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For Those Who Have Bought A Hardcover From Amazon

It has come to my attention something may be off with some hardcovers Amazon delivers, apparently due to a printer error in one order Amazon made. If you bought a hardcover recently since the new edition came out, and noticed … Continue reading

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Migrants Are r-strategists – Liberals Flee To Conservative Areas

r-selection destroys the carefully cultured responsibility and success of K, and then migrates out to repeat the process: Liberals from California and smaller blue states are exerting their influence on the electoral process in red states, determined to flip them … Continue reading

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New r/K Video Out

I actually couldn’t even listen to the words, I was so blown away by the sight of an artist drawing such an incredible montage in real time. Good stuff. I love the mixture of artistic drawing with the material. Clearly … Continue reading

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James T. Hodgkinson Facial Bifururcation

James T. Hodgkinson: Notice how his facial bifurcation features a right side that looks calm and somewhat blank, while the left side looks disapproving/disgusting. The dominant right-side of a right-handed person’s face is an effective conscious presentation of what they … Continue reading

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Even with the God-Emperor’s hands on the reins, something feels off: In the woods south of Atlanta, John and Yvette DeMaria are with about a dozen camouflage-wearing, heavily armed Americans huffing and puffing as they scramble to navigate the sprawling … Continue reading

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Splintering Continues In Britain

The voters overwhelmingly wanted out of the EU: A grand total of 84.2% of General Election voters stumped for a party that has promised to take Britain out of the European Union. It’s proof, if proof were needed, that an … Continue reading

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Signs Of Apocalypse’s Approach?

Luxury Market declines in 2016 for the first time since 2009: The global personal luxury goods market shrank by around one percent in 2016, marking the first year of negative growth for the industry since 2009, according to research released … Continue reading

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What Happens When A K-strategists Meets ISIS?

Look to President Trump: Defense Secretary James Mattis on Friday provided an update on the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, including on two significant changes President Trump has authorized that will accelerate progress and defeat the … Continue reading

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Florida Strengthens Stand Your Ground

Good news: The Senate blinked in a fight over a standard of evidence, sending a fix to the state’s “stand your ground” law to Gov. Rick Scott. The House on Friday voted to “insist” that the Senate accept its amendment … Continue reading

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Greece Surrenders Tangible Assets To Brussels

K-selection involves resource shortage: Greece to Surrender Gold, Utilities and Real Estate in Exchange For Pieces of Paper Printed in Brussels It’s official: The Germans will not allow debt relief for Greece. Instead, Berlin wants to send in the repo … Continue reading

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