Liberals Sexualizing Children, Example #56732

Slate asks, “Should we lower the age of consent to protect children?” No kidding, their words.

Lowering the age of consent to 15 (where it stands in Sweden) or 14 (where it’s set in Germany and Italy) would “take these enormous pressures off children and young people” who feel they need to hide their sexual activity, said John Ashton, president of the UK Faculty of Public Health. Concern over running afoul of the law prevents sexually active teenagers from seeking help from adults when they need it, Ashton said. The policy shift would better empower teachers and other supervising adults to provide sexual health education and contraception access to 14- and 15-year-old students. Said Ashton: “They are doing it, and we need to be able to support them and protect them.”

Over at my favorite conservative Allen West’s site, Ashley Edwardson points out no sooner did the Supreme Court rule on gay marriage, than pedophiles made the case they should be protected too.

In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. A group of psychiatrists with B4U-Act recently held a symposium proposing a new definition of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders of the APA.

B4U-Act calls pedophiles “minor-attracted people.” The organization’s website states its purpose is to, “help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma and fear.”

In 1998 The APA issued a report claiming “that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

You cannot explain to a rabbit why the young should not be exposed to sex whenever they can be. Long ago, the last rabbit who thought children should be protected was culled – out-reproduced by the rabbits who would mate with anything. What remained after his type’s demise was a hive mind that accepted a certain evil, not as acceptable but as normal. Indeed, to such a hive, our version of normal is evil and oppressive. Those children want molestation – molestation is good for them, because it makes them like the hive, so that they can enjoy molesting children when they reach adulthood. You do want the children to be like the hive and be happy, don’t you?

Liberals are the r-strategists within our population. They are programmed with every urge we find repulsive, from betrayal of comrades, to sexualizing children. Given long enough, and enough free resources, pedophilia would be normalized, just as the once reviled homosexuality suddenly was forced upon a society which still finds it repulsive overall. Oppose pedophilia, and they will try to make society castigate you as the evil one.

It won’t get to that, of course. The coming resource restriction will herald the rise of the K-selected wolves. Once that occurs, all that these calls for normalizing pedophilia will do is give the wolves clear moral justification to do what they were going to do anyway – to all the rabbits.

It is our job now to make sure these things are kept at the forefront of our society’s collective mind. We don’t want anyone to forget.

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Heartiste Knocks Another One Out of The Park

If you haven’t seen this post, go take a look.

Liberals need to feel that they are brilliant, because deep down they are insecure about their intellects. When science basically takes some liberal bedrock idea, and shows it to be as stupid and ridiculous as it is, that creates a level of cognitive dissonance in the liberal which we cannot imagine. When a giddy shiv-sticker like Heartiste delivers the shock with a twist of his blade, it is even worse. It is akin to the overwhelming force driving the insanity of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It is the false reality punctured, shredded, and burned to ash, leaving the narcissist with nothing but a clear, horrifying view of their own inferiority and their enemies laughing at them.

Well done Heartiste. I can’t wait for the big post coming.

In other news, Roosh is reading the Bible, and it is more than an “SJWs don’t like it so it must be good” thing. That is how it starts.

Scott Peck believed true evil was the result of embracing a lie. Satan of course is the father of lies, and as Vox points out, liberals always lie. Inherent to evil is an embrace of lies, because being created by weakness, the evil are so weak that they cannot even be evil boldly and honestly. They need to be able to tell themselves they are not evil.

In few other fields is embrace of truth as necessary as in pickup. When you want a girl to feel attraction for you, and make an effort with a knowledge of game, you will either succeed or fail based on your knowledge of truth. Embracing lies will do you no good.

Whenever you have such an individual, driven to seek truth, they will find God at the end of their path, barring some sort of evil that is innate to their being. That this holds in pickup only serves to demonstrate that game is, at its root, truth.

When you have an individual who is so driven to know truth that they can navigate the bizarre, counter-intuitive path through the female libido that is inherent to pick-up, you have an individual doubly addicted to truth, and adroit at observing and remembering the most subtle details in the world around them. That is a prescription that will lead all but the most evil individuals to see the subtle hand of God around them.

