Free Hypnosis Books

I don’t know how long this will last, but the Rogue Hypnotists series appears to be free in Kindle tonight.

Try this link and scroll down to the Technicolor covers.

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Charles Manson, Ultra-r-strategist

This is basically the entire leftist strategy, spoken honestly:

Another facet of Charlie, although not nearly as important to him as his music, was his philosophy. To a large extent, this “philosophy” was a con, something he dreamed up to impress his followers, but he probably believed some of it.

The core of this philosophy was a kind of Armageddon. Charlie preached that the black man was going to rise up and start killing the whites and turn the cities in to an inferno of racial revenge. The black man would win this war, but wouldn’t be able to hang onto the power he seized because of innate inferiority…

Helter Skelter would begin, according to one of Charlie’s devotees, “with the black man going into white people’s homes and ripping off the white people, physically destroying them. A couple of spades from Watts would come up into the Bel Air and Beverly Hills district…and just really wipe some people out, just cutting bodies up and smearing blood and writing things on the wall in blood…all kinds of super-atrocious crimes that would really make the white man mad…until there was open revolution in the streets, until they finally won and took over. Then the black man would assume the white man’s karma. He would then be the establishment…”

Charlie and the Family would survive this racial holocaust because they would be hiding in the desert safe from the turmoil of the cities. He pulled from the Book of Revelations, the concept of a “bottomless pit,” the entrance of which, according to Charlie, was a cave underneath Death Valley that led down to a city of gold. This paradise was where Charlie and his Family were going to wait out this war. Afterwards, when the black man failed at keeping power, Charlie’s Family, which they estimated would have multiplied to 144,000 by that time, would then take over from the black man and rule the cities.

“It will be our world then,” Charlie told his followers. “There would be no one else, except for us and the black servants.”

I could break out laughing out loud as I read it. It is insane. It is cowardly. It is blatantly racist. It is shameless about all of it. But this is exactly what the leftists are thinking. The only difference is, Charlie was open about it – and he was planning on having 144,000 children during the Apocalypse while everyone else was dying.

They’ll import these swarthy Middle Eastern Muslims, the Muslims will brutalize everyone and kill them, and after the white Christian westerners are all killed, the leftists will emerge from their hiding spots in the wreckage and take over, because the Muslim retards have shown that they have no ability to lead themselves.

They will help the impoverished welfarites attack the rest of America and destroy it, and then they will emerge form the ashes and take over because the welfarites will all be broke, and unable to lead themselves.

They will help the criminals defeat all of the rest of America, and when it is over the leftist will crawl out from under their rocks and take over from those retarded savages.

They will bring in all the Mexicans, and after the white westerners are gone, they will emerge from their holes and immediately the Mexicans will recognize that they can’t possibly lead themselves. In each case, the white liberal will be lofted in the air on the shoulders of brown and black imbeciles, who will clamor to be led by their white greatness.

Whether you are talking about the white liberal, SJW, or Cuckservative moron, this is the evolved r-strategy, designed to bring in the out-group, and use it to kill off indigenous K-strategists. It is just the most obvious incarnation of the strategy. I love the narcissism, racism, treason, psychopathy, and cowardice, all just openly spoken off.

The only difference between Charlie and the average liberal is that Charlie was dumb enough to speak openly about his plans.

Spread r/K Theory, because the leftists are planning on you dying

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Clinton Uranium One Informant Almost Murdered

Notice, the hitter just happened to be in the right spot at the right time – that probably wasn’t by chance:

Most recently, Campbell has confided to close friends that he’s afraid that he won’t be able to testify today. The informant explained that during a routine hike in the hills behind his home, he met an armed man. The two gentlemen held each other’s gaze with weapons drawn.

After an intense moment the man walked away. Campbell believes this was an attempt on his life, caused by the Department of Justice’s release concerning his testimony.

The former lobbyist suggests that had he not been carrying a weapon he would have been killed, and he also implied there is a connection between Clinton and the would be assassin. If he’s given the opportunity to testify, Hillary Clinton could be locked away for 12 plus years.

If you want to be Apocalypse-ready, don’t visualize the moment in time you are being told about when you see something like this. See the months in prep-work which would inevitably precede such an operation, to make it practically a fait-accompli before it even began. See the hidden machine supporting the shooter, even as he closed on the target.

