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Welcome to the homepage of Anonymous Conservative. I know why you’re here. The world is getting weird. People betray their own and call it intellectual. Morality is now a mark of stupidity, and backward thinking. Strength of character is evil, while weakness and patheity are noble traits to aspire towards. Women are beginning to look like men, and men are becoming more like women. And people who wouldn’t last two seconds in a state of nature are telling us all that we need to destroy our society in a myriad of creative ways, yet nobody seems to notice. I see it too.

Something has gone bizarrely wrong, and you want to find out what it is. This site is dedicated to a simple theory in Evolutionary Biology which explains why all of this is happening in our society. Called r/K Selection Theory, this concept explains why we have two political ideologies, why productive societies will inevitably decay into immoral cesspools of failure and then collapse, and why we will inevitably rise again.

The basic idea behind the theory is that the environment offered by nature comes in two forms, from an evolutionary perspective, and each form of environment is best navigated using a specific psychology. These two forms of environment are differentiated by resource availability, and over the eons, these two environments have culled our populations to exhibit two distinct psychologies, which in turn, manifest as two distinct political ideologies, two distinct cultures, and even, two distinct models of humans.

Sometimes resources are freely available, whether due to a sudden bloom of fruit producing a glut of food, or a predator culling a population down, to the point that there is far more grass than the rabbits can eat. In both cases, food is everywhere. In this environment, everyone who can eat and mate will survive and reproduce. There is a very low standard for offspring to be successes, from a Darwinian perspective. So here, the competition between individuals is to simply produce as many offspring as possible, as fast as possible, without concern for their fitness or ability, so as to out-reproduce your peers. The fitness of offspring doesn’t matter, since everyone who can eat and mate will carry your genes forward, no matter how weak, stupid, or otherwise unfit they might be.

In Evolutionary Biology the psychology which is best employed in this environment is called an r-selected Reproductive Strategy, and it entails five traits. First, you avoid aggression and competition, since it is an unnecessary risk. Food is everywhere, so those who flee to a new area when confronted, will get free food with no risk, while those who stay and fight risk getting culled, over food which is everywhere, anyway. Second, you mate promiscuously with as many mates as possible to produce as many offspring as possible. Third, fathers abandon offspring to do this, producing a low-investment, single parenting rearing style. The fourth trait is that you mate as early as possible, so the earlier sexualization of young is normal to you. Finally, since there is no competition, there is no need to function or compete as a group. As a result, loyalty to in-group will be a foreign concept, as will the very notion of an in-group.

Obviously, from avoiding conflict and competition, to single parenting, to low-loyalty to in-group, this r-selected Reproductive Strategy is the psychomotive origin of the Political Left, or as it is known in America, Political Liberalism. It produces a model of human which is cowardly, competition averse, promiscuous, supportive of single parenting, supportive of earlier sexualization of young, and which has no real embrace of loyalty, honor, decency, or any other pro-social trait designed to foster group cohesion and functionality, or success in group competition. Females will become manly, to provision and protect their young, which they raise alone, while men become effete castrati, designed for fleeing and fornication, and capable of little else of meaning.

As we see in any society which begins to produce resources freely and copiously, it will gradually begin to trend “r” as time goes on, further highlighting this relationship of resource availability to political psychology, and reproductive strategy.

The opposite environment of the r-environment is the K-selected environment. In K-selection, there are not enough resources to go around, and someone will end up being culled due to an inability to acquire them. Here, instead of favoring those who produce as many offspring as possible, this will favor those who produce the fittest, most capable offspring. As a result, parents focus their efforts on a few offspring, seeking to produce a small number of offspring which are as fit as possible.

The K-selected Reproductive Strategy will also favor five traits, all exactly opposite those of the r-selected srategy. First, you will be aggressive and competitive, since if you don’t compete, you will not get resources. Second, you will carefully select the fittest mate available, and then monopolize that mate’s fitness through monogamy, so nobody else can have as fit an offspring as you will, with your fit mate. Third, you and your mate will raise your children together, using high-investment, two-parent child rearing, so your child will be as capable as possible at maturity. Fourth, mating will begin later in life, so such individuals are maximally mature and able, and able to attract the fittest mate possible for a monogamous relationship. Finally, since K-selection will often evolve into groups fighting other groups for limited resources, you will become in-group-oriented. You will be loyal to in-group, and favoring of things which promote group cohesion like loyalty, decency, cultural traditions and monoculturalism. Out-group will be synonymous with enemy.