The only reason Heartiste has not yet made the jump, if he has not, is that God wants him where he is for the time being, as some sort of Mephistopheles-like Morpheus, slinging out red-pills to a vast army of truth seekers, who might not otherwise have had the veils torn from their eyes. Heartiste is helping them realize that there is the truth that the collective tells them is true, and then there is a real truth they must find for themselves. The people he reaches were not going to be reached by Jerry Falwell or the Family Research Council.

But have little doubt, Heartiste will at some point be shown a glimpse behind the curtain, and make the jump as well.

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Gay Pride is Great

This post is a test of a theory, so don’t click any links. I recently did a post on the Buttplug Flag flown at gay pride parades, and used the term dildo in the post. Oddly enough search traffic went up 67% that day, and not on the gay terms. Rather, it appeared the site somehow gained Google cache, making other terms, mostly narcissist related, get thrown here more often.

One funny thing about this blog is the lack of search traffic on key words related to its topics. Liberal, conservative, politics, Republican, Democrat, ideology, evolutionary psychology, psychology – although it initially got a lot of search traffic off these terms, all of a sudden a couple of years back, traffic on those terms stopped almost completely overnight. Even Narcissist traffic is quite sparse today, about 1/4 what it used to be. I literally see “Kim Couture feet,” or “School rape video” more often as a search term than I see the terms liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, ideology, evolutionary psychology, and psychology combined.

Given that traffic on these terms dropped dramatically, even as their usage here increased and both traffic and google pagerank went up, I’ve assumed Google has some algorithm to figure out if you are Conservative based on word proximity, and reduce your traffic on all terms if so. It never dawned on me that the algorithm might be looking for keywords indicating a site wasn’t conservative, to turn off the blacklisting and send traffic, even sending traffic on keywords unrelated to the liberal keywords that turned off the block. Now I wonder. It might even be that a gay on Google’s staff programmed things so gay sites would get easy traffic, and Google would recognize the gay sites by their use of uniquely gay terms.

Might a post containing the words buttplug, dildo, and gay pride flip off the conservative ban on search traffic, since any respectable conservative blog would never use them? What if I did an internet search for unique terms and phrases that a nasty conservative site would never use? Suppose a post said Obama is brilliant, and had the words the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage in close proximity to great and wonderful. What if evil Republicans were being mean and unfair, and healthcare is a right, just as birth control is a right. Equality is good. Inequality is a problem, and Hillary is wonderful. Gamergate is just bad lies, and Sad Puppies is evil and phony.

Transgender Kinky Boots is a fun thing to do, and #blacklivesmatter. Anal Beads sound interesting, though I prefer neck beads. Ben Wa Balls – definitely not going to click on that. Aneros – its a hands-free prostate stimulator, and surprisingly I am not even vaguely curious how it works without hands. Nipple clamps sound crazy, but then there is teledildonics – the science of sex toys connected over an internet connection (again, a sign resources are just too abundant). BDSM is perfectly legitimate and good for fun. Or you could visit GLAAD (I wouldn’t click the link, if I were you -it is solely here as a test) to check out all the LGBT MTF Ze Hir awesomeness. Then there are the terms. Unbeknown to me, LGBT is now LGBTQI – Apparently the Q is for Queer (isn’t that redundant?), and the I is for Intersex, whatever that is. Androgyne is a person who appears to have no gender. Genderstraight privilege is something we must all fight, because it is bad.

Here is a funny quote from a UCLA pdf of commonly used gay terms:

Genderqueer – A gender variant person whose gender identity is neither male nor female, is between or beyond genders, or is some combination of genders. Often includes a political agenda to challenge gender stereotypes and the gender binary system.

Here is another referencing that some black gay SJW’s actually reject the use of the term homosexual, because it is European in origin. Apparently they feel oppressed by it, and so they have come up with their own term – “Same Gender Loving.”

