and going on to pay homage to all the greatness in this nation that the liberal has been unable to destroy. Patriotism is an abject rejection of the liberal’s potency and authority as they try to destroy our nation and denigrate everything it stands for. Short of laughing at them as you salute the flag, you can hardly insult the liberal more than to merely seek out the good and love your nation. Patriotism diminishes the liberal rabbits profoundly, and they feel it cut to the core of their empty lives.

Liberals have one other reason to want to denigrate our love for this nation. They see that a love for our nation binds those of us who love and honor greatness together, and it unites us against them. It unites us in rejecting their efforts to destroy this nation and the great within it. Fight the liberals, reject them, and always look for the good to love and nurture. Even with the Liberals in control of the media and entertainment world today, we still have a bounty of greatness. That alone speaks to the indomitable nature of America’s greatness and the futility of the liberal’s plight.

We are heading into troubled waters. We all know something bad is in the offing. Some of us are hearing the murmurs of things far more ominous than almost anyone reading this would believe could be possible today in this nation. I suspect, based on what I have heard, the elites think that what is coming in the next decade or two will be apocalyptic. A moment will come, at the time and place of its own choosing, when our nation will need the great 3% bound together and determined to once again restore greatness. That greatness will only return if we have enough love for each other to want to make it so. That love for each other’s greatness is what has made this nation great in the past, and have no doubt, it will do so again when the time comes.

Until then, don’t ever let the traitorous liberal bastards wear you down. Love “Real America,” revel in its victories, celebrate its heroes, and say “Fuck you!” proudly and gleefully to all the little rabbits who want to tear it down.

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Rudy Strikes a Nerve

Achilles will fight on unperturbed, unless you poke him in the heel, and liberals are no different. You will never hear a rabbit shriek as loudly as when you speak some truth which would damage their social status. That angst, even their mere focus upon the statement, betrays their amygdala’s concern with it and the power it holds over them.

Rudy Giuliani has tripped such a switch recently with his statement that Barack Obama doesn’t love America. Anyone with a brain knows what Giuliani is talking about. Obama will pay for a cliffside beach house for Al Qaida terrorists from Guantanamo. He will import illegal kids with all sorts of diseases from all over the world and mix them with American children. He will fight for illegal immigrants, costing Americans jobs and increasing the crime rates for normal Americans. He will release Taliban terrorists with American blood on their hands, to free a traitorous deserter. He will snub our allies when their leaders die, get our own federal law enforcement officers killed, turn on our police, speak out for thugs who attack Americans, and even use Federal agencies like the IRS to harass Tea Partiers who genuinely do love America and her freedoms. The concept behind Giuliani’s statement is devastating, and the rabbits know it. After his initial assault, Giuliani should now argue using a different tack, however.

Rather than hit their amygdalae dead on, and risk inducing an immediate cognitive denial defense, (which will devolve into they-said, we-said) he should now merely say that he believes what he said, and that the rabbits should consider confronting the fact that about half the country believes what he does. Half the country believes liberals don’t really know what patriotism is. If he really wants to drive in the shiv, point out that peer reviewed research, even recognized by other liberals like John Jost, had shown that liberals have reduced levels of in-group loyalty and increased levels of open-ness to out-group interests, all of which is a fancy way of saying liberals are predisposed to disloyalty, and don’t really love their peers the way the rest of us do. Science is on Rudy’s side, and the credendialist argument is always one which drives rabbits crazy.

Deep down, every liberal knows that they are a traitor at heart. The very idea of liberal patriotism is the ultimate King-with-no-clothes argument. The rabbits know what their fellow citizen would think, if the truth were ever revealed openly. Even more, they know, given the magnitude of their perfidy, how little prodding it would take to reveal the truth, and how quickly the pendulum would swing once Americans began looking honestly at the actions of these phony traitors. Their panic at Rudy’s statement clearly reveals that. We should feed that panic, relentlessly reveal what liberals are, and most of all never, ever, back down.

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Joe Biden – Amygdala Deficiency, or Malignant Narcissism?

