Another Mortal Salience Stimulus

The New Planned Parenthood Sting Video Is the Worst One Yet

The latest sting video from the “Human Capital” documentary web series produced by the Center for Medical Progress is the most disturbing one yet. The horrific footage includes technicians picking over aborted baby parts, and is being described by horrified viewers on Twitter as “Godless,” “evil,” and “demonic.” The video also includes new admissions from Planned Parenthood leadership about the illicit pricing structure.

A moderate mortal salience stimulus will light up the amygdala in normal people. Once lit up, the amygdala reacts robustly to subsequent stimuli. It is kind of like the heightened awareness you’d experience after watching a fight. Immediately after you will notice things you might have missed, take actions you might otherwise have procrastinated on, and focus more aggressively on everything in front of you. Basically you become more human, and less of a brain-deadened zombie.

Of course if you are not normal or if the stimulus is so massive it is totally overwhelming, your amygdala may be completely overwhelmed, and you may go lights out.

One technician featured in the video fainted on the job on her first day — a reaction apparently not uncommon for people in the industry…

“The moment I picked up the leg, I could just feel — death and pain — I’ve never felt that before — like shoot up through my body.”

It was at that point that she blacked out. When she woke up in the recovery room a little while later, a nurse told her, “Don’t worry, it still happens to a bunch of us.”

It still happens. They go to work, pick up a little human leg, think about what might have been, and “pop!”

Lights out, and you wake up somewhere else. More and more you will come to realize, many of the corrupted do evil by turning their brain off. The good is in there, they just need their eyes opened.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Between this, mass shootings, illegal immigrant murderers, and Donald Trump, the turning point is approaching – and all of that ignores what will come at the collapse.

Apocalypse Cometh™

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As K-selection Approaches, The Rabbits Will First Begin Eating Each Other

What happens when resources contract?

David Wiegel at the Washington Post writes that at least insofar as the Democratic Party is concerned, internal politics is becoming a zero-sum game. He quotes Barney Frank’s roundabout way of asserting that the trouble with today’s Dems is there isn’t enough loot left to simultaneously pay off the black Democratic base and white leftist moonbats…

The Big Tent was collection of naturally antipathetic interest groups held together by the prospect of other people’s money. For years there was enough to pay off the white part of the tent with enough left over to satisfy the black side of things. Now that the money’s run out they’re fighting for the same slice of pie. That, by definition, is zero-sum.

One could make an analogous argument about the dynamic in the Republican party. For decades its leadership could talk conservative and vote Democrat. Now it’s time to fish or cut bait. Politicians who could formerly sit on the fence are finding it transformed into a 12 foot slide made of razor blades, otherwise known as Donald Trump, who has now taken to wearing white golf shoes and a matching baseball cap on the campaign trail.

It is more than that. Amygdala activation is a funny thing. Excitement over one thing can trigger an unrelated action easier. Here Leftists are sensing the tingles in the air, and it is freaking them out. Once freaked out, all it takes is a little irritation from a compatriot, and they will turn on them and explode.

Add in resource restriction, a turning populace, and Donald Trump, and it only makes it worse.

Wait until the whole government collapses, food deliveries to cities cease due to piracy, vibrant gangs go on regular patrol for victims to rape, rob, and murder, illegals take some of the few jobs Americans need to survive, and everyone realizes the government has not only spent all of their money, but also spent all of the money they will make for the next fifteen years.

Apocalypse Cometh™

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The Origins of Cuckservative, From an Expert

Basically, Cuckservatives sit in a corner fapping with wide eyes while liberals screw the Conservative base they claim to represent.

Before it became a 4chan meme, “cuckold” was a common term of abuse in mediaeval times and through the Renaissance. Shakespeare plays are replete with the word — that’s where I learned it, anyway, where it’s used as a byword for an emasculated male.

The original meaning, of course, referred to a man with an unfaithful wife. In recent years, it also describes a new sexual fetish where “cuckolds” watch their partners have sex with another person. For some reason, the Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis thinks that exclusively black men feature in this kind of pornography — again, he clearly hasn’t spent enough time on 4chan.

I mean, I’d be fine if that were the case and it were a porn genre devoted solely to black men, obviously. But it simply isn’t, and in any case that’s not the etymology of this term. It didn’t metastasise from porn, but rather from image boards.

On 4chan, “cuck” is used as a general term of abuse, to describe someone who caves in, surrenders, or sells out his core supporters. (His base, in political parlance.) 4chan’s founder Christopher Poole, for example, is called a “cuck,” not for any racially-charged reason, but because he capitulated to outside pressure to ban controversial discussion topics on the website. And because he was allegedly cuckolded in real life – but not by a black man.

