Free Republic

Veteran Jim Robinson set up this website as a meeting place for like minded Conservatives, and it now has several hundred thousand members. This is Jim’s house, and it operates by Jim’s rules. He does not tolerate support for any aspect of Liberalism, so if you want to argue on behalf of gay marriage, gun control, or Mitt Romney, you will be thrown out. If you are willing to adhere to your Conservative brother’s issue, in return for his adherence to yours, you are in luck, however. Free Republic is supported by user contributions.

No one will ever find such an amazing sampling of expertise anywhere else on the internet. If a news story breaks, and you want expert commentary, you will likely find it here. From cops, to firemen, to pilots, to nuclear engineers, to high level government lawyers, to Special Operations personnel, they are all on Free Republic and they all share their expertise freely in the commentary following each news article posted.

The National Rifle Association

The most important freedom. When my first martial arts instructor found out I was a shooter, his head snapped to focus on me, and he had one question. “You an NRA member?” I was only a yound kid, but fortunately I had the right answer. The second I said yes, he smiled and nodded approvingly.

There is no other organization which will so reliably promote freedom. Cato will help the Libs and trumpet “Bleeding Heart Libertarianism,” every other interest organization will look out for itself, and the ACLU is a joke. But you will always find the NRA on the side of the freedom fighters, and today, you will always find them winning. Plus a membership will get you a monthly subscription to the American Rifleman Magazine, hotel and rental car discounts, and a slew of other benefits. Join today, if you are not already a member.

The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush’s website. See transcripts of the day’s show, get inside information on what will happen next, and sign up for Rush 24/7 to get the stack of stuff and other member’s-only material. From breaking news on voter fraud to insights into Liberal strategy, to laughing at the Castrati, Rush’s show is the place to educate yourself about politics.

The Drudge Report

It was Matt Drudge’s site which first opened my eyes to the evils of Liberalism, and I still stop by daily to get a synopsis of the day’s relevant news.

The Mark Levin Show

Mark Levin is a legal expert, Constitutional Scholar, radio host and dog lover. His new book, Ameritopia characterizes the r-selected environment which Liberals are programmed to seek out by their Darwinian past. Stop by his site for updates from his show, archived material, information on his book, or to visit his dog lover’s corner.

The Sean Hannity Show

Homepage of Sean Hannity’s radio show. Articles, a free newsletter, and all of Hannity’s social media stuff.

Glenn Beck

The only guy who could out-grow the Fox News Channel. This is the homepage for his radio show, TV Show, blog and books.

Breitbart News Service

Breitbart News Service is the online source for all major news stories off of the News Wires. Never patronize any other mainstream news sites, as they will be run by Liberals. We will always love you, Breitbart, wherever you are. God bless.

Michael Yon Online

Former Green Beret Michael Yon was close friends with Scott Helvenston, a former Navy SEAL killed in an ambush in Fallujah, Iraq. Curious about what was going on in Iraq, Yon travelled there, and began to report on what he was seeing to a few readers back home. The quality of his work, combined with his first hand knowledge of war-fighting, quickly won him an enourmous following. Today, he offers, bar none, “The best reporting on the state of America’s military engagements abroad.” When Iraq was being lost, he was among the first to see it, becasue he was there, on the front lines. When the Surge turned it around, again, he saw it and reported it first. A true American patriot, he offers a service to his country unlike any other, combining excellent writing, with cutting edge information, and stunning photojournalism. His site depends on contributions from its readers, and it is well worth any penny any American can spare.

Big Hollywood

American legend Andrew Breitbart’s blog site for Conservative celebrities. Very fresh and entertaining commentary on all things Conservative.


Glenn Reynold’s blog is an excellent source for a broad swath of Conservatism and modern culture. Few other resources will keep you as well informed about current trends, from the fall of the Republican party when it eschews support for Conservatism to the rise of the Pick Up Artist subculture. You simply don’t get a lot of this from other sources.

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