There Are No Rules, Even At The Department Of Justice

Sharyl Attkisson is still fighting:

Not only is the latest Freedom of Information (FOI) Act response I received from the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) two and a half years late—a response was required under the law in about 30 days—it’s also woefully inadequate.

In 2014, I filed a complaint asking the DOJ IG to investigate the unauthorized intrusions into my computers…

I was told all along that as the victim and complainant, I would be provided a final report by the DOJ IG…

I repeatedly requested to receive a copy. One of the investigators told me I could always file a Freedom of Information Act request for the materials.

Months went by.

Ultimately, the report and notes about my computer intrusion investigation were withheld from me in their entirety, without explanation…

My question remains: What’s the big secret about the DOJ IG investigation into my computer intrusions?

They just ignore the law, ignore the rules, and do it to a reporter who they know will make it all public. And there will never be any consequences, and they know it. Talk about dangerous times.

They are doing this out of necessity. When Hillary’s server was a big story, one source in the FBI said she had information on Special Access domestic intelligence programs on it which would cause the entirety of the citizenry to rise up violently, and trigger an immediate civil war against the government if they became public. I believe it, and I believe a thread which leads to those programs is what Sharyl is pulling on here. My belief is they will kill her before they let her expose it, because in their eyes her death will be less costly than a total civil war. I really hope she is not playing this game assuming the old rules are still in effect. If she is, then she will probably die of a heart attack, or cancer, or aneurysm, or car accident, or something else seemingly natural in the near future.

There is one strange conclusion I have come to. I think this is why you see the hatred of Russia. I am a clueless novice in this field. But even I as a novice, were I a Russian, would be exploiting this. Imagine, if you knew about these programs you could trigger a civil war in the US overnight. What would the US government be willing to give you, if you held that over the US government’s head? The Russians, who probably already know about all of this presently through Hillary’s server, and who have probably used simple stand-offish intelligence-gathering methods to document it clearly in ways which would light America aflame instantly, hold the ability to trigger a civil war in the US overnight.

My guess is the establishment doesn’t care about the Chinese because the Chinese have bought the Democrat party going back to Clinton and Gore. The Chinese are not going to trigger the destruction of a government they probably already feel they are invested in and partly own. But the Russians might just be crazy enough to do it, so we see the establishment hacks trying to tell us the Russians are the enemy, so if the Russians play that card one day, we will all have conflicted emotions with respect to taking the enemy Russian intel and overthrowing our own government. I suspect this may be why the Establishment appeared to want to immediately trigger an open war with Russia the moment Hillary took office. My guess is as Hillary’s server came to light a whole lot of executive-level assholes went into airtight-pucker mode, and those sphincters haven’t released even an inch yet.

I view all of this with tremendous sadness. It is the end transition from the wonderful, free, Constitutional Republic run by the people, which the founders sacrificed everything to give us, to a dictatorial government-by-force which I expect will become a raw, naked oligarchy in the coming decades, at least until the Apocalypse tears it all down. Only the Second Amendment is holding the open tyranny at bay right now.

I feel delinquent in my duties as a citizen and an American. The founders sacrificed everything to give us that chance at freedom, and here it is falling apart on my watch. On the other hand, God does love this nation, so I have a sneaking suspicion this is part of the plan. This will all eventually come out, and the true hatred of the government and its leaders by the citizenry will be inevitable. My assumption is it will happen at the collapse, and it will so poison everyone against the very concept of the federal government that they will happily give the bloated and teetering federal government the last push it needs to send it into the waste bin of history.

The individual states which remain will then form loose alliances, and this will recreate in its entirely what the Founders had created – individual states that were only loosely linked to a minimalist overarching federal organization, designed solely to protect individual liberties.

Who would ever think an Apocalypse of unimaginable horror would be our savior?

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  2. Maple Curtain says:

    AC: I have to question the analysis here regarding your assumption that the “something” being hidden is so big that it would act as the catalyst for a civil war if released. The fedgov apparatus is now so large that some 1.4 million people have “Top Secret” clearances. Those 1.4 million are not all ladder-climbing sociopaths or those who have been bought/threatened into submission. If “Reality” Girl has this clearance, and access to sensitive information, I don’t see how an intelligence scheme that is unlawful and treasonous against the American people on a massive scale can remain unknown. You can’t have a conspiracy of more than, say, 12-200 (???) people and many, many more than that would have to know of such a scheme for it to exist and function.

    • I have thought about that. I have no idea how they are keeping it secret, but I know it is out there. I cross paths with people online who have seen it too, and it is blatant with them, with no fear of exposure. I do not see many leftists complaining about it, though whether that is reduced observation due to reduced amygdala, or a measure that they are better sheep, I do not know. I know a lot of LE seem aware of it, but (wisely IMO) have an attitude of staying out of its way.

      I haven’t yet modeled out a cogent model for how it exists and stays under cover given the size, other than a lot of people in the chain of people needed to expose it are a part of it or controlled by it from LE administration/leadership to Media. But I know it is out there, and Sharyl is one example of where something beyond comprehension occurred. An honest, decent reporter, concerned with the death of a hero federal agent because of a leftist scheme to enact gun control, had classified documents put on her computer so she could be locked away in prison to get rid of her.

      Think about how horrific that is, given what we are taught about the nation and how things are supposed to work. If that happened and it is being ignored by the MSM, is Breitbart being murdered, Hastings being murdered, or Seth Rich being killed and covered up that much different? We now practically know for a fact that Best Buy searches customer’s computers for the government without a warrant. And yet as far as the media is concerned, it never happened.

