Antifa Acquires Intel Support And Training From Socialist Venezuela

If true, this is disturbing:

A very troubling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Donald Trump has convened all of his top national security officers for an emergency meeting at his secure Camp David military protected complex after his receiving “firm/conclusive” evidence that a leftist-communist American terror organization named ANTIFA is training several hundreds of its forces in Venezuela—and who are the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party and whose stated goal is the violent overthrow of the United States government. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this bulletin, on 1 August, Colombia’s National Intelligence Directorate (DNI) sent out a “critical crisis advisory” to all of the world’s top intelligence agencies (including the SVR) detailing a “strategic network” their counter intelligence operatives had discovered that was funneling hundreds of American ANTIFA terrorists into Venezuela—and whom once they reached this South American nation, were then, in turn, “assigned” to various paramilitary Colectivo’s where they received political, weapons, bomb-making and counter insurgency training prior to their returning to the United States.

The Venezuelan Colectivo paramilitaries, this bulletin explains, is a nationwide communistic organization of neighborhood collectives established by that nations regime to protect it against overthrow—and who are all heavily armed by their regime and that Human Rights Watch has described as being “armed gangs who use violence with impunity and who harass political opponents of the Venezuelan government”.

It is not surprising. Hippie terrorists in the sixties sought out North Vietnam and other communist nation support for their activities. If this is true, after killing a few hundred cops and service members in bombings, these will be the next generation of Ivy League Professors.

It is a problem though. Intel changes the entire battlefield. Both strategy and tactics are worthless without sophisticated intelligence operations to support them.

If someone shows up to a protest, thinking they will just bang heads there using phalanx tactics and go home, and somebody else is viewing the protest as an opportunity to gather intel on those who show up, so they can be dealt with later at a convenient time of their choosing, one side has an immense battlefield superiority over the other. One side will be followed home, ID’d, watched and monitored, and die, and they will likely never even see what happened to set the stage for their demise.

If Antifa starts setting up intel cells, running surveillance, following people home from protests, gathering IDs, cataloging vulnerabilities, and creating detailed files on the right, we will have a steep learning curve to catch up, and we will probably lose people in the process, because the US government is not getting involved or protecting anybody these days. They are too busy cataloging everything they can on everyone, and preparing their own control of their battlefield at the collapse.

And if our side starts getting killed, then we will end up, out of necessity, having to assemble our own intel and surveillance operations, perhaps with help from our only potential allies these days, the Russians. And from there, if the left doesn’t stop killing our side, and the US government stays hands-off as it appears to be doing, a full-on hot Civil War, ironically potentially fought between Russian-supported and Communist-supported competing ideologies in America, will fast become a reality.

The amusing thing then would be that the side which would win, would likely be the one who could manipulate US State Security into leaving them be, probably through blackmail. The Good Lord works in mysterious ways.

Intel makes war-waging easier, but when you have one side waging war, and the other not waging war as it is now, it can make that waged war essentially cost-less to the aggressor. That cost-less-ness is what rabbits want, and if this story is correct we are entering a dangerous period where killing could be costless for the rabbits. If rabbits get detailed enough intel files, and have state support, they can enter houses while we are out and poison food, they can launch attacks when victims are completely unprepared, they can spray car door handles with contact poisons, and do all sorts of other things without any of the normal costs one would associate with such activities. If they can, they will, and they will have the commie state security support in Venezuela to hook them up with whatever exotic tools they need.

I would also expect the commie-intel skillset Venezuela is giving them to begin to bleed over into BlackLivesMatters operators and produce Law Enforcement casualties as the collapse closes in and militant Black groups crop up, as in the sixties. It will be tragic if Law Enforcement never sees the surveillance preceding attacks on officers because of conditioning, or if they disregard any surveillance they see, thinking it is something else that won’t try to kill them.

For that matter, what will happen when thousands of anti-government leftists are schooled in the art of surveillance detection, by the hundreds of force multipliers Venezuela is training and sending up, and they all begin looking around and cataloging what they see online on leftist forums?

So much Apocalypse, everywhere I look, waiting for everyone. It is incredible. And this is not even the warm-up act for the real Apocalypse. Wait until the economy comes down. Then things will light up white hot, and fast.

I have never been one to relish the misery of others, but the idea of the truly free society which could arise from all of this chaos is very alluring – and amygdala-relaxing. I would almost say intoxicating.

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K-stimuli – A Surge In Taxpayers Who Owe IRS Penalties

Courtesy of a reader:

Paying taxes is just about as much fun as a root canal. As such, apparently more and more people are just deciding not to do it. As the Wall Street Journal points out today, the IRS saw a 40% surge in returns that owe tax penalties between 2010 and 2015.

