Vester Lee Flanagan, Narcissism, SJWs, and the Amygdala

Some interesting facts.

Shooter Vester Lee Flanagan kept cats, and had a proclivity for handling cat feces – prime vector for the amygdala-encysting protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

According to an unnamed source, when police raided his bare, colorless apartment after yesterday’s horror unfolded the found the door smeared with cat feces and the carpets inside soaked in their urine, though there is no evidence of this in these images.

According to neighbors, Flanagan was often seen throwing their feces from the balcony.

It probably wasn’t just the T. gondii however. His mom was a nut too.

•Vester Lee Flanagan’s father filed papers against wife Betty in the 1980s
•Asked the courts for a divorce and emergency custody of the children
•Claimed she had been ‘extremely menacing and threatening’ for months
•Flanagan Sr, now 76, claimed he had to wrestle a brush and belt from her
•She was threatening to use them as weapons to attack the children

What this produced was an amygdala which flagged insignificant material as significant, provoked rage inappropriately, and prevented him from being able to function appropriately.

From the first link above:

The 24-year-old TV reporter who was shot and killed by the disgruntled ex-employee on Wednesday somehow angered him by using terms like ‘swinging’ by an address or going out into the ‘field’ while she was an intern at WDBJ…

Ryan Fuqua, a video editor at WDBJ, told The Post: ‘That’s how that guy’s mind worked. Just crazy, left-field assumptions like that…’

‘We would say stuff like, “The reporter’s out in the field.” And he would look at us and say, “What are you saying, cotton fields? That’s racist”.’

‘We’d be like, “What?’ We all know what that means, but he took it as cotton fields, and therefore we’re all racists…’

In a sometimes-rambling account of his time at WDBJ Flanagan accused co-workers of racially harassing him by placing the watermelon around the office…

‘This was not an innocent incident. The watermelon was placed in a strategic location.’

The responses to his amygdala triggering on the wrong phrase? Anger and rage.

A former colleague of the man who fatally shot a television reporter and cameraman in Virginia said the shooter had two ‘blowups’ that brought female co-workers to tears…

His vocal reaction was so fierce that the women feared for their lives, according to Mr Leval, who now works as a sports reporter and anchor at KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska…

He said that one woman’s husband, a law enforcement officer, ‘threatened to come in and beat the stuffing out of the guy if he talked to her that way again’.

The cop knew how best to deal with these things.

Imagine living in that environment, where every action you took, without any ability to predict it, could explode into a volcano of rage and hatred so great it would kill innocent people. Primal triggers in your brain, wired as deeply as they can be wired because they deal with survival, triggered regularly without any rhyme or reason, or any ability to predict and modify your behavior to avoid them in the future.

Understand how your brain is designed to be driven to modify its behavior in response to such life-threatening negativity, and then imagine setting your brain in that environment where it cannot adapt, no matter how hard it tries. Set in an environment where that inability to adapt is a constant undercurrent, you can see how even sane people can go nuts. Eventually their brain concludes that the world, and living in it, is the problem. There simply is no living around the narcissist.

In a way, this was a perfect storm situation. It combined piss poor genetics, what I would bet is an amygdala-deteriorating parasite infection, and a President who took cases of criminal savages rightly killed, and used them to stoke perceptions of racial hatred. It is no wonder this animal popped – it was almost predestined.

But the more interesting thing is, Flanagan is the modern leftist writ large. It is the easily triggered SJW lunatic, driven mad by things which no normal person would even notice. It is the liberal claiming that Romney talking about his sons is a “dogwhistle” designed to humiliate Obama. It is the feminist nutjob who blows up at the fact they weren’t warned that some classic in literature wasn’t all about fluffy puppies and rainbows. It is even the Cuckservative coward who fired John Derbyshire because he didn’t like the statistics he quoted. They are all easily triggered lunatics, who lack the steely resolve and tolerance of adversity found in of the most basic form of man. They are maladapted to reality.

The world Flanagan created at that news station is the world we live in today. However, the lunatic Flanagan was is a shadow of the sum lunacy of the modern left with it’s political correctness and trigger warnings.

There is no doubt that there was only one way to deal with Flanagan. There is no fixing him, nor can you reason with him. You must simply get him out of your life. When he refused to leave (by returning to kill them), he should have been killed by the reporter or the cameraman.

