Moody’s Downgrades China

Resource shortage still inexorably closing in:

Beijing’s need to deliver on official growth targets is likely to make the economy increasingly reliant on stimulus, Moody’s said.

“While ongoing progress on reforms is likely to transform the economy and financial system over time, it is not likely to prevent a further material rise in economy-wide debt, and the consequent increase in contingent liabilities for the government,” it said.

While the downgrade is likely to modestly increase the cost of borrowing for the Chinese government and its state-owned enterprises (SOEs), it remains comfortably within the investment grade rating range…

“After being very much at the front and center of global risk sentiment at the beginning of last year, the Chinese slowdown story has been almost forgotten, with politics throughout Europe and the U.S. taking the limelight,” said David Cheetham, chief market analyst at brokerage XTB.

It is not fast, and the Apocalypse isn’t weeks or even months away yet. But nevertheless, there is the drip, drip, drip of news stories indicating we are slowly proceeding toward it. On top of that everybody is leveraging any future wealth they can find, as fast as they can, to try and hold off the collapse, at the obvious cost of making it even worse when it finally hits.

China is one of many weak points, and from the look of things it isn’t getting stronger. Sooner or later one of those weak points is going to break, and when it does it will take everything down with it, and we will enter real K-selection.

Add in Muslim migrants, heavily armed criminal gangs, a breakdown in the complex systems of food and resource distribution that our heavily over-populated cities are entirely dependent upon, the tendency of diverse communities to loot and burn everything to the ground the moment things are sub-optimal, and a shortage of governmental resources just as civil order begins to break down entirely, and it will be an Apocalypse to remember.

President Trump bought us vital breathing room to prepare, but even he can’t undo decades of corrupt establishment pilfering of our future to fuel their present r-selection.

ITZ still coming.

Spread r/K Theory, because ITZ all coming down

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California Paying Criminals To Prevent Crime

This could only happen in an age of free resources:

A story recently appeared in The Washington Post about a city just north of San Francisco – Richmond, California – that is paying violent criminals to stop committing crimes. One such criminal is 21-year-old Lonnie Holmes who has been involved in drive-by shootings and other gun crimes… the city approached him with an offer to pay him “as much as $1,000 a month not to commit another gun crime.”

Not only does Richmond pay its criminals, it is also paying its ex-convicts to be mentors to other violent offenders as a way to encourage them not to murder… The mentors have funded trips to South Africa, London and Mexico City for rival gang members in the hope that shared experiences and time away from the city streets would ease tensions and forge new connections…

And when the elaborate efforts at engagement fail, the mentors still pay those who pledge to improve, even when, like Holmes, they are caught with a gun, or worse — suspected of murder… oftentimes they withhold information from the police. “At least twice,” the report explains, “that may have allowed suspected killers in the stipend program to evade responsibility for homicides.”

Now, other cities want to model Richmond’s “unconventional” methods, from Miami, to Toledo, to Baltimore. First up, however, is Washington D.C. ,hoping to reduce its abysmal homicide rate and match the “success” of Richmond.

So, how does Holmes spend his money-for-not-being-a-criminal? He is leasing a 2015 Nissan Versa for $500 a month and drives around smoking marijuana. To help pay for his new expenses, Holmes is applying to become an Uber driver.

But what is really happening inside this program? Mentioned in the report is the fact that four of the “fellows” in the program have died since 2010, two of them killed by other fellows. “The suspected killers have not been charged and remain in the program,” The Post notes.

This is mindbogglingly stupid. But it is also a good example of the instinctual pre-emptive appeasement leftists perform in the face of violent savages. Wherever you see such stupidity performed by otherwise intelligent people, you are looking at instinct.

These are instincts. Importing Muslims and offering them generous welfare to come, even as they rape, rob, and murder their way across Europe is the same thing. Seeking out illegal South American immigrants, even from criminal gangs, and supporting their cause is the same thing. Lax sentencing, opposition to the death penalty, hogtying police, limiting the military in wars overseas with restrictive rules of engagement, disarming innocent citizens so they can’t defend themselves, and so on. They are all r-selected instincts designed to destroy the K-selected.

Leftists are literally so programmed instinctually to preemptively appease out-groups, that they will perform stupidity like this, and assume it is perfectly logical.

