Awan Brother’s Hard Drives Smashed

By the Capitol Police no less:

Reports of the FBI seizing computer hard drives form the home of the congressional IT director and aide of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz are accurate, according to FBI sources: with the exception of one major detail. The computer hard drives were not damaged when they were confiscated, FBI sources said.

The FBI, who is working in some capacity to assist with the Capitol Police on the Awan investigation, confirm the hard drives and other computer equipment have been damaged but are pointing the finger at the Capitol Police’s chain of custody with the evidence. The FBI, they said, would not damage evidence and stressed if someone went to the trouble of destroying evidence before a seizure they normally would discard of it as well, federal sources said.

Capitol Police officials would not respond to requests for comment.

Who did it? FBI just holds up their hands, and says, “Not us!” How’d it happen? “Not us!” When did it happen? “Not us!” Notice they don’t appear too interested in what happened. Funny stuff.

It probably means somebody in the US intelligence machine was running the Awan brothers. Either domestic intel is protecting an asset, or they feared there would be something on the drives linking the brothers to domestic intel. That does not mean they weren’t spying for other entities, but it does give you an idea of how hard it is to keep secrets from the Deep State in the US government. Evidence in a US spying investigation can mysteriously be smashed, and nobody will ask questions.

It also gives you an idea of what Trump is up against. I am sure some government/Deep State entity right now has several sources running IT in the White House, running security on Trump, and even in the White House staff reporting on gossip.

People complain that Trump hasn’t taken on the Deep State directly yet, but he is in a tricky position. He may not be able to confront them due to their penetration of White House operations compromising his operations too much. He may be pausing to see if events change that, or he may have already decided fighting that battle is not possible at this juncture, so he will just focus on leading in governance. There is no glory in making a suicide run when you can maybe do good elsewhere for the time being instead.

Still it gives you an idea of deep state power. My own belief is whoever wrote the TV show Burn Notice knew something about what was going on in government, and based the show on it. In that show, the covert intelligence network named “Management” is very reminiscent of what the Deep State seems to be. They have assets on standby all around – every agency, every office, it is all penetrated and controlled. Their people promote their people into positions of power, so they control the machinery. As a result their people can do the impossible, be it telling you exactly what the President has said that morning and who he said it to, or destroying evidence inside a Police Evidence room if they don’t want it to ever see the light of day.

All of it is just the natural evolution of power when resources are so freely available that nobody will ever starve, no matter how much you drain out of the system. In this environment of free resources and amygdala atrophy, anything can be built, and nobody cares enough to stop it.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because nothing is what it seems these days

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Chinese Surveillance Makes Citizens Install Spyware

Hopefully US surveillance won’t see this, and get any ideas:

China has ramped up surveillance measures in Xinjiang, home to much of its Muslim minority population, according to reports from Radio Free Asia.

Authorities sent out a notice over a week ago instructing citizens to install a “surveillance app” on their phones, and are conducting spot checks in the region to ensure that residents have it…

The notice, written in Uyghur and Chinese, was sent by WeChat to residents in Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital.

Android users were instructed to scan the QR code in order to install the Jingwang app that would, as authorities claimed, “automatically detect terrorist and illegal religious videos, images, e-books and electronic documents” stored in the phone. If illegal content was detected, users would be ordered to delete them.

Users who deleted, or did not install the app, would be detained for up to 10 days, according to social media users.

Well, that is one way to do it.

The Chinese are smart, and very forward looking. And they have a Muslim problem. They could be as vital to the survival of Western Civilization as the Russians one day.

The big advantage we in the K-west have is that the primary threat will be Muslim takeovers of leftist Western governments. If radical Islamists were to take over any Western nations, they will control Western nukes, Western intelligence services, and Western military machines. Given that the Chinese have their own Muslim problems, they do not want a global jihad with Islamist forces backed by any Western nation’s war machinery. If I were alt-right in Europe, I’d consider swinging by the local Chinese consulate, and see if there is any use in forming some sort of relationship now and keeping it on ice, should it be needed later when the big war begins. In war, you use the resources at your disposal, and there could be worse resources than having a ruthless first world intelligence agency filled with hyper K-Chinese offering support in the second European Crusade.

