Serial Sex Offender Richard Hirschfield and the Defective Amygdala.

Here is an article on a serial sex offender, Richard Hirschfield, who killed two UC Davis students in the Sweetheart Killings, raping the girl in the process. Hirschfield came from an r-line of early-maters/molesters, a highly fecund mother with multiple partners, and abandoning/abusive fathers. For some reason when I read his story, I see the songbirds of my youth, angrily chasing off their freshly fledged, begging young, so they may begin on the next brood – and the young who grow up to do all of the same things.

Hirschfield himself became a hyper-r, molesting young girls, raping young women, and even killing to escape detection. He answered his every emotional impulse, without a care for how he might be transgressing against, or oppressing others, whom I am sure he would have argued deserved his fair meting of “justice.” (Itself a learned technique to shield his amygdala from the stress of contemplating who he really was.)

When I see this type of behavior, I see the Liberal – the only difference being degree. Sexualize the young, satisfy your emotional urges above all else (even if it collapses the civilizational structure), and never care about the desires of the people who object to your intrusions in their lives. Indeed, those who oppose your dictates are evil, and deserve whatever punishments you can apply to them. It is an almost universal refrain among rapists and sexual predators, because instead of examining their own issues, it refocuses their amygdala on others. It is a refrain among Liberals, for the same reason.

All Conservatives and Libertarians want is to be free to provide services of value to people, and use the proceeds of their labors to engage in volitional agreements with others, the net effects of which are to acquire healthcare, food, and housing, among other things. We want to be left alone. Yet Liberals need to intrude into our lives. They demand the right to take our earnings, tell us what healthcare we can get and what care we cannot, tell doctors what they are allowed to do for us, and potentially even screw up the entire system to the point that there is rationing, and people actually die. They even demand we disarm, and render our families defenseless. Why? They have an emotional urge to effect “change,” and if you object to satisfying every emotional whim of the Liberal, you are an evil Republican/Conservative/freedom-lover, and must be punished.

Of course, regular readers of this blog know that we believe that science can characterize these things, producing an irrefutable argument outlining not just the Liberal mind’s defects, but their actual evil. So if Hirschfield is on the same behavioral spectrum as the average Liberal, surely there must be more than just a collection of similar circumstances, including a family which appears to have been following an r-selected reproductive strategy, a highly sexed individual who rapes/sexualizes young children, and a morality which doesn’t care for anything but satisfying the individual’s own base, emotional drives.

Sure enough, when Hirschfield’s defense attorney tried to persuade the jury to spare him from the death penalty, they rolled in an expert in cognitive neuroscience to offer an explanation for his behavior. The argument was, his brain structure was different. On brain scans, he had a smaller amygdala volume, and this made him unable to stifle his urge to act on his emotions, less able to understand punishments, consequences, and adverse outcomes which would flow from satisfying his emotional urges, and it even made him more highly sexed than other people. Yes he was evil, but it wasn’t his fault, because his brain was damaged – in the exact same way the brains of Liberal’s are – Liberals who often sympathize with such animals as Hirschfield (because of their massive intellectual and moral superiority, no less).

It amuses me that when a researcher schooled in the field sees a man with a smaller amygdala, his reflexive response is to use that to explain any deviant, selfish, cruel, narcissistic behavior. Of course, that specific trait is also a hallmark of the Leftist brain, so what does that say?

What do you do when a large part of the population lacks the brain structure to see and avoid danger, drive the embrace of personal sacrifice to avoid a worse outcome, constrain the blind pursuit of personal hedonism, and even endure the unpleasant things which are necessary to avoid provoking a civil war?

Sadly, I am increasingly of the mind that just as with Hirschfield, there is only one way our civilization will ever rid itself of the evil of Liberals, and it will not be pretty. It will begin with the collapse, but where it will go, is probably best not contemplated now. Suffice it to say, for all of our intellect, civilization, and perceived superiority over the other animals of this planet, we may be more like any other animal species than we care to realize.

For now, one step at a time.

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  2. racetracker says:

    Lethal injection is too good for that damn no good bastard!

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