r/K and Rearing Strategies

One thing about the Alt-right. The people here have mechanistic minds, probably borne of being raised in a world where they have been intellectually marinated in extraordinarily technical sciences from an early age. This creates a significant intellectual barrier between the new right, and the old right.

It is not surprising this barrier would rise, because most of the members of the old right couldn’t even have learned much of what the new right was taught. When guys like Charles Murray were in High School, the structure of DNA was still cutting edge information only being learned by a few select graduate students, and calculus was some weird thing those super geeky professional engineers used to make rocket-ships fly. I studied the structure of DNA in tenth grade (and even had to read the Double Helix to get the social story behind it) and was doing calculus by 11th grade – in High School. My guess is most of the intellects of the old right never even studied calculus or DNA even after four years of college, or their graduate studies.

When you have one generation that has studied complex mechanical topics from childhood that the most educated among the older generation have never even looked at, you are bound to have divergent views of the world.

Case in point:

Starting in the late 1960s, rates of divorce, unmarried births and single parenthood rose sharply among all segments of society. About a decade later, they fell and leveled off among the college-educated, who almost entirely raise their kids in Ozzie-and-Harriet style families today (except that Mom usually works outside the home).

So shortly after the population experienced one of the most massive explosions in dopamine signaling ever seen (courtesy of resource availability in childhood and illicit, dopamine-agonisitic, illegal drug use in adolescence), you have a shift toward low investment single-parenting. A similar period, after a subsequent shortage and relative reduction in illicit drug use, and the trend stalls.

The article goes on to recognize that many poor families still have single parenting issues, but notes, however:

Food and clothing has become less expensive (thanks, Wal-Mart) and most households classified as poor have smartphones, microwaves, and big-screen TVs that did not exist in the 1960s.

That is resource availability, even worse, administered without the stress of having to acquire such resources through struggle and competition, courtesy of welfare and public assistance. Bear in mind, these people are in “poverty” and yet they have big screen TV’s and smartphones, both of which are almost better dopamine stimulants that a machine that administers a cocaine-filled food pellet every time you hit the lever. Add in an X-box, and you might as well be a junkie. It also says something profound about a society’s level of resource availability when poverty is seen in conjunction with such dopamine-eliciting luxuries.

Barone is a brilliant guy, but in lacking any sort of scientific background, he cannot see any environmental or biochemical mechanism underlying these changes. As far as he is concerned, things could just as easily have gone the opposite way, had a few smart guys said a few smart things to the children of the sixties. To him, there is no measurable or quantifiable force or mechanism to be understood, it is all the vagaries of individual free will, writ large, and thus wholly indecipherable.

The funny thing is, if you showed him a population of animals, where at one point in time they had two parent families, and two kids, and then years later they had transitioned to single parent rearing with six kids, I’ll bet he would ask what had changed in the environment. I’ll even bet he would look at resource availability especially hard, had there been a noticeable change in it. If he was really smart and studied the issue, he might even ask about the dopamine signaling intensity within the population.

But none of these people will do this in humans.

I’m not saying that there is a clear answer to the problem, but at least we should try to get the mechanism behind the problem right, so we can get that much closer to a solution. Without the mechanism, we will find ourselves having to battle idiots like this, which will only take us further away from solving the problem:

What to do?

“Redistribution” has become a bad word. But the economy toward which we’re hurtling — in which more and more is generated by fewer and fewer people who reap almost all the rewards, leaving the rest of us without enough purchasing power — can’t function.

It may be that a redistribution of income and wealth from the rich owners of breakthrough technologies to the rest of us becomes the only means of making the future economy work.

While I may not be able to give a good answer to how to solve the single parenting dilemma, aside from not subsidizing it with government assistance and throwing all children from single mom’s into Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, or BJJ classes, under strong male instructors, from birth, I am pretty sure Reich’s idea would pretty much put the coup de grace to what is left of the great America we were so lovingly handed by our forefathers. If we are going to save any vestige of this nation, we need to get the idiots out of the conversation first. A full, mechanistic understanding of the problem is the only way that will ever happen civilly.

r/K Selection Theory as political ideology, and dopamine signaling intensity as its driver is that mechanistic understanding.