Same Gender Loving – A term sometimes used by members of the African- American / Black community to express an alternative sexual orientation without relying on terms and symbols of European descent. The term emerged in the early 1990’s with the intention of offering Black women who love women and Black men who love men a voice, a way of identifying and being that resonated with the uniqueness of Black culture in life. (Sometimes abbreviated as ‘SGL’.)

Same Gender Loving. Yep, no European-originating terms or symbols in that one.

I’m getting dizzy from this parallel universe, so I’ll stop it there, and report back later on if there was any additional traffic bump.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Evo-Psych and Narcissist are Free Again

Evo-Psych and Narcissist will be free again Monday and Tuesday, June 29th and 30th, for those interested. As always now we are doing the release at the Castalia House Bookstore.

The link for The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics is

The link for How to Deal With Narcissists is

If you were interested in purchasing anything while you are there, you could do worse than grabbing a copy of the classic anthologies There Will Be War Vol 1 and There Will Be War Vol 2. For under $5 each you get a whole slew of classic Sci-Fi Stories, including Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, and Joel Rosenberg’s Cincinnatus. Not only do you get great Sci-Fi, you help one of the leading efforts out there to preserve the K-selected psychology within our culture.

The links are

The link for There Will Be War Vol I is

The link for There Will Be War Vol II is

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Weird Gays, Buttplug Flags, and Journalism in the Apocalypse

This is the ISIS flag.


Apparently some gay guy was so wrapped up in that bizarre world of weird sexual behaviors that all he saw in the ISIS flag was an amalgam of the buttplugs and dildos that apparently float around in gay guy’s minds like fake snow in a snow-globe, every waking moment, waiting to free associate with whatever their eyes fall upon. So he decided to make an ISIS flag with buttplugs and dildos and other weird sex toys instead of Arabic symbols, to roll out at gay pride events.

butt plug flag

There is no God but Dildo, and Buttplug is his messenger.

Cue a CNN anchor who became so worried that she had to call in a national security expert, thinking the buttplug flag must have been a sign of imminent terrorist attack at the gay event. Either that or it was a conservative conspiracy to discredit gays by making them look weird.

I’m not sure you could make a movie as funny as what we will see each time the idiots in modern journalism rub up against the retards who are rapidly becoming the defining force within our culture. I’m sure it will just get better and better as the collapse approaches.

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Wayne Allen Root Thinks Government is Being Blackmailed

Wayne Allen Root Thinks Roberts, Boehner, and McConnell may be being blackmailed.

For such a blackmail plan to work, they all would have fallen under a fairly extensive surveillance operation for an extended period beginning long before they were household names, when they would never have expected it. That surveillance would likely have been applied under the guise of training, to numerous people of meaningless stature but high potential, to identify those who would have something to hide, and who could thus be controlled as they climb up the ladder. Then those who could be controlled would be promoted up the ladder, using assets already in place. Promotion would probably look like Obama’s history, where offices opened up, then he ran unopposed, or his opponents were disqualified by judges, or judges intervened to expose damaging intel on his opponents. At the apex of the game, I would not even be surprised to find out that the voting tabulations were compromised somehow, if such a scheme was in play.

I get the feeling Root suddenly thinks something on this spectrum may be going on. Whatever it is he sees which makes him think this possible would be very interesting to delve into with him. He is a bright guy.

I would never rule it out, given I think it likely our current President is a closeted gay, with a history of drug abuse and shady real estate deals, our last one was one of the aristocracy, the one before him appeared to be a sex-addict-rapist whose entire family had shady business and legal dealings, and the one before that was the same aristocratic family. Almost two decades, the nation has sought the greatest man for the greatest office, and we’ve either elected a wimpy CIA director with zero charisma, his son, or a criminal with secrets – every time. The only President to break the mold, Reagan, seemed an honest mistake in a different era, which couldn’t happen today.

I predict that as time goes on, even if a Conservative wins the White House, you will see more people in Conservative media beginning to subtly dance around the idea that there is some entity using extensive surveillance to gather intelligence on an enormous number of people, possibly for the sole purpose of moving the chess pieces. It will be interesting to see if time bears out their accusations. It would not be the first time intrigue sprouted like weeds in the fallow soil of a decaying empire.

