Obama Appoints Cop-Killer Attorney To Civil Rights Commission

Really kind of shocking:

In a move that has already sparked a backlash among law enforcement groups, President Barack Obama on Thursday appointed Debo Adegbile, a former attorney for convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, to a six-year post on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The eight-member commission consists of four members appointed by the president and four appointed by Congress. Unfortunately, the six-year appointments are not subject to Senate confirmation.

Of all the cases, Mumia’s is really the most egregious case of leftist rubes trying to free a blatant cop-killer – and taking his side so vociferously specifically because he killed a cop. If you had any doubt leftists were traitors, or that Obama is, at his core pure evil, that should destroy it.

There is a real element of evil to the left. Where there is a right and a wrong, they seem to revel in choosing evil, even at cost to themselves sometimes. It isn’t always selfish.

If you have ever met with true evil, you will at some point realize there is far more to it than a mere error, or a confusion, or even a simple mechanism that produces it. There is an allegiance as strong as any patriot’s loyalty, and it is not to themselves. Evil is their day job, and they seem to know they have an employer.

It is quite shocking when you see it, and this case above, makes it completely clear to me which side Obama is on.

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  2. Joe Smith says:

    Very true. The left is – as Larry Auster put it – either the political expression of evil; or they are burdened by an extraordinarily coincidental knack for picking the anti-God side every damn time.

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