Australia Begins To Talk About Splintering From The UN

Some Australian politicos begin to fidget at the thought of sacrificing sovereignty for peace:

As the United Nations becomes increasingly radical in its assaults on liberty and national sovereignty, the movement for free nations to leave the dictator-dominated UN has now officially arrived in Australia. Speaking on the floor of Parliament in his inaugural address, newly elected Senator Malcolm Roberts with the One Nation party said Australian values were under threat from “insidious” institutions such as the unelected UN.

To deal with it, he called for an “OzExit.” In a passionate defense of freedom, Roberts also blasted privately owned central banks and the incestuous relationship between global mega-banks and Big Government. The tide is already turning…the historic Brexit vote,…. should be seen as a model worldwide as nations work to reclaim their sovereignty from globalist institutions. The Australian lawmaker, who represents Queensland, joined a growing chorus of anti-UN voices.

Not something you saw elected to public offices during the dot-com boom of the late nineties.

As amygdalae light up, peace-advancing unifying organizations will give way to war-facilitating alliances.

One assuages amygdalae by implying war is impossible, and fulfills an instinct to curry favor with violent foreigners. The other assuages amygdalae by implying any threats will be dealt with violently using overwhelming force. In some ways, one is motivated to avoidance by fear, the other is motivated to violent action by anger.

In the emotional cycle of Chinese philosophy, fear always transitions to anger, which eventually gives way to joy. It is a path people have noted for millennia, and it appears we are once again following it.

This case is yet one more sign that K is growing, and K’s are beginning to operate as if an Apocalypse is on its way.

Spread r/K Theory, because splintering is a step on the path to freedom

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  2. Mr_Twister says:

    I looked up ‘Oxymoron’ in the dictionary, it said,

    See: United Nations!

  3. chris says:

    The One Nation party holds very very few seats in the Australian Parliament. This is not a trend.

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