Colleges Push Oops/Ouch Method For Safe Spaces

Just retarded ideas in higher education these days:

A University of Arizona classroom dialogue guide encourages professors to use the “Oops/ouch method,” where students who are offended in class say “ouch” and the offender responds with “oops.”

The guide, published by the Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, provides outlines for how to encourage discussion about diversity in the classroom, explaining that “diversity poses both challenges and opportunities for a college campus.”

Think about the mental debility of people who are so immersed in the trauma culture that they not only believe it, they sit around thinking up ideas like this. In reality this is a way to shift the social order, from one where ability determines outcomes, to a more socially determined order, where less capable, but more manipulative psychologies can control how the social order unfolds, despite their own practical debilities.

What I continually find interesting, is that this is subconscious, and rooted in instinct. Liberals have this deep belief about how the world should be, so fundamental to them that they can not conceive of a world that violates their expectations. If we can ultimately understand this enough, it will hold the key to driving liberals totally insane. The first step is realizing that when you hear an “ouch,” you keep doing what you were doing, and turn that ouch into a stroke-like amygdala hijack.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because it is better to be the Oops than the Ouch

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