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Free Hypnosis Books

I don’t know how long this will last, but the Rogue Hypnotists series appears to be free in Kindle tonight. Try this link and scroll down to the Technicolor covers.

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Why Has Plague Erupted In Madagascar?

I think of it as global redistribution of stupidity: The deadly plague sweeping Madagascar may have a particularly gruesome cause — a local tradition of dancing with dead bodies. Health officials suspect it’s no coincidence that the outbreak — which … Continue reading

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Quick Question

Recently the sidebar changed, with the book links, facebook discussion page, and the description of r and K deleted. Did anybody notice when that happened, and what was being posted when it happened?

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Ben Garrison On The Swamp Getting Away With Murder

I was looking at another brilliant comic and commentary by Ben Garrison, and it brought to mind one thought. Benghazi, Uranium, Clinton Foundation Pay For Play, the mishandling of classified information, Fast and Furious gun running, IRS targeting of conservatives, … Continue reading

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SJWs Always Double Down Topping Kindle

Vox Day’s latest book isn’t climbing any more now that it is number one. Stephan Molyneux’s The Art Of The Argument is number two, with Vox’s original SJWs Always Lie following up behind. You can see the increasing power of … Continue reading

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More NFL Datapoints On How Donald Will Win Bigly

The Steelers Coach did not want Villanueva to go out and stand for the Anthem: Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin indicated Sunday night that he did not want offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva to stand for the national anthem, instead … Continue reading

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Vox Solicits SJW Tactics

Vox wants any SJW tactics you have seen. I want to be sure that I didn’t forget any of them in the chapter of SJWADD devoted to them. I’m talking about the specific tactics, such as the “bait-and-report”, rather than … Continue reading

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Julian Langness From Has A Freebie

Julian Langness, author of Fistfights with Muslims In Europe is offering his book of essays on the coming civil war in Europe for free. It is titled, appropriately, The Coming War In Europe: Essays Impending Destabilization And Internal Confrontation With … Continue reading

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From /Pol

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Adjusting Amygdala

This case was highlighted in the comments: Meredith Lane Hight, 27, filed for divorce from her husband, Spencer James Hight, on July 17, according to Collin County court records obtained by Heavy. The case was still pending in the 470th … Continue reading

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