Economic problems activate amygdalae. And the more amygdalae you activate, the more rightward that segment of the population will head. And if you have the IRS breathing down your neck, then your amygdalae is super-charged. It is not coincidence that this all culminated in the God-Emperor’s ascendance.

It does point to the political divergence as also maybe having root in an economic divergence, which itself is perhaps rooted in a psychological divergence. r’s are great at exploiting the r-environment, where quality is unimportant and everything is socially mediated. In the r-environment, you can make the crappiest product, but if you can be enough of a narcissistic attention-whore to get publicity, you will sell millions of units. In the r-environment, everyone will want a pet rock, if that is what everyone is talking about. In the Depression era or WWII, not so much.

In the K-environment, quality is more important than attention-whoring. There, men in garages can put together quality products with little fanfare, and build brands solely on reputations of quality and endurance.

Today, we have rabbits in government jobs where quality means nothing, who are raking in six figures with incredible job security. Kim Kardashian makes $51 million per year simply by tweeting pictures of her ass and using the fame from that to endorse products. Meanwhile, other Americans who are instinctually programmed for the K-environment are being fired from Google for being honest, even though they produce quality work – and now they are without any salary.

It is possible as you approach the K-shift that K’s, being less suited to an economy which rewards the r-psychology, will experience shortage first and begin to head more K. Meanwhile, many r’s keep on enjoying free resources from secure government jobs and narcissistic attention whoring, and thus continue to head r.

So the nature of the increasing economic inequality as the K-shift happens may foster even further political divide, further exacerbating the split.

Whatever is going on, we are splitting apart more and more every day.

Spread r/K Theory, because the coming K-world will be what we are designed for

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Rush Limbaugh Sees Civil War

He is right:

Limbaugh insisted much of the angst was being driven by forces from the outside wanting to see the United States cease being a “super powerful nation.”

Partial transcript as follows (courtesy of

America is under attack from within. Our culture, our history, our founding are under the most direct assault I have seen in my life. And I’m sure it’s the same with you. We haven’t seen anything like this. You might even get away with saying that we are on the cusp of a second civil war. Some of you might say that we are already into it, that it has already begun. However you characterize it, though, we are under attack from within. And it’s being bought and paid for by people from outside America, in addition to inside.

I’m thinking of people like George Soros and any other number of international financiers whose objective it is to take the United States out and down as a superpower, to literally erase the United States as a powerful or super powerful nation.

The problem is r-psychologies can only be adapted to K-selection through the application of, and adaptation to, harshness. But when you have a psychology so r-ified that they see words as being physical assaults on them, there is no way to apply any harshness without provoking a violent response.

There is no palatable solution to this, because any solution that tries to K-ify the rabbits will devolve into violence as a result of how the amygdalae of r-strategists work. As a result, this problem will become the can kicked down the street, until such time as the reality of the environment intervenes and precipitates the solution which we are now unable to enact ourselves.

Once that hits, watch out because leftists will be thrown into full insanity mode. What you see now is just a preview of the main show.

Until then, the rabbits will be busily trying to foment conflicts between K-strategists of all stripes, and whatever other groups they can turn upon them, as we seek to minimize the damage, and avoid the full on war which is coming.

All we are waiting on is the Apocalypse to bring this to an end.

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Baked Alaska Blinded By Acid Attack

Think about this:

Baked Alaska was the victim of an acid attack to his eyes, still in the hospital, may be permanently blinded.

The perpetrator(pic related) appears to be associated with the antifa group “Redneck Revolt” a red bandanna being their signature uniform.

Let’s find this guy and bring justice just like with the bike lock.

They loaded the chemical into a pressurized canister to spray it, and now Alaska has a $12,000 hospital bill already – and he may be blinded.

Notice, it wasn’t some random alt-right activist who got hit and ended up in the hospital. Only one alt-righter has been acid attacked and blinded at these events that I have heard of, and he was a well-known personality in the movement. That seems coincidental to me.

It could have been an attack of opportunity, but that would mean many Antifa attackers were carrying acid, and didn’t use it anywhere else or hospitalize anyone else. If this was random chance, somebody else would also have been blinded by acid and in the hospital. Instead, they took this shot once, and hit a high value target. This feels more like one Antifa attacker brought acid for this attack specifically, and in a specially packaged delivery device as well. Which begs the question, if it was planned, how was targeting done?

There is a good chance that either Antifa, or the larger Soros funded orgs behind it, may be running surveillance on our better-known members, clocking their movements, and now they are targeting specific attacks when they can and cloaking them in the chaos of these protests.