Newsbusters did a great article on yet another example of Joe Biden being creepy. What makes the image immediately unsettling to any normal person, is that as they picture either placing their hand on that Sheriff in that fashion, or having Joe’s hand placed on them in that fashion, their amygdala will fire off with aversive stimulus. In Joe however, not so.

The thing is, Joe will only do things like that if he won’t get his ass kicked. He wouldn’t try that in a bar full of violent ex-cons. So he knows better, but he does it anyway if he can get away with it. Clearly there is an analogy there to our broader relationships with liberals.

I’ve seen this trait in narcissist’s before. They seem to view that action as an amgydala hack of their peers. In focusing upon it mechanistically, as merely stimulating their target’s amygdala with discomfort, they eliminate the natural human urge to cringe in themselves. That hack will work in us as well. Meeting a narcissist, I can now lay my hands on him in such a fashion, and though I would find it viscerally repulsive, I could motor through if I viewed it as simply an initial amygdala activation of an evil opponent, preparing his brain for the epic hijacking I was about to lay on him.

It is tough to say for certain if Joe is simply brain damaged (you could make a strong case for that), or if this was an initial stab at an amygdala hijack. However with my experience, I would suspect Joe did that because that Sheriff made him feel smaller in some regard at some point prior (perhaps just by fitting in so well with all his fellow LEO’s, and enjoying some laughs with them before the event began – narcissists hate to see others fitting in happily with peers). I would bet that this was merely Joe’s way of screwing with his head, Gary Busey style. It is nearly impossible to imagine that Joe didn’t notice the Sheriff’s glare.

Joe does have a history of ignoring decency and politeness, and purposely engaging in behaviors designed to make those around him uncomfortable.

Try to picture what is different in you. Try to feel the force in your mind which would prevent you from being what Joe is, and doing what Joe does. Imagine how it would assail you, if you tried to do what Joe is doing there. In a very real sense, that force is what makes you human. It is your conscience. It is why you are decent and good, and it is what drives such noble behaviors as sacrifice, selflessness, and honoring loyalty. It is your amygdala. Focus upon it, learn to recognize when it is guiding you and get to know it as you would a close friend. In doing so, you will get to know yourself and the people around you better.

Now imagine that force gone. Imagine no urge to avoid impoliteness, no desire to avoid making those around you unhappy and uncomfortable, no urge to avoid harsh realities, no force capable of driving real sacrifice. Without that urge, that feeling of visceral discomfort when transgressing, you cease to be human. Where I have taught myself to short circuit it when dealing with these types, I can feel the effects within me, as what it is to be human gives way to a robotic, Spock-like psychopathy. I can feel my bonds with humanity fraying, as I break free and float off alone in a world of opponents.

Look out on the people our citizenry are supposedly electing, and you will feel ever less optimistic for the future. Either despite what we have been told, we are not actually electing these idiots (a possibility rife with its own set of problems), or we are electing them, in which case civilization will have a very long period of amygdala training ahead of us before the pendulum will have fully swung back.

Fortunately those of us who are already trained will have it easy compared to the people like Joe.

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Gays Disgust, and the Destruction of Societies

The societal embrace, or even the tolerance of gays does tend to herald the destruction of society, and not just in a moral/cultural sense. Case in point; an article from last year on how Cuba is fast becoming an LGBT vacation destination, followed by an article from this year on how Cuba has now developed a new, more aggressive HIV strain that can progress to AIDS fast enough to make the current treatments potentially ineffective. Bring every gay, from every corner of the world into one spot, mix them, and you will find interesting bugs begin floating around. The next step in the process of course, is for those interesting bugs to begin getting exported back out to every corner of the globe.

Homophobia, or more accurately homo-disgust is an instinctual aversion to a disease producing/transmitting entity that has probably killed more humans in our evolutionary past than anyone would ever believe. As a disgust reflex, it is just as innate, uncontrollable, and biologically driven (and unjudge-able) as homosexuality. Those who exhibit it should not only not be criticized, they should be recognized as being vastly more likely to enjoy healthy, happy lives and moreover, not produce diseases that will kill their neighbors.