More and more I am fascinated at the completely different world leftists live in.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because it is the best way to short circuit their programming

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Trump Trauma Abating With Time

Leftist amygdalae are adapting to stress, and so anxiety is beginning to abate:

‘Trump trauma’ on the way out? Political anxiety appears to be fading, says psychiatric survey

During the 2016 presidential election, there was much talk in the press about “pre-election stress disorder,” “post-election stress disorder,” “collective stress,” “election anxiety,” “Trump trauma” and other conditions found among Americans who were dithering over the election itself, and the unexpected victory of President Trump.

Therapists offered advice. Democrats ramped up angry rhetoric. Safe spaces were all the rage. So what’s the prognosis these days — over 17 weeks into Mr. Trump’s presidency?

None other than the American Psychiatric Association has polled the nation on the subject of toxic politics. Here’s what they found:

“Americans are split on whether they are anxious about the impact of politics on their lives (51 percent are, 49 percent are not),” reports the organization. “However, relatively few, 16 percent, say they are extremely anxious…

The group also found that Americans are edgy about a few other things.

Almost two-thirds nation are anxious about keeping themselves and their family “safe.” Another 63 percent worry about their health while 56 percent are anxious about paying bills and expenses. Less than half — 46 percent — are anxious about their relationships with family, friends and coworkers…

But the public seems to be keeping it together, sort of: 41 percent say their anxiety level is the same as it was last year, 36 percent are more anxious, 20 percent less anxious.

This is the beginning of the K-shift, and the mark of the end of the r-selection which was making leftists so sensitive. People are adapting to minor stresses, and focusing on safety, resource availability, and other mortal salience issues like health. It would indicate that despite President Trump’s inroads on the economy, the K-stimuli of Obama have a certain momentum to them, and r has not yet returned.

Regardless, leftist amygdalae are adapting to stress, and that is a good thing on many levels. Firstly, this will reduce the oppositional forces to the Presidency of Donald Trump. Amygdala is what will drive the opposition to the President to get to the polls and oppose him on election day. Amygdala is what will funnel money into the Democratic National Committee. As amygdala dies, all of those oppositional forces begin to dry up.

The other thing going on is that amygdalae are getting used to tolerating that first burst of aversive stimulus. That is what will stop the reactive, immediate need to assuage the agony in front of people, and allow them to weigh present agony vs future agony when making decisions. That opens the door to making logical long-term decisions weighed toward the future, rather than emotional short term decisions weighed toward the present. That initial amygdala tolerance, and the amygdala development underlying it, is the foundation of people opening their eyes to the conservative ideology.

This is the K-shift, and it is all due to the aggressive, confrontational, K-style of President Trump which the Cucks and the leftists have so ardently objected to.

They key to it is the constancy. Animals exposed to stress intermittently actually become sensitized to it. Three times a day, at random times, bang on the cage of a rat repeatedly, and the rat will become neurotic and hyper-reactive to the banging. But put the rat in a cage, and begin banging on it steady, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no stop, and the rat’s amygdala will adapt to ignore the banging. After a while, it won’t even register it, just like you don’t feel the watch on your wrist. President Trump is the equivalent of that 24/7 banging for liberal amygdalae, and as a result, they are beginning to adapt to the idea that things they don’t like are happening, and they have to adapt to them.

As this baseline is set, President Trump will be able to scale back the banging slightly around the time of the election, and leftist amygdalae may actually shut off, and reduce opposition to him even more. Of course the left will try to amp up the anxiety, and they may somewhat, but if by then President Trump has inured amygdalae to it, there will be little the DNC leadership will be able to do to motivate real opposition. I suspect this may have been partly why Reagan had such a massive reelection victory. By the time the 84 election came, the left was completely demoralized by Reagan’s actions, and the public’s support for him. They no longer had the amygdala. Demoralization is literally worn out amygdalae.

Which might also point to a good way to amp up the amygdala stress on the leftists. Between now and 2020, the images of President Trump surrounded by an adoring populace and important people, at signing ceremonies, rallies, and elsewhere will drive the left wild, and desensitize them even more to the stresses which would otherwise mobilize the 2020 opposition. We need more of those stimuli to make the left feel constantly out-grouped.

If this continues to be played right, you will be looking at a Reagan-esque blowout in 2020.

Spread r/K Theory, because liberals will desensitize to it

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Podesta Brothers Knew Seth Rich’s ER Doctor?

Part of the problem whenever you have intelligence networks operating:

Seth Rich died after he was shot multiple times on the 2100 block of Flagler Place NW which is three blocks east of Howard University Hospital and six minutes away from MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The Washington D.C. police report says Seth Rich survived the initial shootings and died later at the hospital.