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The Poor Vote Conservative In Israel

Leftists are dismayed to find the poor voted for Likud. Of course if you recognize conservatism is a psychological adaptation to resource shortage, this makes perfect sense. However if you are a leftist rabbit who thought you could cheaply bribe the poor to vote against the K-strategists, not so much.

If you grasp the r/K paradigm, then the answer would be to flood the poor areas with so many free resources that everyone there would see their psychologies transition to an r-strategy. Of course that is easier said than done, especially as the global economy is beginning to tip toward K-selection.

Instead, the left has decided to further resource-restrict the poor, and declare war upon them at the same time. I’m sure that will work out quite well for them.

In America, between the free food, the free housing, the free healthcare, the free cellphones, and free everything else we provide in the inner cities, this bribery strategy by the rabbits has actually worked quite well, even triggering a massive increase in low-investment single parenting, and massive decrease in motivation and aspiration.

However when resources become short in the coming decades and those freebies grow short, this will change as well. I suspect at that time it will prove unusually easy to turn the lower income, inner-city population on the rich, yet weak and cowardly, white leftist rabbits who have gained their position so unfairly by ripping off the average Americans, and manipulating them against each other for so long.

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The Amygdala and Aberrant Behavior

A reader emailed this link. It is a web board discussion which begins with a bunch of guys posting pictures of their workshops in their garages. On the second page of the discussion, one guy posts a picture of a massive shop with lots of benches and tools, which for a moment has other guys commenting on how amazing it is.

But then one poster discovers that it is an image of a professional shop, grabbed off of google. That thread eventually leads to a fascinating series of revelations about how everything this guy posted was like that. The picture of him, with a massive chest and biceps was his head photoshopped onto another body, from another source picture they found. The picture of him at an awards dinner was his head photoshopped onto another body as well. They found posts from him on other sites similarly trying to claim he owned things he didn’t own and lived a life he couldn’t have lived.

Then they found that his entire business as an oil consultant/Petroleum Engineer was a fraud as well, as he wasn’t actually a certified or degreed Petroleum Engineer. Then they found he had been sued for $500,000 by an oil company for screwing up a well they hired him on. Then they found that he had set up a gofundme campaign for some girl who lost everything in a fire. Then they found an extensive criminal history for fraud and theft, including prison time.

I find it noteworthy because people like that don’t do those things out of a desire for something more. They do not aspire. They do those things because if they don’t, their amygdala will haunt them with aversive stimulus. Maybe they look at themselves, and think they are worthless, and the only way to alleviate the agony that produces is to lie, and see other people deceived about their worthlessness. Maybe they look at other people’s lives with such envy, that they will do anything to make them feel inferior, even if just for a moment and based on a lie. Whatever the mechanism, once somebody is running from amygdala, there is nothing they will not do to escape it. Since most people cannot imagine that type of motivational force, their behavior can rapidly become wholly unpredictable.

The problem with them in personal relationships is that sooner or later they look at the people around them, and decide that if they can’t artificially inflate their own worth, they will have to actually deflate the worth of those around them, or their amygdala will haunt them, and they will be miserable. That can become a very slippery slope, and the victims can suddenly find themselves poisoned, injured by booby-traps, or even killed.

View all actions as an outgrowth of the driving force of aversive stimulus. It can be difficult, because those who are not haunted by their amygdala tend to be driven by aspiration. The idea of a life wholly driven by an almost banal desperation can be difficult to visualize. But once you make that jump, things ranging from how people spend their discretionary income to how history unfolds can all suddenly make much more sense.

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Ted Cruz Announces His Candidacy

Today Ted Cruz threw his hat in the ring. 2016 will probably be our last chance to forestall a collapse of the United States federal government, if it is even possible, so this is it. I support Ted for three reasons.