One can postulate all sorts of hypothetical solutions legally dealing with guns or mental health, but none of them would have done anything. With the narcissist, there is one answer. Drive them out by any means. On some occasions, with such lunacy, there is no legislative remedy to be employed in a free society – it can only be dealt with by the individual.

As r-selection turns to K-selection, we are beginning to learn that. Today, SJWs flee like thousands of frightened Japanese before the Godzilla that is the Supreme Dark Lord of Evil, Vox Day. They tremble at the mention of Donald Trump. But they are just the beginning. As that tide turns, we will see followers amass, giddy at the thought of freedom from this modern plague of political Narcissistic Personality Disorder, with all its irrational triggers and illogically emotional nutjobs freaking out over every meaningless phrase or concept.

This is the beginning of an intellectual revolution. It should only get better from here, provided you aren’t an SJW or Cuckservative putz.

Apocalypse cometh™

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SJWs Always Lie Hits #1 on Amazon in Political Philosopy

Vox’s new book on dealing with an SJW attack has hit #1 in Political Philosophy on Amazon on its first day.

The book’s description is as follows:

Social Justice Warriors have plagued mankind for more than 150 years, but only in the last 30 years has their ideology become dominant in the West. Having invaded one institution of the cultural high ground after another, from corporations and churches to video games and government, there is nowhere that remains entirely free of their relentless thought and speech policing.

The book is named after the First Law of SJW: SJWs always lie. SJWs ALWAYS LIE is a useful guide to understanding, anticipating, and surviving SJW attacks from the perspective of a man who has not only survived, but thrived, after experiencing multiple attempts by Social Justice Warriors to disqualify, discredit, and disemploy him in the same manner they have successfully attacked Nobel Laureates, technology CEOs, broadcasters, sports commentators, school principals, and policemen. It analyzes well-known SJW attacks as well as the two most successful examples of resistance to the SJW Narrative, #GamerGate and Sad Puppies.

Written by Vox Day, Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil and featuring a foreword by Milo Yiannopoulos, SJWs ALWAYS LIE is a powerful weapon in the cultural war against the thought police.

SJWs ALWAYS LIE retails for $4.99, is 201 pages, and is available in DRM-free EPUB and MOBI for Kindle formats. To buy it, please click on this link to go to the book’s page in the Castalia Store.

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The K-selected View of Immigration

Every Deported Illegal Household Saves Taxpayers More than $700,000

For every illegal migrant household that leaves the United States under Trump’s plan, Americans would recoup nearly three-quarters of a million dollars ($719,350), according to 2010 data collected by Heritage scholar Robert Rector.

The lifetime savings accrued from one deported illegal household would provide funds for 125 low-income inner city students to receive the maximum Pell Grant award in 2015-2016 ($5,775); it could cover the cost of pre-kindergarten for 90 at-risk children (around $8,000 per child); or it could cover the one year cost of Medicaid for 124 enrollees ($5,790 based on FY2011 data)…

In reality, “a modest increase in enforcement (such as E-verify or visa tracking) would cause significant attrition in the illegal population– sending millions of illegals home on their own at no cost to the U.S. taxpayer.” said Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies…

State and local governments could employ 1.6 million more police officers in to reduce crime in gang-besieged neighborhoods.

When the resource restriction hits, both it and the mortal salience stimuli which will accompany it will change how people think. It will diminish their willingness to let self-defeating rules imposed by liberals constrain their behavior. As the apocalypse comes, and people face death at the hands of criminal gangs, everything will be on the table. If there is an option that entails the mass deportation of criminal gang members, even citizens, and combines it with millions more police officers at a time of record crime, I’d expect a President to simply enact it, and the lack of public resistance to it to allow it to stand as policy.

For now, this offers the opportunity to in-group poorer blacks with America, and split them from anti-American Hispanics who support illegal immigrant foreigners over poorer black Americans. Make the Democrat party decide which group they want to jettison, and which they want to curry favor with. Liberals do this type of divide and conquer strategy all the time.

It would be worth the price of admission to hear Donald talk about how amazing he is going to be for poor black America (much, much better than Obama) once he has all this money that is presently being wasted on illegal immigrants who aren’t even American.

In K-selection, it will be the rabbits who will need to endure the apathy of their compatriots and the failure of their ideology to hold sway with the public.

Apocalypse cometh™, but it won’t be all bad.

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Liberals Love Donald

This article introduces a few hard-core Liberals who love Donald’s focus on corruption in campaign finance:

But there is one contingent of liberals who take a very different view. They believe, cheerfully, that Trump is nothing less than the second coming—of campaign finance reform.

