Signs Of r – Designer Vagina Showcase

They actually have an expo, complete with silicone vaginas and laser shows:

No matter how comfortable with yourself and your body you think you are, there is always something new that you can hate. I learned this at this presentation, hailed as the “first-ever vagina showcase” and timed to run alongside New York Fashion Week…

Marashi, an Iranian surgeon who specializes in vaginal cosmetic surgery and has performed more than 400 procedures in the largely mysterious field (there’s no formal certification or medical specialty, merely gynecological surgeons who perform surgeries to prettify genitalia), can shorten your labia, tighten your vagina, amplify your G-spot and even tighten the strings on your clitoral hood, so to speak. He can take into account preferences for shape and color, he explains, and boost your self-confidence and physicality to give you the best sex you’ve ever had with more orgasms than you’ve ever dreamed of…

His slideshow, presented in this boardroom with several bouquets of pink flowers, a tray of mini cupcakes and two life-size vagina models sitting on the table, refers to his practice as the “house of designer vaginas.” There is also apparently a fog machine built into this room’s ceiling, as well as green lasers that shoot from the ceiling to reflect on the shiny black table, for some light ambiance.

Amazingly when you compare it to the transgenders, furries, pedophiles, and basic SJW’s, this seems quite sane by comparison.

This can only happen when resources are freely available. You need that shift toward the r-strategy to loosen sexual mores and shyness, promote the idea of pursuing anything freely, supply the resources to fuel it, and create a certain amount of dissatisfaction with whatever your eyes fall upon.

That last part is critical, as I suspect it is the instinctual root of r-strategist migration. Rabbits are fundamentally prone to fixate on minutia, and be so bothered by it they will do anything to remove it from their view. These are truly creatures who are programmed for the perfect environment – and programmed to be so bothered by any deviation they perceive that they will flee their homeland, and even let their own genitals be cut. This keeps them moving ahead of the K-selection, as the resource shortage begins to close in.

What should be clear is these are not the kinds of sane people you want running your country or having a say in its financial expenditures.

Spread r/K Theory, because the designer vagina showcase heralds the Apocalypse

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The Burning Platform On The Death Of Cash

As with much of TBP, a brilliant insight:

The assault against physical currency is shifting into overdrive.

In the past six months alone:

India pulled 86% of its cash from circulation.

The EU froze production of €500 banknotes and announced plans to tighten its existing restrictions on cash transactions.

President of operations and technology at MasterCard, Rob Reeg, predicted that Australia will be a 100% cashless economy within the next 5-10 years…

By restricting the public’s ability to access and store currency, governments can keep their citizens on a tight leash. Any dissent or rebellion can be swiftly stifled by seizing funds and freezing accounts. And once a precedent is set, it’s unlikely that many would dare to rise up.

Imagine a world where you can only buy things with an electronic card, and that card can be disabled, “due to an error” at any moment.

“Oh, geez, the magnetic strip must be failing…. At least you can get another in two to four weeks.”

I had been thinking of it in terms of being able to seize the money as the government’s coffers run dry, but being able to stop individuals from using it is probably even more important in the interim. Imagine a Hillary minion with that power, at critical moments in the Apocalypse. You head to the grocery store to empty the shelves, but due to an error, each card only has $40 on it.

Again, these things sound great when they are sold as only being applied to drug dealers and terrorists. But once some minor functionary doesn’t like an opinion letter you wrote to the town newspaper, and the machine turns on you, you’ll suddenly realize why they used to say, “That which governs best, governs least.”

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Donald’s Confidential Banking Data Accessed By Deutsche Bank

This is basically the Deep State, though nobody will admit it:

The scandal-hit bank that loaned hundreds of millions of dollars to Donald Trump has conducted a close internal examination of the US president’s personal account to gauge whether there are any suspicious connections to Russia, the Guardian has learned.

Deutsche Bank, which is under investigation by the US Department of Justice and is facing intense regulatory scrutiny, was looking for evidence of whether recent loans to Trump, which were struck in highly unusual circumstances, may have been underpinned by financial guarantees from Moscow.

