Donald Trump was Right – FBI’s “Happy Muslim Calls”

FBI reports they had piles of reports of Muslims celebrating the WTC attacks:

Jim Burkett was an assistant special agent in charge with the FBI’s office in Boston during 9-11 and afterward…

Many of those calls, said Burkett, came from concerned and angry Americans reporting Muslim’s celebrating over the destruction of the twin towers and damage to the Pentagon. The calls were logged, reports were made and there were “stacks and stacks” of them, he said.

Burkett says somebody in the office began labeling them “Happy Muslim Calls.”

The media is approaching a critical point, where enough people will view it as a lying propaganda arm of the establishment hacks that it will lose any remaining credibility to the new alternative media.

Whether the MSM wants to admit it or not, Trump is vastly more popular than the media machine and the Establishment combined. Making him an enemy is about as smart as allying with the Muslims who hate America.

Go Donald.

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More Signs of K-selection

Fragile Snowflakes see confederate flag, and then require trauma counseling:

University students in Massachusetts who were upset by an image of a Confederate flag sticker on another student’s laptop were offered counseling services at Framingham State University.

The offer came after the university’s “chief diversity and inclusion officer,” Sean Huddleston, described the display of the small Confederate flag sticker as a “bias incident.”

Imagine how many useless jobs like chief diversity and inclusion officer will just evaporate in the apocalypse, and how many people who hold those useless jobs now won’t be able to weld steel, perform dentistry, repair cars, or do something concrete that people will need done. Imagine how much more productive society as whole will become once those people are forced to learn something like that, and get jobs doing it.

France wants to bring back the guillotine:

The founder of France’s right-wing National Front (NF), Jean Marie Le Pen, has urged the nation to reintroduce the death penalty – with decapitation. As France begins to patch the wounds inflicted by Islamic State (Isis) militants on its streets last Friday, the controversial 87-year-old has called on the nation to think about reintroducing the guillotine.

Imagine the amygdala assuaging you would get giving a little flourish of the hand as you yell, “Off with their heads!,” knowing it was about to happen – just like that. Imagine the amygdala angst the rabbits would get if it was their heads coming off. Those guillotine blades are ostensibly for the Muslims – for now. But we all know they have rabbit names on them in the long run.

Americans protest Islamization at Mosques – with AR-15’s, “just in case,” :

On November 21 a group of armed protesters surrounded a Irving, Florida, mosque to oppose the pending influx of Syrian refugees and the “Islamization of America.”

Some of the protesters had AR-15 rifles slung across their shoulders while others carried bolt action rifles popular for their long range accuracy. They explained that they were not carrying the weapons for offensive purposes, but to defend themselves in the event that things went badly during the protest.

According to Fox 4, protest spokesman David Wright said, “We are here protesting Syrian refugees coming to America [and] protesting the Islamization of America.” He is convinced that the opposition he and fellow protesters show is “popular” but people “are scared; they are scared to stand up and say anything about it. They are scared to come out to a place like [Irving] and stand in front of a mosque and protest Islam.”

In case of things going badly” means, in case we need to walk some of these here un-American ragheads face first into a wall of hot lead, Donald-Trump-style. Mark my words – surveillance was out at that one, taking photos, grabbing plates, and following them back to their homes, so as to open files on all of them. If they don’t stay ahead of their coverage they are going to get a spot in Main Core, and a one way ticket on a FEMA cattlecar to the Paradise Re-education Camp and Lead Infusion Center. They might even get a seat next to me on the trip, if they are lucky.

Then, in typical Trumpian style, The Donald sends out the K-selection Batsignal:

Mercutio Southall Jr., a Black Lives Matter protester, was allegedly punched at a Donald Trump rally in Alabama after he disrupted the event by yelling “Black lives matter.” Reports also claim someone attempted to choke Southall as well.

When the ruckus broke out, the crowd immediately booed and shouted down Southall with chants of “All lives matter.”

For his part, Trump can be heard saying from the stage, “Get him the hell out of here, will you, please?”

Appearing on Fox and Friends the morning after the dust up, Trump was unapologetic. The GOP frontrunner said Southall, “was so obnoxious and so loud, he was screaming. I had 10,000 people in the room yesterday, 10,000 people, and this guy started screaming by himself and they — I don’t know, rough up, he should have been — maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

Yes, my little rabbitian peons, if you fuck with the Donald, he and his unapologetic followers will beat you into a bloody pulp, laugh at your mangled corpse, and all your whining afterward will only fill their ears with the sweet dulcet tones of victory. See? Donald just said so.