Probably for weeks or months prior, at least, Campbell’s patterns were being clocked, and these hikes were identified as a point of vulnerability. It would not surprise me in the least if the moment that he exited his house, the call went out to take up positions, and at the very moment that the guy he saw was standing there with a gun, the sniper in the bushes behind him heard a voice in his ear saying a State Police cruiser had just done a traffic stop nearby and might hear the shot and investigate, or a couple a quarter-mile away was unexpectedly coming down the hiking path with their dog making body-disposal and crime scene staging difficult, so they were aborting.

Just look at what is going on of late. Donna Brazile was certain enough she was going to be taken out that she spent thousands on security cameras and backup power for her house. Seth Rich. Michael Hastings. Sharyl Attkisson. This guy is looking down the barrel of a gun. All the Clinton bodies.

And this is not even the Apocalypse when the rules will really break down. This is the easy-peasy, free-resource buffet, where nothing bad can really happen to anyone, no matter what events play out. These are practically recreation-kills, done to blow off stress and cure hangovers from late nights of drinking the night before. The truth is nobody has to die in this world. But when the economic collapse hits? Then people will have to kill to survive. Imagine how many dead bodies there will be then. I’ll bet they won’t even try to stage the scenes to look like robberies or suicides. Just look at the recent deaths, none of which do you see on the evening news:

A wealthy Democratic mega-donor who co-founded the Ready for Hillary PAC, which helped launch Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the White House, has died of a gunshot wound to the head after “a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue,” his family says… on Nov. 15.

As WND reported in July, Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to testify against alleged Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice, was found dead in Miami via gunshot wound to the head. The death was ruled a suicide. Eberwein was 50 and reportedly told acquaintances he feared for his life for his fierce criticism of the Clinton Foundation. Eberwein was due to appear before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors…

On July 3, attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, helped serve the DNC with a lawsuit claiming then-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton…” Less than one month after he helped serve the lawsuit, Lucas’ girlfriend found him dead in his bathroom. His death was later determined to be due to a lethal combination of drugs.

Victor Thorn authored four books on the Clintons: “Hillary (and Bill): The Sex Volume,” Hillary (and Bill): The Drugs Volume,” “Hillary (and Bill): The Murder Volume” and “Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House.” Thorn reportedly committed suicide with a gun on his 54th birthday on a mountaintop in Pennsylvania…

As WND reported, Joe Montano, who served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee before Debbie Wasserman Schultz and was an aide to Hillary’s running-mate, Tim Kaine, reportedly died of a heart attack after the Wikileaks DNC email dump. Montano was only 47.

No wonder Brazile was so worried. That was the position she occupied. She took over the DNC chair from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who took over from Montano, who at 47, and looking a picture of health, plopped dead on his face with a “heart attack.” If I recall correctly, Montano was gay, and had a “close” relationship with Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, to whom he was an aide. Some speculated that there was something more to the relationship, Hillary saw a risk, and had it taken care of. Then Donna found one day that she had pissed off Hillary.

Mark my words, the most chaotic, violent, dangerous times in politics are coming back again, and we will live through them. Think another Holocaust can’t happen? Think a politician can’t be assassinated by a government conspiracy? Think a small group of elites would never maneuver a nation into a global war for personal profit? Think that despite your posting on 4Chan that you are too small to be taken out by an elite government agency at the behest of some shadowy political player whose name you have never even heard of?

When it all comes down, nothing will be off the table. All the horrors we read about in the past, among men whose behaviors we don’t even recognize as human, and can’t imagine today, will come back. Because at the end of the day, humans today are not that genetically different from the same humans who have done all of those things within just the last few hundred years. The only thing different of late was the dizzying array of mind-numbing pleasure, ease, and free resource availability. And all of that is going away soon.

And the only thing different when the collapse hits will be the astonishing technology, extensive databases, and massive machine the government will wield as it is molding the political battlefield to its advantage. Killing will, in most cases, be able to be rendered entirely cost-free.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because you never know when the hammer will drop, if its done right

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Pennsylvania State Police Card Drive For Wounded Officer

Penn State PD are soliciting cards for a recovering officer:

Former Pennsylvania State Police troopers are organizing a card drive to help a corporal as he continues to recover after being shot during a Route 33 traffic stop.

Cpl. Seth Kelly, who lives in Upper Nazareth Township, remains at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill after being shot in the leg and the neck/shoulder during a Nov. 7 traffic stop on Route 33 South…

The Retired State Police Association of Pennsylvania is asking for any cards, store-bought or homemade, individual or packaged together from a group.

