Is Obama Crazy Enough To Kill A Russian Pilot And An Ambassador?

It sounds like Putin thinks so:

Vladimir Putin said: “The assassination of our ambassador, I think it was actually an attempt on Russian-Turkey relations.

“I was sceptical of the idea that the Russian aircraft was shot down without the consent of the Turkish leadership.

“As you remember some of them stated that it was just done by some individuals who wanted to interfere with relations but right now I am changing my opinion…”

Mr Putin claims there is a conspiracy to destabilise relations between Turkey and Russia. He also hinted at Western involvement in the attack by telling the audience at his press conference “you know who did it”.

In November last year a Russian aircraft was shot down by the Turkish army as it flew over the Turkey-Syria border.

Russian officials said the plane was flying 4km into Syria and was not violating Turkey’s airspace.

There had been a previous rumor of NATO-country involvement, presumably the US:

The secret services of a NATO country is ‘highly likely’ to have been behind the assassination of ambassador Andrey Karlov, claimed a top ally of Vladimir Putin.

Senior senator Frantz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Russian upper chamber’s defence and security committee, said: ‘It was a planned action.

‘Everyone knew that he was going to attend this photo exhibition…

He warned: ‘Those who planned and carried out this terrorist act, of course, were planning to attack the Russian-Turkish relations.

‘The murder of ambassador is an unprecedented event, it is one of the darkest chapters in the history of bilateral relations.

‘This, of course, is a very serious attempt to attack the relationship.’

That would be incredibly reckless, to have intel bribe a Turkish pilot to take down a Russian plane just to burn the Russian-Turkish alliance. The only thing that would out-do that would be to kill an Ambassador. And yet because Obama lacks a functional amygdala, it would not only be believable – it would almost be predictable. He might even have laughed at picturing himself leaving this albatross around Trump’s neck.

That Putin seems willing to not take a US soldier or airman in retribution speaks to an increidble level of restraint which I do not think you would see in an r-strategist or a classical psychopath. Stalin, Mao, or even Bill Clinton would simply have ordered the hit, with no care for the Russian K-strategist soldier they were condemning to death.

If Trump manages to turn that relationship around in one fell swoop, and avert the war we probably would have had under Hillary, his Presidency really will be heaven-sent.

Of course, if Obama ordered this, or even if Putin just thinks he did, it would not surprise me if Russia took a shot at puching his ticket some day, using plausible deniability of course. As a K-strategist, Putin likely hates rabbity Obama to begin with. But if he thinks Obama killed one of his K-brothers, it will be personal.

I just hope if it happens, nobody ever knows. With the Apocalypse coming, global war is not impossible, and may even be likely. Avoiding having one with Russia specifically would be nice. Especially a war where our moral standing was questionable.

Spread r/K Theory, because nobody wants a war with Russia

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  2. Jay says:

    2 weeks before the Turkish ‘coup’, Obama met with Erdogan in a private meeting during a UN meeting.

    Massive evidence points to the near certainty the ‘coup’ was completely staged.

    Erdogan had, on two occasions previously, conducted large scale arrests and crackdowns to defeat ‘coup attempts’ but every arrest was overturned for lack of evidence by the Turkish judiciary. One such event stripped the Turkish military of it’s political power (one of Turkey’s checks and balances).

    Before the ‘coup’ was even resolved, the Turkish government had a list of thousands of responsible parties belonging to school personnel, police, a few high ranking military persons, and judiciary,

    Gulen, the Islamic imam Erdogan blamed for the ‘coup’ lives in Pennsylvania and was/is a MAJOR donor to Clinton’s election funds. Giving over $1mil directly and hundreds of thousands through individual donations via the Turkish folks brought over to fill his ‘Gulen group’ here in the US.

    Gulen is confirmed to have said (translated) in a sermon, “you have to move through the institutions until you have enough power to take over.”

    The ‘Gulen group’ has benefited from more H1B visas over the years, primarily during Clinton’s stint as SoS, than even the likes of the next 3-4 or more groups, and this includes Google.

    The ‘group’ has created numerous Islamic-lite charter schools (which Hillary and Obama never had a problem with) around the country, with the most located in Texas (scores). The stated goal is to ‘spread understanding and togetherness, but they all feature very pro-Islamic curriculums. These are run by Turkish muslims and there all have received a trove of complaints of ethics violations, poor sanitary conditions, and incompetence.

    The ‘coup’ took place just 3 months before the election and Obama is on record saying he wanted to quickly hand over Gulen to Erdogan (again just 2 weeks after a private meeting at the UN).

    My professional assessment: There is no possibility of doubt Obama would be willing to, and actually did use his relationship with Erdogan to spite his enemies (the entire USA) and promote his, and his party’s agenda.

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