There have been no reports on which hospital he was taken too, but common sense indicates it would have had to been Medstar Washington Hospital Center.

Howard University Hospital is closer and has an emergency room, but not for trauma surgery so Seth Rich had to have been taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

The lead director of the Gold Surgery team at MedStar Washington Hospital Center is Jack Sava, MD.

Jack Sava is in a relationship with Lisa Kountoupes. Multiple Wikileaks emails show Kountoupes and Sava connections with the Podesta brothers.

Kountoupes and Sava are on the guest list in this Podesta email Check out the Excel spreadsheet (download).

More connections from i-love_america:…

Lots of connections at the link.

People are naturally connected by surprisingly few degrees of separation, and when you recruit gregarious types into a network, you can shorten the distances between people even more. A lot of normal people are only a few degrees of separation from anyone else. But once you recruit in those gregarious types with wide social circles, you can often find connections to anyone on very short notice. From there, those with power and authority are cultivated, and their power becomes the network’s. It is why people innately dislike the idea of Security services like the Stasi, which penetrated the population and formed such networks.

When you face such a network, it makes operating in any way very difficult, because they can reach an extraordinary number of people on short notice, and turn them and their authority against you if need be. If they are running a network based on corruption and blackmail, that only goes double, and it can give your enemy access to everything from your health care to your banking data to your food, on the fly.

Regardless of the ER doc’s involvement status, it is highly likely Rich had no idea what was out there, and what he would face when he decided to take on the machine. From the early detection operations they probably run periodically on everyone working in the political business, checking to see if they will be a problem now and then, to the government agents and private sector contractors turned on him once he was ID’d as being a problem, to the network that could support such an operation if it failed in its first shot, he never had a chance – and he never had any idea of any of that.

Similarly, it is interesting that according to 4Chan, the Rich family is represented by Brad Baumann, a high-priced big gun in Democrat Party politics:

Brad Bauman is a political consultant working for Democratic candidates for office and progressive causes. Bauman is the former Executive Director of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. In that capacity, Bauman oversaw the legislative, communications and political operations for the second largest caucus in Congress. Prior to that, Brad served as Communications Director for various members of Congress and numerous targeted Congressional campaigns Brad was named a Rising Star in American Politics by Campaigns and Elections Magazine in 2004.

So they are represented by a high priced spokesperson who could be part of the network which online chatter on the alt-right says was involved in Seth’s murder. How many here would think to, or even be able to, pay for a high priced party spokesperson to handle their media appearances in such a circumstance?

I have no idea how that happened, but I do know that the first time a civilian rabbit realized they were surrounded by hundreds of people with some sort of government authority, following them around all over, and dispersed through many of the organizations and businesses they dealt with each day, it would be easy to just decide to give in and give them what they want – especially if you suspected your own son had just been killed, and you saw how Law Enforcement was under the complete control of those who did it.

It is a cautionary tale for those who think they can just jump into politics and act on their own to fix the system. Know what you face before you jump in, know what you do not know about what you face, and realize you can never be paranoid enough. If you are lucky, you might be able to make yourself just enough of a pain in the ass to kill, that they might decide to wait. If you can stretch that hesitancy through the Apocalypse, you may just make it out in one piece.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because these are dangerous times

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California Goes Full Retard On Health Care

You never go full retard…

California is undertaking an ambitious bid to establish a single-payer health care system, and now its plan has a price tag: $400 billion a year.

The state legislature has been debating a plan this year to implement a government insurance program to cover all Californians, including those without legal status.

It’s a very generous proposal, as currently conceived. The state would pay for almost all of its residents’ medical expenses — inpatient, outpatient, emergency services, dental, vision, mental health, and nursing home care — under the plan, and Californians would not have any premiums, copays, or deductibles. Those sweeping benefits drive up costs…

The plan, according to the estimate by the state Senate’s Appropriations Committee, would cost twice as much as the entire state budget that Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing for the next fiscal year.

Lawmakers have been waiting for an estimate of the costs, which they received on Monday. Here is the bottom line, from the Los Angeles Times:

The analysis found that the proposal would require:

*A total cost of $400 billion per year to cover all healthcare and administrative costs.

*Of that, $200 billion of existing federal, state and local funds could be repurposed to go toward the single-payer system.

*The additional $200 billion would need to be raised from new taxes.