It seems unlikely the Muslims could ever take over any Western nation, but how likely was it fifteen years ago, right after 9/11, that the west would be actively trying to import Muslims as quickly as possible, in a desperate bid to flood their nations with rapists and welfare cheats. If I were China, I would be keeping a cautious eye on the situation, and making sure the easy going Westerners were never replaced by hardcore Islamists.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is getting to the point even the Chinese and the Russians are more pro-American than the average leftist

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Charlie Gard Not Allowed To Leave For Treatment Again

They really want to kill that little baby:

Charlie Gard’s parents appeared in court again Friday to discuss the next step in his case.

In the course of the hearing, British high court Justice Francis said their son cannot be moved to the United States for treatment without a court order, squashing hope that a move to grant him residency in the U.S. would help him…

Earlier this week, U.S. Congressional leaders approved a measure to grant Charlie and his parents permanent residency status in an effort to make it easier for him to receive an experimental treatment. Pro-life Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Washington, led the effort; her daughter also was diagnosed with a fatal condition but survived because of an experimental treatment.

Chris Gard and Connie Yates want to take their son to the United States for an experimental treatment. They raised more than $1.5 million for his care. His parents said they know the chance of the experimental treatment working is slim, but they want to try anyway for Charlie’s sake.

A part of me wonders if this is somehow tied to the subconscious realization this child will require a ton of rearing effort, and that is triggering a fierce urge to just kill it so they can put it out of their mind.

The study of developmental neurobiology has shown that infant neural structures have developmental windows, where they can grow at astonishing rates – and repair damage similarly fast. When the baby is born, their eyes, ears, and other senses flood the brain with data courtesy of their nerves, but the brain is actually not designed to understand that data. Because a structure like the eye forms spontaneously in the embryo from a mass of cells that is not standardized in exact cell to cell form, embryo to embryo, it assembles optical receptors and nerves on the fly in a random pattern. Those nerves flow into the brain, carrying signals differently in every baby. The way the infant has developed to turn those signals into sight is to have a brain that at birth is capable of astonishing adaptivity. Those signals flow in differently in each baby, and each visual processing structure in the brain learns to turn each different set of signals into a visual representation on the fly, by growing very quickly.

In babies born with a cataract disorder that blocked light from hitting the retina, they used to wait to operate and remove the cataract until the child was ten or eleven, thinking that because the structure was larger physically, the operation would be safer. But those children’s brains were robbed of the visual signals during their early developmental window, and thus that rapid brain growth never happened. By age eleven, even when the eye was fixed, their the signals were sent exactly as they would have been normally, but their brain structures never adapted to turn the eye’s signals into sight right, and they were practically blinded. As a result, they now operate on those babies at birth to remove the cataract, so their eyes can send visual signals, and their brains can exploit that developmental window, and the babies grow up to see just fine.

Once they age out of the developmental window, the brain cements itself into the structure it has, and further growth and repair will be exceedingly slow, if at all. This baby’s mitochondria have been failing to produce sufficient energy for cellular processes, such as neural activity, and this has certainly caused developmental failure in the structures designed to use that activity to learn how to grow. Every day he is denied treatment the damage his adult brain will exhibit is increased, and he is losing a day from his early developmental window to repair it, should the experimental treatment work and restore mitochondrial function.

These government bureaucrats are literally maiming this child every day they delay its treatment, and they are doing that all in the hopes they can finally kill it at some point.

Tell me our leftist governments haven’t evolved into evil incarnate.

It says a lot about the degeneracy of r-selection that the Apocalypse, such a tornado of violence, chaos, anarchy, and death, will be such a cleansing force for our civilizations.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory because there is only one ideology that doesn’t care about children

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AIDS Is Growing Drug Resisitant

A K-stimulus all its own:

The latest statistics came out this week in two reports, one by the United Nations AIDS agency, the other by the World Health Organization.