They can be sent to:

Cards for Corporal Kelly
c/o PA State Police
654 Bangor Rd.
Nazareth, PA 18064

I assume the surgeries are rough, and he has a ways to go to get back on the line, so they want to get him some encouragement.

If you intend to send him something, make it something other than The Lawdog Files, as he already has it.

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Border Patrol Agent Killed By Illegals

At the tip of the K-spear, as the K-shift is happening, is a dangerous place unfortunately:

Exclusive details have emerged on the early morning attack against Border Patrol agents that left one agent dead and another hospitalized in serious condition on November, 19 2017. Breitbart Texas first broke the news of the death and injuries and now the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) says that their agents on the ground have stated that the agents were tracking a group of illegal aliens who then beat the agents with rocks until one was killed and the other hospitalized.

Border Patrol Agent Brandon Judd, also president of the NBPC, stated, “What we know is that Border Patrol Agent Rogilio Martinez appears to have been ambushed by a group of illegal aliens whom he was tracking. Our agents’ reports from the ground say that he was struck in the head multiple times with a rock or rocks.”

The agent was supposedly checking an alarm, when he was caught from behind by a group of illegals armed with rocks. They killed him, and then they waited at the site and ambushed the second agent. The wall can’t come fast enough.

They should allow these agents who patrol alone to bring personal dogs with them, and offer free training seminars to train the dogs for tactical use. A 200lb Ovcharka, with it’s heightened senses of smell and hearing, will have an almost psychic ability to sense hostiles laying in wait, and even with rocks not many humans are going to try to launch an attack in the face of this:

Even just the senses of a Rottie or Mastiff would be an invaluable addition to an armed human.

If the agents are adopting large aggressive dogs from shelters, they would be adopting dogs who would otherwise be killed and giving them homes, and those dogs might just save agent lives one day to pay the favor back.

Until then, “Build the wall.”

Tell others about r/K Theory, because it is getting more and more dangerous out there

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Europe’s Winter Begins With Yet Another Cold Wave

This is not the first cold snap Europe has been feeling over the past few years:

The Met Office says the country will be struck by temperatures of -8C tomorrow in Scotland and -5C in southern England.

By stark contrast, Russia’s most northerly city – Murmansk – hit temperatures of – 1C last night.

The UK is then set to plunge to temperatures as low as -15C as part of an “early winter” lasting three weeks until December 10, according to AccuWeather.

And we can also expect snow within the three weeks, The Weather Outlook says, across both the north and southern areas of the UK.

It is all coming together. An ice age, on top of an economic collapse, mixed with a pandemic, added to multiple civil wars based around race, religion, and nationality, plus a famine and food shortage, and maybe even a little World War, tossed in with a mass culling of r’s by K’s, beginning with the least fit SJW r’s and progressing up the line through cucks, Middle Eastern Muslims, thugs, and moderate conservatives until only true K’s remain.

It is like Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, a magic Genie in a bottle that looks like young Barbra Eden, and a shitload of Leprechauns with pots of gold were all relatives coming to my house for my birthday with armfuls of birthday presents.

I can barely wait.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because many of them will not be alive very soon

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Are Sexual Mores Changing?

It is interesting how things that are triggers today, were once simply accepted:

One glaring example proves this point. Remember the man hailed by liberals and the mainstream media as the “Lion of the Senate,” Ted Kennedy? His truly bizarre, off the wall, sexual harrassment antics were widely known long before he passed away in 2009 yet there was no condemnation of him and, of course, no call for him to leave the Senate. GQ magazine published an article about the “waitress sandwich” incident involving both Kennedy and fellow senator Chris Dodd in their February 1990 edition which was reprinted on April 14, 2016. It reveals in excruciating detail the extremely humiliating sexual harrassment of a waitress yet no liberal voice was raised against Kennedy (or Dodd) even though the incident was common knowledge:

Even Bush Senior was a degenerate:

Former President George H.W. Bush is facing new allegations from a Michigan woman who said he touched her inappropriately while he was in office at an event in April 1992.

The woman, now 55, spoke exclusively with CNN and said she was attending a fundraiser for Bush’s re-election campaign in Dearborn, Michigan, with her father when the president grabbed her rear end during a photo-op. “We got closer together for a family photo and it was like ‘Holy crap!'” she said, describing the moment Bush touched her buttocks. “It was like a gentle squeeze.”

And yet today, these things are triggerable enough that even leftists like Al Franken are unable to expect protection from being targeted:

Do you think that this former TV funnyman only groped one woman?

Ha ha ha!