One of them is Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig, arguably the country’s leading proponent of reform, who said the greatest entertainer in politics has done so much to jazz up an otherwise eye-glazing issue that Lessig himself would consider running on the same ticket with Trump as a third-party candidate.

“Donald Trump is the biggest gift to the movement for reform since the Supreme Court gave us Citizens United,” said Lessig in a recent interview, referring to the court decision that riled up liberals by granting essentially unlimited campaign contributions from corporate entities. “What he’s saying is absolutely correct, the absolute truth. He has pulled back the curtain.”

These are hard core liberals, so they won’t vote for him, no matter what they say. But the left has a lot of low-info voters, who are all too eager to try and sound erudite by saying how corrupt both parties are, and how fed up they are with the whole system.

They will be fertile ground for a candidate who can easily make the case that he doesn’t owe anyone anything, and, moreover, he needs to prevent the moneymen from influencing elections in the future to keep them from stopping his re-election to a second term.

If I were Donald, I would begin referring to the Uni-Party, and how it is screwing everyone. This will begin to link the Democratic Party to the well established aversive stimulus pathways linked to the Republican Party in the minds of Democrat voters, and tie it all together with the aversive stimulus elicited at the thought of corruption. If he can produce even mild contempt for their own party in them, and portray himself as an enemy of their party, and portray himself as an enemy of the Republican party they hate as well, he could pull in a substantial crossover vote. Everybody hates politicians.

Truth be told, if I was stuck with a choice between Jeb or a moderate leftist candidate who was honest and promised to destroy the entire political establishment, I would either not vote, or vote for the leftist. At this point no enemy is as dangerous as the uni-party machine.

Apocalypse cometh™, fueled by rage.

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Another Narcissist Kills Innocents, and Ruins Lives

I don’t even want to think about it.

Vester Lee Flanagan filmed his murder of two journalists on live television and then broadcast it to the world through social media.

Another little loser, who threw temper tantrums at the slightest non-provocation and deserved to be kicked around by life. Nice people extended a hand to him, invited him into their lives to try and help him, and his response was to make them so miserable they had no choice but to get away from him, at which point he swore a blood oath to destroy them as horrifically as he could. Now several families will wake up today to a much different, far sadder world.

Each month this site will get search traffic from fifty to a hundred people asking the search engine if their narcissist could kill them. The answer is yes, without question.

It takes very little to get along with most people. Most normal people can even fake civility with those they don’t like – and do it plausibly. If you are nice to someone, and notice they are intolerable in return, that is prima facia evidence there is something very wrong with them. If it is that noticeable, that you can’t ignore it, then that is a sign that they are not in control of themselves, and anything could happen.

Even worse, nobody wants to be admired and universally beloved more than the narcissist. If you meet one who can’t fake being even passably likable, despite this desperate desire, you need to be careful. They are seriously screwed up, in ways far deeper and less easily understood than a normal person can imagine, or would believe possible.

They will not choose to confront you directly, in honest competition. They will seek to get the upper-hand, and confront you only in such a way that you are powerless. The thought of losing to you is unbearable to them, and they will do anything – even the unimaginably craven and cowardly, to avoid it. They may try to catch you unarmed, when they have a gun. They may put something in your food, while pretending to be your friend. They may take years to do it.

Almost universally, their entire goal will be to elicit misery and horror. If you plumb their depths, one thing will stand out. They are not easily understood through logic, reason, or humanity. The more you examine them scientifically, the more you find that the only truly accurate characterizations seem to spring from the ancient understandings of good vs evil. Self-interest, amygdala, cognitive neuroscience, psychology – it all fails to describe them as well as simply grasping the concept of an evil that revels in misery, and is driven to selflessly ruin the lives of others. I have no doubt this fat little shit was giddy at the thought of the horrors everyone would experience, and never gave a second thought to what he was doing to his own life.

Sometimes, there may be nothing you can do. Here, he spent two years watching the news, festering with rage at how these people didn’t let him ruin their lives, before he decided to act. He spent two years buying bullets and carving initials into them, and feeling happy at the thought of how much everyone would suffer. If it gets to that point, as in this case, there may not be anything you can do. After two years in this case, even I’d have let my guard down.

The only answer is to understand the threat as you go forward, control access to your world, and recognize that sometimes those who are in need of a helping hand may be there because they have a long history of screwing over everyone they met. Sometimes the downtrodden you meet actually deserve to be trod down. Don’t be nice to everyone.