Lawmakers have not settled on a plan for paying for the new system…

Notice, they operate as if there are no limitations on resource availability, because their brains are actually programmed to operate as if there will never be any limitations on resource availability. California is already going under. Smart, profitable businesses are fleeing it for other states. Now is not the time to be offering free healthcare for everyone, including illegals.

But rabbits are designed to feel such bliss at spending as if money will never run out, that they cannot perform those simple logical analyses. Somebody postulates some way to spend the state into oblivion, and the rabbits cannot help themselves, because as r-strategists it is just how they are designed.

Spread r/K Theory, because the free resources will not last forever

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Almost Seven Million Migrants Waiting To Cross Into Europe

We had already heard it, but others are coming to the same conclusions:

More than six million asylum seekers are waiting to cross into Europe, a leaked intelligence report warns. There has been a huge increase in the number of migrants hoping to reach EU countries, it says – contradicting claims from Brussels that the situation is under control. The confidential report, leaked to German newspaper Bild, claims 6.6million migrants are waiting in countries around the Mediterranean sea to cross into Europe, including 2.5million in war-torn North Africa.

And Africa is going nowhere but down, as its population continues to go up. Unless Europe announces they are going to kill invaders who cross the border, they are going to have one hell of a problem.

What I find most interesting looking at that, is how those migrants are specifically culled for the r-selected, migrant psychology. On the one side are wars, fighting, shortage, hardship, and all the rigors which require the qualities of great human beings. On the other side is the wealthy nirvana of Europe, which a wealth, ease, and safety unimaginable to those accustomed to the third world. Each psychology will gravitate to it’s own environment, and in doing so they will separate, like oil and water.

Even more interesting is that it is those who exhibit the r-selected reproductive strategy in Europe, who are most aggressively trying to import their fellow r-strategists from other nations.

There is a real battle in our species between r and K, and more and more it seems that each side espouses policies at the intellectual level which are designed to further the interest of their own kind, even though they are not sure why they are doing it at the conscious level.

I don’t think the rabbits recognize the battle, but I think they do see kindred spirits in the migrants who are seeking out the free resources of Europe, and they know deep down that importing them will be bad for their enemies, the K-strategists of Europe. I suspect that over the eons, Darwin has protected and reinforced this model of behavior, and as it has, it has reinforced the battle.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because we want to separate our populations into r-selected oil and K-selected water, to help the Apocalypse cleanse them

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UK Has First “Gender-Fluid” Police Officer

Weirder and weirder:

A Scotland Yard police officer in London is now the first gender-fluid officer in the United Kingdom, switching between a male and female identity, depending on which particular one the officer feels like that day.

I’d love to know whether his feelings were affected by whether the other officers changing in the female dressing room were the hotties or the fatties.

Again, this is an amygdala that is so sensitive that it is looking for something to fixate on and be bothered by, mixed with the confusion of the sex-specific traits that is seen in other species, such as the Giant Cuttlefish. Not enough to go full reversal, but enough to want to be lady-like every now and again. Either that, or he just wants to screw with everyone’s head and make everyone uncomfortable.

What is funny is we know on an instinctual level, if the shit hit the fan you do not want to show up to the battle with a bunch of clowns like this. If you showed up against any group of real, battle hardened warriors with a bunch of cross-dressing clowns, you know your enemy would first pause, dumbfounded, looking at each other thinking it is a joke. Once they realized it wasn’t a joke, they would doubtless break out laughing, probably doubling over. And we all just know, instinctually, that ever in history has any such group of gender confused individuals routed and destroyed any normal force of fighters. Deep down, we know that psychology is not designed to survive K-selection.

Only when ease is so great the chances of conflict are near zero, can the brain’s structure deteriorate to the point that Police officers, who the public depends on for safety, are allowed to descend into this moronic morass.

Spread r/K Theory, because you don’t want to get into it with the Hell’s Angels, call the cops, and have Caitlyn Jenner show up to save you

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Flashback, ICE Released Almost 20,000 Criminal Illegals In 2015

Unbelievable to look back on:

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in 2015 decided not to deport but release 19,723 criminal illegal immigrants, including 208 convicted of murder, over 900 convicted of sex crimes and 12,307 of drunk driving, according to new government numbers.

Overall, those released into virtually every state and territory of America had a total of 64,197 convictions among them, for an average of 3.25 convictions each, according to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies. ICE also said that the group were convicted of 8,234 violent crimes.

Meanwhile, ICE said that it has also slashed the number of criminals arrested in local communities, according to the Center’s Director of Policy Studies, Jessica M. Vaughan. “In 2015, ICE made 119,772 arrests, or just half the number of arrests made in 2013, 232,287,” she said in her analysis that also included a map of the releases.