If he has the gall to claim that this was an isolated experience – and that he really respects women – he’s going to have to prepare himself for the fact that there may be multiple women coming forward to detail their disgusting experiences with this perv.

He used to ride the subway in New York City for a couple of decades. If you were an attractive woman, he would sit next to you, introduce himself by his TV gig, and try to pick you up. If you tried to ignore him or were dismissive of him… he would grope you.

Indeed, even things I view as harmless are being seen as inappropriate:

Officials with the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island said one of their aircraft was involved in the obscene skywritings spotted in Okanogan County.

Photos sent to KREM 2 by multiple sources show skydrawings of what some people are saying is male genitalia. Some sources have even tweeted pictures of what they saw…

In a statement to KREM 2 News navy officials said, “The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable.”

This guy is an artiste. I give this a 9 out of 10 for form, and if a message to girlfriend on the ground, a 10 out of 10 for game. Mere text messages of of 8=========) pale in comparison. Even Krasuer has to give it up to this.

There does seem to be a shift. I understand some see mere vagaries of political expediencies of the moment. But contrast it with Kennedy and Dodd, and Clinton raping Juanita, and OJ killing Nicole. It seems to me there has been some increased triggerability of amygdala which is now driving actions to seek punishment of men who do these things.

The initial K-shifts are subtle and not apparent. Is this the first hint of a shift toward men being expected to behave more gentlemanly? We will know if we see a follow-on shaming of cock-caroseling, single mothering, career-whoring, and bitchy feminist attacks on masculinity.

The bottom line is, let a few more women get socked in the chops for trying to compete as equals with men, and I could quickly see a masculine man capable of violence hanging on their arm being the next female status symbol. And just like that the decline begins the ascendance, and the greater the decline, the faster the ascendance.

At first it will probably be viewed like a elite protective service detail with benefits by the feminist bimbos who begin to seek out masculine men, but once a few women lionize it and declare it a desirable object of competition, that will ignite the female competitive instincts. Once there is a competition for masculine men, expect the women competing to try and use femininity and pleasantness to gain an edge and win the competition and get what they want. All of a sudden even the most ball-busting feminists try to be nice to stay in the game.

Men, seeing the change will then try to bulk up and develop martial skills, and just like that you will have combat-capable masculine men being sought by sweet feminine women for long lasting, loyal relationships. Let the violence on the subway get bad enough, and all the career girls who want to go to work alone now will suddenly see being able to stay home and raise children as desirable, and that will be the next competition among them. Once that piece of the puzzle falls into place, you are right back to the 1950’s.

K doesn’t necessarily have to be apparent when it is happening. But one day you wake up and everything is different.

That day is not today. But once the Apocalypse hits, that is what you will see.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is all starting to shift back

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Rabbit Reproduction Has Its Problems

Stumbled on this one:

Every other month I receive two vials of frozen sperm in a nitrogen tank, which is then emptied, the vials labeled and kept frozen until the exact time of month I’m ready for them. This window of readiness is brief: 12 to 24 hours. When I detect that ovulation is imminent, the vial is defrosted. Ninety minutes later, 17 million sperm are inserted into my uterus via a catheter.

I do this because I am 39 and single and my craving for a child eclipses everything else, including my secret fear that this process will be successful.

The donor I have chosen is tall, well educated, lean, laconic, a chemical engineer who researches renewables. He’s a cyclist, they tell me, who clicks down the halls of the center in his special cycling shoes. Affable but not warm. His mother’s people are Tatars, Muslim nomads from the Central Asian Steppe. I like all that he seems to represent: intellect, precision, hardiness, planetary repair.

One week each month I pee daily on a test strip and wait for either an empty circle, which means the window is closed, or a smiley face, indicating an egg’s imminent release.

At a bachelorette dinner for a friend in late July, I met Sadie. She was loud, brash, a presence. From across the table, I overheard her describing plans to drive south for the coming eclipse, and a deep longing welled up inside me.

“If you have space —— ” I said.

“We may.”

So she chose a Muslim Nomad psychopath sperm donor as the Dad who will never be there to fill up the turkey baster that will impregnate her while she pieces together the little Frankenstein that is going to carry on her SJW genes into the next generation. High long-form DRD4 finds high long-form DRD4, and I am sure she never even heard of DRD4. These people were born to be culled by Darwin.

It is crazy to get a window into someone else’s soul, and come away so depressed. It is crazier still to think a long period of enduring incredible fear, discomfort, and misery, would reprogram her amygdala to enjoy the peaceful moments and restore happiness and purpose to her life. Pleasure, dopamine, and lack of conflict really does eliminate happiness.