We’ve gone far too long absent a real period of Darwinian selection on human beings, culling for pro-sociality. As a result there are far too many of these characters out there, and I am convinced their numbers are growing. Be aware that they are out there, know they live to destroy people, and be careful who you let into your world.

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#Blacklivesmatter Has an Effect

Basically we are waiting on the next dead cop, and the next city burned to the ground by some savage these animals will lionize as a Saint:

A white police officer in the South who was recently beaten bloody and unconscious by a black suspect now admits he failed to defend himself properly because he was afraid if he used force he would have been accused of racism…

The drama in this specific case began August 7 when a plainclothes officer in Birmingham, Alabama, who has since decided to remain anonymous to protect his family, pulled 34-year-old Jenard Shamar Cunningham over for erratic driving. The detective reportedly ordered Cunningham, a felon with robbery and assault convictions, to remain inside his vehicle. Instead, the man got out of his car and became belligerent. He grabbed the officer’s handgun and pistol-whipped him with it…

In Baltimore, following anti-cop riots and the indictment of six officers for the death of drug dealer Freddie Gray, arrests dropped 60 percent in May compared with arrests the previous year. In New York City, criminal summonses, a powerful gauge of proactive enforcement, were down 24 percent through July, compared with the same period the previous year; total arrests were down 16.5 percent. Arrests in Los Angeles are down 8 percent city-wide, and even further in some of the highest-crime areas. In the LAPD’s Central Division, home to the chaotic, squalid Skid Row, arrests are down 13 percent, while violent crime is up 57 percent.

In some cities, government officials have essentially ordered police to let black criminals run wild.

During the rioting that followed the suspicious April 19 death of career criminal Freddie Gray in police custody, Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) ordered police not to enforce the law against black looters. The mayor infamously admitted after riots began that she gave space “to those who wished to destroy.”

The problem is those with common sense just don’t have the anger to act, due to resource availability. As a result, those who are acting, and driving the course of events are the insane. This will last until the sane are driven by enough irritation to act, and reset the balance of sanity.

Until then, I would not overestimate the public condemnation that would flow from police dealing with these animals and their protests harshly. As with the Donald, if Police took one protest, cracked a few heads and sent the protestors scrambling for cover, and then amusedly laughed at their helplessness when they whined, I think the public would approve, and the #Blacklivesmatter group would feel so out-grouped and impotent that future protests would not be “fun.” As conditions deteriorate, the level of public upset with a crackdown will only diminish, and the likelihood of such a crackdown will only increase.

For now, evil reigns, but it won’t last forever.

Apocalypse cometh™

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Things Keep Getting Worse For Jeb

The problem Jeb has, is that one, he doesn’t believe in anything Conservative, and even worse, he is a piss poor actor, so he can’t even fake it. Two, he is a Beta male, eager to please and avoid confrontation, right to his core.

Jeb Bush went to the border town of McAllen, Tex., on Monday to raise money and to talk about immigration, in English and fluent Spanish. Because the Republican presidential campaign has been so fixated on border security and the immigrant peril — thank you, Donald Trump — it was a chance to see how the supposed expert on this fraught subject handled it.

Short version: He was awful.

In less than 15 minutes, Mr. Bush managed to step on his message, to give Mr. Trump a boost and to offend Asian-Americans, a growing population that is every bit as important as Latinos in winning presidential elections. And he failed to give Latino voters any persuasive evidence that he had anything better to offer them than his opponents in a revoltingly xenophobic Republican campaign.

The rest of the article is a repeat of the old Christopher Walken Saturday Night Live bit, only instead of demanding more cowbell from Jeb, they are demanding more Cuckservatism as the solution to all his problems. Typical for an SJW article, it is full of unintentionally hilarious gems, from the ridiculous advice:

He should never let himself say the words “anchor babies” ever again.

To the accidental mentions of how liberalism demands you ignore reality:

He tried to explain that he had been talking about “Asian people” who arrive on tourist visas through organized schemes to give birth to American babies on American soil.

Though the phenomenon is real, Mr. Bush was blasted by Asian-American groups for repeating the slur.

As in, “Yes they are doing it, but mentioning that verifiable fact is racist, so we are all going to live under a delusion.”

The article even offered advice which doubled as a sad commentary on the reality of our professional political class:

When he does choose to tell the truth, he should find a more persuasive way to do it.

The few times he said something truthful, it didn’t seem believable. As opposed to all the times he lied and was perfectly believable.

