China Has An Effeminate Male Problem

A few understand, but most are still clueless about what is behind the shift in sexual dimorphism.

At home, however, some believe the nation’s over-protected young boys are becoming physically and emotionally weak — leaving China facing what is being called a “crisis of masculinity…”

A new school textbook that aims to teach boys how to be “masculine” men has been released…

“Nowadays, girls are becoming more like boys while the boys are becoming more like girls, introvert and shy,” echoed another parent called Huang, a hotel employee…

Another retiree named Huang, with a 7-year-old grandson, noted that boys are “more fragile emotionally and physically due to too much homework…”

“The problem is that the family spoils the kid with love and care,” said a hotel management worker surnamed Sheng, mother of a first-grader, suggesting that over-indulgence and parents’ fear of losing their only child has stunted the natural adventurous character of boys.

Some sections of the Chinese media have also suggested that the popularity of effeminate Korean and Japanese actors and pop stars is a factor in the supposedly diminishing masculinity of Chinese youth…

In a study published last year, Zheng observed that Chinese experts have called for stronger “gender-difference education,” arguing that “the crisis of masculinity in effeminate men is considered a peril to the security of the nation because it reflects powerlessness, inferiority, feminized passivity, and social deterioration reminiscent of the colonial past when China was defeated by the colonizing West.”

But not everyone believes there is a problem. “I see diversity of human beings as something to celebrate, rather than repress,” Zheng told NBC News.

Even China is beginning to have an SJW problem.

Both the top researchers in China, and even the most brilliant researchers in all of the rest of the world, have no idea what is going on. One day boys are boys and girls are girls. Then you introduce a resource glut, and next thing you know the girls become like boys, and the boys begin to act like girls.

In reality it is an actual biological reprogramming of the entire organism, beginning with the resource exposure altering epigenetic markers on the DNA, and progressing to the brain structure, psychology, steroid levels, musculoskeletal structures, and physical appearance of the individuals.

Some people see it being related to ease, but the vast majority have no idea what could be behind it. Pop idols, female teachers, and too much homework are all pointed to, but all it really is, is r/K Selection Theory, embedded in the very human machine, adapting the organism to the level of resource availability on the fly using an evolved mechanism.

It will be interesting if some nation like China one day picks up on r/K theory. They might just enact a system of purposeful K-programming of their people, guided by the material in Evopsych. I would hope we would do it in the US first, but I suppose fostering K somewhere is better than nowhere.

Help Spread r/K Theory because we can begin actively molding society to foster K

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14 Responses to China Has An Effeminate Male Problem

  1. Michael Kumpmann says:

    this is basically the opposite of the gender curricula forced in western schools?

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  3. ACThinker says:

    so much to work with here.

    Glut 1: resources needed to live (money – which provides food, etc)
    Glut 2: men – China has had about 122 men for 100 women for at least 10 years – long enough for it to matter. So the women have 2 gluts (money and men).

    As noted, the desire is to get pleasure chemicals in the brain, these come from various activities, including the act reproduction. However, reproduction doesn’t have to be successful for the chemical high to be obtained.

    In China now, we have to many men, so some have to pose as girls to either A get action from girls by slipping past (see AC’s example of cuttlefish) or B get action from guys.
    Women have less pressure to find a high value mate because of the glut, so they become pickier, and actually create a shortage of females, as all females try to find higher values mates. In the US something like 20% of the males attract 80% of the females. I’d guess in China, the numbers are similar.

    IDK that the Chines will succeed with a K- program. I’m convinced that it will cycle. After a while, there is no way that enough r’s won’t get into positions of power and just not understand why K is needed to make things grow.

  4. Robert What? says:

    Are you postulating that times of resource gluts causes or drives this sexual dimorphism? What do you think the evolutionary benefit to it would be?

    • In r-selection, conflict avoidance is the key to maximizing reproduction. Would you really beat to death a guy who looked like a chick? You’d almost feel too sorry for him to beat him to death. Likewise, as men begin to look like that, a woman who looks like Michelle Obama can run roughshod, as she freely brains the fairies and gathers the food to feed all her rugrats.

      It is a direct contrast to K-selection, when manly aggressive men rule, and feminine women guide children to safety to assure their survival as a plan B, should the man fail.

      The key is, the sexual dimorphism arises from the hormonal status, and the hormonal status arises from the pituitary, which is affected by amygdala/stress and glucose/resource depth, or the stimuli which are indicative of r/K status.

  5. I’ve spent considerable time in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines and I currently live in Shanghai. China is the first place I’ve been in Asia where being a 6 Foot broad shouldered white guy hasn’t had women swooning, as it was explained when I got here that the women prefer smaller slight men. Contrast this to Indonesia where I was told broad shoulder and barrel chested was thought of as reminding women of the tribal chieftain days.

    Complicated things are the thoughts that when women are unmarried by 30 they have become what are called Sheng nu, which translation is “leftover women.” It’s not uncommon for women upon first being introduced to me to ask how much I make per month, as they judge me for fitness.

    If there was ever a repressed r society this would have to qualify.

  6. Matt says:

    I’m a bilingual who has ties in Hong Kong and China and goes there often. I’d love to work with you to spread R/K to the East. Let’s chat sometime

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