Clearly, K-selection is the origin of the Political Right, or as it is known in America, Political Conservatism. It produces a model of human which is competitive, aggressive, protective, monogamous, prone to favor high-investment family values, prone to try and delay sexual activity in the young, and prone to exhibit honor, loyalty, decency, respect for tradition, and other pro-social traits designed to help the group function better, so it might defeat other groups in competitions for limited resources. In this model, females are designed to nurture young, and guide them away from the dangers and threats which the male is programmed to want to deal with – violently and swiftly, for the good of the family, and the group.

We make the case that these psychologies emerge in several different ways. There is evidence indicating that a genetic predisposition plays a role. This genetic predisposition affects dopamine signaling systems, altering competitive drives and sexual behavior. There is further evidence that in mammals, this genetic predisposition can be affected by epigenetic effects produced by stress in the mother, which we go into in more detail in the book. We make the case that present environmental conditions affect dopamine activity, modulate receptor transcription, and alter sensitivty, offering a final adjustment to the strategy an individual employs, molding their psychology to their immediate environment. Finally, we argue that experiences, as manifested in amygdala development (itself related to dopamine function) offer a fuller explanation still, into this common psychological dichotomy.

One writer who reviewed this work, referred to r/K Theory as a “key which opens many doors,” and his analysis was the most brilliant description I have seen. Among the many things r/K will explain is the cycles societies seem to go through, be they political or productive. It will also explain the increasingly masculine females, and the increasingly effete males in our society, as well as the origins of homosexuality and its relation to Liberalism, as seen in this blog post, and this blog post. It can also offer insight into how ideologues may see the world differently, as well as why. It even offers insights into how to debate with ideologues, as we began discussing here, and continue to discuss at length in our blog. Combined with an analysis of current conditions, it may even allow us to speculate more accurately on how future events may play out, and where our civilization may be headed, centuries hence.

Liberals will not like this work for one reason. We are overall, a K-selected species, making Liberal behavioral drives, such as support for a single-mothering culture, cowardice in the face of threat, indecency in society, disloyalty to in-group, punishment of success and industriousness, and earlier sexualization of young, as well as the very model of human they embody, innately revolting to us on a deeply emotional level. Humans just aren’t programmed to revere manly, obnoxious, promiscuous women, and cowardly, effete, disloyal, and unreliable man-children.

Liberals try to counteract this revulsion, by arguing that these K-urges are primitive, and unintellectual, and must be fought, if you are to be a “good” human being. They try to portray Liberalism as a purely logical philosophy, which transcends the crude and primitive biological past of our species. In doing this, they try to make us ashamed of these K-urges, and try to force us to abandon them for the “good of society.” It is this very perceptual construct, of the Conservative as primitive unintellectual, and the Liberal as intellectual who has transcended the primitive, which is the sole support for the Liberal ideology in our nation. Absent it, Liberals are the immoral, disloyal, pathetic cowards of our nation – unreliable, and wholly incompetent at the types of endeavors necessary to survive in a state of nature. They are inferior in every way, to everything it takes to be a real American.

If this work comes to be known widely, then that last argument, alleging the Liberal is some sort of advanced, intellectual incarnation of our species, is shown to be laughable. The Liberal is just as primitive as the Conservative, and perhaps more so. For where the K-strategy advances a species, and produces ability and greatness through a selfless commitment to the group and the game, the r-strategy is simply a drive towards selfish hedonism which will inevitably devolve a species and destroy it, by eroding the bonds of the in-group, and degrading the very quality of the individuals within it. Absent the Liberal’s dishonest appeals, mankind would innately go K, and reject the patheity of r’s aberrant psychological urges. K is who we are, and we should be proud of it.

If this work is right (and it is), neither ideology is intellectual. However the psychology behind Conservatism is the psychology embodied by a majority of our K-selected species, it produced the very greatness we embody, and it will continue to produce efficiency and greatness in our societies, wherever it manifests. In that sense, it is not just natural – it is good – and it is to be embraced proudly. Freed from the Liberal’s phoney demeaning of this noble urge, mankind will reject the patheity of Leftism, and thus freed, pursue it’s destiny of greatness.

There is a book on the subject, as you can see off to the upper right. There are sample chapters above, linked in the header of this page. The book defers the costs of this project, and will eventually, hopefully, pay for advertising to spread this concept far and wide. I hope you will consider it’s purchase, though this site still offers much for you to peruse and ponder.

Until then, there is a longer multi-page analysis, discussing the theory linked above in the header, and I encourage you to pour over it. There is a paper, complete with references to much of the peer reviewed research supporting the work on this site, linked below. It offers the scientifically-minded individual a more technical window into the underlying concepts upon which this website and blog expound, as well as the evidence supporting it.