Here’s the epidemic today, by the numbers:

36.7 million – The number of people with HIV worldwide. This figure is up from 36.1 million in 2015…

19.5 million – The number of people on anti-retroviral drugs used to suppress the HIV virus. The figure, up from 17.1 million in 2015, represents 53% of those infected…

1.8 million – The number of new HIV infections last year… One big factor driving new infections: People ages 15 to 24 are lagging behind the rest of the population when it comes to knowledge of HIV and testing, treatment and prevention. In addition, men are less likely than women to know their HIV status or start treatment.

6 – The number of countries — of the 10 that were part of a study on resistance in Africa, Asia and Latin America — in which more than 10% of people starting antiretroviral therapies have HIV strains that are resistant to the most widely use medicines.

135,000 – The number of additional AIDS-related deaths the world would see over the next five years if no progress is made against curbing drug resistance. Unchecked resistance would also lead to additional 105,000 infections, because when treatment fails to suppress the virus, the patient is more likely to infect other people.

HIV is cooking, behind the scenes. The Cuban super strain that turns to full blown AIDS in weeks will make its way into the first world. Resistance genes are meeting with drugs weakened by heat, humidity, and irregular dosing in places like Africa, and they are adapting.

Still as a retrovirus, it mutates so fast the strain which kills someone has often mutated through several different strains itself in the human host, as it searched for the most viable form to take down that specific human host. Finding a cure is like hitting a moving target, while blindfolded, and it is always moving against any drug therapies you already have.

If it ever finds a way to come back, it will be a serious impediment to long form DRD-4 alleles. But even if it weren’t to ever come back, there are plenty of other pathogens working to fill that role:

A gonorrhea epidemic has hit Oregon amid public health concerns that the disease is becoming immune to standard treatment.

Since 2012, cases have nearly tripled statewide, affecting just about every part of Oregon, including rural counties where infections have been traditionally low.

Officials in some counties have become so concerned that they’ve launched public awareness campaigns, with ads on dating sites, Facebook and Google. In others, specialists have gone door-to-door, trying to track down infected people and their partners to get them treated.

And thanks to the leftist migration-lovers, that is just the tip of the iceberg:

U.S. and German citizens are put at significant risk by the politically correct acceptance of unscreened immigrants from countries with a high prevalence of infectious diseases, many difficult or impossible to treat. Yet authorities in both countries have failed to fully inform the public of the dangers.

According to the July 2017 Infectious Disease Epidemiology Annual Report by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Germany has seen a surge in chicken pox, cholera, dengue fever, tuberculosis, leprosy, measles, malaria, meningococcal diseases, hemorrhagic fevers, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, paratyphoid, rubella, shigellosis, syphilis, typhus, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, trichinellosis, whooping cough, and many fungal and parasitic infections. Here are a few striking examples:

Measles is up more than 450 percent. Hepatitis B is up 300 percent. Scabies escalated nearly 3,000 percent. HIV/AIDS increased 30 percent. Tuberculosis (TB) is at least 30 percent higher – but German and U.S. physicians suspect that the incidence of TB is actually far higher than reported, and is being downplayed to avoid causing public outrage over the influx of immigrants. In Germany, more than 40 percent of TB cases are multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).Dengue fever is up over 25 percent just from 2014.

A similar pattern has emerged in the U.S. since the massive increase in illegal border crossers and refugees beginning in 2010.

I look at that list, picturing what it will do to the left in our nations, and all I can think is what a beautiful cornucopia of death and mayhem.

Sometimes it seems that no matter what the future looks like, there is no end to the complex mechanisms engineered into the world to foster the growth and ascendance of the K-strategy. And most ironically of all, perhaps the biggest mechanism fostering K is the r-strategists themselves. Without their tireless efforts on so many fronts, I am not sure we would ever go K.