It is not at all impossible Baked Alaska has had some Soros-funded actors monitoring his activities, who clocked that he was coming, and he was then tracked and monitored in preparation for this. Taking out the leaders of our movement is a logical strategy, if they want to try and blunt the right’s momentum.

We may have now entered the real-deal part of the K-shift for those who are trying to contribute to the movement actively. Before, understanding how to recognize when you are under coverage was simply a skill it was useful to develop for the future. Now, if you are thinking of having any sort of real effect on what is coming, you need to bear in mind that there could be a professional private investigative agency fielding real former FBI or CIA operators, hired by the left’s money men to find out who you are, and clock your movements so you can be attacked under the guise of a random assault. If you don’ see the threat coming, or at least act as if it is coming, you will be incredibly vulnerable.

If you are a blogger or leader and you attend one of these rallies, recognize that before the event, there may be Antifa actors recruited to a briefing where surveillance photos of you are taped to a whiteboard and they are given specific orders on where you will be, who you will be with, and how to set up an attack to remove you from the action. Be random in your movements, and act as if this planning is going on – you can only thwart it with unpredictability. Also, wear eye and face protection, obviously.

The ultra-elite, ultra-rich left will be playing for keeps as Apocalypse closes in, because in their mind, this is the Presidency, the free world, and their very survival. That realization, that the enemy is playing for keeps, is the basis of the final pieces of the K-selected psychology – high paranoia and utter ruthlessness.

I know the Donald’s hands are somewhat tied, but if he can, at some point he should get the FBI and domestic intel to begin reviewing and penetrating any high end-leftist covert intel operations which are targeting the grassroots right for violence behind the scenes. If he doesn’t, his online support for 2020 could be decimated by a well planned intel operation with targeted hits like this. The young autists of reddit and chan, or the Berkeley College Republicans are not designed for this.

Be careful, and be paranoid. The left is getting terrified, and in that condition, anything is possible.

Given that, you cannot be too paranoid.

Spread r/K Theory, because this is rapidly heading into a war

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Google Bans Gab

The war is heating up:

And Google’s motto was, “Don’t be Evil.” This is a sign of panic. They don’t do these things when they feel strong and in control. Alt-tech is having its effect.

If you prefer Google’s results, uses Google results while stripping your IP identifying info from your activity, eliminating any benefit Google gets from your usage of it.

If you use Brave, click the menu icon above the browser window on the right corner, go to settings, and click on search on the left to select startpage.

If you use IE, the button to replace google with startpage is right on the front page of, though you will have to add startpage to your trusted sites under internet options first.

They are seeding their own demise just as the war is heating up, because now they are adding amygdala force to the right’s anger with them.

Spread r/K Theory, because we need t begin taking our splintering seriously

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r-strategists Are The Same The World Over

Now they want to blow up Mount Rushmore:

More than ever, old monuments to famous white American men are being threatened in the name of progress. Naturally, this has become a rallying cry on the far right, with plenty of encouragement from the most powerful man in the world. At the same unhinged press conference in which Donald Trump again blamed both sides for the deadly violence in Charlottesville last weekend, he also painted a picture of a slippery slope where those fighting for the removal of Confederate statues today might be destroying tributes to more mainstream slave-owning icons like George Washington tomorrow. He lamented this prospect once more on Thursday, opining on Twitter that “the beauty that is being taken out of our cities, towns and parks will be greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!” Far-right sites like the Daily Caller have been running with the theme, publishing alarmist takes with headlines like, “It’s Time to Blow Up Mount Rushmore.”

Which made me wonder: If Rushmore ever did get “blown up,” what should those dudes be replaced with? Fact is, I’m not sure there is any American president worthy of being etched into the side of a 60-foot mountain with explosives and jackhammers. I mean, every single one has at least been partially complicit in horrific atrocities.

I visited Mount Rushmore in the summer of 2015, and it’s nothing like Abe Lincoln squatting on his (recently vandalized) throne or George Washington’s phallus towering over everything in DC. Instead, Rushmore is a testament to the human ability to conquer nature in our own image. Standing in front of it conjured feelings of both wonder and disgust in me. Obviously, Washington and Thomas Jefferson were remarkable individuals who helped usurp British rule in America and, eventually, establish a new empire. But they also enslaved their fellow man, committing special kinds of inhumane acts that should never be confined to footnotes. Unfortunately, that is exactly how those troublesome truths are treated when you face the awesome grandeur of Rushmore, a monument so incredible it obscures the multifaceted nature of these old dudes, transmogrifying them from individuals with a capacity both for greatness and evil into pure American deities.