Only in this weird, ass-backwards world could the group which is routinely producing diseases that threaten humanity criticize the groups which want to shun and avoid both them and the diseases they carry. Evolution has a way of correcting such nonsense, but it tends to not do so nicely – something that all the rabbits about to begin flooding to Cuba on vacation are going to find out the hard way.

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How Defective Rabbit Amygdalae Make Logic Useless

Everywhere you look is evidence of amygdala dysfunction. It is no coincidence that one of the fundamental hallmarks of amygdala damage is the inability to perceive threats in other individuals, and that the rabbits are totally threat-blind. In France, a French artist tried to create a Coexist Mural in a Muslim area, only to be beaten by the coexisting Muslim population. I’ll bet he still doesn’t know any better.

Meanwhile, in America, we see liberals unable to grasp that letting the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate our intelligence agencies might be bad. I know some of these liberals personally, and there is no talking to them about threats. Until violence is unavoidable, they will cling to their delusions of safety, and deny that any threat is possible.

Of course, K-selection approaches. Vox was discussing the rising numbers of suicides among males – a thread in which a couple of Vox’s posters discussed what it is like to be so ambivalent towards life, death means nothing to you.

Even as our males are beginning to not care whether they live or die, anger is rising in the populace as well. Here is an article on how anger “disorders” were rising back in 2006. Here is a more recent article on how drivers feeling “uncontrollable anger toward another driver” has doubled since 2005. That rising anger level is not limited to just driving.

So to recap, people feeling “uncontrollable rage” is rising dramatically over numbers which were already a dramatic rise. People who don’t give a damn whether they live or die, or even prefer death to the boredom around us, is rising dramatically. Gun purchases are at all time highs. Ammo is being bought to such a degree that we are still seeing high prices and periodic shortages. Western Civilization has been infused with a hostile Muslim population which will periodically see its members go on mass murder sprees for no real reason at all. Incidents of lower class black mobs doing social-media-coordinated violence is on the rise. Finally, not only do we have a ton of veterans of the War on Terror in our populations, we have an entire generation who has killed billions of people in videogames, acclimatizing them to the idea of visiting violence upon other human beings with the most deadly weapons of war.

Have no doubts – an ancient evolved mechanism within human brains is being activated. Violent natures are being constructed from the ether of the mind by subtle, subconscious analyses of our environment. The populace is being prepared for bloodshed and anarchy without even knowing it, and it would appear the rabbits are setting the stage to maximize the mayhem.

All of this is occurring as an economic collapse of unprecedented proportions is stalking our nation, and threatening to collapse our government without warning. This is what K-selection looks like as it approaches, and it is what the old curse meant when it said “interesting times.”

If any reader is considering cashing out through suicide, I’d advise hanging in there. You’re definitely gonna want to see this.

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Rabbits vs. Wolves, Jewish Edition

Here is a Free Republic thread on some “progressive” whackjob whose amygdala overloaded, causing him to shoot three Muslims. The Liberal Jewish female who wrote it was making the case that, “The Most Common Type of American Terrorist Is a White Man With a Weapon and a Grudge,” and that, “After all, Muslims in the United States are more often the victims of ideological violence than the perpetrators of it.

One reader comments, “What could this Jewish leftist possibly gain by defending a group of people that are hell bent on her people’s (both Jews’ and leftists’) extermination?

All of this is rabbits vs wolves, and it knows no religious boundaries. To a Jewish rabbit, who has spent their life feeling as if they are the kicked around loser who nobody cares about, Benjamin Netanyahu and his ilk are all far more of a threat than Muslims. Within the rabbit’s world, the warrior compatriot will always dominate, if given free reign, because he will establish a civilization, maintain it, and thrive within it. To that end, rabbits will support the enemy of their enemy however they can, as they seek to engender hostilities all around to create more and more enemies to manipulate.

What we are seeing motivate this, is the curse of the Narcissist. Conservatives cannot understand this psychology, without imagining what it would be like to have no hope of success, and be ruled completely by a deep-seated feeling that you were a perpetual loser – cursed to unavoidable failure while burdened with total inferiority. Once that feeling fully permeates your being, everything and everyone near that exhibits greatness becomes unfair – the first step in the evolution of hatred. As hatred takes over, anything capable of damaging that which you hate becomes a tool – an object that elicits amygdala relaxation.