Da Apocalambses – Bring Dem.


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Sweden and the Coming Apocalypse

There is so much going on here:

A tranquil Swedish village is being torn apart by bitter tensions after the arrival of 20 refugee families, MailOnline can reveal…

Residents and newcomers have exchanged insults, thrown rocks and set fire to cars, leaving many on both sides scared to leave the safety of their homes.

Once you reach that point, things will get much more K before they get less K.

Instead Tärnsjö, a relatively small village with a population of 1,200, is a snapshot of those places where bubbling anger has spilled over into violence and arson…

‘The village integration works badly because people don’t want immigrants in the village. This is no longer a happy community, it’s divided and is not a pleasant place to live.’

The councillor continued: ‘We have the highest tax rate in the county because we are paying for so many immigrants…

The problems are said to have begun in September when migrants started throwing stones at locals’ cars, and residents retaliated by throwing them back…

The following day a car belonging to a refugee family was set on fire…

Rasmus Leng lives just metres from the migrant block, and has witnessed much of the problem first-hand.

‘The neighbours living in the apartment nearby have caused all kinds of devilry,’ he told MailOnline, pointing to marks on his car, where someone had shot an air gun at it.

‘I’ve heard a lot of noise and disturbance among them. I don’t like them.

‘They have been throwing stones and they scream a lot during the night…

Tobias Willhall added: ‘The immigrants have caused all kinds of trouble for us. I have friends whose storage spaces have been burgled by immigrants and bicycles have been stolen…

But then, in September, there was a sudden escalation: from the 15th to today, there have been 17 fires. At one point in October, the fires were so common there was one every day, if not twice a day…

‘For one day I felt safe,’ said Mustafa, a computing student from Gaza who was staying at the centre.

‘The day after my arrival, the house burned down.’

The article has a lot of other good stuff to give you a feel for what is going on. Refugees on government assistance who have bought cars and air guns to shoot at locals, and when they are interviewed, they complain that the town is boring, there is nothing fun to do, and there aren’t any pubs or nightclubs. These are r-strategist migrants in search of free dopamine.

So, what is triggering this violence? “We have highest tax rate in the county because we are paying for so many immigrants.”

That stands out to them because they are all beginning to feel the financial pinch. Want to reverse it? Flood the area with resources, ease, and lack of threat. Free delicious food, free luxurious housing, lack of criminal threat. That dopamine will flood their mind and shut off their amygdala, in the exact same way hypnosis would shut off the amygdala. Suddenly the citizens will think and do as they are told.

You can almost see a mechanism conserved by evolution there. Flood a group with dopamine and their amygdala shuts off. They begin to act exactly like hypnotized automatons, accepting suggestions and doing as they are told by the group. Thereby the group continues to do what they are doing presently under the current leadership – they continue to do what is bringing all the dopamine that is shutting off their amygdala. Not everyone falls under the spell, but a large enough mass of those prone to hypnosis do, and suddenly that mass will believe anything.

Bruce Jenner is a woman – and she is beautiful, and vibrant, and courageous. A 20 year old criminal who tried to stab a cop was actually an innocent child deserving of sympathy until that evil officer shot him. Bringing in Islam, the scourge of Western civilization for centuries, is a great idea, and we need more of it. There is nothing wrong with transgender men, the apex of sexual freakishness, being allowed to shower with little girls in locker rooms. Up is down. Left is right. The hypnotized massed will believe anything, if you hypnotize them enough with dopamine.

Pull the dopamine, and their amygdalae light up. Suddenly each individual begins to think for themselves. Bruce Jenner is not a woman – and he is kind of gross. The cops are the good guys, and the criminals are the bad guys. The King has no clothes. Think about that last story, and ruminate on how the person who created it had lived through exactly what we are seeing. The King was fully naked, and yet all the tools of society didn’t just say he was wearing clothes. They actually thought he was wearing clothes, even as they were looking at his junk. You don’t even have to ask. That author lived in a time when the people were hypnotized by dopamine. You know it just as you know night follows day. He was thinking exactly what we are thinking now.

