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More Las Vegas Conspiracy Updates

I want to believe the Las Vegas shooting was one lone lunatic. The psychology is certainly correct. And yet every time I turn around there is something else which doesn’t smell right. First, a witness who reported multiple shooters and … Continue reading

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Austria Goes Nationalist, And Nobody Talks About It

Another checkpoint in the K-shift: Austria’s political “whizz-kid” Sebastian Kurz was on course Sunday to become Europe’s youngest leader, potentially in coalition with the far-right, after his conservative party looked to have triumphed in elections. Kurz’s People’s Party (OeVP) won … Continue reading

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Another 90% Mortality Figure If Electricity Went Away

This seems to be quoted quite commonly: The House Homeland Security Committee heard expert testimony yesterday on the effects of a high-altitude nuclear detonation that could knock out the U.S. electrical grid for up to a year, resulting in the … Continue reading

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Czech President Wants European 2nd Amendment

K-selection is approaching, and everyone knows: Czech president Miloš Zeman has said Europeans should “have the courage to invest in our own guns” in order to guard against international terrorism, like millions of U.S. citizens have… “The level of international … Continue reading

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Millenials Are Changing

You can see where things are going: Today in research that makes us feel like old, drunken messes, apparently young people don’t think getting drunk is cool. In fact, they think it’s ‘pathetic’ and ’embarrassing’. Ouch. Eventbrite’s nationwide survey of … Continue reading

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FBI Begins To Move In On Weinstein

This does not happen because one man grabbed a booby: The FBI has opened an investigation into Harvey Weinstein, has exclusively learned. understands the move came at the behest of the Department of Justice, run by Donald Trump’s … Continue reading

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Two Amygdalae – Steven Paddock And His Brother

I thought this photo was interesting: Based on this photo, I would believe he could be a lone shooter. The younger brother is tensed and exhibiting sustained fear, almost to the point of startle, which in affect psychology is a … Continue reading

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Jesus Campos, Security Guard Shot By Paddock Not In Security Guard Database

From the comments: Supposedly every security guard in Nevada armed or not must be registered in the State in a public database and the security guard Jesus Campos, the security guard who first encountered Paddock and was shot, is not … Continue reading

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Puerto Rican Debt Should Be Zeroed Out?

A writer makes the case: President Trump, who knows a thing or two about bankruptcy, says Puerto Rico’s public debt should be wiped out. We agree. The commonwealth owes bondholders somewhere on the order of $70 billion, with most of … Continue reading

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Valedictorians Create Too Much Stress

Now Valedictorians are going to become a thing of the past: High schools are increasingly ditching giving the graduating senior with the top grades in his or her respective class the traditional valedictorian award, (Wall Street Journal) “I think it’s … Continue reading

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