Mexico Overwhelmed With Foreign Migrants Heading To US

They are piling up in Mexico:

One morning in January, five men from Nepal showed up at the Casa del Migrante in Tijuana, looking for a bed for the night.

That’s odd, the shelter’s director, Father Patrick Murphy, remembers thinking.

This border city has been a gateway to generations of migrants fleeing poverty and violence in Mexico and Central America, people dreaming of a better life in the United States.

But Nepal was 8,000 miles away. What were they doing here?

Within months, Tijuana would be teeming with migrants from across the globe — from Haiti, India, Bangladesh and various parts of Africa — all hoping to reach the U.S…

A member of Cameroon’s English-speaking minority, the 25-year-old had been jailed twice for supporting a banned secessionist movement…

In all, it took Ngunyi two months to reach Mexico and cost him nearly $10,000. It was mid-May when he landed in Tijuana, and the early morning chill made him shiver.

He tried to hire a taxi from the airport to the border, but got into an argument with the driver, who… pushed him out of the car…

There was a long line of people waiting to use the pedestrian crossing at San Ysidro. He walked to the front and told the first police officer he saw: “I want to request asylum in the United States.”

“Do you see people like you here?” the officer barked at him. He was sent to the back of the line.

You can almost hear him scoff at the shabby treatment.

They guy blew $10,000, which is probably like fifteen yearly salaries in Africa, he was a pain in the ass pushing secession over there, he bristles at the chill in fucking Tijuana of all places, he can’t even get along with a taxi driver, and when he sees a line of people at the border just like him he skips it and just expects to be taken care of immediately, before everyone else. That is an r-strategist, with a fragile amygdala that cannot tolerate adversity, and expects perfect ease.

Migrants are r-strategists.

Spread r/K Theory, because migrants are r-strategists, and we need fewer of them

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