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There was an initial flurry of activity when somebody thought they saw a van imaged in the Podesta emails at the site of some sort of human trafficking thing in Arizona. It was later found that the vans were likely different vans, and there may not have been a direct tie to Podesta, but the incident itself was very interesting:

To me the unmarked Royal Traveler Van looks just like the vans found at the site of a child trafficking bust that appears to have been covered-up in Arizona: When the story initially broke on Nov 1, 2016 this (and other reports) said there was a “large scale human trafficking ring” with “north of 12 kids,” “there were implications of African Human trafficking, weapons and immigration violations” and an “International component to this [investigation].” This report also said that “video of the raid shows about 6-10 kids leaving the home” and that the bust was conducted by the Postal Service with assistance by Arizona SWAT “because Postal inspectors didn’t have the manpower to search the house” This report was filed at 1:48 PM November 1, 2016 and other news stations reported similar “Human Trafficking Headlines.” Google “Ahwatukee human trafficking” for other local news articles.

Possible cover up: After the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia gets involved, the news stories change. This is incredibly chilling. Youth are shown getting into the van and being driven away. One reporter said vans showed up a couple times during the day with multiple youths in the vans. The drivers would talk to investigators for a few seconds and then be on their way. Investigators even let drivers enter the house, which is insane for a federal investigation!!!!! Reporters were not allowed to interview the youth in the vans “because they were minors.” Also, no one was led away in handcuffs. See:

Almost as soon as local news stations reported on the investigation they were told “to stop saying the Ahwatukee incident was human trafficking.” News articles and video reports were scrubbed and/or updated. This police action was not reported on national news and new reports were produced with ridiculous headlines such as: “Mysterious Incident” and “Investigation into renter in upscale Ahwatukee neighborhood, no charges have been filed.” Here is one example:

To me this looks incredibly suspicious. This made me think that someone with great political power appeared to censor the news media and law enforcement and I remembered the Podesta e-mail with the similar looking van. The Clinton’s and friends have been accused of covering up other pedophile investigations.

You see enough, and the idea of one high level government official, from the right Fedguv LE agency, laying down the law to the media, the local LE, and lesser federal agencies is not so difficult to believe. All he would have to do is claim it has something to do with a much larger terrorism investigation that he cannot discuss, and get a judge he controls to slap secrecy orders on them, and they can’t talk about it under the law.

For some it is difficult to believe that a major pedophile ring could become ensconced in government, and make any investigation of them go away. From my experience, I not only think it possible, but likely.

Way back when I was cooling my heels after my freshman year of college, a guy at my martial arts club had a service business doing landscaping work for rich vacation areas around where we lived. He was a few years older, but probably the funniest guy I have ever known. Picture Charlie Sheen at 25, being six feet, 210 lbs, with blond hair. He came from a family of wrestlers, and had relatives in colleges where they were on wrestling teams.

Since his business was primarily focused in the warmest parts of the year, when spring came around, he would troll the martial arts and wrestling communities for potential recruits to help him get homes in shape, and ease him through the summer months.

One thing which struck me, was that his business grew very slowly at first, and looked almost like it wouldn’t make it. But at that time he and his two part-time employees were highly fit 20-something martial artists and wrestlers, all of whom looked like they could have just stepped off the set of a GQ photo shoot. As his business struggled, he sent out mailers, taped flyers to mailboxes in neighborhoods where he had accounts, and offered referral discounts, but still, it was slow going. Then one day he picked up an account for a homosexual guy.

Within a week and a half, he had more business than he knew what to do with. I actually saw him stressed out one night, worrying he didn’t have enough trucks or guys to do all the work he had to get done all of a sudden.

What had happened?

The gay guys, especially in rich areas, network like crazy. Every night is spent club hopping, partying, socializing, and meeting other gays. That first gay account was telling the other gays about his new service company, with all the good-looking young men who worked for it, and overnight my friend had more business than he knew what to do with.

I am sure pedophiles must be the same way, because they even have their own secret language and coded symbols. If one made it into a senior government position, and saw a way to get the power to protect his social circle, simply by recruiting them all in, I could easily see a little ad-hoc network springing up. And once that thing is in place, a form of Darwinian selection is going to cull it for the most capable operators, who will grab the most power and hold on to it most effectively.

Even if I didn’t think the elites behind the scenes who control everything, recruited pedophiles because they controlled them, that secondary mechanism alone would easily explain why such a circumstance would be inevitable. In short I see two inevitable reasons why such a state of affairs would arise.

In a way, the existence of a Pizza-gate like pedophile network is very much like the idea of modern humans spontaneously emerging from the abiotic soup that covered early earth, through the chance-like force of Darwinian selection. It is at once, ridiculous, impossible, wholly natural, and impossible to stop.

Tell people about r/K Selection Theory, because it will force the out-grouping of deviants like Podesta

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  2. Vanished friend says:

    God bless you for 1) not falling for the “fake news” bullshit and 2) cutting through all the bullshit to get to the heart of the mechanism. You are a national fucking treasure.

  3. mina says:

    Are you familiar with the Franklin Credit Union scandal in Omaha, Nebraska in the late 1980’s? I am reading a book I got from my mom that Nebraska state senator John DeCamp. It was published in 1992 just after the white washing of the scandal wrapped up, including jailing a 21 year old witness/victim of the pedophile prostitution ring for perjury. It has a lot of the elements of the pizza gate scandal only much more documentation, especially from foster care kids who did witness human sacrifice. If anyone here doubts the possibility of pizzagate, just know there is nothing new under the sun and pizzagate is nothing new in the American political sphere.

  4. dirkhblog says:

    re pedos, check this out regarding the Norwegian pedo bust.

  5. SteveRogers42 says:

    Excellent post. I hope Jeff Sessions is ready to hit the ground running. This swamp is gonna take a lot of draining.

    Nina — is this related?

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