They are tearing down statues, demanding iconic places be renamed, and it is all because their amygdalae cannot stand the slightest stimulation. Notice the similarity to radical Islam in the form of the Taliban, or ISIS. Radical Islamic thought was designed as an amygdala hack, to draw aggressive behavior out of the amygdala-addled r-strategists. Even as it produces a willingness to fight and die through the promise of the ultimate r-selection in Paradise, it still leaves that rabbit neurosis which cannot tolerate even minor adversity.

Every victory they score will only make their condition worse. When your amygdalae is adapted to a world where you have no food to eat, your house is about to be foreclosed, every day you have to run a violent gauntlet of savages who are trying to kill you, and your relatives are dying because there is no healthcare, a statue in the park is the least of your concerns.

When your amygdala has nothing bothering it, it will look for things to focus on and freak out about. Remove those things, and it will adapt to that even-increased ease, and find other things to freak out about. As the process continues, you move ever closer to textbook insanity, where there is no mental peace and you are constantly freaking out over imagined stresses.

Unfortunately, there are two potential endings. Either the leftist will have every possible physical irritant removed, at which point they will focus on eliminating all people with any form of ideological opposition. Or they will have to experience some form of pushback that makes their behavior unpleasant to them, so they will adapt to dealing with higher levels of stress and better tolerate the lower level stresses of things like statues and the idea that not everyone agrees with them.

If the media was smart, it would have begun the pushback now to begin to moderate the presentation of the violent left. But instead the media has sought to take their side and make their behavior rewarding to them. As a result, they will push the envelope further. Mark my words, as we speak, there are violent leftists thinking that what will be really rewarding would be to plant a bomb, or organize a mass casualty event that kills hundreds, or even thousands of right-wingers – or better yet, to assassinate President Trump. Because of the media, they think that now is their time to strike.

Yet already a southerner on Free Republic said his diehard Blue-Dog Democrat friends are now virulently anti-Democrat Party, and they are not going back. He is already predicting a southern bloodbath in the next election, and the left has not even reached peak craziness yet. The divide is continuing.

What I find interesting though is the intolerance of iconography among r’s, be they radical Muslims, or radical leftists. Especially in light of how Christianity is filled with disturbing images like this, of the worst and most amygdala-stimulating idea ever – Hell:

r-strategists try to avoid amygdala stimulation to make themselves feel better, K-strategists seek to use it to improve themselves and their world. Embrace the amygdala-burn, and use its pain to improve your brain and your world.

Tell your friends about r/K Theory, because the rabbits are losing it

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Unite The Right By The Mamas And The Pepes

Great voice on this one:

Mucho Gusto.

Tell everyone to spread r/K Theory, because the right does need to unite

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Can Sexual Orientation Change?

While looking at Alt-right books on Amazon, I saw an ad for this book, titled, “Can Sexual Orientation Change.”

It is ostensibly by a guy who was gay in high school and who shifted his orientation to hetero. I assume he targeted his advertising at right-wing book lovers who he hopes will be open to the idea that being gay is a choice. Judging by the reflexive one star reviews by leftists who never read the book, but were outraged by the premise, it was a smart move.

I don’t have the time to add it to my reading list, but I skimmed the reviews and found them interesting. This was apparently a guy who initially preferred muscular girls, transitioned to men when the ,uscular girls rejected him (probably for being rabbity), went all in on the gay lifestyle, and then shifted back to females and monogamy by engaging in forced abstinence.

Notice the themes. A highly-sexed guy who preferred females with masculine features. Eventually he transitioned to a male preference, and the promiscuity (and dopamine elicitation) in that environment probably took his already damaged amygdala and weakened long-form DRD4 dopamine receptors, desensitized them further though shocking stimuli, and in so doing made it even worse. Then he decided on a conscious level he wanted to be heterosexual, so be abstained through force of will.

In so doing, he diminished dopamine exposure and shock, his dopamine receptor transcription picked up, producing more dopamine receptors and increasing each cell’s dopamine sensitivity, and he ended up a gay guy writing a book with such an anti-left idea that he is advertising it to the alt-right.

I thought it interesting. Given it is probably a mixture of genetics, epigenetics, and environment, not all gays will have the same level of malleability. But when the Apocalypse hits, if it is as bad as it appears, I expect the amount of homosexuality and sexual deviancy will diminish considerably.

Spread r/K Theory, because everything is about to shift back

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Another Cost Of Apocalypse – Bullet Wounds


The charges started racking up the moment Annette Johnson arrived at Mount Sinai Hospital with a gunshot wound to her left forearm.

Doctors sliced open Johnson’s arm and installed a $500 metal plate to shore up her shattered ulna, securing it with numerous bone screws that cost $246 apiece. There were morphine drips to quell pain, tetanus shots to prevent infection, blood screens and anesthesia.

