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Do Blacks Have K-Instincts?

Black dindus like Michael Brown and Trayvon get a lot of press, but does their clownishness eclipse a much stronger tendency toward K-urges in a silent black majority? People are noting that Black Panther seems as if it was a … Continue reading

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Austrian Right Has A Surveillance Problem

Stay Paranoid, My Friends: Intruders broke into the office of populist Austrian vice-chancellor and leader of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) Heinz-Christian Strache on Thursday evening. According to sources, so far it would appear that nothing was stolen from Mr. Strache’s … Continue reading

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Florida Shooter Cruz Was Living With Military Intelligence Officer

This is interesting: “We had this monster living under our roof and we didn’t know,” Kimberly Snead told the South Florida Sun Sentinel in an exclusive interview Saturday. “We didn’t see this side of him.” “Everything everybody seems to know, … Continue reading

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Was Nikolas Cruz An MK-Ultra-Programmed Shooter Under Hypnosis?

One thing about Q-anon, whose posts can be found at a new site now. He willingly says something ridiculous, like the idea the CIA has programmed innocent people to kill for them. Such an outlandish claim would almost certainly damage … Continue reading

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Gays Getting Parasites From Rimming

Perhaps the most bizarre descent into gay insanity you will ever read: I have a lot of sex. Topping, bottoming, oral, rimming. I love it all. Living in New York City as a gay man, sex has never been easier … Continue reading

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MK Ultra – Stage Hypnosis As A Weapon?

Q’s raising of MK Ultra was out there. And yet, him sticking his neck out like that almost makes me think he might be real more, given there is a lot of evidence for what he alleged. Here is a … Continue reading

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Feds Raid FPS Russia

Lots of strangeness around these guys: Kyle Lamar Myers, more commonly known by his YouTube moniker FPS Russia, was raided by federal agents following his arrest. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Myers had been caught receiving illegal narcotics through the … Continue reading

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Q Endorses Book By Intel Professional Which Says School Shootings Were A CIA Plan

Interesting Q Drop: Q, Anons, I’ve been following these drops since day one, but this is the first I’m hearing of this “Behold a Pale Horse” book from 1991, by Bill Cooper. It actually describes clowns planning to use school … Continue reading

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John Perry Barlow Was CIA-Associated

Interesting to find this, as Q had alluded to him being CIA: After a decade of both fighting with and consulting to the intelligence community… I was introduced to this world by a former spy named Robert Steele, who called … Continue reading

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FBI Had Two Tips On School Shooter Nikolas Cruz

So now we find out that not only did he introduce himself to people by saying, “Hi, I’m Nick, I’m a school shooter,” not only had deputies been called to his house 39 times over such things as a mentally … Continue reading

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