The Guardian has also learned that the president’s immediate family are Deutsche clients. The bank examined accounts held by Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, her husband, Jared Kushner, who serves as a White House adviser, and Kushner’s mother.

The internal review found no evidence of any Russia link, but Deutsche Bank is coming under pressure to appoint an external and independent auditor to review its business relationship with President Trump.

Check it out. Deutsche Bank has reviewed all of the confidential banking info for Donald Trump, as well as his children and their spouses. They even looked at the accounts of Jared’s mother. Have no doubt, everybody from Flynn to Bannon has also had these “unofficial” private reviews by private sector parties.

Why would Deutsche Bank give a shit if Donald Trump’s daughter’s husband’s mom had a car loan directly from Vladimir Putin? How would that even remotely affect the bank? The answer is, it wouldn’t. The bank didn’t do this of it’s own volition. This was done at the behest of the Deep State. My assumption would be that it was supposed to remain quiet unless something was turned up, but some minor underling went running to the Guardian with the news, probably hoping to spur a more in-depth analysis that might turn something embarrassing up.

So suppose Vladimir Putin had made a payment to Donald Trump. How would it have played out? First, Obama holdovers at Justice, most likely, would quietly call up executives at Deutsche, and they would tell them to perform this review. It could have been any agency, though. I am sure numerous government agencies have assets at Deutsche, from the CIA to DHS. There is no official paper trail, no official request, and they might even use a burner phone.

I have no idea what the quid pro quo was, but it might have had to do with withholding some other piece of info uncovered in the investigation of Deutsche, it might have been more direct blackmail of a Deutsche official based on something embarrassing found during extensive surveillance of them, or the individual who triggered the review in Deutsche might even have been a paid asset of some government intelligence program inside banks, designed to uncover money laundering, drug dealing, or other illicit activities.

Those intel networks of informants and sources always have a vital Law Enforcement objective when they are set up, even if later they just become a Deep State toy to assert control over everyone. Remember the TIPS network? The pilot program was one in 24 citizen spies, selected based on access to desirable data on citizens, reporting to a government handler, and gathering whatever they were told, that was beyond the reach of the government legally. It was supposed to be a confidential network solely for use in terrorism investigations.

Just like that, without a warrant, your medical records, banking records, mail shipments, credit card activity, travel itineraries, and everything else about your life would be instantly accessible to fedguv without a warrant. It doesn’t sound like a big deal when you picture it being done to drug dealers, but when that network decides to follow your every move and fuck up things you set up based on the 24/7 intel they are gathering on you, you realize why the Founders wanted a limited government.

So now the Deep State has triggered the internal review at Deutsche. It found Vladimir Putin is paying Donald’s cable bill every month. The bill comes in from Time Warner for $94.95, and Vladimir dumps in that exact amount, which then goes right back out to Time Warner. That Deutsche official then is instructed to give that info to a specific reporter who is part of the network, and out it goes. The Deep State is completely kept out of the story, and Donald’s Presidency is crippled by purely coincidental circumstances that arose wholly by chance. I assume that is what we are looking at, because if they weren’t setting it up to be leaked while keeping fedguv fingerprints off it, NSA would have pulled the file and reviewed it themselves, without involving Deutsche employees. The problem with that is, if it turned up something, how does it get to the media with a signature that clearly says, “Not Deep State Related In Any Way”?

If you want to understand what the Deep State is probably like, you could do worse than to rent out the first five seasons of the TV Show Burn Notice, and look at “Management,” the shadowy intel network that burned the main character, and against which he bucks and wrestles throughout the show. Everywhere you go, whatever you deal with, Management will have assets in it, exactly where it needs them to effect control. Management is out there, though I assume it began life more as an official anti-terrorism tool, before being privatized for secrecy to the point of being only loosely attached to government and its objectives.

The show is a good primer on surveillance covers and intelligence gathering, and I am convinced whoever wrote it was aware of the early stages of today’s Deep State machine. It is not impossible, and maybe even likely, that it was even written after the writer crossed paths with it in person. The only thing I would say is, it had to play down the extent of the machine, because if it was true to life, there is no way Michael Westin could have even begun to operate. Even Dead Larry would have trouble today. Though in fairness, that is true of every show. Once you know how things work, Dexter can only exist in your imagination these days. You have to let go of reality to enjoy it.