None of this is new, not even in scope. It is forged into the mechanism that is the brain, through r/K adaptivity, and on the deepest level we know all about it. We wine and dine people we want to agree to our desires, to shut off their amygdala, and make them more agreeable. If you would take a hot date out to a fine restaurant, after buying her chocolates and a tennis bracelet, you understood hypnosis on some deep level, without even knowing it. The only difference between you and Milton Erickson is he realized he could do the same thing with words and visualization, and if he focused his efforts, the effect could be heightened. People bribe officials to shut off their amygdalae, and those who accede are “the corrupt.” The dopamine corrupts them by shutting off their amygdala. War is produced by shortage. Violent crime follows the Misery Index. It is all their in our brain.

Now the worm is turning. The money, never a limitless quantity, is drying up and people are feeling the pinch. As the hypnosis is turned off and each individual emerges from the dopamine soaked automaton they are presently trapped in, the full horror we see every day will become apparent to them. As they enter dopamine withdrawal, it will appear even worse than it is, and they will freak out. As their amygdalae light up, anything will be possible.

This is the apocalypse beginning in Sweden. Now all we need is the economic collapse, and it will spread everywhere. If the ideas behind r/K Theory have spread wide enough by that time, the rabbits will have nowhere to hide.

It can’t happen soon enough.

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He Feared For His Life…

Even if he didn’t, that little prick had it coming… But he feared for his life.

Donald’s rhetoric infuses into everyone’s psyche, and it will begin popping up elsewhere, as he moves through the culture. When I saw this little fuck bouncing around, warming up and loosening his stabbing arm, and then giving a little pirouette spin move while flicking out the knife, just to give everyone an asshole pucker, I immediately thought of Donald’s line. The shooting was justified. Even if it wasn’t, this little prick had it coming for what he did. But it was justified.

That isn’t just a phrase that pops to mind. It is a way of thinking, and it undoes Alinsky’s rule about holding the opposition to their own rules. We create rules to leverage our strength, and force evil to act good when K-selection is ascendant. Evil then tries to use the rules themselves, to force good to do evil as the society turns r.

Once Donald’s ideas infuse our psyche, we begin to grow comfortable with breaking the rules to do good. At that point, we become more comfortable with leveraging our own force regardless of the rules, and since rabbits lack the will or ability to exert force themselves, it will mark a turning point in the battle for the soul of the nation. When we reach the point that we laugh in rabbit faces as we break the rules they want us to obey, K-selection will be in full swing.

What will be interesting is when the Frailest Generation, prone to a total mental breakdown at the subtlest micro-aggression, begins running into perpetually amused Alphas reiterating Donald’s commonsense triggers, breaking all the little rabbit rules, and just not giving a fuck if anyone whines about it.

Apocalypse – still on schedule.

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Stefan Molyneux and Bill Whittle on the Death of Political Correctness and the Apocalypse

These two are fast becoming the power team of the Liberty Movement:

Throughout Western Civilization, Truth is the new hate speech. As terrorist events leave blood on the streets, American college students flee micro-aggressions – demanding safe spaces and hug-rooms to make it through their daily existence.

Stefan Molyneux and Bill Whittle look at the recent Paris Terrorist Attack, the backlash against Islam in Western Countries, the current political climate, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the denial of reality at the University of Missouri, the devastating impact of the welfare state, the revolting scourge of liberalism, the rise of Donald Trump and much much more!

As always, the only reason we have these two out there at the front lines, is fan support:

Contribute to Stefan’s Freedomain Radio here:

Support Bill Whittle at:

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Trump Continues to Change the Debate

Trump on waterboarding:

“Would I approve waterboarding? And I said, well, let me ask you a question. On the other side, they chop off our young people’s heads, and they put them on a stick.

“On the other side, they build these iron cages, and they’ll put 20 people in them. And they drop them in the ocean for 15 minutes and pull them up 15 minutes later,” Trump said. “Would I approve waterboarding? You bet your ass I would … in a heartbeat. In a heartbeat.”

“And I would approve more than that,” he continued. “And don’t kid yourself folks, it works, okay? It works.”

Trump said only a stupid person would argue otherwise. He said that said he knows important people, who want to be politically correct, who go on television and question the effectiveness of waterboarding – but then tell him privately later that it does work.

“And you know what? If it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway for what they’re doing to us,” he said. “But it works. It works.”

