Podesta, Pizza, Pedophiles, and Discomfiting Coincidences

For those who don’t travel the alt-right regularly, there were strange references in the Podesta emails which could have been interpreted as a pedophile code, leading many in the alt right to hypothesize Podesta may have been part of a pedophile network.

When former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert’s pedophile history came to light, someone emailed Podesta that it was time for Hastert to disappear to an unnamed Japanese Island. It was a reference to the fact Hastert and Tony Podesta were lifelong friends because as teenagers they both were apparently camp counselors to a children’s camp on a Japanese Island.

Some of the letters revolved around James Alefantis, gay boyfriend of reporter David Brock, of Media Matters, and an associate of Podesta. Some speculated based on his social media and the letters that it appeared he was a central figure in some sort of network. Most disturbingly, Alefantis was listed as 49th most influential man in Washington by GQ Magazine, despite his lifelong accomplishment being the owner of a pizza joint in DC. Clearly he has some reason for being so important to so many power-player’s lives.

A Freeper laid out the details of the businesses around Alefantis’ pizza joint here, and it is worth a quick link:

Business One: Comet Pizza:
Owned by James Alefantis, gay boyfriend of David Brock, Media Matters. Declared 49th most person in DC by GQ Magazine.

Something weird? James posted dozens of sexually suggestive pictures of toddlers and infants on his instagram. Their walls have lots of creepy sexual pictures by kim noble on their wall (do a google image search for kim noble art at your own risk!). Their menu includes a symbol similar to the recognized butterfly pedophile symbol.

Business Two: Bucks Hunting and Fishing

Owned by James Alefantis

Something weird? Decide for yourself: http://www.bucksfishingandcamping.com/

Business Three: Besta Pizza

Owned by: Andrew Kline, Clinton appointee who’s responsible for Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the Department of Justice, in the Civil Rights Division

Something weird? Besta Pizza’s logo contained (until this week) the recognized double triangle pedophile symbol

Business Four: Politics and Prose

Owned by: Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine. Brad longtime journalist with The Washington Post. His wife, Lissa, also had worked as a Post journalist for years also, and then served as chief speechwriter and senior advisor to Hillary Clinton at the White House and the State Department.

Something weird? Politics and Prose has the recognized pedophile spiral symbol on the highest part of their sign. In Podesta’s emails, Alfenatis asks John P if he wants to do something big or small after Podesta reads at politics and prose.

Business Five: little RED FOX

Owned by: Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine Something weird? has the recognized pedophile spiral symbol on their sign.

Business Six: Terasol Bistro and Artisan Gallery

Owned by: Sabrina Ousmaal, long time Associate Publisher for The Energy Daily (renewable energy publication)

Something weird? has the recognized child’s hand in double heart pedophile symbol on their website. (it’s still there as of this time!)

Business Seven: “Beyond Borders”, whose mission statement is: Working to end child slavery & prevent violence against women & girls in Haiti.

Founded by: Clinton Global Initiatives

What’s weird? They’s in the business of defending girls. Don’t they know they are surrounded by businesses with the pedophile symbol?

There is an FBI rundown of the pedophile symbols here. I had never heard of them, but if you don’t run in those circles, it is not surprising they have their own codes. It is surprising that these businesses, given the previous allegations in the alt-right, would just happen to have these symbols associated with them.

Make note of the symbols. Shockingly, I have seen that blue triangle with the shadow under it someplace within the last two years. I cannot remember if I saw it in person or on some website. My eyes drifted over it absent mindedly. I noted the uniqueness of the texture of the blue parts, and pictured how you would make the shadow under it with a spray can in paint before laying the top image over it, but I cannot now remember where I saw it. I assumed it was just a doodle somebody thought looked cool. It is maddening that at some point I was looking directly at a covert symbol indicating pedophilia, and it got by me.

Of course, I may very well have been looking at a covert pedophile ring in the uppermost levels of my very government, and that got by me too.

The source thread with most of the research on the pedophilia allegations, which is being referred to as Pizzagate, and the possible use of code in the emails is here. It is quite comprehensive, and will raise your eyebrows.

Bonus video on the subject:

r/K Theory might change the world, because you told people about these reviews

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17 Responses to Podesta, Pizza, Pedophiles, and Discomfiting Coincidences

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  2. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Those Podestas just look evil. I don’t know if you’re into phrenology, but sometimes someone’s face just leaps at you. Same thing with Saville.

  3. ke says:

    Yeah, desperately try to link Podesta to a pedophile “network” but not Tom Delay, David Dreier, and all the Republicans who publicly supported Hastert even after he pleaded guilty. You are so biased.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hastert is actually tied to the Podestas too, he and Tony are buddies

    • MrsJab says:

      They are ALL pedophiles. Does that make it okay? Hundreds- THOUSANDS were left out. There is no way all of them can be named one at a time- it is a worldwide child sex ring. It’s DISGUSTING and must be stopped. We have to start somewhere. This looks like as good a place as any…. unless you are defending pedophilia, ke.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good lord! I’ve been reading about “PizzaGate” for a couple hours now and there’s an incredible amount of smoke here. Please, AC, do more posts on it.

  5. florida91 says:

    This video gave me the chills. I remember when little Madeline was kidnapped. These two men in the composite suspect drawings look exactly like John Podesta and his brother. For Madeline to have disappeared so quickly and completely, it would have taken someone with wealth and connections, like Soros or Epstein, to have funded it.

  6. dnarby says:

    Thank you , please keep this alive. We need to keep pressing so the FBI has cover to go after them.

    • Hard to believe I read that, and without thinking, just agree totally. What bizarre times.

      I had been lukewarm on this, since you never know if the Wiki emails were “improved,” before release, or if maybe the code was for something else.

      But those restaurants all having the symbols kind of rules that out.

  7. Kurt says:

    Pedophilia in government/Hollywood has been going on for a LONG time. Pedophilia rings go all the way to the White House. The mainstream media won’t report it (obviously). Research Franklin Credit Union scandal/coverup. Watch “Conspiracy of Silence” on You Tube. Be careful out there.

  8. Esquire says:

    New piece of evidence: John Posesta photographed with writer of the occult Peter Levanda. Google it

  9. Beth says:

    “James Alefantis” = J’aime les enfants> this means “I love children” in French.
    GOD help us!

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  11. Jervis says:

    And Washington DC was designed by Pierre L’Enfant – “Peter the Child”! This perversion is more than 200 years old, God help us all.

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