Facial Analysis – Outsides Pulling Down

Here is a gym owner who hates Cops and Military:

Notice how the face angles downward at the outside. That is the facial affect of anguish. If someone shows that facial characteristic at rest, they are in some sort of pain, and it is often amygdalae deficiency. It can be external. A Special Forces soldier who has lugged a 140lb pack for ten miles on a leg with a stress fracture can look like that at the end of his march, and it is not indicative of deeper psychological stress. Some people in abusive relationships can acquire it, and it is not irreparable. But a man who exhibits it as rest, in simple conversation is probably going to have problems.

Here is another photo:

Notice the snarling/disgust lip on the right side of his face, while the left appears more normal. If he is right handed, that is a reversal of the facial handedness theory, which postulates that the real face will tend to be on the less-dominant side, and show the more objectionable expression, while the dominant side, which will be the right side in right-handed people, will tend to more effectively, consciously put forth a more benign and normal, “masked” facial expression.

However, I saw this photo:

If I were to strike that pose, I would keep my dominant arm up on my knee supporting my upper body up, and my non-dominant arm would dangle less actively. This would indicate he is left handed. Also note the unnatural smile. A naturally happy person, with his friends, would smile naturally.

Finally, one last photo of a smile.


Notice his left side expresses the smile more than his right which snarls, also indicating a left-handed person who is unhappy inside, but who is trying to consciously create a smile expression, and doing it better on his dominant side.

I think this is actually the product of millions of repetitions over the years, of being unhappy, and smiling slightly better on his dominant side. It begins with a slight advantage in smiling on his dominant side, which would probably be almost unnoticeable. Over the years the right side gets used a little more, and gets a little better at smiling. The muscles get stronger and develop an increased range of motion, the nerves are more effective and practiced, and after a while that increased development creates increased usage and exercise which produces even more development. It feeds off itself until when he smiles, you get that asymmetric expression.

Finally, a photo of two faces. One pulls down slightly on the outside, the other does not:

One is perhaps one of the greatest leaders the US has been blessed with, and the other is the corrupt leftist hack bent on tearing him down.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because the eyes are not the only window to the soul

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  2. SteveRogers42 says:

    Here’s a live one. No problems with symmetry (that I can see), but he certainly has a room-brightening smile:


  3. Jaded Jurist says:

    I was literally wondering about this phenomenon the past few days! Ted Cruz comes to mind. When you see that video of him as a high school grad saying his goals in life, “world domination, the usual stuff”, you can tell he was an awkward high-functioning autist. When he spazzed out at Donald’s securing of the nomination, it had all the signs of a skinny nerd kid flailing about in anguish after a jock gave him a wedgie.

    Glad to see that another student of faces is zeroing in on this phenomenon.

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