Spread r/K Theory, because there is a whole lot of death coming our way

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New Clinton Kill, WSJ Reporter Joseph Rago

New mysterious death to add to the Clinton Bodycount:

Wall Street Journal writer Joseph Rago found dead in his apartment .

He was reportedly investigating Hillary’s involvement in the purchase of Russian drug company Veropharm by Abbot Labs at a time in 2014 when sanctions against Russia would have prevented the sale. The purchase was accomplished by a US shell company named Kew Garden Hills, LLC (registered in Delaware –and- Hillary Clinton’s home State of New York) acquiring approximately 98% of Veropharm shares—and then their being bought by Abbott Laboratories. Hillary has ties to both Abbot Labs and Kew Garden Hills LLC.

Critical to note about Abbott Laboratories acquiring Veropharm, this report explains, is that it was accomplished on 12 December 2014—which was 9 months from the March 2014 Obama regimes sanctions against Russia prohibiting such company takeovers—and that only someone with Hillary Clinton’s power and lust for money could make happen.

To how this takeover was completed in order to evade the Obama regime sanctions against Russia, this report details, was accomplished by a US shell company named Kew Garden Hills, LLC (registered in Delaware –and- Hillary Clinton’s home State of New York) acquiring approximately 98% of Veropharm shares—and then their being bought by Abbott Laboratories.

Handling this takeover transaction, this report continues, was the Russian investment bank Renaissance Capital—who are most to be noted for their having paid former President Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech he gave before their top executives in Moscow.

Supposedly he was found hours before a scheduled meeting at the Russian Consulate as part of his investigation into Hillary.

No telling what this is, but today it could easily be Hillary having him taken out. These days everything is just bizarre.

Surviving something like a professional political hit in America would be incredibly difficult. There are things which you can learn by reading or watching a video, but there are things which you have to go through in real life, to learn how to recognize them, cope with them, and deal with them. The problem with something like this is you have to survive it on the first try, before your brain can adapt to the unbelievable reality of how powerful, well funded, and well manned such an operation can be. In reality it would make Hollywood’s most complex and paranoid fantasies look pathetic. When doing something like this, they are not going to skimp and take chances, and I suspect they would use the machinery of the state, either through hijacking it with authority or hiring it out on the side.

Realizing the hit and thwarting it once it is happening is probably impossible. If this guy had no idea it was coming, he would have walked into his house, made himself a tea, fell unconscious, and been found hanging, or overdosed, or dead in bed with a heart attack, and he would never have even known. The only chance you’d have is to spot the preparation and surveillance while everything was still in the planning stages. Then you’d know its coming, but you’d also know you are vulnerable.

Once you are under coverage today, the hitters can almost do anything. They know when you are unconscious because they are monitoring exactly where you are and what you are doing in real time. They know when you are located in places which allow them to act elsewhere with impunity. They know your habits, and your preferences. They know how you drive and where you go. They may even own several of your friends if you have a large social circle. All of that knowledge is their power. Even your preparations against them are probably known to them.

Your only hope if you want to get a step ahead, and maybe survive the first time, is to realize what they can know, how they can use it, try to control as much as possible by forcing exposure for them to try and get it. Then change the rules of the game wherever you can, so the intel they have may end up being bad when they try to act on it.

If they plan to hit you on one route, use another. If they poison all the skim milk in the grocery store where you buy skim milk because you are at a critical point in your investigation, know that you would hit yourself at that moment, and buy the whole milk just in case.

Even then, you have to accept the possibilities, or even probabilities of a bad outcome, and just trust in God.

But if you are a reporter who thinks the most surveillance Hillary could move would be four or five people for a day or two, and the chances of getting hit are impossible, you have no chance at all. You might as well just kiss your ass goodbye.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because nothing is like you were taught

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K-increasing – Firearms Carry More Prevalent

More numbers:

A recent increase in law-abiding gun ownership bodes well for the country’s future.

The great arming is underway, and that’s a very good thing for our nation, for our culture, and for the relationship between citizen and state.