Trump even frames his argument with a diminution of stature hijack, by saying only stupid people would argue otherwise. Since we argue truth, we would argue with him, if we thought he was wrong. Liberals argue lies, and are not so bolstered by their certainty of truth. They hear that, and shut up for fear of exposing themselves as a stupid person.

Then Trump reframes the entire debate by espousing K-selected aggression. Before we were told that sating a bloodlust was wrong, and that the argument could only be whether waterboarding yielded useful intelligence. Trump has just demolished that argument, and fostered a more K-attitude in everyone present as he did it. Now, not only does it work, but we should be doing it, and more – whether it works or not, because our enemies deserve it. Violence on our enemies for violence’s sake is perfectly acceptable, and he will do it himself, if given the opportunity. But it works…

K-strategists long for that. They are starved for it, and as they eat it up, rabbits everywhere are noticing that there is a strange atmosphere in the air. It makes them uncomfortable, it scares them, and soon they will hide because of it.

That atmosphere is the sweet smell of Apocalypse, and Donald is its harbinger.

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Why Did Turkey Shoot Down A Russian Jet?

Russian Jets were recently freed up to run unplanned hunter killer missions on the pilot’s own initiative:

Russia on Wednesday said its planes will attack any tanker trucks travelling through territory belonging to the Islamic State group in Syria, as Moscow looks to ratchet up pressure on the jihadists.

“Today a decision was taken according to which Russian warplanes are now flying on a so-called ‘free hunt’ against tanker trucks carrying oil products belonging to terrorists in areas controlled by IS,” senior Russian military official Andrei Kartapolov was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies.

The strategy was effective:

Russian news outlet RT reported online that Russian strikes “torched” more than 1,000 tankers delivering crude oil to ISIS over a five-day period, citing a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. The Russian Air Force, according to the report, also hit 472 targets in two days in Syria.

The claims come as the U.S. also says its coalition is hitting a large number of tanker trucks – albeit nowhere near as many strikes as Moscow says it conducted.

This is bad for the entities in Turkey who are buying ISIS oil:

Syrian forces recently captured an Islamic State (Isis) oil tanker from Hasakah, which it claimed operated between Syria and Turkey. The development has once again fuelled speculations that Turkey has been aiding Isis.

Social media users from Syria are widely sharing the images of the tanker that was being used by Isis terrorists. According to reports, the Turkish oil truck was captured after Isis‬ withdrew from Base 121 ‪in Hasakah‬.

The oil tanker has “Serin” and “Turkey” written on it.

If the oil can’t go out through Turkey, it will head out through existing pathways in Iran and Jordan:

Islamic State has consolidated its grip on oil supplies in Iraq and now presides over a sophisticated smuggling empire with illegal exports going to Turkey, Jordan and Iran, according to smugglers and Iraqi officials.

That oil is making very powerful people in Turkey very rich, and helping to fund various groups seeking to unseat Assad in Syria:

Turkey provided refuge for Syrian dissidents. Syrian opposition activists convened in Istanbul in May to discuss regime change, and Turkey hosts the head of the Free Syrian Army, Colonel Riad al-Asaad. Turkey has become increasingly hostile to the Assad government’s policies and has encouraged reconciliation among dissident factions. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been trying to “cultivate a favorable relationship with whatever government would take the place of Assad.” Beginning in May 2012, some Syrian opposition fighters began being armed and trained by the Turkish Intelligence.

The question now is if Putin will take action, and risk triggering a NATO response to protect Turkey, or if Russia will simply allow Turkey to kill it’s troops, without consequence.

This may slide by now, but once the full global financial apocalypse goes down and everybody’s amygdala is in high gear, it is exactly actions like this that could trigger a world war – a world war that the rabbits will be all to happy to encourage to save themselves from being held responsible for the mess they created.

Apocalypse cometh™

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Anti-Japaneseism as an Overshoot of the r-selected Leftist Psychology

A reader points us to Anti-Japaneseism:

Anti-Japaneseism radicalized this argument by claiming that even communist revolution could not redeem Japan because the Japanese themselves possess an inherent “aggressive nature”. Proponents of this theory believe that the only way to redeem oneself from the “oppressor and criminal Japanese race” is to fight against all Japanese interests until the “Japanese” archipelago has been purged of anything Japanese…

The so-called “final solution” of Anti-Japaneseism is to wipe the nation called “Japan” from the face of the earth and exterminate the Japanese race. Because, as described in the above historical theory, Japan is inherently evil, the continued existence of Japanese people is incompatible with peace. East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front member Yoshimasa Kurosawa affirms that he is not opposed to any particular Japanese political regime, but to the existence of Japan itself.