First Ted is the most likely candidate to unite social Conservatives and the Tea Party. From a practical standpoint, he is, for that reason, most likely to create a winning coalition that can win.

Second, Ted is an outsider. In a world where the insiders have shown themselves to care only for themselves, Ted is the most likely to do what is best for that vague ideal we know as America, no matter the costs to the entrenched interests in Washington.

Finally, Ted Cruz plays the social game instinctively, which is why he is flat out the best hope today to save the Republic. From this article:

Meyers welcomed Cruz on to the show on Tuesday night, and the pair had a rather jovial exchange. Things got a little tense, though, when Meyers engaged in a tortured and contrived effort to put Cruz in a corner on the issue of global warming…

At a recent speech, Cruz had warned an audience which included a three-year-old girl that the world was “on fire.”…

“I think he world’s on fire literally,” Meyers said. “Hottest year on record. But, you’re not there, right?”

Up until this point, Liberal amygdalae were getting irritated because Ted was seeming funny and personable, and the liberals wanted blood. Suddenly it looked like Cruz was going to get the hammering he deserved, and they began to experience relief and joy.

To this contention, Meyer’s audience whooped and hollered in a manner that would have made Jon Stewart feel right at home.

Cruz’s response was clever insofar as it undermined the canard to which the left’s climate alarmists cling: That they are wholly rational and data-driven, and their opponents refuse to accept consensus scientific opinion in the parochial service of their political values. Cruz noted that, for 17 years, satellite data has demonstrated that there has been no appreciable warming trend whereas climate models continue to predict catastrophic warming in the near-term. Cruz implied that it was safer to trust empiricism rather than the climate models that have yielded erroneous predictions for decades.

Cruz delivered an answer which was preformed to make anyone who opposed it appear stupid and out of touch, thereby diminishing their status. Once delivered, the rabbits have to choose, oppose Ted’s answer and endure the amygdala pain of knowing they look inferior in the eyes of the crowd, or shut up and not endure the amygdala agony. The crowd chose to pipe down, as did the host, who immediately tried to couch the choice as one not between right and wrong but rather one between two forms of technology.

“So, you trust satellites more than computers?” Meyers asked, pivoting back to a joke. Cruz followed suit, and the conversation veered back toward a humorous direction.

This socially-maneuvering skill is rare among K-strategists, for whom raw quality of effort, and an Asperger’s-like focus on facts and truth is most often the sole focus. Notice, the net effect of Cruz’s response was to demotivate the leftists. Conservatives are driven to action by amygdala irritation. Leftists are driven to depression and inaction. Depression and inaction among the left is exactly what we need.

What Ted needs to do now is focus his target audiences on their enemies (while identifying those enemies as vaguely as possible, to avoid inciting them to action), and in-group himself with his target audience against those enemies. He should do this by riling the votes he wants with anger at the enemy’s transgressions, couching himself as the best suited and most loyal to fight the enemy, and then pledging his loyalty to them and their individual causes, as well as pledging to sacrifice of himself if necessary. Along the way he should seek to keep any votes who are against him from seeing their amygdalae becoming too riled themselves, if he can avoid it. Liberals and the establishment are the enemy – of Blacks, Hispanics, working men, the poor, and the average patriot who hates how the two-party system has sold out America to the rich these last eight years.

If he can in-group himself early on and create a perception that he is “our guy” with each constituency, from the anti-politician constituency, to the pro-freedom constituency, to the anti-tyranny individual, he can instill amygdala pathways in the populace which will shield him from future attack.

If the populace feels he is a stranger and he is attacked by someone else, they will either ignore the attacks, or even join in with them. But if he is seen as a loyal ally by each constituency, attacks upon him will trigger his allies’ amygdalae, infuriate them, and only further entrench their support for him. Like in Judo, he will turn the strength of his enemies’ attacks against them. He needs to link himself with each constituency’s issue, within their amygdalae, so any attack on him is an attack on them and their pet issue, sure to provoke hatred and rage against the attacker.