On Thursday, John Lott and the Crime Prevention Research Center published a comprehensive survey of the growth in concealed-carry permits in the United States. The numbers are stunning — not just in their growth, but in their depth and consequence. Here’s a sampling.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, the number of concealed-carry permit holders increased by a whopping 256 percent. The numbers have increased across multiple demographics, with a higher percentage growth for women than men and for black citizens than white. In eleven states at least 10 percent of the adults possess carry permits. All told, 16.36 million Americans have carry permits, a number that understates the amount of people who carry weapons, since 14 states “have adopted constitutional carry in all or part of the state” — which means that no permit is required for citizens to carry a gun. At the same time that carry permits have increased at an astonishing rate, violent crime has decreased, and concealed-carry permit holders remain remarkably law-abiding. From 2007 to 2015, murder rates decreased by 12.5 percent and “overall violent crime fell by 18 percent.”

Notice violent crime was going down. Yet still people feel an increasing drive toward K. That is the subconscious awareness of the approaching cataclysm.

I think those who are prone to K will particularly notice the irresponsibility of the modern age. We know we can’t provide unlimited free healthcare to all the baby-boomers as they enter the end stages of their lives. We know free phones, free cars, free food, free housing, and all the other freebies offered today will bankrupt the government. We see pensions, Social Security, Medicare, the very currency we spend, the banks, the stock market, the credit industry, and even the state all going down.

And as we do all that, we import hostile Muslims with 68 IQs, and the entire third world, offering them whatever freebies they want to entice them, even though we know all of those freebies will go away at some point.

The coming disaster is obvious to us, and circuitry deep in our brains is registering that and turning the K-predisposed populace ever more K.

All of that is a good thing.

Spread r/K Theory, because it will only help the K-ification

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Somali Cop Fails To Receive K-strategist Support?

Looks like it:

After the officer was identified, people on social media noticed the difference in reaction to the case.

Black Lives Matter showed their support after the killing of the unarmed, white woman…

Some have commented on how they related to #BLM more after the shooting…

However, many have noticed the silence from typical #BlueLIvesMatter supporters…

Some have even called for the deportation or execution of Noor

This appears to be a mistaken ID, and accidental shoot. There are a lot of conspiracy theories around, from sudden jihad syndrome, to some sort of skullduggery, but those seem unlikely. This was a guy whose amygdala was overloaded due to his divorce issues, he likely had diminished capacity to begin with due to being Somalian, and the current environment of police shootings mixed with a possible loud noise just overloaded him and led to pulling the trigger prior to a full threat assessment.

My guess is he will walk, since cops generally get one bad shoot based on the theory everyone makes a mistake sooner or later. If it isn’t intentional, it is tough to punish them for an honest mistake after they volunteered to serve. He will end up out of his position in patrol, if for no other reason than legal liability, but I doubt he’ll get jail unless something else comes out showing gross negligence. Then again there is a lot of emotion, so nothing is guaranteed in these days of high amygdala.

What is interesting is K-strategists are abandoning their normal reflexive police support, and protesting against this. I suspect some probably have the typical in-grouping of K-strategists which oppose the wanton importation of foreigners and the particularly threatening Muslims.

Some may have amygdala pathways irritated by Somalians which they are barely aware of, laid down during the Blackhawk Down incident when several of our soldiers were dragged through the streets by half-witted Somalis for trying to civilize their perpetual shithole of a nation. My guess is, if he was a non-hyphenated American of any color, who didn’t practice a religion whose followers had attacked our nation, and was hired in a meritocratic system, nobody would be getting triggered on the K-side over this. Instead the whole thing has triggers galore.

Here is an article describing the hiring process, which involves some sort of oblique psychological test, designed to weed out any sexist personalities, racist personalities, and promote diversity (which would seem racist itself as it has to exclude some based on race).