It’s easy to see why “cuck” makes such a good insult. It’s a byword for needlessly relinquished manliness, for selling out and caving in. The original metaphor of watching your partner getting slammed by another dude now simply means abandoned principles and a lack of backbone. It’s a byword for beta male or coward.

It also carries the element of a man who pledges fidelity, yet takes perverse pleasure in the most overt act of disloyalty. From attacking Donald Trump for championing the immigration issue, to firing John Derbyshire for crime-think, it fits perfectly.

It is so perfect, you will never convince me that Heartiste‘s constant use of the cuckold meme wasn’t the true origin, with Rush picking it up from there.

For accuracy’s sake, it is worth noting that Cuckservatives are really just instinctual liberals who were smart enough to know being liberal is a mark of idiocy, but not smart enough to logically reason themselves away from their liberal urges after they identified themselves as conservative for reasons of reputation. Sadly, due to their innate liberal ability to navigate social hierarchies, they tend to rise to leadership positions within the movement. Once there, their liberal urges produce constant betrayals and capitulations to their liberal instincts, as well as a subtle perception that real conservatives are some sort of enemy to be attacked.

You can see the liberal urges in their desperate desire to maintain social status and avoid being slurred by the base, avoid conflict with the enemy, attack those who question them with lies (ie “Cuckservative” was coined by the KKK to slur conservative Christians), use of disqualification by association, attempts to ban and silence anyone who discusses crime-truths (Derbyshire), and openness to liberal philosophies about immigration, spending, guns, foreign aid, and so on.

Notice, this site predicted that Trump would create greater confrontation, and alter our debate. Before Trump, K-strategists were getting screwed left and right by the Cuckservatives. It is only now, as people have gotten acclimated to fighting and acrimony, that the true K-strategists are on the attack, something made even more obvious by how the Cuckservatives have a sense of desperation about their new name. Rabbits always panic when the acrimony begins.

This will get even more interesting once Trump begins winning primaries.

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Venezuela is About to Run Out of Beer

Venezuela’s Apocalypse Approaches.

Venezuela could stop making beer by August, as local breweries run out of ingredients needed to produce the country’s most popular alcoholic drink. A brewery shutdown would reduce the country’s beer supply by a terrifying 80 percent, according to industry leaders.

Local breweries say they are down to their final batches of barley, malt and other imported products needed to make beer, thanks to Venezuela’s strict currency controls that have made it almost impossible to purchase supplies. The industry, which is calling the situation an “unprecedented crisis,” is already some $200 million in arrears to suppliers around the world.

“Beer shortages will essentially force our sector to go broke; beer accounts for 70 percent of our sales,” Fray Roa, a spokesman for Venezuela’s National Association of Liquor Store Owners.

Ouch. Never let a socialist run your economy, dumbasses. Wait… Oh yeah, we’ve kind of done the same thing.

There is a good site on growing hops here, for those who are not sure they could survive this particular shortage themselves.

I am convinced that in the next few decades, we will look back on this time, when we effortlessly went to supermarkets stocked with everything, and just bought what we wanted, and marvel at how unusual it really was.

Apocalypse cometh.

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Of Cuckservatives, Racial In-grouping, and the Civil War Cube

Heartiste talks about the new term of art, Cuckservative:

CH definition: A cuckservative is a cowardly pussy who sucks up to leftoid equalists for mercy and pisses himself when he gets accused of racism, sexism, or anti-semitism.

Corollary to the above CH definition: The cuckservative will throw his brother and his nation under the bus if it means he keeps his token status as cog in the Hivemind machine. Those cocktail parties aren’t going to attend themselves!

Matt Forney does a longer piece at Return of Kings, detailing the ten signs you may be a Cuckservative

What is happening now is in-grouping. Cuckservatives are trying to say this is about race, and those wielding the term are racists, or white supremacists. But it is about more than that. Merely by seeking to disqualify users of the term Cuckservative by using word associations such as racists and white supremacist, the Cuckservatives betray something about themselves. They have a little leftist in them.

Rather than debate the merits of importing third worlders from socialist countries to America, or meet the non-cucks head on and debate their issues to show they are wrong about something, they would rather simply use name calling to stifle debate, and out-group the alt-right with the population over associations with unpopular terms. That is straight out of the SJW playbook.

When you combine it with the Cuckservative’s desire to ally with leftists, gain leftist approval, or not attack leftists ardently enough, it is no wonder alt-righters, feeling the tingles of unrest in the air, want to purge the leftist-like cucks from their group, in preparation for whatever insanity may be coming.