After reading that, I was watching Manhunter on John Walsh’s Justice channel. It is like the old TV Show Cops, but instead of patrol officers, it follow around real US Marshals. The Marshals were chasing a fugitive Bloods gang member, and in trying to hunt him down they ran into a problem. He had nine babies by nine different baby-mommas, all of which his mother said were little babies (meaning that those nine babies were his one to three month impregnation rate – and that was while he was laying low on the lam, hiding from the US Marshalls). That greatly increased the number of places he might be crashing. The Marshals hit their database, searched birth records for baby-momma addresses that listed him as the father, and found him on the first try at the latest baby-momma’s crib.

This is quite a divergence in the species, and the white SJW is not a winning strategy that will figure in the divergence. Between the religious ultra-K’s who want to raise babies, and the criminal ultra-r-strategist rakes who are too irresponsible to avoid impregnation during their fifty to a hundred and twenty one night stands per year that yield impregnations, the end of this r-period is generating an enormous split between two psychologies, and they are both destined for conflict.

I don’t know how long the r can persist, but every year it does, the ultimate mortality that will one day ensue is growing. Of course before those little baby Bloods members make it to the K-strategists in Oklahoma to have it out, they will be killing that one Muslim science experiment incubated by the single white career chick in New York City – assuming when he is born he doesn’t explode up out of the leftist bimbo’s chest like the creature from Alien and begin biting people’s heads off.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because the big culling is coming

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A French Academic Proposes Giving French Muslims Their Own State

From one bad idea to another:

A French academic has suggested creating a Muslim state within France in order to prevent a civil war.

Professor Christian de Moliner claims that a second society has formed in France, which he described as: “A branch that wants to settle their lives on religious values and is fundamentally opposed to the liberal consensus on which our country was founded.

“We can never convert the 30% of Muslims who demand the introduction of sharia law to the merits of our democracy and secularism.

“We are now allowing segregation to take place that does not say its name. Rather than veil the face or adopt unimaginable measures in democracy (remigration, forced evictions of the most radical), why not establish a dual system of law in France?”

Out-grops cannot exist in peace in close proximity.

The problem when you have two opposed groups facing off is that those groups have a baseline of amygdala that motivates hostility at all times. That baseline amygdala needs relief. Relief comes from feeling that the other group has endured some cost. But amygdalae tend to adapt their perceptions to normalize any relief – something they do with pleasures much more readily than they do with hostilities.

So if group A and group B are in contact, they will always feel hostility for each other, and that will always provoke aggression, until it is relieved by some sort of acting out. If group A hits group B, it will feel better, and that will attenuate the hatred somewhat. But it doesn’t last. Even if Group B takes the hit, as the West is increasingly shown itself willing to do (due to increased resources and pleasure deadening amygdala, producing increased r and less baseline amygdala-angst), group A’s angst will naturally rise as they adapt to see the relief as normal, and they will hit again to seek another bout of relief above the new normal baseline.

These things tend to inevitably seek a balance of amygdala on each side, before forcing the two sides to war. Eventually group B will reach the point where it will have sufficient amygdala from the endured attacks to hit back. Eventually it will have to, or group A will just keep hitting until it has destroyed or taken over group B entirely.

Behind all of it is resource availability. If the resources are high, amygdalae can be deadened some and these things can fester. But when the resources plummet, they conflagrate. Clearly even French academics now are realizing the Muslims will never assimilate, itself a sign of increasing amygdalae.

For now, satiated French amygdalae are trying to find a way forward that doesn’t involve Holocaust 2.0, The Muslim Edition. But let resources plummet, and the Muslims will quickly be scapegoated for all the sins of the Western elites, in addition to their own rapes, robberies, and murders. And once the French treat the Muslims as enemies, the Muslims will rapidly reciprocate.

At that point, it will become clear where those antiquated notions of borders and citizenships came from. It will also become clear why Europe was a Christian nation that frowned on other religions in the past. It wasn’t to discriminate against other religions, so much as to avoid the mass bloodshed that allowing other religions to gain a foothold would produce.

It is kind of funny. We view the ideas of no borders and welcomed foreigners as insane while the left would feel the same way about the old times of Christian dominance and assiduous discrimination against outsiders. But the human brain is smarter than us, and the truth is the left’s strategy is probably a good way to avoid mortality and conflict in times of high resources. The only problem is the left has no idea that resources are about to constrict, and that when they do you will need to behave differently.

