Site Format Change [UPDATE – This site will stay as is, new site will be run with just headlines for a while]

I’m looking at a possible format change to this site, with more news, and less commentary. Most of the readers here now understand r/K to the point the commentary is increasingly unnecessary.

I am also looking at changing the blog’s layout. There would be a grid on the front page, which would show a title, linked to the post page, where you could comment. If there was any excerpt and commentary on the article it would say commentary in the excerpt, as in the first post on the bottom of the test page below. Below the title on the front page’s grid, the excerpt would be a comment, and that comment would be linked to the article.

Unless there was commentary, as indicated in the excerpt, there would be no text on the post page. The advantage is you could skim a lot of news and click through to the articles right from the front page.

Stop by here, and let me know what you think

There will still be periodical longer blogs on various subjects of interest and commentary on particularly interesting articles, from psychology to prepping, probably of a higher quality than the constant stream now.

But this would mainly allow this site to be more informative and link to many more articles of interest.

The other option is two sites, though this site would go down to a more modest posting schedule. I am kind of leaning toward that, because I am curious to create an alt-right site that isn’t linked into any alt-right sites, and see if its search traffic rapidly surpasses this older site’s search traffic, with all its hyperlinks into other alt-right sites.

If anybody has any thoughts, please contribute them here, as I only do this to try and be useful to the readers here.

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38 Responses to Site Format Change [UPDATE – This site will stay as is, new site will be run with just headlines for a while]

  1. 🤔🤔🤔 says:

    Ac this is better aesthetically.

  2. JimP says:

    Whatever you feel is the best use of your time. Although I really enjoy the commentary that’s paired with the news items you cite.

    The test link looks good, and will make reading on mobile devices easier.

    Thanks Anon

    • Kharmii says:

      I like it too. One issue I wish could be changed is to put in an archive section so I can read back to where I left off. IE: I’ve read back as far as June 6th, 2017. In order to get to that, I have to link back, like, 40 pages and hope I can get to the right spot. It would be nice to be able to jump back to a specific date and go from there.

    • Rick says:

      I’m with Jim. I read your site every day and still don’t know how you find the time, but appreciate it!! The new format is fine

  3. ACThinker says:

    is this why you’ve been having blog outages the last couple of weeks

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh please, don’t ditch the commentary. I can get news from many places, but your commentary is priceless. Yes, you go over the same info repeatedly, but many of us are “slow learners.” It takes time, AC, to scrape off the counter-programming to which many of us have been subjected for years. Repetition is necessary.

    How about this: Keep the new format, but offer more commentary and fewer articles?

    • Alright. I’ve generally assumed people were getting bored with it, especially as I find others on here seeing stuff I didn’t, but I guess it will stay.

    • AnonWriter says:

      +1 same reasons. In learning terms each example allows us to synthesize your case study rationale. Also enables us to rapidly quote and post links to those who haven’t read the book and they have something nutshelled as a complete real world example.

    • 234534647643632 says:

      This. Please keep the commentary. I’m constantly sending people here, its important that they get exposed to your commentary so they can understand your perspective. And I always learn new things when I read your commentary. If you get rid of commentary you’ll become r-selective for 100 years, curse is cast 😀

      I know I’m pushing it now, but, what about you having both formats running at the same time? On the grid, you’d put some news with short comment, and keep this roll like feed in the classic format where you comment on some of the news you find you’d like to tell us something about.

    • Sam J. says:

      I agree, don’t stop the commentary. It’s priceless. Just because we’ve seen it doesn’t mean everyone that can or will has. Someone may stumble on the site and seeing commentary on current events will make them see the world in a new way.

      A news link at the top on the same site. That would be great. Of course it’s your site and your life so whatever you do that makes you happy I’m sure will please us.

    • Mr Darcy says:

      ^^This.^^ Ditto this^^ Whoever you are, you took the words right out of my mouth. And although I seriously doubt that anybody who reads this site every day is a “slow learner,” the point is that I, at least, am no neurosurgeon, so it takes sometimes takes time to digest the commentary. But puh-leeze, Mr Anonymous Conservative, do anything you want to with me–throw me in the briar patch–but DON’T ditch the always-fascinating commentary! As to the rest, I have no opinion. But don’t ditch the commentary. And please accept my grateful thanks for what you are doing here. It’s truly a public service! Godspeed.