Of course race and immigration are issues which delineate the Cuckservatives from the non-cucks, and it too relates to in-grouping in the face of what is coming. Within the poorer black community in-grouping has been occurring for a while. It is why Michael Brown can strangle a cashier while stealing his cigars, dive into a Police car and try to kill the cop who saw him, and when he gets shot by the cop the #blacklivesmatter crowd acts as if it was akin to Jesus being crucified. To the #blacklivesmatter crowd, their own can do no wrong, and the outsiders are the enemy.

Cuckservatives never dealt with this honestly when it began. To this day, I will bet nobody short of Donald Trump would call out Michael Brown as a savage who got what he deserved. We all know it. We saw him strangling the cashier. But no Cuckservative has the balls to say it. This emboldened the #blacklivesmatter crowd to become ever more in-grouped, and ever more vituperative. Now, if you say “all lives matter,” they view it as a call to arms.

Which points out the big problem. Cuckservatives are afraid of truths, if they are amygdala triggering to leftists. They will fire John Derbyshire for quoting peer reviewed statistics. They will shout down members of their own party with labels and innuendo. And they will do it all, just to gain the acceptance of the very leftists who are destroying our nation.

That is one thing if you are a leftist. We expect leftists to say the King is beautifully clothed, even though he is stark naked. But now we even have idiots on our side saying the King’s clothes are especially splendid, and anyone who says otherwise is a racist, homophobic, insensitive, bad-person who is not to be liked. There is a point past which you lose the people who believe in truth. The Cuckservatives have now crossed that point.

Even worse, by capitulating to the left, they make the leftist’s mental problems grow. It is a sort of Folie à deux, where two mentally ill people each feed the other’s delusions, because there is literally nobody who will inject reality into the relationship. The Cuckservatives cede a fantasy to the leftist as reality, the leftist comes up with a new fantasy, and the Cuck bolsters that one too.

It is no surprise given all this that one man running for President, saying simple truths unapologetically, would find immense support in such a scenario. It is even less surprising that as he creates a confrontational environment where truth can be spoken, others would rise to do so as well, and pitch in – in this case by labeling it, and purging the Cuckservatives from the Right as best they can. This is the prelude to resource restriction, and the K-selection which will arise from it.

When r turns to K, the rabbits do not determine destiny, the K’s do. If at some point in-grouped blacks attack in-grouped whites, or in-grouped whites begin attacking in-grouped blacks, all the SJW and Cuckservative unity-talk in the world will not stop how attitudes will change. All blacks will begin to view all whites as enemies out of necessity, and any white Cuckservative who assumes he can just drive through a poorer black area during that period will learn very quickly why evolution preferred in-grouping. How this all plays out will be triggered by the K-strategists, not the rabbits or the Cuckservatives at the margins, trying to sound important or superior.

It is surprising to observe the degree of in-grouping today given how easy we have it. It brings to mind Matt Bracken’s Civil War Cube. I never understood the full implications of it, but looking at the degree of in-grouping already amongst highly educated, affluent whites, and understanding how bad the collapse will be when it comes, it now appears to be required reading for those who want to be prepared for what is coming.

While Civil War Two is on the table for discussion, allow me to introduce two aggravating factors that don’t fit neatly on the cube. The first is the concept of multiple embedded minorities. Picture the old cartoon mainstay showing a line of fish getting ready to gobble another fish, from the leviathan down to the small fry. You might live in a neighborhood where you are in the majority, but the neighborhood is in a town where you are in the minority. And the town is surrounded by a larger area where your own kind once again predominates.

Or you might fit into the picture as the smallest of all fish, living in the only minority household within a majority neighborhood. From street to neighborhood to city to state to region can easily place you in the middle of several levels of embedded minorities-within-majorities. This formulation might work for many decades during times of relative prosperity and well-being, but during a civil war it is a recipe for disaster, as unstable as nitroglycerin-filled bowling pins. It’s all cool just as long as the pins are standing still and calmly hanging out together, but look out when the Black Swan bowling ball comes rolling in! An unstoppable chain reaction ensues, as each new act of violence is avenged up and down the line.

Apocalypse cometh. Nobody said it would be fun, but if you’re a Cuckservative, kiss your ass goodbye, and don’t expect a non-cuck to save you.

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Islamists vs Christians, and the Apathy in the US

I was reading this article:

Pakistan’s authorities appear to have found a solution to at least one of their problems in the international arena: Aasiya Noreen — or “Asia Bibi” — a 50-year-old Christian woman and mother of five, who has been on death row for six years for allegedly insulting Muhammad.

