Bucks Fishing And Hunting – Discomfiting Coincidences

So over at Voat, somebody managed to uncover this documentary on pedophiles, which shows that Buck is a term in the pedophile community which references an older man who likes young boys, and camping is a primary way that older pedophiles get their victims alone to molest them. This is a summary video:

So to recap, Buck’s Fishing and Camping has nothing to do with fishing for fish or camping, there is no guy named Buck who owns it, and it is actually a restaurant, owned by a gay lover of a prominent Democrat reporter, and friend of Hillary’s Chief of Staff – a guy whose name, in French, would translate to “I love children.” He has also been named 49th most influential man in DC, beating out top DHS officials, political players, and intel professionals, despite his only qualifications being owning a previously unknown pizza joint and this place.

So in pedophile code however, the name Buck’s Fishing and Camping could mean the place where a man who likes little boys “fishes” for ones to “take camping.” I will bet “fishing” ends up being discovered to be slang in the pedophile community.

Even better, this is the primary image on the front page of the website for Buck’s Fishing and Camping.

It is an image containing references to “meat” and “oysters,” as well as a lit birthday “candle” that looks suspiciously like an erection in a cockring with a scrotum underneath, on a guy holding a machete, who is waiting for his “candle” to be blown out. Of course who blows out candles on birthday cakes? Little boys.

Just all of that alone, without the coded emails, or the FBI identified pedophile batsigns printed all over the place would be enough that in the old days, some cop would have begun poking around.

It is possible all of this is Alefantis just trolling people with the codes. But it really seems like it would only be a small possibility that this is all just by pure, innocent coincidence. In a way, it is kind of mind-blowing that our government is run by people associated with a story and a picture like that.

It will be interesting to see what happens once Trump takes over, and the FBI is unleashed to return to investigating what it wants.

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8 Responses to Bucks Fishing And Hunting – Discomfiting Coincidences

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  2. Kirlz says:

    The placement of the candle in front of the man tells me this isn’t innocent.
    And what is behind the pink curtain on the left?!? What IS that?

  3. JT says:

    Did you notice the little boys pants in the same pattern as the tablecloth????

  4. India says:

    The tablecloth on left hand side ends in what could be a child bent over–red edge is lower legs w socks, red checks shorts pulled down, green is kid’s but upended. Plus the fake meat recapitulates that view. Both headless. Machete, which no one cuts meat with. The candle obviously phallic.
    The “bucks 10 year birthday party” scroll like bindings. Cake and oysters probably have specific meanings.
    Oven them all.

  5. Quo Warranto says:

    This is the most sickening conspiracy imaginable. Evil from Hell.

  6. Oysters likely refers to virgins. In any event understand that our most corrupt branch of government, the judiciary, is the last line of defense for pedo rings. Until LE steels itself to confront that, and accepts being very uncomfortable for years while doing so, nothing much can change.

  7. mobiuswolf says:

    Do you suppose he’s getting much mail at that address?

  8. Apoplectic Bystander says:

    Anyone else notice the yellow string laying on the tablecloth in the lower left of the image? Again, seems odd and out of place. If it’s not pure trolling, this is an evil evil image…

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