      How many of those stories have gotten any media coverage or real exposure? There is surveillance video of Hasting’s car with a flash of an explosion underneath it, right before he crashed. He told people he was under it, and feared they had done something to his car. Nobody even mentions it in the media, and there have been no document releases about it by concerned whistleblowers. That is two major MSM reporters they tried to take out (Sharyl and Hastings), and the MSM has said nothing, even though ti is an attack on the MSM itself. The media even said that Hasting’s engine being launched a few hundred feet was a safety feature Mercedes used. As if an 800lb cannonball, launched in a random direction after a crash wouldn’t be the least bit of a legal liability if it hit someone standing around on the street at rush hour in downtown LA.

      The only thing I can see, is it has reached a point where it is big enough that they can monitor their own people, they know who is a risk, and they have the manpower and control of key media access points to intercept anybody who tries to expose it through normal channels, shutting it down at any of several stages, from killing/imprisoning/discrediting the leaker, to making the media not cover it.

      My own opinion is if Reality had tried to leak something that proved it exists, none of us would have ever heard her name, and all that would be left of her were some missing person posters pasted up around DC.

      I mainly discuss this here because I think it is important people grasp, nothing is like it seems, or like you were taught. Fifteen years ago I would never have thought it possible there would be a purge of the freedom-lovers at the collapse. Now I strongly suspect a lot of influencers online may disappear as the collapse unfolds, if things look bad enough to the elites. And it will happen fast, because they will know everything about the people who they decide are going to vanish.

      • Pitcrew says:

        We probably won’t know before it happens, there just won’t be any new content for parts of the internet for about a week. Then the ATMs won’t work. That’s probably how it would start.

      • Maple Curtain says:

        Happy to defer to your knowledge/judgement here, but still perplexed. Such a scheme requires a high level of organizational competence that just doesn’t exist outside of the movies – most ladder-climbing sociopaths are f’in morons. Easily controlled, for sure, but competent? No.

        • It is possible it is also compartmentalized. So the TS guys who install the tech have no idea who the target is since they are just in and out, the foot/vehicle have no idea who the person they are targeting is since they just record travels, take pics, and do the debrief on what happened, the computer guys who pull the internet traffic and install Trojans have no idea who the target is beyond quick details to target him, and the only people with the big view are a few at the top with the whole file.

          They may have a select few who will do anything really dirty like Sharyl saw, and they are brought in by the people at the top when necessary.

          All I know is I see a bunch of people minding their own business who are seeing it. But it is still puzzling, since I am sure not every Geek Squad guy is trustworthy, and yet nobody has come forward about that yet either, beyond the discovery stuff and the Geek Squad is just the tip. Somehow they have it locked down for now.

        • Sam J. says:

          “…most ladder-climbing sociopaths are f’in morons…”

          Most Sociopaths are not morons at all. They tend to be smarter than the average human and they are much less likely to be blinded by “beliefs” or “perceptions”. They tend to see things as they are instead of what they want to believe. At least that’s what I think from reading about them and what they say.

          I have a theory on why this is so. People have various levels of empathy for others and it can vary due to circumstances but I believe the area of the brain dedicated to it is not trivial. I believe that empathy was what made civilization possible. If everyone was a psychopath then you couldn’t trust anyone to even be alone with you without them killing you for whatever you had. I also believe that the Neanderthals were psychopaths or at least had little of the universal empathy for others. This was why they were in Europe for 250,000 years or so and did essentially nothing. Cro-Magnon appeared and BOOM all at once we’re building all kinds of stuff. Empathy happened.

          So what if you don’t have empathy. The strong feelings we get when we see others harmed will give you an idea of the amount of brain matter used for empathy. If you didn’t have empathy all of this is freed for general processing. Maybe even 10% or so.

          • glosoli says:

            You’re way off track re the Neanderthals. In fact, research and archeological finds shows the exact opposite.
            You might want to check out Tex Arcanes blog (vault-co blog spot, nb Google hides it) or Altrugenics, a site where those with high levels of Neanderthal fan meet.
            They were genocided for being too trusting by the way.

  3. As it must be. There can be no rise without the fall. Our job is to guide and prepare the next generation to do better.

  4. Pitcrew says:

    This goes to my theory of rabbit leaders and the “easy button”. Just make sure it isn’t the nuclear one. They will push it if the mob is at the door.

  5. coyote says:

    St. John wrote on the subject of “apocalypse” leading to rebirth”; revelations of strange days indeed.

  6. Mauny Kaseburg says:

    CONGRATS….kind of! So much is coming out through the “crowdsourcing” media now….you never know what will be “leaked”!! Obviously there’s still “deep state” players – people who are still working in those Gov’t agencies, that don’t want to lose their jobs!! #DrainTheSwamp !

  7. edsmith981 says:

    Tell us more about the source who said HRC had Special Access program info on her computer.


      The Inspector General for the Intelligence Community has told members of Congress that Hillary Clinton’s private email server contained some emails which were derived from “special access programs” intelligence, a level of classification regarded as above top secret.
      Catherine Herridge of Fox News reports the information came in a letter from Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III to Republican members of Congress who had inquired back in November about the process for identifying classified material in Clinton’s emails.

      The IG’s response states, “To date, I have received two sworn declarations from one [intelligence community] element. These declarations cover several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the confidential, secret, and top secret/sap levels.”

      The term “special access programs” (SAP) refers to intelligence that is limited to a relatively small number of people at the top levels of government. Only the president and a handful of cabinet secretaries can authorize such a program.

      Clinton has maintained that she was not aware of any classified information on her system, but the discovery of SAP level intelligence could make it more difficult for her to claim ignorance. An unidentified law enforcement source tells Fox News, “There is absolutely no way that one could not recognize SAP material. It is the most sensitive of the sensitive.”

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