Many, myself included, are triggered at the importation of thousands of people that practice a religion hostile to America, who will probably never be able to integrate because they have an average IQ of 68, which in the US is low enough to allow the state to take your children:

So the State of Oregon put the boy in foster care… The state has taken a couple’s children away not because they’re abusing or neglecting the kids but because it thinks the parents aren’t smart enough to raise them properly.

Ziegler and his partner, Amy Fabbrini, both have below-average IQs—72 and 66, respectively—according to documents provided to The Oregonian…

This year the couple had a second son, Hunter. The state also took custody of him. This time they didn’t even wait to see how they’d behave as parents: Fabbrini was still in the hospital when they took the boy.

Oregon’s justification for taking Christopher and Hunter away: “limited cognitive abilities that interfere with [their] ability to safely parent.”

Do we now have to pay for the state to raise half of the children of migrants from nations where the average IQ is sub-70? Will CPS be taking all children of immigrants with sub-70 IQ’s, from the below nations? And why, if they can’t think clearly enough to raise children, can they vote on how to run our government?

IQ matters. It can be used as a proxy for reaction time in studies on relative cognitive ability. I will bet it relates to amygdala development. If you hire based on politics instead of meritocratically you can get people killed. That is what K-strategists are so angry about here.

If you want to hire Veterans, or LE or Veteran legacy hires, the former will favor environmental amygdala development, while the latter will probably favor epigenetic amygdala development, so that can be justified logically as much as morally. But hiring Somali Muslims just for the press release, or to placate the Somali Muslim community is a bad idea. It will turn the K-selected community against the government for instinctual reasons that are uncontrollable, when one of them has a bad shoot that appears as if it could have been avoided with a better quality recruit. K-strategists want meritocracy, not liberal fantasy hires based on an imaginary universal equality of all.

Notice we have the old theme of liberals producing circumstances that kill K-strategists by importing foreigners who kill wantonly, and putting them in positions to take out indigenous K-strategists. Maybe they didn’t import a savage criminal with this one, but K-strategists see the same theme of foreign immigrants imported by liberals increasing mortality among the decent people, just as liberals want, and it is triggering to the K’s.

We exist as different races and nationalities for a reason. Instinctually in history we have often closed ranks, in-grouped with like kind, and kept the outsiders at bay. Because of that, diverse America will never work once K-selection hits, and those instincts arise.

As Chateau Heartiste has said, Diversity + Proximity = War.

Or as r/K Theory might postulate, (Diversity + Proximity) x Shortage = War

ITZ coming.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because it is all coming apart eventually

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How Do Jihadis Fit Into r/K?

On the down side, I am still swamped in emails, and way behind. On the upside, r/K must be spreading, judging by the volume, so there is that.

An emailer writes, asking about Jihadis:

I was wondering – r/K seems to me to near perfectly describe / predict liberals & conservatives. How it applies to Jihadis has me a bit perplexed – their behavior at first glance, seems to be a mixture of r/K. I’ve posited the question on r/K facebook page, and haven’t seen any answers that seem to explain the phenomenon

Could you share your insight?

There is a strange replicative nature to the world, where patterns that seem similar keep popping up in different areas, as if they are so integral to the underlying model’s structure that they span numerous parts of the universe and keep emerging.

As an example, in nature lots of different models of organisms emerge randomly through random mutation. Then reality and Darwin select from them to find the optimal form of organism. This happens at the microscopic-level too, where proteins and biochemical pathways undergo selection, producing the macro-effects you see.

Strangely it happens in the ephemeral world of ideas as well. In the case of Islam, the world carved r and K into the primitive organisms which inhabit it. Humans eventually grew thoughtful, and then threw around ideas, the fittest of which could be transmitted and spread, and these ideas then began their own sort of Darwinian evolution. Those which worked persisted, those which did not failed and died.

I think Islam has risen to prominence because it is a very powerful “Operating System” for the r-strategist organisms, allowing them to exploit niches which would otherwise escape them.