Modern Political Thought in the Context of Evolutionary Psychology

There are also sample chapters from the book linked in the header above. Our blog posts begin here, if you wish to go back to the beginning of the blog, and work your way through the posts in chronological order.

This concept has enormous potential to alter our political debate forever. Once someone sees the forces behind politics, there is no going back, and Leftism will never look the same. Such an informed individual is forever changed, and for them, the political debate can never find itself obscured by shades of gray. For Leftists especially, this work threatens with the possibility of out-grouping – the most potent psychological trauma a Leftist can endure. Under the tenets of this work, they espouse an inferior r-urge in a species which is undeniably, and aggressively, K.

Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that the mainstream media, and even the Conservative media, will never support this work, however. It is too revolutionary, the “moderate” RINOs running those organizations are not smart enough to grasp its significance, and perhaps most importantly, this idea doesn’t offer them or their establishment the opportunity to make any money or gain any power – a force which dominates our entire media machine, the Conservative wings as well.

So if this simple, inarguable concept of political ideology as r/K Theory is to spread, that must come from you, the reader. Please read this website’s substantiation, check out our blog, and see what we have to offer the debate.

Then consider helping to take this concept viral, by simply passing the information on. I am generally a pretty self-sufficient kind of guy. Although I love supporting my friends, I don’t like asking for favors, or putting my friends out. As a result, I studied virality compulsively for a long time, before realizing I was looking for something which wasn’t there. I was looking for some arduous type of work I could bury myself in, which would allow me to take this material viral myself, and carry it to everyone in the Conservative movement. I wanted a series of places to introduce it, a bunch of social sites to join and post at, and a strategy which I could work at 24/7, so you would just end up magically seeing this in your in-box one day, and we could all see Liberals forced to endure the humiliation.

Unfortunately, that is something which I now realize I cannot do myself. Without Conservatives like you telling others about this work, this will never go viral, no matter how much work I do.

Virality can only be sustained if enough people who are exposed to an idea, pass it on to two people, who themselves pass the idea on to two people, who continue the process. Many who you show this to, may not be intelligent enough to see it at first glance, or may not find it interesting, so you may have to tell more than two people about it to find two who will continue the process of passing it on to others who will pass it on.

But I would ask each reader to try and find those two people, who will pass it on. Post it on a message board you frequent in another corner of the internet, with a link back to here. Explain the theory to friends at work, and give them this web address. Share it with the guy at the next point on the rifle range, while you both examine and compare your groups. Tell the guy on the plane next to you about it, when he brings up how Obama is destroying the nation. Try to squawk it out through a squishy trachea, as your friend practices a rear naked choke on you in your BJJ class. Just mention it when you can, to anybody who expresses a question about why things are so screwed up, or wonders where this all may be going. And when you tell them about this, tell them you like the idea, so it benefits from third party validation.

I have spent a goodly chunk of my life now, patiently amassing all of this research, and I will continue to strive to make this site interesting as this journey continues. But I am one person, and there is no way I could possibly tell enough people about all of this to make any sort of difference myself. Whether this idea goes on to infect the populace’s consciousness, and make a true difference in the debate, or whether it dies out here, on a small corner of the internet, is solely up to you, the reader.

Bear in mind, the day this work is taught in the first class of PolySci 101, is the day that political Leftism will be destroyed forever. The day it appears in a single PolySci textbook, or is officially taught in a high school Social Studies class is the day Leftism begins to die. Nobody will want to be associated with it, and be an r-selected, “Bunny Rabbit” person. It is just too pathetic for the Liberal’s fragile ego to tolerate.

And if this idea spreads among the grassroots of the Conservative movement, the establishment will have no choice but to begin every discussion of politics with this idea. It is that foundational. They will have no choice. The alternative will be to appear wholly ignorant. As with the reality of Matt Drudge’s website, it will have to be acknowledged. Politics is just r/K Theory.

I have happily given up a lot of my free time to make that happen, and I’d be hugely appreciative if any of you can take a moment, and repost a blog post you like from here, to somewhere else, or send out a tweet, or tell a friend – all with a link back and a few words saying you liked it, and thought it was right (In virality, this assertion of support aids with the Lemming effect – people will ignore me and my opinion because it is my work, but any third party validation alters the equation, and gets the Lemmings running to be part of the pack, and agree with this site). Just one repost somewhere else could make all the difference in how successful Leftism is at gaining and maintaining power in the coming decade.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the information we have amassed here. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line through the blog, my e-mail, or the contact page. And if you help pass this work on using some of your own time, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Maybe some day as we look down, our own great-grand-kids will cross paths, in a free, loyal nation which doesn’t punish those who make it great, and whether they know it or not, we will both have had some hand in that.

Wouldn’t that be great.

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