The psychology arises easily among losers in this world, and would appear to have been of tremendous use in our evolutionary past. The strategy arising from it has clearly been conserved for some time among our r-strategist population. Whether it is Muslim immigrants today or the barbarians of ancient Rome, rabbits love the enemy of their fellow citizens. Rabbitry knows no religious or racial boundaries, beyond the obvious r/K divergence.

Sadly, it is not a psychology which can harmonize in peaceful coexistence with a free civilization. Sooner or later, one or the other will have to go.

One of the more interesting things about the “Jewish” rabbit vs wolf paradigm is the passing observation that among the Jews there may be more divergence between their rabbits and wolves. Jewish rabbits appear to the casual glance more rabbity, and Jewish wolves seem more wolf-like.

Just as I find the Jewish rabbit uniformly pathetic, I recognize you could hardly have a more respectable (or formidable) enemy (or ally) than the Mossad and IDF. I have in passing noted the same in my social circles. What bothers me about that observation is that it would seem that the more wolf-like the wolves in a particular population, the more easily they may find themselves entangled in service to the rabbits of their society.

It is even possible that the more wolf-like a population’s wolves, the more rabbity their rabbits may find themselves allowed to be, before enduring retribution and containment of their rabbity urges. As this is observed, it may give the impression that the group is more rabbity as a whole. However I suspect it is just that the wolves in the group are extending a more complete loyalty to the rabbits, and the rabbits are taking advantage of that, sullying their group’s name in the process.

The wolf’s greatest weakness is their loyalty. Sadly, the stronger the drive to loyalty, the more easily it can be manipulated – and the more easily that loyalty can find itself extended to the undeserving under false pretenses. Rabbits can only be contained if one clearly defines oneself as a wolf, and recognizes the rabbit is not a compatriot in any sense of the word. They are an enemy, who certainly views the wolf as the same.

That realization about the wolf/rabbit paradigm is perhaps the most dangerous threat presented by the spread of r/K Political Theory. The more rabbits are recognized as an out-group by the wolves in their societies, the more likely it is that those societies will begin to get a handle on the real problems afflicting them. There is nothing which can create such a fissure between wolves and rabbits, throughout all of the civilizations of the world, quite like r/K.

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The Altar of Hate, Evo-Psych, And Narcissist Are All Free Now

This is being sent out to those who subscribed to the email list to get Evo-Psych for free, but there is no reason to not put it here too.

The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics and How to Deal with Narcissists are both free today, Monday, February 9th , and Tuesday February 10th, in the Castalia House bookstore at the links at the bottom of this email, along with the Castalia House Title, The Altar of Hate.

Although we are independently published, we are conducting this release at the Castalia House bookstore, as part of a cross promotional effort to support that highly worthy endeavor.

For those who haven’t already heard, Castalia House is a new publisher that has rapidly gained prominence in a variety of genres for producing high quality works that are devoid of partisan left-wing politics. As science fiction has devolved into mindlessly formulaic vehicles for the promotion of leftist political agendas, and non-fiction tends to promotes the author’s personal emotional biases over a clear analysis of reality, Castalia House is publishing ground-breaking science fiction and fantasy that is designed to be pure entertainment and adventure, as well as intelligent non-fiction that is being hailed by experts in its fields as masterfully insightful.

If you study military theory, then you’ve heard the phrase “4th Generation Warfare.” William Lind coined the phrase, and his study of how 4th Generation Warfare is transforming the battlefield, in the widely hailed “On War,” has a 4.5 star rating at Amazon. This compilation of articles written during the Iraq War has been hailed by many military leaders for its prescience and features a Foreword by the famous military historian Martin van Creveld.