Given how he has been the only voice in Washington consistently fighting for Conservative principles and against Obama, and how the established political machine, be it left or right hates him, he is already off to a good start. All he needs to do now is go issue-group by issue-group, and point that out, while angering any enemies as little as possible.

Go Ted!

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Suge Knight’s Amygdala Pops, and He’s Out Like a Light

A reader emails an article about Suge Knight blacking out again. Scroll through the slideshow – it’s interesting.

This is the forth time Knight has walked into court fine, only to be carried out on a gurney. His lawyers are laying the blame on a myriad of medical conditions, but obviously this is the amygdala popping “like a broken fuse,” to steal the reader’s most astute observation.

There are several aspects of his experience which can be illuminating. First, court is a very mentally focusing experience. When Knight is being transported, there are people and cars, and new things to focus on, so his brain’s focus is diffuse.

Once he sits in the chair and looks forward however, he has little to focus on beyond the words spoken in the courtroom. As the prosecutor lays out all the various and sundry ways he has transgressed criminally, what a bad person he is, the magnitude of the crimes he is presently accused of, the punishments he faces, and the necessity to screw him over as well as possible this time, I can see him saying to himself, “Damn that is a pretty solid case – They know I’m a bad guy and can show it to other people. I am screwed! They are gonna lock me up and throw away the key! Oh God, this is it!

Once the initial trigger is pulled, and the amygdala amps up, it has a focusing effect itself. Once the amygdala trips on a subject and triggers panic, it also focuses the mind on that panic, increasing the focus even more. In an effort to avoid further amygdala stimulation, a hijackee will often avert their eyes from other stimuli around them, to slow the amygdala burn and try to gain some control. But that will only heighten the focus on the spoken word, and reduce any distractions from the hijacking concepts. From there, things can spin out of control even more easily.

Of greatest interest is that you can face a guy like Suge, with all the reputation, all the experience of hanging people out high-rise windows by their feet or sticking guns in people’s faces, all 6-foot eight and 270 lbs of him. You can speak a few words, his brain can process them, and once those words are in his head, they can literally knock him out like Mike Tyson – just ideas. Like his lawyer says in the article, “Just, bam. He’s unconscious right now.” Like a big fat possum, laying at your feet.

Of course what is coming after the hijack will be even worse. Knight will probably be sick as a dog when he comes to, and it will last for a day or so, maybe longer. There will be headaches, nausea, and weakness. That awfulness is what drives Knight to do the crazy things he does. It is why he does violent stuff the rest of us wouldn’t, and even why he is in jail now. He has to do those violent things, because if he doesn’t stick a gun in some punk’s face and rip him off, then later he will think about how he was the punk. His brain will fire off, and he will experience all of this.

Now not everybody can be hijacked like this. Part of what gave this hijack power is that Suge felt helpless. If this weren’t a courtroom, but rather a dark alley, attempting to use a hijack as a weapon would probably precipitate Suge trying to kill you. The hijack is aversive stimulus, and the narcissist will do anything to avoid experiencing it. You can only hijack them if they have no other option to relive the amygdala pressure.

If Suge was a threat of some sort that needed to be addressed, I would recognize this before trying to hijack him. It would not mean the hijack wouldn’t have utility in some fashion. It would just mean that the main use it would have, would be to drive Suge into some self-destructive behavior, such as, for example, giving me the legal justification for the use of deadly force by some other means, or making him attack a superior adversary (such as government) who would deal with him themselves.

However, as the Narcissist book noted, always maintain the high ground of deadly force when using the hijack on an narcissist, or you could easily get yourself killed. These neural pathways are the same pathways that are behind every crazy murder they profile on Dateline or 48 Hours. You are pressing the exact same buttons. You could get the same response – a crazed narcissist trying to kill you.