The r-strategy has a curious failure to exploit one of its strengths. Periodically r-strategists multiply in numbers wildly. This gives them immense numerical advantage. Yet inherent to the r-strategy is cowardice and betrayal, which holds the strategy back from exploiting that advantage at times.

Islam is a sort of hack of the r-strategist brain, which tries to imbue the most powerful aspects of the K-psychology – in-grouping, fearlessness, willingness to die, and dedication to a cause bigger than the individual, into the prolific r-strategists. It allows you to try and create an army, which though composed of r-strategists, will have numerical advantage, and K-strategist traits.

Normally r-strategists would avoid all of those K-traits like willingness to die, or commitment to an outside cause. But Islam teaches that the path to free resources is to exhibit all of that in service to Allah. In Islam if you die killing others, you immediately land in Paradise, with all of the r-strategist motivators – lots of sexy virgins, unlimited pleasures, and no more worries to trouble your amygdala because you will instantly have high social status as a martyr.

Now suddenly you have reams of r-strategists reprogrammed to exhibit K-traits, and perform K-behavior in war.

If you crack the hood on the individuals, you still find the r-strategist mindset. They are promiscuously raping girls and even young boys, their computers are filled with porn so lacking in sexual selectiveness it features bestiality and torture, they are cowards when caught individually, their amygdalae are so screwed up they are torturing animals and people, and K-strategists who encounter them instinctually feel they are sub-human.

But the r-strategist Islamists will fight to the death, because they believe, perhaps out of necessity to quiet an unusually rabbity amygdala, that they can escape everything and land in that grassy field of free resource availability and limitless dopamine, if they just die in battle.

Now it doesn’t apply to everyone in Islam. You can have K-Muslims going about their way waging war, and fighting for their homeland. r and K are everywhere. But if it were just them, the world would be a lot calmer and more civilized. Instead, arrayed all around them are masses of troubled young men with bizarre sexual tastes, proclivities to torture, and little moral decency, who are willing to strap bombs to themselves, just in the hope they can blow up some women and children and find themselves rewarded by Allah with the r-selected rabbit paradise.

I find this area one of the more interesting areas of r/K Theory, because if you could process it and use it, you could rewrite the actual code running in rabbit heads and maybe change the world with a simple idea that exploits their urges.

But the more I look at it the more it looks very much like where evolution works elsewhere. The natural evolved forms of cognitive operating systems like Islam are probably as perfectly evolved, and complex in their nuances, as Human DNA. Coming up with something better is like competing with Darwin by engineering a human like organism from scratch.

Yes, we know how DNA codes stuff and yes we can write genes and even code for a primitive bacterium. But we need to study the field a lot longer, and even then we will probably never be able to code from scratch for an organism as complex and capable as a human.

Similarly we may not be able to intelligently code for viral ideas that will rewrite rabbit brains as well as those viral ideas nature has produced naturally using massive quantities of time and variation, and selecting the most viral over the millennia.

Even r/K, which I think is a very powerful such idea, isn’t one which was coded or designed. Rather it just evolved spontaneously, from an examination of the world. But it has dawned on me that a cult or belief system, which appealed to either r or K’s underlying ideals in the right way, could easily suck people in and become some sort of pseudo-religion one day, thereby functioning as a similar operating system. You’d have to integrate an amygdala-drive, to force conformance, but it could happen one day.

If it does, I suspect it will evolve spontaneously, rather than be consciously coded.

Spread r/K Theory, because viral ideas which don’t replicate will die out

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Tennessee Inmates Get Time Off For Vasectomies

A good r/K-enabled anti-rabbit measure

Yes, you read that right. Inmates in White County, Tennessee, can shave 30 days off their jail sentence if they undergo an elective birth control procedure.”

Both male and female inmates can volunteer for the new program. Women receive a Nexplanon implant in their arm, which provides up to three years of continuous birth control. Men undergo a vasectomy. The procedures are free and conducted by the Tennessee Department of Health.