Jeb’s train-wreck campaign gets worse:

And now Bush is apparently having trouble raising money and, incredibly, paying staffers:

A prominent Florida donor backing Bush said the former Sunshine State governor and his supporting super PAC are having to work even harder to keep up the pace, as hard-money contributions have been harder to come by in recent weeks.

“The debate performance scared a few people,” said Brian Ballard, a Tallahassee lobbyist backing Bush.

When Trump says repeatedly that Bush is too “low-energy” to be president, he may have a point.

“He seems a little frustrated with the Trump thing,” the donor said.

People are beginning to realize he has the smell of a loser about him. (That and you really don’t want to get on President Trump’s bad side by supporting his enemies.)

What is amazing about this all, is how avoidable it all was. Jeb had name recognition, the network, the donors, and the support of the machine. He was running under a party which espouses an ideology that is beautifully simple, truthful, practical, and logical. He could have been the guy to save the country and protect freedom. But every element of his body is so revolted by the simple beauty of nationalistic libertarian conservatism that he will sacrifice his entire political career, and maybe even destroy the future candidacies of untold Bushes yet to come.

What do all these professional political assholes have against loyalty to their nation and its people before strangers, and the aggressive support for liberty that is inherent to small government?

With leaders like this, no wonder the Apocalypse cometh™.

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The Donald’s Negatives Are in Free Fall

Things keep better for Donald:

For months there has appeared to be one roadblock standing between Donald Trump and victory in the Republican presidential primary campaign: The large number of people who didn’t like him. While poll after poll found him in the lead, they also found him with some of the highest unfavorable numbers — meaning people had already formed an opinion of him, and it wasn’t positive.

But two polls released Tuesday in early primary states show that dislike evaporating. A South Carolina poll conducted by Monmouth University found Trump with 58 percent holding a favorable opinion and 28 percent, an unfavorable opinion. A Public Policy Polling survey of New Hampshire voters found 56 percent holding a favorable opinion and 32 percent, an unfavorable opinion.

“It’s a phenomenon we have never really seen before — an already extremely well-known figure who can completely flip his favorability ratings in the span of weeks [without the intervention of a national emergency or similar event],” said Patrick Murray, the pollster who conducted the South Carolina poll and has also recently conducted surveys nationally and in Iowa. “But of course, that rule has applied to our experience with typical politicians. Trump is completely outside the box…” “If anything he just seems to be getting stronger as the campaign rolls on.”

Donald’s negatives are mostly the lemmings running in the direction the media is telling them that everyone is running. As Donald’s popularity becomes undeniable, I’d expect them lemmings to love him, and to see his unfavorables drop much lower than those of the Cuckservative politicians who are his opposition.

Donald is increasingly loved by both a large portion of the Conservative grassroots, and by many contrarian liberals who see him as an enemy of establishment Republicans and a corrupted government. That offers the prospect of a large base of positive sentiment. Meanwhile, your average Cuckservative is reviled by the entirety of their opposition, and by much of their base. That is not conducive to large positive ratings.

Right now, there are many metrics favoring Donald. The question may come down to whether or not those votes you cast on a computer screen ever get tabulated into a vote total that determines electoral outcomes. If they do, the GO)Pe has a sweet, sweet comeuppance heading their way.

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Donald is Bringing the GOPocalypse

Frank Luntz realizes that Trump is a force to be reckoned with, and he isn’t going anywhere.

A new focus group commissioned by GOP pollster Frank Luntz shows Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is virtually invulnerable to attack by rival 2016 candidates and the media, leading Luntz to say that it is now “totally conceivable” that Trump will become the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

“The Republican leadership needs to wake up and see that the grass roots has abandoned them,” said Luntz, the head of Luntz Global, a top GOP polling and messaging consultancy.

“This is a different cat,” Luntz added. “It’s not like Ross Perot in 1992, where people were simply unhappy with the two major parties; they’re choosing Trump affirmatively. Honestly, my legs are shaking looking at these numbers. All those people who think he’s going to implode are wrong. He’s not going away…”

Most notably, the intensity of the group’s support for Trump was matched only by their dislike of establishment GOP candidates and politics as usual. At one point, a woman named Rhiannon explained her support of Trump by lamenting that “it appears that there’s only one party.” A whopping 25 of 29 participants in the focus group immediately and heartily agreed with her.

“Nobody is listening to us,” echoed another supporter identified only as ‘Suzanne.’ “(But) he’s listening to us, he knows what we think and he’s successful just like we want to be.”