The hijack can even have use merely in degrading your opponent’s thought processes. Once you trip that amygdala switch and all those neurotransmitters surge, the electrical activity amps up in the brain incredibly. Even if your opponent doesn’t go “light’s out,” they will see their ability to think and reason degrade. That alone is an enormous power. Understand it even deeper, and you can actually create motivation in their mind – motivation to do what you want, agree with what you say, even motivation to help them stop doing things which are bad for them. He who heals can maketh ill, but he who can maketh ill can also heal.

The email which came with the article was great, but some stuff is best left undiscussed publically.

That said, you don’t have to knock people out right away to school yourself on the amygdala. Simply observing behavior around you, no matter how normal, and trying to deduce, “What is the force this person is assuaging with that behavior?” can yield an amazing insight into the pressures the amygdala applies to us, the force it uses, and how the mind is triggered to produce them. As you understand the force – that focusing, negative sensation – you will grasp how to conjure it, how to prevent it’s assuaging, and how to use it to control the uncontrollable around us. You will even begin to see how to control and mold it in yourself.

It is an incredible power.

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K-selection, Elite Edition

While the proles start melees with chainsaws on the street, the elites have cleaned out Ukraine’s gold.

The transition period from r to K will be the most dangerous time because it is then that the sociopaths will exploit the reasonableness of the K’s, and run roughshod over everyone. Once the fog clears, the rules of the game will become obvious, K-strategists will fall in with their groups, and things will get better. Until then, it will get increasingly chaotic, and our undeveloped amygdalae will not see what will come, because we will never have seen anything like it before.

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Selco Talks Survival

This is a great article by Selco on what K-selection looks like. Read it first, and bear in mind that a year before this was one of the most cosmopolitan European cities, with people sipping tea in sidewalk bistros.

One day we heard that powdered eggs can be bought from some guys who had lots of stuff taken from humanitarian aid convoy…

Guys were in apartment on second floor in apartment building that was maybe already half empty.

Man who opened door for us took us to the living room of the apartment after we told him that we want to buy some goods from him. There were 4 more guys sitting next to table there, actually one of them was sleeping with his head on the table….

All of them looked pretty rough and ready for everything, three of us with one pistol looked like easy prey for them.

Man who opened door for us asked us who sent us, we said name and he said: “Who is that? I do not know him.”

Silence was awkward, I could feel like something is crawling over my back at that moment, especially when I noticed rifles standing next to the chairs where those guys were sitting, and on the carpet under the table there was big stain that suspiciously looked like blood.

One thing a lot of people don’t grasp is how things change when real threat presents itself. You become a different person than you would imagine yourself to be, which can make a lot of your training meaningless. Everything from your mind to your body changes, and it does so without any conscious effort by you.

Enter a real fight, or even just go to a tournament, be it boxing or grappling. You will have a different body than the one you trained with. Yes you spent a half hour a day on the speed bag, and never felt tired. But when it didn’t matter your body knew, and your punches were light, your muscles relaxed, and you developed to throw light punches in a relaxed state for a long period of time. You cannot simulate the change real threat produces.

Enter the ring, and your body knows something is different and it changes, without any permission from you. Injury lurks, and your body tenses every muscle to harden and protect you from sudden injury – and that exhausts your muscles incredibly quickly. Every punch counts, and your body makes every nerve impulse is twice as strong, doubling the violence of every muscular contraction. Within two rounds, you can barely hold your hands up, let alone throw a swift hard jab like you did for hours in practice.

Enter a BJJ, Judo, or wrestling tournament, and no matter how long and hard you trained, within minutes you will feel your arms go numb with exhaustion, beyond anything you can imagine. Under any normal circumstance you cannot force your arm muscles to work as hard as they do naturally when things appear real to your mind. It makes your training into incomplete preparation for the rigors of real world confrontation.

