The Theory

The theory behind this site is that our species’ political ideologies evolved from the more primitive r and K-type psychologies found in population biology. Each is a strategy designed to confront the presence or absence of selective pressures placed upon a populace.

Here, we will examine how these ideologies began to evolve through r/K Theory, how they took on a life of their own and began to compete with each other in individual competitions, and finally, how the group competitive environment molded them into the final form they take today.

You may begin with our page on r/K Selection Theory and political ideology here:

r/K Selection Theory and Political Ideology

We then continue to examine how simple r/K Selection forces can take on a life of their own, evolving into individual Competitiveness and Anti-competitiveness here:

Individual Competitiveness

We then examine how these simple psychologies were molded further by our species’ pursuits of group warfare and group competition here:

Warfare and Group Selection

Finally, we examine what effects this theory would indicate these evolutionary forces have upon our societies today here:

Societal Effects

Finally, for those seeking a brief glimpse into some of the science which substantiates all of this, we have a short scientific paper, highlighting some of the research supporting these assertions. Click here for the paper:

Modern Political Thought in the Context of Evolutionary Psychology

Together, this comprises the most complete theory of the evolutionary origins and purposes of our political ideologies today.

Please also consider reading the two sample chapters of the current book, available here:

Sample Chapters

Thank you for your time, and we hope you have found this informative.

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