Why a cabal would take control only to run the nation into the ground is one point which would seem to argue against the idea, but then just because you seek control doesn’t guarantee you will be smart enough to wield it.

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More on the r-selected Psychology

Yesterday’s post discussed how in politics liberals like killing babies.

Today, yet more illustrative examples. An abortionist gleefully describes cutting babies out of wombs, limb by limb, and describes feeling elated.

This is a spectrum. Don’t mistake the average woman who says she thinks she should theoretically have a right to an abortion with the pure r-selected psychology which devotes its precious life and time to seeing abortions happen. Likewise, don’t think the anti-abortion activist simply thinks God wants them to protest, so they are protesting. They have deep inside, a revulsion so strong at the thought of a baby injured, that it rivals the glee which their r-selected counterpart feels at the thought of people and babies dying. They call it pro-life for a reason. They are programmed to want to protect life, as much as the r-strategist is programmed to welcome the misery and death of those around them.

You will even see this desire for death manifest in protesting. Here the liberal rabbits of the SPLC create a hit-list of conservative women who oppose Islam, and try to goad Muslims into attacking and killing them.

The r-strategy’s evil does not stop at death, however. Exactly like the narcissist, it foments all sorts of evil, all designed to break down the innocent, and destroy their happiness. In Rotherham it is now believed Pakistani gangs consisting of over 300 perpetrators groomed and molested as many as 1400 young girls, passing them around like prostitutes with the tacit protection of local r-selected police and government officials, all too afraid of seeming intolerant to even protect children from sexual abuse. As with the economy, those numbers are probably the rosy estimates. The real numbers are certainly far worse.

In America, a similar case is playing out now with Somali immigrant gangs. As our tolerance and diversity increase, so will the horrors. More and more today, tolerance and diversity are code words for weakness, cowardice, and lack of will to stand up to evil.

I am of the Vox-Day mindset. We should use their own methods against them. In the coming unrest, a database of liberal rabbits, unarmed and unable to defend themselves against crime (even aghast at the thought of a murdered victim having had a gun, and possibly having been able to fight back) would be a useful tool to keep public advocacy of liberalism at bay. Let them fear the visit from the monsters of their own making. And let us know who is our own and wroth the danger or protecting, and who is to be left outside the gates of our protection to appease the savages the left has created.

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Liberals Like Killing Babies

Peter Singer: If a House Were On Fire I’d Save 200 Pigs Before Saving One Human Child

Think about that as a reproductive strategy. Everyone, yourself included, is mating as fast as possible with as many people as possible, and having as many babies as possible. Your only goal is to see your genes predominate in the population through promiscuity.

Now imagine there are so many people that for the first time ever, there may not be enough resources for everyone. Even worse, you are competitively incompetent. In a short while, you will be going hungry, and your r-selected smorgasbord will be over.

You are walking along the street mulling the impending horror, and suddenly notice a building is burning. Hundreds of other people’s children are inside, about to burn to death. This means you will have plenty of food, and the free-sex/free-food/free-for-all will go on for another ten years.

If you have an r-selected reproductive strategy, would you be psychologically optimized to selflessly run into that building, or would you be optimized to view it as an astonishingly amazing stroke of good luck? Would you be a wolf risking death to save the pack’s pups, or a rabbit looking on dispassionately at another’s misfortune?

Now imagine being part of a tribe that needs to fight together to get food. You see your tribes kids burning inside that building. What do you do? How do you feel?

Where is Peter Singer on that continuum of r and K-selected strategies? Where are you?

You can see where r leads. It is an utterly self-absorbed strategy, where peers, kids around you, even mates, are not only meaningless – they threaten with K-selection. Those “ethics” researchers who say that a two year old toddler isn’t really conscious or alive, so you should be able to go to your family doctor to abort a baby up to two years post-birth, have something very different inside, akin to the cowbird-baby who instinctively pushes the other baby birds out of the nest so he can have all the food. Sometimes I shudder at the thought of just how fallen this world will become if technology ever reaches the post-scarcity point, because right now we are just on the path and nowhere near the destination. Think it’s crazy now? You have no idea where it could go, given enough time and resources. And in that world of evil and sin you will be told by the mob that you are the bizarre one, and it is your empathy, love, loyalty, and morals that need to be eradicated for good to prevail.

r/K makes so much of the nonsensical not just seem logical – it actually makes it predictable. Even if the predictions are utterly terrifying.