Likewise, try to mentally train to make cool, calculated decisions, run what-ifs in your mind, practice the techniques you will probably need to survive, and all of it can go out the window when you are faced with a few armed men ready to kill you. Your decisions will be hasty and rash, the idea of violence as an option can become minimal to the point of non-existent, if that is allowed by circumstance, and you will feel lucky if you get out alive, no matter any other outcome.

The main points I take from Selco’s article are to get away from the city and have friends who are tactical and reliable. If you have woods and/or ocean, you will have food, and if you have fewer humans around, you will have fewer threats. Likewise, either get somewhere warm, or have enough forest around that you can heat your house off the woods around you, in the event oil becomes harder to come by.

This is what happens when liberals begin to have influence. This is K-selection.

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Citizen Spies and the New Normal

Here is a blast from the past.

From the 2002 article:

The Terrorism Information and Prevention System, or TIPS, means the US will have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany through the infamous Stasi secret police…

Highlighting the scope of the surveillance network, TIPS volunteers are being recruited primarily from among those whose work provides access to homes, businesses or transport systems. Letter carriers, utility employees, truck drivers and train conductors are among those named as targeted recruits.

A pilot program, described on the government Web site www.citizencorps.gov, is scheduled to start next month in 10 cities, with 1 million informants participating in the first stage. Assuming the program is initiated in the 10 largest US cities, that will be 1 million informants for a total population of almost 24 million, or one in 24 people.

One in 24 people was the start point for the pilot program. Not 1 in 24 Military aged males, mind you, but 1 in 24 men women and children. More informers than the Stasi had. Once recruited, give each informant a radio and a car, and you have a crude vehicle surveillance unit as well, with it’s own pre-backstopped identity.

Bear in mind, this was one month from implementation. It had already been approved, funded, planned, assigned, put on the books, and recruitment had begun. If you think they killed it due to a media report when it had gone that far, think again – that is not how these agencies work. I’d bet my life this is out there right now. When it was to begin, the plan called for 1 in 24 citizen informants in the pilot program. If it got off the ground behind the scenes back then, we are over a decade later now. How many more informants might they have today under a fully operational program?

If you live near any major city, and your town has say, 10,000 residents, the government may have a roving mob of 400-500 citizen informants, roaming around spying on whatever some unnamed bureaucrat arbitrarily tells them to spy on. They would be your neighbors, the guy at your Karate class, the geek at the gym, your co-worker, even the taxi driver who takes you home from the bar. No court orders, no warrants, no official sanction necessary. All deployable at some bureaucrat’s whim.

Order cable TV or get your refrigerator repaired, and if you are on the list all they have to do is assign their informant, and he will file a report on everything he sees in your house. He could even come in with a hidden body camera and microphone to film the interior of your house, dig through your medicine cabinet when he goes to the bathroom, plant a transmitter/listening device in your cable box, and dig through your private stuff if the opportunity arises, all to get extra points with his handler. Since he isn’t Law Enforcement, he doesn’t worry about things like warrants or probable cause, and you can bet his handler would encourage his illegal intrusiveness with a wink and a nod.

If you are active in anyway in politics, be it left or right, I think you have to assume strangers will at some point begin getting into your business, if they haven’t already. If they are so brazen as to label veterans who fought for their nation terrorist threats, structure their wargames around the idea of Tea Party members needing to be killed, run a second fiber optic line into a CBS reporter’s house to plant classified documents on her computer, and create a network of citizen informants larger than the Stasi’s, anything is possible.

How far we’ve come.

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The Approach of K-selection Continues

From this article:

San Diego Police responded to a large brawl, involving 20 people, Saturday night at approximately 11:40 p.m., they said.

Authorities said they received a call of men fighting with machetes, chainsaws, and bottles after a party escalated into a fight in the 3600 block of Altadena Avenue.

We aren’t even highly resource-restricted yet, and already the streets of San Diego look like a scene from a Mad Max movie. Wait until the collapse hits.