I do not know whether Trump should try to grab full control of this machine, and risk being tarred and feathered with any blowback should specific exposed parts one day become public, or whether he should just make sure everyone who works for him knows to keep their noses absolutely clean, as he maintains the meme that he is at war with some shadowy Deep State entity that is watching and leaking his sensitive data. The advantage to that is, if some of the more terrifying aspects of the Deep State become exposed one day, and the public turns on it, then as an enemy of the Deep State, Donald will become a natural ally of the public, rather than be tarred as the fascist dictator who was wielding the Deep State machinery against the people and his enemies in the media.

To that end, the voices of the Alt-Right should be sure to maintain the meme that there is a Deep State which is bent on destroying Donald. His Presidency could one day depend upon that meme, and if certain extrapolations I see hold true, it probably will.

God knows, Donald is probably this country’s last chance. Fortunately with his skill and intellect, whatever decision he makes will certainly be the best possible.

Spread r/K Theory, because the Deep State will not do it for us

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Amygdala Stimulation Wanes When Relief Is Not Forthcoming

This is waning amygdala:

A second consecutive day of protests against U.S. President Donald Trump’s month-old administration appeared to lose momentum on Friday, with rallies in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York attracting small yet enthusiastic crowds.

Activists had called for a “general strike” a day after thousands of immigrants across the United States stayed home from work and school during “A Day Without Immigrants” to highlight the contributions of foreign-born workers to the American economy.

Strike4Democracy, one of the groups organizing Friday’s strike, said more than 100 public protests were expected around the country.

In New York, more than 16,000 people responded to a Facebook page set up for a rally at Washington Square Park in Manhattan, but fewer than 200 protesters were at the park an hour after the posted start time.

Animals placed in cages and given foot shocks constantly adapt to them, and even lay down and go to sleep after a while.

Any Cuckservative like the Bushes would have capitulated to the left several times by now, and each instance would have trained leftist amygdalae to freak out even more in future protests, in expectation of that reward. Trump has not only not given relief, he has piled more stress upon them, leading their brains to subconsciously conclude that protesting is futile, and a waste of time that only yields even more stress and angst.

As time goes on, expect leftists in general to begin to withdraw from politics. What used to be fun and empowering is now a fruitless exercise in impotence and empty rage. With time, their brains will recoil at the idea of politics, and they will not want to engage with anyone over it. As public support for leftism wanes, leftists will begin to feel out-grouped and defeated, and that will further diminish leftist engagement. With time, leftists will avoid association with the left out of embarrassment, likely trying to rename what they are to “progressive” or “moderate,” to differentiate themselves from the losers they will view the SJW left as.

Donald Trump will make Ronald Reagan look like weak medicine by the time he leaves office. Even better, if we are lucky, he will also marginalize all of the clueless Cuckservatives in the process.

Spread r/K Theory, because we want to hit the left when it is down

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Kim Jong-nam Killed In Five Seconds

It happens fast:

IT took no more than five seconds and one fluid move to kill Kim Jong-nam, the estranged half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, at klia2 on the morning of Feb 13.

Jong-nam was standing idle in a small crowd in front of the airport’s self check-in counter when his assailants struck.

They had been watching him… and when opportunity presented itself, they moved in.

Within that five seconds, one of them stood in front of him to distract him. This was when the other, who had been lurking behind Jong-nam, had him locked in a chokehold, to administer the poison that killed him soon after.

Obviously Kim Jong-nam needed a higher degree of surveillance awareness, because he likely had an enormous amount of NK surveillance prior to the attack. He really should have moved to a Western nation and surrounded himself with Caucasians, to make surveillance by Korean agents more difficult and more likely to stand out from the background. They could have hired local talent, but that increases the risk of exposure. There is a simple exercise you can do to help harden yourself against attacks like this.

