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Was Nikolas Cruz An MK-Ultra-Programmed Shooter Under Hypnosis?

One thing about Q-anon, whose posts can be found at a new site now. He willingly says something ridiculous, like the idea the CIA has programmed innocent people to kill for them. Such an outlandish claim would almost certainly damage … Continue reading

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Feds Raid FPS Russia

Lots of strangeness around these guys: Kyle Lamar Myers, more commonly known by his YouTube moniker FPS Russia, was raided by federal agents following his arrest. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Myers had been caught receiving illegal narcotics through the … Continue reading

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Q Endorses Book By Intel Professional Which Says School Shootings Were A CIA Plan

Interesting Q Drop: Q, Anons, I’ve been following these drops since day one, but this is the first I’m hearing of this “Behold a Pale Horse” book from 1991, by Bill Cooper. It actually describes clowns planning to use school … Continue reading

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John Perry Barlow Was CIA-Associated

Interesting to find this, as Q had alluded to him being CIA: After a decade of both fighting with and consulting to the intelligence community… I was introduced to this world by a former spy named Robert Steele, who called … Continue reading

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Q Goes Deep – MK Ultra Mind Control

What Q is bringing up is the idea that government has launched programs to explore controlling individuals through mind control, testing it on those who seek regular psychological therapy. He points out that a lot of shooters have undergone such … Continue reading

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Signs Q-Anon May Be Real

First, the media has covered it, in incredibly dismissive tones. I would blockquote this article, but basically it can be summed up as, “Q-anon is a ridiculous conspiracy which melds the totally fake idea anyone associated with Democrats might view … Continue reading

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Dems Call On Trump To Do Something About School Shootings

I agree wholeheartedly: Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) called on Wednesday for President Trump to “get off his ass” and work with lawmakers to address the rash of shootings in U.S. schools. Responding to a tweet from the president offering condolences … Continue reading

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What Happened To Podesta’s Hand?

Continuing on with conspiracies, I was looking at this picture: Notice the scarring on his right pinky, and the fact that both pinkies would appear to have been broken at some point, as well as his right ring finger. Is … Continue reading

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New Q Drops Just Keep Coming

There are a ton of new Q drops. I don’t know what to make of most, so I am not commenting on them. I get the impression there may be multiple Q’s though, one who handles intel/surveillance issues specifically, one … Continue reading

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Is John Roberts Sweating Bullets?

It sounds so innocent: House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes is considering speaking with the Supreme Court Chief Justice over the newly revealed surveillance abuse by the FBI. On Wednesday, Congressman Nunes said FISA judges may have been misled by … Continue reading

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