The Hero Who Should Have Been… But Was Killed By The Rabbits

Perhaps the most tragic victim:

One of the San Bernardino shooting victims was a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms, a report claims.

Nicholas Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew, harbored strong views against radical Islam and got into an argument about ISIS with shooter Syed Farook just two weeks ago.

He also publicly opposed tightening gun controls, and displayed National Rifle Association stickers on the front door of his home in Colton, California, according to the New York Daily News.

This man was destined to be the hero. He knew the threat, he had the skills and ability to deal with it, but he was killed. Even sadder, he was killed not in courageous battle against an evil enemy, but by the political machinations of weak and pathetic rabbits who managed to use K-strategist cops and his own respect for the law, to kill him and help the terrorists.

He predicted his own demise, courtesy of the rabbit’s drive to disarm the capable:

In July, the 52-year-old environmental health specialist from New Jersey took to Facebook to slam a proposed bill to tighten gun control in California.

‘This is an INVITATION to MASS MURDER — the BLOODBATH that will follow will be HORRIFIC!!!’, he wrote, according to the Daily News.

This was a victory for the rabbits. They want mass murderers to kill this type of brave, self sufficient American who could otherwise defend himself. Don’t believe me? Here is an article by a rabbit, saying this NRA member was no different from the ISIS killers:

They were two hate-filled, bigoted municipal employees interacting in one department. Now 13 innocent people are dead in unspeakable carnage.

One man spent his free time writing frightening, NRA-loving, hate-filled screeds on Facebook about the other’s religion.

The other man quietly stewed and brewed his bigotry…

What they didn’t realize is that except for their different religions they were in many ways similar men…

Rabbits want to import mass murderers, and see them kill fellow Americans, because they hate us. Notice the bitch above only listed 13 innocent victims. In her eyes this guy’s demise was righteous. Imagine how this Stasi bitch who wrote the above article would have felt if Nicholas had pulled out a Glock and wasted these two killers before they killed anyone. Imagine her horror at seeing the media play him up as a hero. Imagine her rage at seeing his coworkers throw a celebration in his honor, when he should have died – if only she could have gotten the cops to disarm him. Look at how she wants to pit men just like us, in law enforcement, against us on her behalf.

Even worse, imagine how quickly the media would have buried the story of him saving the day and everyone else, due to the same emotional response. How many times do you hear about the mass shooting thwarted by an armed citizen?

Add in how this same leftist cunt wants to import un-vettable Syrians from ISIS Ground Zero, and her game should be obvious to everyone. She welcomes other Americans dying, and she will import killers and disarm law-abiding Americans until she gets her way, if we let her.

Leftist rabbits are the enemies of Americans. They see this innately, and it is time that we see this too.

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5 Responses to The Hero Who Should Have Been… But Was Killed By The Rabbits

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  2. Nathan says:

    I know it’s difficult to apply r and K to individuals, but one method I use in daily life is to see what a person thinks of ISIS vs someone like Nicholas. Frequently people who are very r will say there is no difference between these individuals. It’s more complex when it comes to the military, because for the most part US military activity is about invading countries on the other side of the world that few americans could even place on a map, as opposed to directly serving and defending against invasion. So while someone’s opinion on the military is not by itself to determine someone as being very r or K, it can be a helpful starting point.

    Also for kicks, check out the proportion of liberals among humanities, art, and social sciences vs in engineering, business, and military/sports departments in uni:

  3. Calvin says:

    That leftist cunt is actually named Stasi? As in, the East German commie goon squad? The secret police who longed to crush the very souls of their unfortunate victims in the name of leftism?

    That may be the most appropriate name in the history of… ever.

  4. John Calabro says:

    It is a shame that such a men pass away. Don’t have many like that today. Rest in peace

  5. Ralph says:

    May Nicholas Thalasinos and all the other victims rest in peace. I wish all the injured, family and friends of the victims, a speedy recovery, and that the no-good murdering savages will be brought to justice.

    I once told a liberal about the Beslan school siege in which over 300 people, including many children, were murdered by moslem terrorists. The butchers who committed the deprived act wanted to create an islamic state in Chechnya. The liberal expressed a somewhat callous disregard for the victims, and implicitly sympathized with the terrorists’ fight against Russia by saying they were driven by poverty.

    Click on the title “tfw american” if you enter the link:

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