These are Japanese who are advocating this. That said, it is amusing to see that it is made up of pacifistic, equalist, leftist communists who openly say communism wouldn’t fuck everyone over enough for them, so they are going with a strategy of total extermination of everyone. Now we are finally getting some honesty!

If you want to understand politics at an emotional level, from the perspective of r/K Theory, you can best do it by looking for what this site will refer to as the “overshoots” – the places where the r-strategist urges become so accidentally exaggerated as to be both maladaptive, and unbelievable. Because of an unprecedented run of free resources and lack of threat, we are seeing more overshoots than normal these days, they are grouping together, and their presentation is so extreme as to almost appear as parody. This offers us an unprecedented opportunity to both, better understand leftism, and demonstrate clearly and concisely to the broader populace the aberrant emotional urges underlying it.

Only when examining the overshoots, can you begin to grasp the depth to which the r-strategist will think and feel completely differently than you would. What the overshoot so obviously feels, the moderate feels as well. The moderate is merely better at masking it because the emotion is not totally overwhelming.

This method of examination works well because r and K are poles. On one side, the K-strategist only succeeds when their group succeeds. For this reason, evolution bred into the K-strategist a love of their group and a burning desire to see their group, as well as the individuals in it, succeed wildly. Indeed, the entirety of the martial arts exists because guys who mastered it over a lifetime devoted themselves to passing every trick they had down the line, in the hopes of helping other fighters attain greatness. You see it in other warrior disciplines as well, from the military, to the police, to fire/rescue, where old salts relish the opportunity to take young bucks under their wings, teach them all they know, and try to make the young bucks into better warriors than they themselves are. As they do this, they know without doubt, that someday the young bucks will do the same and the art will continue, stronger for their presence in it. The key mover of this strategy is a love for one’s fellow compatriots, and a joy at the sight of their success.

On the other side is the other pole, where an individual feels nothing but festering contempt and envy for those around them. This evolved in an environment where competition was futile, groups never formed, and you did best not when you defeated others but when others failed, without your intervention or risk. For this reason this desire to see others fail always carries a sense of impotent helplessness. These people do not dare, or pine to strive mightily in free and fair competition with their opposition. Rather they withdraw and fester, periodically grumbling about how everyone should give their possessions away and then commit suicide – for moral reasons of decency and concern for others, of course. It is a striking psychology when you meet it – almost beyond comprehension if you are a group-oriented K-strategist.

Here, in Anti-Japaneseism, you have Japanese saying that their own entire race must be wiped off the planet. They can’t do any good themselves. They can’t recognize any good in others. They can set no goals, nor can they strive for any aspiration to goodness. They have one overriding feeling as they look around them, and that is contempt for all of their fellow compatriots, and a burning desire to see them fail. They don’t even want to tear everyone down themselves, in free competition. Rather they want everyone else to destroy their own existence for them.

As you look at it, you can see all the other ideological desires of leftism through this envious, contempt-holding trait. The whites who demand every other white check their privilege and pay reparations to other races. The undesired, ugly feminists who tell pretty young women that love, children, and the embrace of family is to be eschewed for a cold life of office work. The cowardly and impotent Americans who decry our “empire,” as they tell our military to fight and die in meaningless wars in meaningless shitholes, under impossible ROEs, for people we don’t even know. The cowardly and weak disarmists who want the law abiding unarmed and helpless. The city-dwelling environmentalists who think forests should be off limits to humans. The sinecure global warmists who want everyone to eschew the luxuries in life for a Spartan existence. The poor communists who want rich businessmen stripped of their earned wealth and property. The impotent globalists who want their own powerful nation stripped of its autonomy in favor of a world body. The leftists who want to import millions of the most violent Islamists into their nations, despite the violent crimes from rape to murder that fellow citizens will have to endure. It even extends into the cuckservative elites, who hold real conservatives in contempt, as they seek to thwart their conservative, patriotic desires at every turn. The list goes on, but it is all rooted in this impotent, anti-social, backstabbing, envious, contempt-holding, r-strategist psychology. None dare compete. They merely go through life grumbling about unfairness and evil, and trying to trick others better than them into self-destruction.

