A Tale Of Two Humans

First, someone who Trump has appointed to Secretary of State:

“Nine years ago, I showed up to the Denton County Courthouse for jury duty and got myself picked for the job. A young girl had accused her mom’s boyfriend of sexual assault and the case was being brought to trial…

One of our first tasks was to choose our jury foreman. Perhaps it was his business suit, his impressive stature, or his charisma, but almost everyone in that jury room suggested that this middle-aged man with greying hair was likely the most fit for the task.

‘Thanks, but I decline. I’m not interested in the spotlight,’ he told us…

Our fellow jury member was reading the paper again and pointed out an article with Exxon in the headlines.

‘I work for them,’ he said humbly. ‘There are a lot of people in this world who hate me for what I do, so they give me and my family guys like that to protect me.’

…it appeared we might have a hung jury… With great patience, this man who strikes multi-billion dollar deals with foreign heads of state brought our scrappy jury together to bring a sexual predator to justice and to deliver justice for a scared and deeply wounded little girl.

A local nonprofit was instrumental in fostering that young girl through this process, providing her counseling and legal help. I was so struck by their mission that I toured their facility the week following the case in order to learn how I could donate and volunteer to their cause.

On a whim, I decided to reach out to Mr. Tillerson to encourage him to do the same… To my surprise, I received an email back thanking me for my note, my jury service, and ensuring me that he would contact the agency. I later received a call from the director of that nonprofit to let me know that Mr. Tillerson followed-through and gave a generous donation.

…during a news show tonight, I heard the term ‘corrupt’ applied to this man who I spent five days with back in 2007…

My five days with Rex Tillerson is all I know about this man and his character. And in light of the recent news, I thought this a relevant story to tell.”

More at the link – really an amazing story.

And then someone who opposes Trump:

Anti-Trump faithless elector Stephen “Chris” Suprun was expelled from a Texas police academy about six years ago for plagiarism, according to an anonymous source who attended classes with him.

The GotNews crack research team previously revealed that Suprun runs a fishy 9/11 charity and paid for cheating website Ashley Madison’s “affair guarantee” while bankrupt, likely unemployed, and married with 3 young kids — while his wife worked a full-time job.

We also revealed inconsistencies in his 9/11 story, a thread that was picked up by Texas local news after we investigated, and went viral.

Amygdala development is a dividing line in the population. We have known it for ages. The person who labors under a myriad of hardships is usually assumed to be a nice person, and the child who is given everything is said to be “spoiled.” This is just extrapolating that out to the level of the population, and recognizing it was molded by evolution to facilitate reproduction.

The amygdala is the seat of morality. When it is conditioned, a person is a well oiled machine, designed to seamlessly integrate into a group, and operate with the best interests of the group at heart. Where their urges begin to stray, their amygdala herds them back into line like a cognitive border collie guiding a herd of sheep.

When it has not encountered adversity, and developed the ability to judge right and wrong, or to drive honestly pro-social, altruistic behavior, the creature who carries it is but a shadow of what the human race was designed to become.

I also find it illuminative to look at what side of the two above examples Vladimir Putin has shown fondness for, and what side the Cuckservative Establishment and other assorted elites have allied with.

The only thing more amazing than the difference between the Trump administration and what has come before, is the fact that so many of those I have historically voted for were so hell bent on destroying him.

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