John C Wright is the hottest writer in Science Fiction today. His most recent work “The Book of Feasts & Seasons” has an amazing 4.9 out of five stars, with one reviewer writing, “There is really no way to rate this book with Amazon stars; Amazon does not have a way to indicate books which point to eternal truths and transcendent beauty…I am giving it 5 stars because most of the stories within deserve 5 stars, because several of them are the closest thing I have ever read to a 21st century G.K.Chesterton, and also because that is the most emphatic way I can recommend this volume to your attention, for a particular reason: Mr. Wright writes like a man possessed by Good. What I mean is, while his own writing in the natural state is clever, intellectual, full of lively humor, possessed of an instantly recognizable creative originality, well acquainted with edgier snark and darker themes, and always enjoyable, none of that matters, because every so often something else takes over and he writes like an inspired saint, drops of gold falling from sacred and illuminated inkwells. Those drops fall thick in some of the stories within this volume, burdening his clever prose with the weight of glory. Mr. Wright might protest that in those instances he is merely lending his pen; in that case we should all hope it continues to be borrowed.

Vox Day has a real-life resume which reads as if it was made up by a mental patient with delusions of grandeur. From his days as a Billboard Top 40 recording artist, to a computer game designer, to a syndicated columnist, to a Hugo-nominated author, to offering anti-liberal social commentary at his 1.5-million-monthly-pageview blog, he is the only author ever to have been purged from the Science Fiction Writer’s Association, for his conservative ideas. His writing explores military strategy, valor, and the subtle nuances of human nature, but his adventures are so entertaining and engrossing, and the characters so absorbing, that you may not notice.

Riding the Red Horse is a new military SF anthology from Castalia consisting of short stories and non-fiction analyses by experts in the field, examining what warfare may look like in the future and where stunning new technologies meet the immutable nature of war and man. Rated 4.6 stars out of 5 at Amazon, a reviewer at Taki magazine wrote, “Here’s a brilliant idea for an anthology: collect essays about the changing face of war and war technology, then alternate them with short stories and novel excerpts from the cutting edge of military-focused sci-fi and fantasy. Riding the Red Horse, edited by fantasy star Vox Day and Army Ranger vet Tom Kratman for Castalia House, is a tailor-made compromise for those time-pressed souls who find the consumption of unalloyed fiction to be too useless a practice in which to indulge. It’s also a treat for sci-fi readers who retain an interest in the world around them—and the two groups’ overlap is large enough to make it a very good idea indeed. The stories and essays talk back to each other in this manner constantly… they result in a conversation so entertaining and stimulating that the reader feels most privileged to listen in, especially for an entry fee of five dollars.

Castalia House is even branching out into homeschooling, with their new Home-Schooling Astronomy and Astrophysics Course, soon to be followed with courses in many other disciplines.

To give you an idea of the quality of their works, Castalia House will be offering The Altar of Hate by Vox Day for free, alongside Evo Psych and Narcissist. In the Altar of Hate you will find ten short stories, ranging from Fantasy to Military Science Fiction. As one reviewer wrote, “Each offering contained in The Altar of Hate tickles or provokes the mind with salacious ‘what ifs’ and glances behind the veil of reality. The stories move along, but one feels the uneasy eyes of the abyss staring back as you progress, as it were, through a darkened ancient forest. Only an author of the first rank could achieve this.” It is a good representation of the quality of the works you will acquire at Castalia House Publishing.

Note that I desperately want to promote r/K Selection, and hope you will tell others about it. However even though I am not published by them, I recognize that Castalia House is a vital beachhead in the broader cultural war we are fighting, and given the quality of their works, they will probably end up recreating the publishing world in a far more conservative and K-selected form. I am honored to have an opportunity to help them in that effort.

Please stop by their site, grab a free copy of Evo-Psych, a free copy of Narcissist, and a free copy of The Altar of Hate, and in the future, look to Castalia House and the Castalia House Book Store for all of your Science Fiction, Adventure, and Non-Fiction reading needs.

The link for The Altar of Hate is

The link for The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics is

The link for How to Deal With Narcissists is

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Narcissists and the Glassy Eye’d Stare

I have often described a glazed-eye expression narcissists get when their amygdalae get over stimulated, and they are approaching the point where amygdala failure begins to produce interesting brain dysfunction.