Instead of executing Asia Bibi and further advertising to the international community that theirs is a savage and backwards nation — and instead of releasing her and provoking millions of angry Muslims to turn on the government and accuse it of supporting “apostasy” — Pakistan’s authorities appear to be letting time, wretched conditions, severe maltreatment, and beatings slowly kill her.

So the government will kill this woman with a mixture of starvation, disease, and environmental conditions, rather than choose to kill her quickly or release her. Notice, the Islamists are winning here on one side, for one reason. If they don’t get what they want, they threaten to do violence. On the other side, the west threatens consequences too, provoking inaction. That is a clear sign of rabbits at the top, lacking any principle (amygdala moral pathways) and with no real desire to do anything due to wealth-induced apathy.

Presently, nobody in America, at the top or bottom is capable of threatening violence, and that is why the rabbits are running wild here as well. The right is too comfortable and deadened to the decline to rise up and take action. If conditions deteriorate though, that will change.

The threat doesn’t even have to be real, it can merely be perceived. In America, during the Bush recount, all it took were some young kids in loafers and ties chanting aggressively, and frightened rabbits immediately ceded to all of their demands.

The demonstration was organized by Republican operatives, sometimes referred to as the “Brooks Brothers Brigade”, to oppose the recount of 10,750 ballots during the Florida recount. The canvassers decided to move the counting process to a smaller room and restrict media access to 25 feet away while they continued…

Within two hours after the riot died down, the canvassing board unanimously voted to shut down the count, in part due to perceptions that the process wasn’t open or fair, and in part because the court-mandated deadline was impossible to meet…

“People were pounding on the doors, but they had an absolute right to get in.”

Basically the election board said they were going to move the recount behind closed doors where God knows what could have happened, the young bucks stood outside chanting and hitting the closed door, and the election board immediately capitulated. Rabbits only rabbit if their enemies are apathetic.

America will be fine, but for it to be saved the good are going to have to enter a state of heightened agitation, where at the very least those who would oppose good will believe that pursuing their evil path could have violent repercussions.

Absent that threat, evil will run free. Fortunately for us, we have an apocalypse scheduled, not that far from now.

Apocalypse cometh.

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An Interesting Comment Over at Vox

Vox had a killer post here, on the child of two noted pedophiles in SF commenting on gays and molestation. This comment from beneath the article was so incredible, you need to take a look.

The DSM V was set to list pedophilic urges as a sexual orientation, rather than a disorder. When called out on this, the manual was updated to list sexual attraction to children as an interest, which would seem a distinction without a difference. In both cases, the manual maintains there is nothing wrong with sexual attraction to children, so long as it does not result in sexual acts with one who hasn’t consented.

To which Chicago Refugee wonders:

So what happens with anti-discrimination law when DSM-V redefines pedophilia as an orientation later this year? Anyone?

I would imagine it would force the legalization of kiddie porn, and would be a step toward legalizing pedophilia between adults and “consenting” children. Don’t forget, pedophilia was a trait seen during the Roman collapse. There is no reason to think it will not appear here.

Vox is right, the pendulum will swing back. What will swing it back is anger, and what will fuel anger will be shortage. Right now apathy is all that is allowing the degeneracy in every facet of this nation. When apathy abates, the rage of shortage, combined with the degeneration (which will double the rage), will make for quite an interesting spectacle.

Apocalypse cometh.

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Mortal Salience – Illegals Killed 3000 Americans Since 2008 in Texas Alone

Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Texas since 2008: 611,234 Crimes, 2,993 Murders

There are almost certainly more criminal aliens who haven’t been identified as aliens. The 177,588 criminal aliens identified by Texas through the Secure Communities initiative only can tag criminal aliens who had already been fingerprinted. Arrests of illegal aliens who have not been fingerprinted prior to arrest are not included in these arrests numbers derived from the Secure Communities initiative…

A review of these 177,588 defendants shows that they are responsible for at least 611,234 individual criminal charges over their criminal careers, including 2,993 homicides and 7,695 sexual assaults [since 2008]….

So if you throw in the unfingerprinted aliens, it would all be even higher, and that’s just in Texas. Trump was brilliant to begin his campaign by exploiting this. Those who are aware of this issue will prioritize it highly, those not aware of it will tend to prioritize it highly once it is presented to them since it is mortally salient, and the very discussion of it will make it less likely that a rabbit will be elected in 2016, since it will conservatize the population.

Because the rabbits in both parties have allowed this to fester, the numbers have grown to shocking proportions. At the same time, the tolerance level for this is rapidly diminishing as the collapse approaches. It could decide the election.

How far we’ve come.

