Rabbits Pitting Wolves vs Wolves Again

First, rabbits make rules designed to irritate. Want to talk on the phone while driving? Carry self defense tools? Speak hate speech? Sell large sodas? Walk down the street without getting searched? Inhale the smoke from a plant leaf? Let your kids walk to the local park alone? Get ready, because the rabbits will send the enforcers to get you. The enforcers don’t really want to worry about such picayune crap, but in order to do good, they think they have to.

Once there are a suitably high number of officer/citizen interactions, one or more out of the hundred million per year is bound to go wrong, and something horrible will happen. Once it does, the rabbits proceed to part two of their plan, which is to blame the enforcers, and use the event to rile the populace against them. The rabbits only have two threats – the populace they try to control, and the enforcers who enforce the law. If they can keep those two at odds, their position is considerably improved.

What you get is this. Wolves in-grouping against wolves, while the rabbits who created the extensive rules and government intrusiveness that lead to the whole mess hide in safety.

Rabbits do this all the time, but it only triggers violence when resource restriction kicks in. Air-drop money on that crowd, say $100,000 per head, and they’d all go home to spend their loot, and the riots would end – until the money ran out.

These are the fat and happy riots, compared to what is coming. One day, these same crowds will go to the grocery store, and their EBT cards won’t be accepted, because the store owner will view the government’s inflated electronic fiat currency as worthless. That is when we will transition from the fat and happy riots to the “I have to riot because I will starve and die if I don’t” riots. Those are less fun.

It will start with a looting of the grocery store. Suppliers will find that if they try to run supplies into the city, their cargo will be hijacked, their trucks will be burned, and they may get killed. You will literally have millions of people, side by side, with no food. It will be Lord of the Flies, only with the Bloods and Crips already broken up into their own tribe. You will not have to bomb us back into the stone age, the crowds in the cities will take themselves back there all on their own.

ITZ coming.

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9 Responses to Rabbits Pitting Wolves vs Wolves Again

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  2. Doctor Mayhem says:

    I wouldn’t really consider those gangs to be wolves. they’re a product of rabbit policies. I would say Aurini had it best: they’re jackals.

  3. Neocolonial says:

    I saw comment yesterday questioning why the MSM were ‘pushing the police line’ rather than the progressive one.

    Answer: If they do not, within short order they set wolves against rabbits.

  4. Dylan says:

    I’m not so sure such a thing is coming anywhere in the near future, the U.S dollar in and of itself isn’t doing very well but compared to other competing currencies like the Euro it’s doing fine. Another currency will have to come along and dethrone the dollar but I don’t see that happening because of how popular debt and inflation is with governments around the world. Politicians want to spend but they don’t want to tax their constituents too much lest they decide to vote against them in the next election cycle.

    We might be doomed to an r-selected America for a long time with the infinite supply of money to fund entitlements and welfare and with the new surge of illegals who come here to take advantage of our resources and all the free handouts.

    • dc.sunsets says:

      They’re creating debt to the orbit of Jupiter, but it doesn’t “make” anything. It may today seem like there’s no limit to politicians’ borrow-and-spend, buying the next election, but I suspect a limit exists and we’re far closer to it now than most might guess. Or I could be wrong.

  5. dc.sunsets says:

    While someday the US gov’t may seize the Fed and begin printing banknotes of ever-larger denomination (The Wiemar/Zimbabwe Option everyone discusses incessantly), the existence of an estimated $1-1.25 quadrillion in what amount to debt securities (from T-bonds to Muni’s and on to more esoteric contracts that don’t trade on exchanges), all of it currently counted pretty much at face value on everyone’s mental balance sheet, the more likely hiccup in the monetary realm would be a credit collapse…also known as “I no longer think your IOU is worth what I thought it was.”

    This is more like what happened in the USA in 1930-32, only on a scale unimaginably larger than that. No one knows the future, but my guess is that before we try a banknote hyperinflation we’ll discover that only a little tiny bit of money wealth exists in banknote form, and the rest of it can evaporate into thin air as people decide others’ IOUs are worth less, if not worthless.

    Same starvation riots. Just a different backdrop.

    • I don’t understand printing large denominations of fiat currency. If the money only has the value it has because we say it has the value it has, then why can’t we chop a few dozen 0’s off of the end of the 800,000,000,000 dollar bill and make it an 80 dollar bill? I mean, its value will hold because we say it does.

      The only response I’ve ever hear is, “what about the real debt they owe other countries?”

      But come on, if a slice of pizza cost 476,000,000 Baht, then no other country really expects you to pay up on that debt. It would be like trying to pay a $60,000 fine in pennies.

  6. Sam says:

    Germany is often used to showcase the effects of hyperinflation. What is not said is that when this happened in Germany, the banks controlled money creation and the central bank merely printed what the private banks lent. Hyperinflation. When the central bank started controlling the amount and issuance of credit the hyperinflation stopped.

    In the US a somewhat similar situation of banks creating money exists now. The banks are also doing exactly what the German banks did. Buying up all the assets of the country with the free cash only they have access too. Not a good sign.

    We know for an absolute fact that due to the housing crisis they gave the banks 16 Trillion. With that amount of money you could give $250,000 no-interest loans to every family of four, and there would be no housing crisis. I’ve read estimates from various sources that the money given to the banks may be as much as $32 Trillion.

    They will own everything and we will own nothing. I understand r/K differences but no matter how K you are if people use money backed by the people to pay off the legislatures so they gather all the gains it doesn’t matter how careful you are with your personal money. The Germans suffered hyperinflation and they were hardly maniacal spendthrifts.

  7. Sam says:

    Should have proof read that better. Sorry. Bit tired.

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