This is a good picture describing what I am talking about on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. In the picture, his brain is going a mile a minute, at the border of its operational capacity. From here it would take very little excess stress to overload the structure. If you look closely, you can almost see the amygdala behind the eyes getting overwhelmed, and failing to scan his whole visual field, prioritize all of the items according to importance, and focus the eyes on a single item in front of him. It is almost as if the focusing function of the amygdala has shut down, and he is suddenly overwhelmed by the sum total of all the things in front of him, all at once.

Christie doesn’t seem to have any gross psychological problems, and his amygdala is at ease when dealing with the media, so he is a good control in the photos. If you imagine something suddenly popping up in front of Cuomo, I would see him being startled/overwhelmed by fairly minor stimuli, and needing a moment to assess even the most minor stimuli, while I would see Christie’s amygdala smoothly transitioning his focus from what holds it in the photo, to the new stimuli, nearly instantly.

Here are a couple more pictures of Cuomo with a similar expression. Notice in the first one, even Christie seems to be examining his face, noting something usual.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_300/christie-cuomo.jpg

If you want to develop your ability to see this quality, look at Christie’s face, imitate it yourself while looking at yourself in a mirror (until you mimic it perfectly), and imagine how you would feel. Then do the same with Cuomo. As you imitate these faces, ask yourself, would you feel at ease, or tense? Would you be relaxed on a beach, or would you be tied up and helpless, watching a guy in a hockey mask about to kill you with a chainsaw, knowing it was the end? As you begin to feel the difference, switch back and forth, again and again, trying to feel the difference in you, as suddenly as possible after laying eyes on each face. As time goes on, you will be surprised how quickly you begin to instantly feel these subtle underlying moods in new people you meet.

I have never seen anyone who has the extensively distorted facial characteristics of Cuomo, short of my favorite Narcissist, Bob. Bob, however was more depressive/sad rabbit. Cuomo is angry/panicked-rabbit. To hijack Bob, I would push him towards depression and hopelessness. To hijack Cuomo, I would push him towards rage with personally-attacking dog-whistles, and threats to his social status.

I can’t say for certain that Cuomo’s condition is as bad as his facial expression would indicate. There is a part of me thinking he may be on some sort of psychotropic meds, maybe an antidepressant of some sort that is jacking him up. From my experience, it is entirely possible that eyes like that are natural, and not pharmacologically enhanced though.

It is also possible Cuomo is that way due to some facet of what he was experiencing there. Perhaps he had experiences being bullied by groups of children as a kid, and being assailed by media questions reminds him of that. It is also very possible he had just received word of bad news on the corruption front right before these photos were snapped, and that had pre-stimulated his amygdala

Perhaps more likely however, he felt inferior next to Christie, because the story told at that press conference was that Christie had, like a leader, decided he was going to act to quarantine possible Ebola patients arriving in NJ. I would not be at all surprised if, in Cuomo’s mind, he was just following Christie’s lead, like a good little obedient lapdog, doing what Christie had decided. Cuomo even backtracked later, saying he wasn’t going to do it after all. (For a narcissist, once following Christie became triggering, the narcissist would have to reject Christie to alleviate the aversive stimulus.)

If I were to try and hijack Cuomo in debate, I would first make a casual mention of how nice his younger brother seemed, and how happy he always was. I’d segue into how everyone always loves Chris, and then leave it to sit there. He has a long lasting relationship with Chris, so I would assume picturing Chris happy, liked, and well thought of, would activate a subtle anger at his own ignored status and unhappy disposition.

From there, the goal would be to subtly portray Cuomo as incompetent, unlikable, and acting in his own interest instead of the groups at every opportunity. You would not have to do it blatantly or overtly – I suspect Cuomo is hypersensitive to such stimuli. You would use all of that to relentlessly, but subtly denigrate his stature and authority, while remaining in good nature, or even still faced and uncaring.

Usually I had to exert some effort to get to the glazed-eye look, at which point I would then pour it on until the melt-down. If Cuomo begins out of the box, glazed eye’d and bracing, he should be a remarkably easy target to amygdala hijack.

Still I am amazed the public, even the rubes in a liberal state like NY, could be so foolish as to elect any leader who wears that expression.

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