Will Sexbots Kill the Human Race?

The entire race is going to die off!

SEX robots could kill off the human race by “over-exerting” their lovers to the point of collapse, according to an expert

Swiss researcher Oliver Bendel told the Love and Sex and Robots Conference at Goldsmith’s University the proliferation of sex robots could have a physical effect on their human partners.

He claimed that if machine ethics are not addressed before the sex robots hit the market, they could end up
doing humans much harm.

Far from actually warning of the dangers of oversexed robots, Bendel encouraged their use – but revealed he wanted to ensure strict ethical guidelines are put into practice to ensure they don’t “f**k us to death”.

As Vox says, SJWs always project. When he says this will exterminate mankind, he is assuming everyone is going to become addicted to sexbots the way he would.

Personally, I view even very realistic human-looking sexbots as barely one step above an inflatable sheep doll. There is an element to human cognition and the human connection that cannot be replicated by humping any inanimate object. Apparently the leftists who are advancing the technology see things differently.

So there will be a segment of the population which will have the reduced sexual selectiveness which will allow a sexbot to have a similar cognitive effect to a real human, and maybe even seem superior. This segment of the populations is called liberals, and this will be one more selective pressure culling their kind from the world, alongside more effective birth control, high-end 3D porn, and virtual reality sex over the internet.

On the other side will be K-strategists craving human connections and family around them, who will, as a result of that humanity, reproduce and sustain their populations.

The world is not a friendly place for r-strategists.

Sexbots will be almost as good for destroying leftism as spreading r/K Selection Theory would be

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3 Responses to Will Sexbots Kill the Human Race?

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  2. dirkhblog says:

    “SEX robots could kill off the human race by “over-exerting” their lovers to the point of collapse, according to an expert”

    I think this just shows the total desparation in newsrooms in the face of annihilation.

  3. CE says:

    Agreed. Amygdala atrophied r-specimens are sexually disturbed individuals. Let’s mass produce these sex droids and give every male Hillary voter their own unique version. I’m willing to invest my tax dollars for the good of the in-group.

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