Two years earlier in a different part of the city, Leo Leyva arrived at a North Side hospital with a gunshot wound to his back. His last memory before going under anesthesia was a nurse telling him they were going to take good care of him and to count up to 10.

As the 18-year-old drifted off, the emergency room team at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center went to work to save his life, starting IV lines and X-raying his chest and abdomen before performing an emergency surgery to remove the bullet and repair the damage.

For both Johnson and Leyva, just two of the thousands of gunshot victims in Chicago every year, the first hours and days of their hospital treatment were only the start of what would be costly recoveries that continue to this day.

Still, the bills for their initial treatment were staggering. In his first 35 minutes at the hospital, Leyva had racked up $21,521 in charges, and by the time he was released three weeks later the bill totaled more than $157,000. For Johnson, who spent barely 24 hours at Mount Sinai, the hospital charges approached $27,000.

So the nation has gone bankrupt. Pensions are gone. Social security, Medicare, EBT, and welfare are history. Everybody is out of work. Food can not be found because it will be hijacked before it can be delivered. And every day when people head off to work, they have to run a gauntlet of savages and animals looking to attack them and take their shit.

That means every day the number of bullet wounds delivered to the ER then will probably make Chicago now on a sweltering Saturday night seem like a Mormon kindergarten class naptime. And by then Obamacare is gone, and everyone is broke.

You can see how the stresses of such a time will change how easy-going and happy-go-lucky everyone will be.

If a migrant has any chance of bringing violence to our land, people will immediately feel the aversive stimulus associated with things like this. Suddenly what leftists now think is being too uptight and unfair to migrants will become just the normal way you view the situation.

Big changes are coming, both in the environment, and in our psychologies.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because you don’t want any bullet wounds you don’t have the money for

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Teen Suicides On The Rise

Cell phones blamed:

In 2011, for the first time in more than two decades, suicide began killing more teenagers than homicide.

And according to research presented in a recent article in The Atlantic, excerpted from a book written by Jean Twenge, a psychologist at San Diego State University, smartphones and social media may deserve a lot of the blame.

“As teens have started spending less time together, they have become less likely to kill one another,” Twenge wrote, “and more likely to kill themselves.”

Over the past decade, psychologists have come to see a picture in which young, developing brains are pitted against the power of brightly colored notifications, relentless pocket vibrations, and addicting apps. A byproduct has been an increase in disorders such as depression and anxiety, which can sometimes be fatal.(snip)

Loneliness seems to be a major factor in why smartphones and social media can contribute to worsening mental health.

“Today’s teens may go to fewer parties and spend less time together in person, but when they do congregate, they document their hangouts relentlessly — on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook,” Twenge wrote. “Those not invited to come along are keenly aware of it.”

In the days before social media, not getting invited to a party still felt bad. But the bad feeling most likely went away within a day or two as people stopped talking about the night’s events. With apps that document every party happening in real time, and preserve those memories forever, there is never a shortage of reminders that you were left out.

Some teens seem to lack a healthy outlet for dealing with those bad feelings. The effects of loneliness have left them emotionally ill-equipped to seek out resources that might improve their mental health. Instead, they bear their psychic pain in private.

It isn’t so much a lack of an outlet for the bad feelings, whatever that means. It is a lack of perspective. A child who survived a brush with bone cancer, who thought they would have to have an arm amputated, and who has escaped the months of throwing up and feeling awful from chemo, will look differently at not being invited to a party if they are now healthy, and a good movie is on TV.

These are kids addicted to dopamine from the technology, and the delicious food, and the 3D movies, and video games, and on and on. Suddenly they need the dopamine from that party. They need the little burst from posting a selfie, and sending out the live tweets. When amygdala hits, it is so unusual and shocking they cannot adapt to it.

A part of me wonders what else is amiss in these kid’s lives. Could the rise in narcissism in the baby boomers have these kids suffering under the yoke of narcissist parents and family? Are their friends exhibiting enough signs of narcissistic personality disorder that they are being depressed by their friend’s constant self-aggrandizing and narcissist traits.

Or have they just not trained their brains to get away from their smart phones and the toxic narcissism of social media? Perhaps they actually lack the circuitry to focus on a beautiful sunset or a challenging task, and derive pleasure from the experience of that. Absent a history of amygdala-angst, all of those moments of relaxation and beauty mean nothing to them.

That would be a tragedy, only to be outdone by the fact it was the seeming magical technology of the internet connected smartphones and pleasurable recreational media today that did it to them.

Spread r/K Theory, because we need perspective on your amygdalae

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