I’m sure leftists keep telling themselves that these people will spare them, because they have kissed their diverse asses for so long. In reality, these people will only see them as the weak and vulnerable within the herd they are going to target. Meanwhile the cops, who will be going more K and becoming less tolerant themselves due to the shortage, will only see liberals as the enemy within.

I wonder how the Bronies will manage?

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On Bronies and Masculinity

From this article:

John Bailey, a graduate student at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and Brenna Harvey, a grad student at the University of Connecticut, are showing a group – an even mix of men and women, mostly in their 30s, mostly graduate students studying gender – the fruits of their research into bronies: men who like My Little Pony. They have been studying a particularly extreme subset of bronies, they explain. Men who fetishise the ponies. The pair bring up a screengrab. One brony has posted a picture of a My Little Pony wearing sunglasses and drinking lemonade by a pool. In the comments beneath, the poster has made the fatal mistake, at least within this community, of admitting that he lost his “wizard eligibility 26 years ago” – has had sex with a person – and that he does not “clop” – that is, masturbate – to the images. Another brony had responded immediately: “Go be normal somewhere else, faggot.”

This an interesting phenomenon, which can be seen elsewhere in the SJW movement. First there is a demand for “tolerance,” driven by a mild amygdala discomfort which the aberrant feel at being ostracized by others. Once tolerance is achieved, the aberrant set up a clique. Once there is a clique, they insulate themselves from criticism, reimagine their aberrance as normal to shield their amygdala from irritation, and their amygdala adapts to this ease – this new, lower level of ostracization-based stress produced by their false reality of normalcy. This is very much like an addict who begins by using drugs to feel good, grows addicted to the feel-good, and soon begins to freak out in withdrawal if the feel-good cannot be maintained at a super-high level forever.

Meanwhile, the aberrant know they are aberrant, and this knowledge of their aberrance triggers tremendous amygdala irritation if even vaguely touched upon. It is not long before the mere sight of the vaguely normal triggers such rage that you have Bronies rampaging aggressively over the mere fact that other men (even those who somewhat embrace the brony lifestyle themselves) might not feel obligated to immediately clop to pictures of a stuffed Pony doll lounging by the pool.

Suddenly the simple request for tolerance morphs into a tyrannical, amygdala-driven demand by the aberrant that everyone either embrace the aberrance themselves and conform with the aberrant group, or they leave the sight of the aberrant under threat of violence and aggression. All of this is best viewed using an addiction paradigm, with amygdala-relaxation as the drug. To paraphrase Guns’N Roses, “I used to use a little but the little wouldn’t do, so the little got more and more. Now I’m clopping to a puppet and the puppet won’t do, so I’ve gotta find even more.”

Perhaps if the mechanism is documented, society could see that conformity and ostracization is a tool designed to keep groups from being terrorized by defectives who should never have been allowed into the group to begin with. Perhaps the process could be avoided some day at the outset, with a demand that the aberrant keep their aberrance private out of politeness, and gain acceptance that way.

Eventually, as they enter the end-stages of the addiction to ease, they will begin to look at other cliques of defectives, and wonder to themselves, “Why are they not serving me as well?” The similarity to Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder is just astonishing. It is all the same.

The feminists are now blaming these men for not dropping their pony dolls and supporting the feminist cause more aggressively. Soon the Pink SF crowd will begin to complain they are focused on the pony, rather than a strong lesbian/transgendered werewolf character, and liberals will want to know why they are not more politically active.

We are at the point where our defectives have begun blaming each other for all of the myriad of problems they see as caused by the normal. You know your society is screwed when your problems have become so numerous that you mostly just sit back and look forward to how they will intersect and interfere with each other, in their numerous and varied attempts to destroy all that is good.

Even understanding the mechanism, it is still difficult to fathom the insanity to which a society has fallen when men begin to fixate on horses instead of pretty women. At least in Rome, as the end approached men married real horses. It appears that in America, our SJW cohort is so defective they are falling short of even that mark.

Bring on the collapse.

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