The reason: Under President Obama’s immigration policy changes, many criminal immigrants are being ignored even though local police and sheriff have urged ICE to take control of criminals in their jails and deport them.

She said that the slash of arrests is why the number of releases by ICE is down. In 2014, 30,000 criminal illegals were released.

This is what we were dealing with under Obama. Notice the r-strategist’s love for violent sources of mortality. I am convinced that if a line of warrior rabbits evolved who could kill hawks and foxes aggressively, all the other r-selected rabbits would try to get them killed, rather than see their species’ predation eradicated and K-selection begin. Deep down they would view it as a matter of survival, because if K-selection began, all the r-selected rabbits would end up going extinct.

I can’t imagine the level on which the r-trait perceives its own existence, and how it calculates the means it needs to take to secure its survival. But clearly r and K are in a war in the species – K wants to out-compete r, rendering r obsolete and extinct, while r wants to sneak in some circumstance which gets the K’s killed – like importing savage foreigners who will do the job for them, so r will persist.

If course as K-selection rises, there is not much the rabbits can do about it. Now we are not only deporting the criminals. We are tracking down immigration activists, and before they know what happened a foot is pushing their ass off a bus on an isolated dusty crossroad in TJ, and the bus peels out and is gone as a crop duster makes passes over a field in the distance.

What a difference a single President, and a little K-selection makes.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because they all have to go back

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Donna Brazille Warned Off Seth Rich PI

Donna got her panties in a bunch:

Former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile is the high-ranking DNC representative who allegedly called police and the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich and demanded to know why a private investigator was “snooping” into Rich’s death, the private eye revealed to WND Monday.

“The high-ranking DNC official that called the police after I inquired about Rich’s case was Donna Brazile,” veteran homicide detective Rod Wheeler told WND. “Why shouldn’t I reveal who it was?

Now imagine you are Donna Brazille. You run important stuff for the Democrat party, and do lots of media stuff on the side. Your day is packed, and you make tons of green, however it is that these useless politicos do that. If you get a spare moment, you could be on a speed boat in Bimini is a couple of hours.

Why would you care if there was a PI looking into the murder of a Democratic Party staffer, let alone take time to track down the PI, the cops, and the parents, and go bitching to them? If anything I would want everyone possible looking into one of my staffer’s deaths, because the more people who are investigating, the more likely it is the truth will out.

The only way I would get that worked up, to track everybody down and start bitching, is if I knew there was something to hide there. I would do all that if I was pissed off at the temerity of some worthless plebes who were sticking their noses in mu business and threatening to expose some criminality that would cost me later.

Viewed from the perspective of amygdala, Donna’s amygdala had some reason she wanted what happened to Seth Rich kept quiet, and I can only assume it is because there is something very bad for the Democrat party hidden there.

It is kind of amazing to think a likely political snuff job is just hanging out there like this, and everyone is so brazen in publicly covering it up. I suppose if the three stages to full on tyranny are fully hidden tyranny, exposed but denied tyranny, and fully open tyranny, that puts us somewhere between fairly high up on number two, and beginning our move to number three.

I guess even the Constitution couldn’t last forever.

Spread r/K Theory, because you aren’t living unless Donna Brazille is trying to cover up your hit

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The Guilt Trip Bandit Exploits r-selected Psychologies

Kind of funny:

A black guy walks into a phone store, and when he is handed a phone on a chain, accuses the store clerk of handing him a chained phone because he is a black man and the clerk is racist. The clerk proceeds to hand him a phone that is not on a chain and he takes it and runs out the door with it.

This is two r-selected psychologies bumping into each other. One wants free resources, and figures out a clever way to have those resources handed to him, so he can get them without conflict. The other is too busy trying to avoid conflict to realize there is a real cost to be had to letting the phone run away.

If this was real r-selection, and the store was shipped thousands of free phones each day, far more than they could sell, that stupid attitude would actually offer superior survival advantage. Giving the phone away and avoiding conflict, or doing whatever it took to avoid being socially out-grouped due to allegations of racism would be wise. Any lost phone would not have a practical reproductive cost, whereas the social denigration, or the conflict would have real cost.

But the instant times turn K, your psychology must too – and when it does one part of that is not caring if someone calls you a racist. In K-selection, reputation is meaningless compared to success in resource acquisition and protection.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because you won’t just be saying it because somebody is a black guy

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