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The Gay’s Strategic Mistake

The gay movement has employed a political strategy in which they have placed a buffer of truly aberrant individuals and causes between them and the public, from transgenders, to transvestites. For a time, some gays even felt they should push for a normalization of pedophilia, because if the public ever lit up the torches and grabbed their pitchforks, the gays could toss the pedophiles to the crowd, and save themselves. Also, the feeling was, if they could normalize pedophilia, then homosexuality would seem double-plus normal by comparison.

The problem with the strategy is homosexual tolerance and transgender tolerance (or any out-group tolerance) by the public depends on amygdalae deadened by the dopamine surge that free resource availability produces. So long as resources are free, perceptions of group dissolve, and the will to stand up and oppose any out-groups disappears.

If you reintroduce resource restriction, amygdalae will begin to build up the pressure of irritation. As this irritation builds, individuals will look for targets to attack, to relieve the pressure.

Case in point, Italy, which was calculated as the 55th highest misery Index level in 2014, and presently is the 11th most miserable economy in 2015 according to Bloomberg. Now what began as a protest against teaching transgenderism in schools has grown into a mass opposition to gay marriage.

If gays have associated with other stranger out-groups, then when the conflicts begin they will be lumped in with their strange bedfellows. What might have been minor irritation, felt by only the religious at gay’s demanding marriage will transform into a broader opposition to gays and transgenders by the religious, social conservatives, and those who are driven to protect children.

Had gays actually openly brought pedophiles into their movement, you could expect that the group allied against them would be even larger, and even more aggressive. As it is, I suspect when the crash happens, the gay movement will quickly fracture as each level of aberrance is peeled off and thrown to the crowd by the less aberrant in the hopes such appeasement will save them. It will not.

It will be interesting to see if the increase in exceptionally open behavioral strangeness which has arisen will lead to an early alliance along racial/ethnic lines against it. It is possible religious blacks might unite with conservative whites to oppose the LGBT indoctrination agenda as enacted in schools against children.

If an enterprising leader could culture that alliance, acclimate it to working together and enjoying victory together, it is possible that alliance could gradually begin opposing other elements of oppressive statism/cronyism, and transmogrify into a post-racial, anti-statist movement.

How much of the minority community could be persuaded to take part or how long it would last would be open questions. However it might be able to forestall a widespread self-segregation and racial intolerance which a cursory look at amygdala theory would predict will naturally arise if resources are cut dramatically.

Whatever comes, it will be a very bad time to be a leftist SJW.

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Google Chrome has Turned on Your Microphone

One of the benefits of having some idea of the extent of government surveillance is that your paranoia protects you. I’ve had the microphone on my browsing system unplugged, and the camera lens taped over forever now. Think I’m paranoid? A reader sent me this link, with the message WTF?

Google has downloaded a stealth listening program on all computers running chrome.

WTF indeed. And nobody knows whether it saves local sound for export later if requested, activates if it hears keywords other than “OK Google,” (ie Ted Cruz, Ron Paul, Fiat Currency, etc), or can be remotely turned on.

The thing with the new government surveillance state is these things can happen even without any company leadership knowing. I’ll bet NSA has no less than 100 agents on the Google coding staff. They get a full GS-whatever salary, on top of their google salary. Every so often they smuggle out their work product, and then get flash drives with special programs that they need to incorporate into the next iteration of whatever they are working on. Maybe they even get cover stories to tell management about why they need this black-box microphone-activator, and how much better this will render their user’s experience.

And it isn’t just at Google. Anywhere there is a door they may want to pass through some day, they have taken measures to see somebody infiltrated to get a key. If you knew the degree to which government has infiltrated everything, using the same techniques they’d use as spies against hostile targets overseas, your mind would be blown.

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