When you are out and about, train yourself to trigger on the breaks in your expectations, and when you trigger check behind you quickly. Breaks in expectation are anything which you did not see coming, and which grab your attention as a result. It could be the guy in the parking lot who stops you to ask you for the time, it could be the broad with the ridiculously big breasts jumping up and down on the sidewalk in a tank top. It could just be the girl in the airline checkout line who turns around to flirt with you unexpectedly. Train yourself now to reflexively check your six the moment your amygdala registers that unexpected stimulus pop up in front of you.

At first, you’ll trigger on the big and unusual distractions, like a guy stopping you to ask a question. But as time goes on, you’ll begin reflexively checking your six with each interruption or distraction. That will fill out your situational awareness nicely.

This will give you an advantage in spotting and repelling an attack, but it may actually offer more advantage just in making you violate the expectations of any potential attackers. Kim Jong-nam’s attack was carefully prepared and practiced based upon an expectation he would be distracted by the distraction in front of him. That means by being distracted, he lowered the amygdala agitation of his attackers, and cleared the way for their attack in their mind.

You, by reacting differently and violating expectation will tend to trigger your attacker’s amygdala, and that will create the opportunity to thwart their plans. Had Kim Jong-nam simply turned around when the distraction began and checked behind him, he would have probably locked eyes with the girl who intended to put him in a headlock and spray him with the drug. A girl, who had prepped to spray an unsuspecting man from behind, would suddenly find herself locking eyes with her target, in a situation she was not prepared for mentally.

Does she attack a man twice her size, directly head on? Does she abort? Has he made her as an attacker? Is he ready for her? Is it a set up? Is he about to attack her? Does she need to defend against an impending attack? If she sprays him will he grab her, drag her to the ground, and get the drug on her skin in the process, killing her?

Ignoring a carefully-planned distraction, and turning to scan elsewhere creates a lot of stressful thoughts in the attacker who expected you to be distracted. All of those stressful thoughts crowd an already overloaded amygdala, and all are demanding to be processed simultaneously in the microsecond the attacker has to make the go/no-go decision. It is overwhelming mentally. If, as the girls now claim, they were innocent, untrained civilians false-flagged into the operation, your chances of triggering a misstep increase significantly. (Though the report that one wore a glove and discarded it after the hit might indicate at least one knew whatever was in the bottle was bad juju.)

The key at that point, is to have programmed yourself to recognize and focus upon the unusual in your environment, and especially the inappropriate surprise and discomfort in those you see. It is not normal for someone who falls under your gaze to appear highly stressed, frightened, shocked, surprised, or otherwise uncomfortable. When you see that, recognize what you may have inadvertently stumbled upon. Never, ever, dismiss such a moment out of fear of being paranoid.

What Kim Jong-nam would probably have noticed in his casual, over the shoulder glance, would have been a girl, wide eye’d at being face to face with him, paused in mid motion, strangely stressed and frozen for a second in shock and surprise, as she tried to figure out what to do. That in itself would be an advantage over being blindsided, but the real advantage would have been if she had then quickly walked off, leaving him with the realization something had been about to happen. That is the golden moment you want to seize.

Training yourself to trigger on breaks in expectation is not a cure-all. It will not magically prevent you from ever being attacked. It will not turn every attack into a brilliant counter-attack. But it can thwart efforts at distraction and open up opportunities which would not open up otherwise, and thus increase your chances of survival in the Apocalypse. The real key comes in recognizing when you interrupted something, and realizing how you need to harden your defenses in the future in response to the newly uncovered threat.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because it will distract the rabbits, and throw them off their game

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The Populace Shifts K, Making r Less Profitable

ESPN is losing hugely:

Once an indispensable sports powerhouse, cable TV network ESPN has gone from must-see-TV for millions of sports fans to financial boondoggle for owner Disney with the network losing up to 10,000 subscribers a day, a report says…

With the impact of the flailing sports network, Disney’s revenue fell 3 percent, and its profits sank 14 percent, the financial site reported.

As to ESPN itself, the network lost subscribers, found its average viewership crater, and experienced falling advertising rates even as its programming costs climbed. And this fall from grace continued even after Disney insisted that ESPN had reached its bottom after the previous quarter came to an end.