  5. Glenn Randolph says:

    For me, the commentary is the more valuable part. As a layman myself, I often miss the connections you spot. I don’t always agree, but it does always make me think. I share one or two articles per day on Twitter, Gab, and FB.
    In the end, it is your work and your decision so do what makes you happy and effective – we need you in the fight. Thanks much for your work on this blog!

  6. kormingus says:

    The world does not need another site pointing at the news of the day. There are already many that do that. That said, you don’t have to feel obligated to offer long commentary on everything you post. Your format is fine. You can intersperse shorter format posts if you feel that your audience would be more engaged that way.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the poster above. The commentary is excellent! If I read that many actual news articles a day I’d lose my mind. I get a similar feeling when I watch Alex Jones more than 5 minutes at a time.

    Your commentary helps us see the important points of r/K theory from current events.

  8. everlastingphelps says:

    No RSS feed, which is my primary way of keeping up. Blocked at my work for being namehosted on OpenDNS, although that may just be your test setup.

  9. Mark in Atlanta says:

    AC, your commentary is the reason your site is a daily must read, did you hear of the mass killing in Plano, wow just up your alley, here is a link to a summary of the story,, in one tragic story it sums up much

  10. John Morris says:

    Do you really think that if Google is punishing Alt-Right linked sites (and they are), that their vast Evil network won’t figure out your switch in URL within a few weeks?

  11. gxg says:

    I’ll second the above comment that the commentary is what keeps me coming back. Even though I have a pretty good grasp of r/K by now, your commentary is terrific. The articles, I can get from anywhere, but your commentary is unique. I could read a thousand more articles with your commentary and never tire of it.

    Bored? Nope. Never.

  12. Californian says:

    I gotta say I like the current setup more, most of the news I can see on the new site is stuff I’ve already seen from twitter or other places on the net, and your commentary, though you think it repetitious, is almost always interesting. Plus I think the old site is better looking, but that’s just me.

  13. BadBart says:

    Your commentary is why I open this blog first thing in the morning. I’d hate to see that go. But if the posting schedule is too much then do what you need to do.

  14. rogerlocke says:

    I would miss the commentary as well, I have been amazed at how many posts you put out. If you need the time off though, so be it. I like the new layout, you get more on a page.

  15. John Calabro says:

    I like reading your take on the news and the fact that you often response to questions. It is kind of similar to Stefan Molyneux but less about childhood and anti war and more on, r/K, psychology, and in written form. It could be that I enjoy it because it is two takes on the same news. The author of the link and you the Commentator, sometimes disagreeing and always adding to the conversion.

    Will you make a different page where it is only a link to a news and which ones are your commentary and thoughts on the subject?

    Anyway I hope it works out

  16. Man in the Middel says:

    My key need here is an easy way to keep up with new posts, which is easy with the current site. The new site, by contrast, seemed too busy and hard to follow. That said, if you want to also offer a quick link service, along the lines of InfoGalactic and Instapundit, I’d be happy to see that too.

  17. American Graffiti says:

    Agree with the others. I come for the analysis and commentary. If you wanted to boost things, maybe do something with the r/K facebook group so that is more public. For example, vigilant citizen recently opened vigiliant community website where others post on the same theme… Once someone’s “got” r/k they can do a similar analysis, so why not just post the links and let ppl connect the dots…BUT if that’s true (and Im not sure that it is true since u may actually be unique) instead why not make a way for multiple ppl to connect the dots in the same way you are doing, like a force multiplier?

  18. Rory Smith says:

    They’re both good. But I’ve always enjoyed your comments on the news items.

  19. Rory Smith says:

    1) In the current format, your comments at the very end of each post, Tell others about r/K theory because… are priceless.
    2) The new format has some comments, but they cut off and I can’t figure out how to read to the end of them.

    • The new format is mostly without any comments or commentary, as I wanted it to be almost entirely readable from the front page, without having to click through to each article. The only article on it with commentary is the first article, which says “commentary” in the link to the article. So if you click on the rest and go to the page, all you will see is a link using under 30 words, so it will fit in the excerpt, and any comments anybody makes.

      It is an experiment, designed to move more articles through. So to do that in reasonable time, I got rid of the commentary on that site.

  20. mobiuswolf says:

    I would just read your comments, if they were all on the homepage. The headlines speak for themselves, mostly.
    Clicking through for the one liners got old fast.

    The commentary here is much more instructive. You forget how complicated this is until you try to explain it to someone from scratch.

    IMO closing this site would be a great loss.

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