The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics Will Be Free In Kindle Form Next Thursday

Despite being really busy, I took some time and revised and updated the hard and soft copies of the book, adding the dopamine/oxytocin and homosexuality stuff, putting together the Kindle version, and it is now all up on Amazon, with the Kindle priced at $9.99. I really feel like this now is the most complete examination of just why politics evolved ever presented, and it will be looked back on with much interest one day. I’ve added the link to the amazon page in my sidebar to the right.

In putting the Kindle file together, I ran into the dreaded “failure of the start anchor” bug on the newer Kindles, which is what took so long. I ended up having to break up every chapter into it’s own html file, then I had to remove all the url frags from the OPF, and then had to update the internal and logical TOCs to reflect all the changes, all after trying a million other things which did nothing. In the process, a converter intermittently screwed up the text formatting of the book, probably in part because of the html code linking each endnote triggering some type of code cleaning by one of the programs I was using, so I had to go through again, and fix all of that manually. Anyway, it came out working right in the end.

If you’re interested in having a record of the total project on a budget, the Kindle version will be available free next Thursday. Just stop by and click on the link in the sidebar or at the top of this post, and you can cruise over to Amazon and grab a download for free. If you don’t have a kindle, they also have a free viewer program for your PC somewhere on the site. I’ll look for the link, and include it in a reminder post Wednesday.

In return, I only ask you help the theory spread, and send this viral. Tell friends about the free download so they get a copy, share it on facebook, tweet it, and give it to bloggers – and if you like the book, a positive review on Amazon would also be appreciated. I’ve already gotten my first two bogus Liberal reviews from people who didn’t buy it, so it would be nice to balance those with some rightward reviews, and show the divergence in our psychologies.

Enjoy it in good health.

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