They’re about to get an awakening.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because amygdalae will not allow compromise

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Bill O’Neill Issues Press Release Bragging About Sexual Conquests

Jaded Jurist brought this one up in the comments:

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill, a Democratic candidate for governor, apparently trying to head off any criticisms from his opponents, revealed what he says are his sexual escapades over the years on a Facebook post.

A post on O’Neill’s official Facebook said he was speaking up “on behalf of all heterosexual males” after allegations against Democratic U.S. Sen. Al Franken came to light Thursday. O’Neill, a Chagrin Falls native, said he had been “sexually intimate” with “approximately 50 very attractive females.”

O’Neill said he was disappointed by the “national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago” and wanted to focus on the issues like legalizing marijuana and addressing opioid addiction. Over the last several weeks, numerous allegations of predatory sexual behavior against powerful men have come to light.

In his post, O’Neill — the only Democrat elected to statewide office — went into detail about two of his sexual relationships, including one with a woman he said was a personal secretary to U.S. Sen. Robert Taft Sr. who was his “first true love,” and a “drop dead gorgeous red head who was a senior adviser to Peter Lewis at Progressive Insurance in Cleveland.”

I see this as an amygdala defect. This facebook post was a bad idea because nobody wants to know that stuff, and his amygdala just couldn’t see that and tell him.

On the other side must be some amygdala panic at something else that drove the action from the other side. He might have been afraid of charges from one of the girls in his past that it wasn’t consensual, and he can now claim it must have been consensual because he confessed to it before any allegations were made (I would ask the secretary and the redhead about it – essentially identifying them and calling them out makes it feel like he was inoculating himself against future accusations by them specifically, so now he can claim it must have been consensual because he spoke freely of his relations with them before they alleged anything). Or he fears allegations of infidelity, or harassment at the office, or he has shame over his behavior and this makes him feel like it proves he has nothing to be ashamed over. Or he has some self-perception that he is not “cool” compared to all these guys who are being accused, and thus he needs to prove he’s just as cool by telling everyone how virile he is. Something hit his amygdala and drove him to think this was a good idea.

Looking at his face, I do feel a little bit of the disgust nose thing. Just enough that I would think high sex drive, but not near enough to think childhood molestation and homosexuality. He definitely has the underturned upper lip, but what really hits me is, when I make my eyes look like his, especially that little downturn at the outer edges, I feel unhappy, or at least very dissatisfied. It comes through more on the bifurcation in the weak side. The sadness is also apparent in how forced his conscious smile looks and how the mouth doesn’t match the eyes on the strong side.

I think part of reading what people are hiding is that a real emotional expression will spontaneously do ten or more different things to the face, at the eyes, the mouth, the chin, the cheeks, and so on – and it happens without effort because it is all programmed to happen spontaneously. But when you try and fake another emotion over that you usually can only get eight or nine things overridden and redone in the new faked emotion, so there will always be a little thing which you miss which doesn’t jibe with the rest of the expression, and when that one little thing you leave betrays the exact opposite emotion, then it really stands out.

He says “I’m happy and content!” with the right side of his mouth, and he kind of gets the cheeks on board, and on the right side he even does it strongly enough to get little crow’s feet going at the outer edge of the eye. But on the left side his mouth doesn’t quite smile, he can’t get the crow’s feet, and his upper lip is still turned under, and the outer corner of both eyes still droop downward which kind of betrays dissatisfaction. Indeed, together his left side looks like some disappointed principle which just busted you for some high school prank that went horribly awry, and now he is disappointed in you and has to suspend you even though he wishes he could ignore it all, and he hates the whole thing. I can almost see him shaking his head ruefully, with disappointment at everything in that shot.

Meanwhile even though he got the corners of the mouth up and the crows feet on his right side, the right side looks like a guy who is constipated but has to smile for an ID photo anyway. You look at that picture, and if you have developed the ability to read affects, you immediately feel something is off. Ask yourself in the following photo, is he smiling, crying, or in pain:

Real emotions happen without thinking, and just naturally trigger an entire cascade of muscular contractions. Overriding that emotional expression means undoing, and then redoing all of those different things with a different emotional muscular contraction for each one. Spotting the emotional lie means spotting the little pieces the emotional liar misses when they consciously try to undo each piece of the natural emotional response, and redo each piece of an artificial emotional response. In cases like this, it can give you an insight into the real emotional foundation of the individual you are looking at.

Spread r/K Theory, because you want to see fear on liberal faces

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