Facial Handedness – An Example

A commenter posted this photo in the comments section. This is the crazy bimbo professor who called for some muscle to eject a guy who was taking photos from some leftist protest.

I rotated the face to vertical and divided the faces in the following shot:


Notice that this picture does anecdotally lend support to the Chinese idea that when people consciously try to generate a facial expression, the facial expression will be handed, with the right side of the face usually presenting a more effective expression of emotion, just as most people exhibit greater dexterity with their right hand. Likewise, this means that deceptive people hiding emotion will generally mask their underlying emotional state more effectively with the right side of their face, meaning the left side will be more of a true face, or the more honest representation of their underlying, true emotional state.

In this photo, she is exhibiting the typical forced smile you produce for a picture. The first face is her full picture. The middle picture is the left side of the face mirrored. What strikes me is the crazy eyes. Even trying to force a smile, her eyes are still unhappy and intense. Use a piece of paper to block off everything below the eyes, and it would be tough to tell if she was smiling, angry, or just intense. That is significant because she is trying to smile.

The right-most photo is the right side of her face mirrored. Notice how she has dropped her eyebrow and squinted her eye, to create the crow’s feet most people associate with a real smile. Her lip is lifted slightly more, exposing her teeth, and she has even squinched her nose some, to appear happier. Block off everything below her eyes, and it is clear she is smiling in the photo.

When judging a person’s true internal emotional state, I assume they are hiding it. As a result if I see two emotions, I assume the one they wouldn’t want me to see is the real one. It will often be blunted and masked beneath what they are trying to show me. I usually begin with the left side of the face because I assume the ancient Chinese disciplines are often right. I am hyper vigilant to psychic pain and angst manifesting below and within the eyes (as John Roberts frequently demonstrates), and anger in the eyebrows or upper lip. I am also sensitized to a subtle look of shock, being overwhelmed, or a frozen expression, as if things are moving too quickly for their brain/amygdala to keep up, so they are either being overwhelmed or have defaulted to a blank or intense look. Alec Baldwin sometimes looks this way in interviews, and indeed, much of his comedic ability depends on being able to say ridiculous things without exhibiting an appropriate facial expression or emotion.

As in this photo, I am also very sensitive to two-faces, since I assume that is a sign of someone who is masking their emotional state. I also assume it is a sign of someone who has masked their expression often enough to exacerbate facial muscular development on the handed side of their face, and thereby exacerbate the handedness of their facial expression.

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  2. Jack says:

    Cool observation. I’m going to look for this. Thanks

  3. banger377 says:

    Please just add that this is correctable for facial asymmetry. Eyes are the window to the soul! hellery and most lunatic libs have those dead orphan Annie eyes. I wish I had known about this 29 1/2 years ago!

  4. Prof. Woland says:

    Women are much better liars than me because then tend to dissimulate whereas men are not as careful to mask their actions. An extreme example of this is Nancy Pelosi who smiles from ear to ear when she is angry. The angrier she is the happier she tries to look although she really looks like a dog pulling back her gums and barring her teeth. Women are less likely to make a direct lie when confronted preferring to duck or avoid the question. A man will often think up some stupid on the spot. Why did you go to the …? A man might say, “I was never there” (even thought there were 10 video cameras recording him being there). A women would say “why would I go there, you know I don’t go to those kind of places?” They are much slipperier and are less likely to fess up if caught red handed. This is a problem for women when they try to overcome things like substance abuse because it is impossible to treat someone if they can never admit they have a problem in the first place.

  5. mobiuswolf says:

    They both look batshit to me. One side is just happy batshit.

  6. Zanjero says:

    This is fascinating. I remember reading a book on “How to Read Faces” that stated this very concept outright, down the the “handedness” part.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do you feel pity for rabbits and wish them happiness since at the end of the day, they can’t control themselves? If they died or a comedian by the name of Patton Oswalt died would you just want them to die happily?

    For me though maybe not say… Hillary Clitless

  8. Mack Schuylkill says:

    I love what you write anon but again say you are out of your depth in facial asymmetry, finding exactly what you were looking for. I think that’s called confirmation bias.

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