One can only view politics intelligently and understand the urges which drive it by examining the most extreme poles. It is there that the motive forces driving everything become apparent in their extremism, and where you can finally get a window into just what your ideological counterpart is feeling. Absent that window, it is impossible for a group-loyal K-strategist to fully understand just how evil and contemptible the leftist r-strategists among us are. Only when you see an individual who has fully inverted all of the K-strategist urges so ridiculously can you finally grasp that the moderate leftist is driven by a complete inversion of your own goodness and love for your fellow countryman.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Our problem is not enough K-selecting Darwinian selection. The solution is Apocalypse, and it is coming. This will all be sorted for us, soon enough.

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Ted Cruz Triggers Amygdalae

Cruz triggers the base:

… the Obama administration’s support for trans students amounts to “lunacy!”

“Look, these guys are so nutty that the federal government is going after school districts, trying to force them to let boys shower with little girls,” Cruz responded. “Now listen: I’m the father of two daughters, and the idea that the federal government is coming in saying that boys, with all the God-given equipment of boys, can be in the shower room with junior high girls — this is lunacy!”

“And I bet you there are a whole lot of parents — particularly parents of daughters — that are not eager to have the federal government saying, ‘Guess what? Your daughter has to shower with a boy, if he wants to be in there,’” Cruz continued….

“You know, the funny thing is, my 5-year-old knows there’s a difference between boys and girls,” Cruz quipped. “And yet modern Leftists can’t figure that out.”

This is brilliant. It triggers amygdalae, in-groups Cruz with parents and the decent, out-groups liberals and democrats with freakish child molesters who want to sexualize innocent young girls, and as it triggers amygdalae, it also makes the answer to gain relief apparent – support Ted Cruz. It even demeans liberals as stupid, in an almost subconscious, humorous way.

This is an identical mechanism to how Donald began his candidacy with a massive bump due to illegal immigration. Donald in-grouped himself with those who oppose murders, drugs, and rapes by foreigners, while triggering listeners with the presentation of threat. He out-grouped Democrats with foreign deviants who wanted to attack innocent Americans, all while offering the solution to relief – supporting him. His rise in the polls was instantaneous.

This is the move that people have been talking about Cruz making. If he has a raft of these amygdala-triggering issues cooked up to in-group the base, and begins dropping them one after another, he could begin to close the gap with Trump, though Trump’s celebrity and his long-time use of these techniques will make it difficult at this point to overtake him.

Whoever of those two wins, the cuckservative establishment is scrambling to be nice and appeal to people kindly – and achieving nothing. As this site predicted, Donald has created a vastly more aggressive, vastly less conciliatory debate, and the Republican nomination will not be the same for a long time to come.

That is nothing but good for freedom.

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“All The Terrorists Are Migrants”

The Hungarian Prime Minister cites an inconvenient fact:

“Of course it’s not accepted, but the factual point is that all the terrorists are basically migrants,” says Viktor Orbán. “The question is when they migrated to the European Union…”

Thinking of Paris and its aftermath, the Hungarian leader posits an “overwhelming logical” connection between terrorism and the movement of Muslims into Europe — in the last few months as well as over recent decades — that to him and many Europeans is “an obvious fact,” whether “you like it or not.”

“The majority of our leaders in the West deny the fact,” he adds. That denial of the “obvious” — which the Hungarian leader blames on political correctness run amok — destabilizes European politics by increasing “the gap between the leaders and the people.”

What will happen now is a long slow amygdala burn. Amygdalae aren’t static in the amount of aversive stimulus they kick out in response to a chronic stimulus. Activate an amygdala with a gnawing chronic stress, and it will grow increasingly agitated as time goes on, even if the threat does not increase. As the agitation builds, the mind will begin looking for a means of relief. As that happens it will begin analyzing the problem, and looking for aspects of the problems which are common to the irritation.

When those commonalities revolve around race and ethnicity, we are hardwired to in-group around those issues. This will take time, but it is already beginning. Once it takes hold, leaders who associate with the out-group will be out-grouping themselves. If the hostilities go hot, which they probably will once the economic collapse begins, there is no telling what will happen to them. Without dopamine to make people soft, humans will revert to a harder, less merciful model of decision making, and be looking to blow off steam by eliminating irritations. Once it gets to that, political cucks of all nationalities would be wise to watch out.

Apocalypse cometh™

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