Going SJW when the nation is embracing Trump might not have been the smartest move.

Meanwhile Nordstorms feels the Trumpening:

A viral video shows a group of women storming into a Nordstrom to cancel their accounts in response to the retailer’s decision to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand, promising to shop at Dillard’s instead.

Laurie Ray posted a video on Facebook of herself and seven other women — some wearing shirts with photos of President Donald Trump that say “Haters Gonna Hate” — walking into Nordstroms in Chandler, Arizona, with handfuls of cash to cancel their accounts.

“I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom for 30 years,” one woman in the video says, speaking into a telephone. “Because of your decision to drop Ivanka Trump, I will no longer shop at your store, nor will my husband or our nine children or our eight grandchildren.”

Instead, the women say they are “headed to Dillard’s to buy all kinds of stuff.” Dillard’s continues to sell Ivanka’s brand.

This is the K-shift. When r-selection is on the rise, this social blacklisting is used by the left to impose disadvantage on the right. But today the resources are not flowing as freely and everybody is barely hanging on, so when the right consciously moves its business, an already thin economic situation rapidly becomes untenable for the left.

If you thought the left was already going crazy, watch as they go even crazier now that every rule they thought they knew is upended by the changing economic situation and our God Emperor. This amygdala stimulation will only drive the entire nation even more rightward. It will even begin to remodel the leftists to be more stress tolerant, after a few years of it.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because K-selection’s stock is about to rise

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Wisconsin Students Demand Free Tuition For Blacks

This makes no sense, except in the context of r/K Selection Theory:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student government is demanding free tuition for black students.

The Associated Students Of Madison adopted a resolution … demanding free access, tuition and housing for all black people, including former inmates.

UW-Madison spokesman John Lucas says university officials are reviewing the resolution.

What amazes me is how the instinctual operating system so completely over-rides logic. Even the lowest IQ can understand the idea of limited resources.

But not rabbits. They will crash the economic systems of the environments they live in, all because their brain is literally unable to grasp the idea that there may not be enough free stuff to let everybody live in perpetual bliss.

Only r/K can possibly explain how this bizarrely illogical trait could survive Darwinian selection.

Spread r/K Theory, because liberals are giving everything away

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Sweden Tries To Ban Bulletproof Vests

Rabbits like feeling as if everyone is just as likely to die as they are:

Allan Widman, chairman of the Swedish parliamentary defense committee, demands that individuals are prohibited from wearing bulletproof vests to protect themselves from the increasing violence, which he believes will increase further without a ban, reports Sydsvenskan.

Widman has written a bill to the parliament in which he demands that it should be illegal and punishable for individuals to wear body armor… Widman believes that that the protective vests contribute to escalate the level of violence in the Swedish society – and that a ban could lower it. .

r-selection occurs when there are free resources and no selective pressure favoring fitness. That means the free resources can come either from a glut, or from a uniform predation that culls back everyone equally, leaving excess resources. So long as the hawk has complete dominance over the rabbits, and kills them all equally, the remaining rabbits have unlimited fields of grass they will never strip bare, and you have r-selection.

The second one rabbit evolves a shell that protects it from hawks, expect all the other pathetic rabbits to gang up on it and try to strip its shell off so it will die just as readily as they will. Anything which produces genetic advancement is K-selection, so to have r-selection, the rabbits need to prevent anyone who is superior from enjoying an advantage.

It is no coincidence leftists want everyone to have an equal chance of dying, and that they are repulsed by the idea of select individuals carrying arms for self defense, or even wearing bulletproof vests. It is also no coincidence that the rabbits are preferentially importing low IQ killers from a religion of death as fast as they can.

Leftists are pathetically weak and incapable, and as K-selection takes hold, expect them to want everyone else to be equally weak and incapable as well.

Logic would seem to indicate that leftists would pursue a strategy of keeping themselves alive by pursuing self-defense themselves. But no, leftists desire suicide while forcing suicide on everyone else as well. The only way you can view leftism is as an r-selected trait which favors forcing uniform incapability on everyone as a way of favoring the r-selected trait itself. No other paradigm will explain the leftist’s perfect happiness to pursue a strategy of personal suicide, combined with the desire to force suicide on everyone else as well.

