Sample Chapters

Here we offer the table of contents, as well as two sample chapters from the book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics.

Click here for the Table of Contents.

Click here for Chapter One

Chapter One begins the book by laying out the general theory which underlies the entire work. It then briefly describes the research which will be presented later. The link above is to a pdf file drawn from the book. If you have trouble loading it, it may be downloaded here.

Click here for Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen examines the differences between the brain structures of ideologues, looking for commonalities between r/K behavioral drives, Liberal/Conservative behavioral drives, and the behaviors produced by abnormalities in these structures. Alternately this pdf may be downloaded here.

Click here for the first third of Chapter Twentythree

Chapter Twentythree explains how various periods in our history can be viewed in the context of r/K Theory. Here, in the first third of Chapter 23, we examine the Counterculture movement of the Sixties, to see just why the uniqueness of the Hippie movement emerged in 1962, and why it died out so suddenly in 1969, never to be seen in such force again. This is perhaps one of the more amusing interludes within our work, and we hope you enjoy reading it, as much as we enjoyed discovering it. If you have trouble loading it, the pdf file may be downloaded directly here.

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