Army Demotes Swinging General

Surprising this happened today:

The Army general fired after an investigation into his “swinger lifestyle” has suffered a major demotion as a result of his indiscretions.

Gen. David Haight was pulled off duty at U.S. European Command earlier this year after officials learned of visits to swingers’ clubs and a sex life left him open to blackmail.

He will now be demoted from a two-star general to a lieutenant colonel and his annual pension will drop from $122,000 to $79,800, according to USA Today, which first revealed details of Haight’s affairs.

It is the behavioral urges unique to the K-selected psychology that force action which seems almost strange in these times of r. You can almost hear the civil liberty lawyer complaining that what this General does on his own time is his private business, the rule was a vestige of a bygone era, and it was just sex, after all.

Not all vestiges of K have been driven from the world yet, and I expect they will slowly increase as we head into the Apocalypse, and the Supreme God-Emperor works his amygdala magic on the nation.

All of it will be just in time for the Apocalypse.

Spread links to r/K Theory, because swinging is not hygienic

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5 Responses to Army Demotes Swinging General

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  2. Pitcrew says:

    The inability of the r-strategists to think ahead is staggering even in high IQ people. He is now losing out on 42k each year. That could have gone a long way in the liaison department. Also, take his current pension and divide by half, since the torture of his marital bliss is about to come to an end.

  3. dirkhblog says:

    Swinging, or wife-swapping, is a key tenet of Sabbatheanism or Frankism. Which strives to negate all ten commandments.

  4. Ron says:


    Yes. It is a nightmare ideology. Utterly terrifying in its nature and infiltration of society.

  5. Ron says:

    Ive never paid anyone for sex, or cheated on anyone, but I have a great deal of sympathy for a man who has a kept mistress as they do in france, or for a man who occasionally pays a woman to spend time with him.

    That being said, I have zero sympathy for “wife swapping” or “swingers parties”. Such actions are an indication of, at best, a deeply flawed character. More likely a depraved mind.

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