Leftists are r-strategists. You cannot understand the psychology in any other way.

Spread r/K Theory, because when the Apocalypse hits, we want that mortality to be spread unevenly

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Paris On Fire With Muslim Riots

This will not end well:

Officers were forced to unleash tear-gas on angry crowds as buildings and rubbish bins were set on fire around the Barbes Metro station, which is just around the corner from the Eurostar hub at Gare du Nord.

As fire crews went in to extinguish the blazes, lines of riot police were attacked, and shops were looted.

A policeman at the scene said: “Windows have been smashed and officers attacked…

Police stations and squad cars have been attacked since, along with patrols trying to operate around France…

The areas is also close to the Sacre Coeur basilica in the Montmartre area – one hugely popular with tourists, including many from Britain.

Many fear a repeat of the mass housing estate rioting that blighted France over three weeks in 2005, leading to a State of Emergency being declared.

Don’t import Muslims, and you won’t have these problems. It doesn’t matter if 99.99% of Muslims don’t do this. What idiot would accept this chaos and violence, just to import the rest of the Muslims, who you don’t need? This is entirely a leftist-created problem – and a great K-stimulus which will sweep Le Pen into power.

This is a problem because these Muslims are seeing their amygdalae trained to purge amygdala stimulation with violence, and they are not being trained to expect adversity in response.

Muslims are bully/coward psychologies. They are made to dominate or be dominated. Every time the Police run away before them, and they destroy more property without any consequence, France is activating their “dominate” brain programming. What this will do is train them to do this every time they are upset, and over time the amount of upset required to trigger it will grow less.

The longer this goes on, the more violent the ultimate crackdown will have to be, to rewrite all of this programming over with programming training them to expect incivility to produce painful consequences.

And again, we are seeing this already, even though the economic Apocalypse has not yet begun to manifest.

When the Apocalypse hits, Europe will explode.

Spread r/K Theory whenever politics comes up, because when the explosion comes we want it to cleanse the land

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Ebola Super-Spreaders Spread The Pandemic

Ebola spread faster among some than others:

The analysis, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows nearly two thirds of cases (61%) were caused by 3% of infected people…

The study looked at cases in and around the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown.

By looking at the pattern of where and when cases emerged, the researchers could tell how many people each infected person was passing the deadly virus onto.

Prof Steven Riley, one of the researchers at Imperial College London, told the BBC News website: “Most cases had a relatively short infectious period and generated low numbers of secondary infections, whereas a small number had longer infectious periods and generated more infections. …

Children under 15-years-old and adults over 45 were more likely to be spreading the virus.

“My feeling is this may be explained by human behaviour,” said Prof Riley…

Prof Jonathan Ball, a virologist at the University of Nottingham, told the BBC: “The recent West African outbreak was on an unprecedented scale and many cases, especially those occurring out in the community, appear to have arisen from a surprisingly small number of infected individuals.

“Knowing who is most likely to transmit the virus can help in focusing interventions designed to prevent virus spread, and the current study suggests that infected children and the elderly were more likely to pass their virus on.

“Whether this was this due to biological or social factors is unclear, and these will be important questions to address if we are to understand how Ebola virus super-spread occurs.”

My guess would be there is a large behavioral component to being a superspreader. How many times I have seen people who when sick, seem to be pruposely trying to spread it. I would not even be surprised to see a high degree of Narcissistic Personality Disorder among spreaders. Nothing would trigger a narcissist like the sight of healthy people, when they themselves are sick. It should also not escape notice that those who were less likely to be super-spreaders were in the prime of life, old enough to have authority and not feel powerless, and young enough to not be really old and thus jealous of the young.

Bear in mind that the r-strategy has a very strong component of covert competitiveness with peers, trying to screw those around them covertly, without being held to account. Do you think liberals who are trying to import Muslims to destroy civilized society might also be prone to spread a disease purposely, especially if it made everyone else as sick as they were?

Mark my words, when the Apocalypse hits it will bring a pandemic with it. The only question is just how bad it will be.

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