Notice who opposes it:

Offering a so-called ‘choice’ between jail time and coerced contraception or sterilization is unconstitutional,” Hedy Weinberg, ACLU-TN executive director, said in a statement.

r-strategists have a keen awareness of the battle between r and K, and they recognize other r-strategists innately. Notice the seeming awareness on the part of the ACLU chick of what effect this will have, and her appeal to others on the basis of rights, to do something contrary that will increase the number of r-strategist offspring.

She may be a single ball-busting feminist with no child-rearing urge, who will bang her way through the Hells Angels, and never have a kid because of birth control and abortion. But she still wants other r-strategists turning out more of her kind.

The awareness of this battle among r’s fascinates me, because clearly evolution must have favored those r-strategists who could keep a lot of their kind floating around to blunt any effort to expel them from their populations. Clearly it has imbued r-strategists with a desire to produce more r-strategists even as they minimize their own rearing responsibilities entirely by eliminating their own births.

You have to wonder what role that instinct played in flooding the ghettos with free resources, breaking up the families of the poor, creating a system that rewards illegitimate child-birth, and importing as many r-strategist migrants as they can get away with.

r-strategist know what they are doing.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because snipping rabbits is not a bad idea

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r-strategist Attacks – Mexican Drugging

Lots of crazy stuff in Mexico:

Numerous reports have told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel they experienced sickness, blackouts and injuries after drinking at Iberostar and other resorts around Cancun and Playa del Carmen in recent months.

They told the Journal Sentinel they believe they were drugged or the alcohol may have been tainted. They questioned how they could fall into a stupor so quickly. And whether they had been targeted.

Was it robbery? In one case, two teenage brothers from Minnesota on vacation with their parents woke up covered in mud, with no shirts or shoes and their wallets and cellphones missing.

Sexual assault? One Wisconsin woman interviewed by the Journal Sentinel said she was assaulted while both she and her husband were unconscious — something supported by an exam done by her OB-GYN when she returned to Neenah. Her husband woke up with a broken hand — a “boxer’s break” that his doctor said likely resulted from hitting someone — but also no memory of what had happened.

Extortion? In at least three cases, travelers reported that local hospitals, part of the Hospiten chain, appeared to be gouging them, demanding large sums of cash. One man was told to take a cab to an ATM. The vacationers suspected Iberostar might be in cahoots with the medical company. The resort contracts with Hospiten and refers sick and injured guests to Hospiten’s facilities. Abbey Conner’s family paid about $17,000 to a small medical clinic south of Playa del Carmen and within several hours paid tens of thousands more to a hospital in Cancun.

On Free Republic, somebody said they would never vacation in a country whose own people don’t want to live there. Sounds about right.

With our previous President’s immigration policies, it is a surprise we aren’t seeing more of this here. I read a while back that it is not uncommon for strip clubs to spike their drinks with low doses of ecstasy and GHB. You have a beer, begin to feel really good and happy, and pretty soon all of your money is in some stripper’s garter belt, and you don’t feel all that bad about it because the drugs have shut off your amygdala.

There will be a lot of this by enterprising rabbits once true K-selection kicks in. This type of attack is the r-strategist’s dream, because they can set it up in secrecy, with no risk of conflict, and then simply wait as their victory is handed to them by circumstances. I view it as engineered r-selection. The migrant invasion is a perfect example of it in action.

The only defense to it is paranoia, and the only way to maintain that is high amygdala. You can see how you would get caught on vacation, in a beautiful setting, away from all your normal stresses, smelling the sea breeze, the sun bathing your skin, and everyone around you having fun and enjoying themselves. There your amygdala would shut off, and the next thing you know you are absent-mindedly ordering Mojitos, and drinking them as if there is no risk at all.

In K-selection it will probably pay to train yourself to be at your most paranoid when things are at their nicest and most relaxing, and you are with people you trust. Oddly enough, from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience, that may be when you are at your most vulnerable.

Spread r/K Theory, because in the Apocalypse, you’ll never know what is in anything, even an unopened beer

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