Anyone who loves America hates the GOPe. It is like being in a marriage that is so bad, Conservatives don’t care if they have to live under a bridge – they are getting a divorce. That Trump is an attractive and very skilled candidate offering to represent the movement successfully is almost an afterthought.

Even better – not only is anger at all time highs, not only is the GOPe heading r when the grassroots is heading even more K, not only could Donald self-finance ten campaigns at once, but Trump is the rhetorical equivalent of an old Grandmaster at the game of persuasion (don’t click the link, it is just a liberal bullshit hit piece – the excerpt is the only interesting part).

Last April, perhaps in a surge of Czech nationalism, Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed. Kennedy now guards a copy of My New Order in a closet at his office, as if it were a grenade. Hitler’s speeches, from his earliest days up through the Phony War of 1939, reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.

Donald is clearly not into National Socialism, nor would he give a shit about Hitler’s life. The reason he reads that is clear. Donald is a student of persuasion, who approaches his discipline with all the rigor of the most conscientious scientist. He appears to have some knowledge of hypnosis, he appears to know Game, and he even wrote the “Art of the Deal.” This is a guy who would read Hitler’s speeches, to better understand how people process data, and get persuaded. Not only does he have the theoretical concepts down, he has years of practicing them on the stage in popular culture.

For once in history, Conservatives feel that they have a man running for office who doesn’t find them repellent, and who will attack our enemies as viciously as possible. Even if he wasn’t conservative, he is a candidate who the media hates, and who is screwing the GOPe. Given the magical beauty of that, the fact he is pro-American is almost icing on the cake.

Go Donald, bring the GOPocalypse™

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Evolutionary Psychologists See Something Primal in Donald Trump

Kent G. Bailey sees the warrior in Donald, and sees it as something different these days:

In 2006, I published a column suggesting that Ann Coulter was the last of the “real men” on the intellectual right… She has wonderfully set the stage for her male warrior counterpart, Donald Trump, who takes primal maleness to levels unseen for at least half a century. The everyday people of America long for strong warrior male leadership of the kind that has sustained the human race from the dawn of time.

Although he recognizes the trend, he fails to see the r-selected adaptation of humans to free resources as the source of the problems of late, however. Neither does he see that Donald is thriving due to impending resource shortage, and people seeking a warrior leader to help them win in those lean times.

In the past 60 years or so, America has become progressively feminized, and the archetypal warrior male has virtually disappeared. However, some tough ladies have stepped in to fill the vacuum including Phyllis Schlafly, Laura Ingraham, Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin and many others. But how would any of these wonderful and strong women compete head-to-head in a private conference room with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, or the mullahs and emirs of the volatile Middle East? We have seen how poorly our current girly-man-in-chief, Barack Obama, has dealt with the world of violent supermales out there. From the dawn of time, mutual respect among warrior males is the coin of the realm in these matters.

As a practical matter, women can only compete so long as resources are so prolific that men do not care. Even among men, as resources grow short, only a certain subset will prove capable of surviving, and among that subset compassion, emotionality, and sympathetic connection to others outside their own clan will be limited to non-existent. It is a very different mindset to what we have grown accustomed to seeing around us today. Let resources shorten to the point that someone will die, and the Putins and Trumps of the world will take action, and the Megyn Kellys will need to find such a man to protect them. Speaking of Kelly…

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly seems to see herself as an alpha female capable of taking on any and all opposition – male or female. Yet, when set against the unadulterated masculine intellectual powers and cunning of Donald Trump, it was not a fair fight. She was overpowered to the point of speechlessness and had to take a 10-day vacation to lick her wounds. When the ladies operate within a protective penumbra of political correctness in a highly feminized culture of girly men, it is pretty easy to win intellectual pillow fights.

Times are changing, and they favor the rise of Trump, and the rise of America. I was wondering today, what would the nation’s media do if instead of one Donald Trump ridiculing them in this election cycle they had ten, or fifteen? What if every candidate simply ignored their petty insults, ridiculed their political correctness, and reframed everything as the media’s failure to be realistic, rather than scrambling for approval like they do today?

That may be what Trump is giving us. It will be interesting to see how many politicians in future election cycles abandon the politically correct style of campaigning, and begin to ape his style. We may even see them begin pouring over the Heartiste archives, as they try to understand the mysterious secrets of Game, and social dynamics.

We have much to thank Donald for.

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