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Trump Makes the Case that He is the Only One Who Can Win

Donald Trump on Hillary:

He added, “What she did is far worse than what General Petraeus did and he’s gone down in disgrace. What he did is not as bad as what Hillary Clinton did, and it’s similar. But it’s not as bad. I mean, she got rid of her server. He never did anything like that. And she did it after getting a subpena from the Untied States Congress..So with Hillary I think I’ll beat Hillary easily. I think I will beat Hillary. I don’t think these other guys will.”

Trump may be right, because no other candidate would come out this aggressively, and insult Hillary so directly.

Moreover, Hillary is used to being part of this pussified establishment political class, that isn’t accustomed to truthful realtalk, complete with feelbad and open antagonism. Even worse, she was conditioned as a kid to be amygdala hijacked through repeated interactions with a distant father who dismissed her and her views as insignificant. In the hearing before Trey Gowdy, it was his dismissiveness of her excuses for Benghazi which prompted her outburst, “What difference does it make?” The one thing she cannot stand is a male dismissing her as insignificant, when she knows how important she is.

Hillary needs an opponent who would show her respect and admiration at all times, never denigrate her, and who would respect her views politely, only objecting to small details. She needs her opponent to be the RINO White Knight, willing to see the country destroyed before he would commit the sin of honestly criticizing the opposition’s treason in public.

I cannot imagine what a debate would be like for her, opposite an unabashed real-talker who would insult her effortlessly, ignore anything she said, demean her views relentlessly, and do so from the position of an alpha male billionaire who only rolls with the pretty girls, and doesn’t care what ugly girls think. I am quite sure she would not be able to make the third debate.

I would vote for Trump in a primary in a heartbeat, just to see what he would do to Hillary.

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Prostitute Kills Serial Killer

Great story with a happy ending here.

A woman in Charleston, W.Va., may have saved her own life and the lives of many other women, as well, when she shot and killed an alleged attacker in her home last week.

Neal Falls showed up at the woman’s home on July 18 after answering an escort ad she had placed on, according to police. He showed up with a “kill list,” multiple pairs of handcuffs and a Subaru full of weapons and tools, including a shovel, knives, a bulletproof vest, a machete, bleach, trash bags, sledgehammers and axes, according to Fox affiliate KPTV…

I grabbed my rake and when he laid the gun down to get the rake out of my hands, I shot him. I just grabbed the gun and shot behind me.”

They were just talking about the 6 missing women and the four bodies found in Ohio on Free Republic a week ago, and saying they might be linked to even more missing women in a nearby area.

To understand characters like this, as well as your more general narcissist, you have to go back in time, to when computers were more primitive.

I can remember typing for hours to produce a detailed proposal, honing it, adding to it, editing it, and then the computer locked up. Back then, the word processor didn’t save all your text automatically, and I hadn’t saved it manually, meaning all those hours of work were right in front of me on the screen, perfected, but they might as well have never happened. The thought of all that work for nothing was irritating beyond words.

For a moment I thought of just bashing in the monitor. I knew it wouldn’t do any good, but imagining it, it would have felt so relieving.

When I look back, the emotional urge was probably like what these characters have, only my version was very minor in scale. There would have been no logic in smashing the monitor. It wouldn’t have solved anything. Even if the monitor were sentient, it didn’t lock up on purpose.

And yet, the urge to go all Office Space on it was there – an emotional force driving an action that logically made no sense.

I ignored it, rebooted, and got to typing. But these characters have that anger constantly, and much more strongly. In some cases, I am sure it is all they feel, every waking moment, directed at everyone around them. They hate, purely and simply, everyone they meet. They yearn to relieve it by acting out. Often operating from a position of weakness, the weakness feeds their rage, even as it forces them to suppress it, feeding an even more powerful force – frustration. Even worse, experience teaches them how to feign normalcy, even as that monster lurks beneath.

Your garden variety narcissist will sate it, little by little, by screwing over the people around them behind their backs. Maybe a little rat poison in the coffee of a family worker (just enough to make you sick), maybe they’ll sabotage a job at work. Scott Peck wrote of the narcissist woman who, in a moment of honesty during therapy, admitted laughing at how fun it was to see everyone around her messed up because of some monkey wrench she had dropped in their works. Finally, for a moment she was relieved.

Some serial killers find jobs, like Dennis Rader as a Code Compliance Officer, and spend their days making people miserable to assuage the rage at everyone. Rader was even able to take time off from serial killing, leading investigators to think he died or was imprisoned.

That is why I love these stories so much. Nobody deserves their fate so much as these amygdala-addled little losers.

Now if only we could find all the rest of them.

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