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Domestic Surveillance

Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Wiretapped During The Campaign

More on Obama’s spying on Trump: US investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the election, sources tell CNN, an extraordinary step involving a high-ranking campaign official now at the center of … Continue reading

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Understanding Intel Is Always Important

Don’t, and you can stumble over the reaper fast: Location scout for Neflix’s ‘Narcos’ is fatally shot while doing advance work in Mexico for the fourth season… A location scout for the Netflix series Narcos has been fatally shot in … Continue reading

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Street Hypnosis And Amygdala Function

Recently someone who was fairly aggressively involved in national-level conservative politics emailed me with an encounter they had on the street. In thinking about it, it seemed the encounter involved a stab at street hypnosis, so I wanted to take … Continue reading

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Why Did The Same Muslim Who first Alleged Bolling Harassed Women, Also Report His Son’s Death First?

Interesting: A strange anomaly in this story is that Yashar Ali, the HuffPost freelancer who wrote the August 4 article alleging that Eric Bolling was guilty of inappropriate behavior years earlier, claims to have been the first one to break … Continue reading

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Prosecutors Try To Re-open Jeffery Epstein’s Case

Epstein played the intel game: Nearly 10 years after billionaire Jeffrey Epstein signed a plea deal that let him escape federal prosecution on charges of sexually abusing dozens of teenage girls at his Palm Beach mansion, the 64-year-old politically-connected money … Continue reading

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ADA Attacked By Gangs To Stop A Murder Case

Shades of Apocalypse: A deputy district attorney was the victim of a gruesome gang attack in Orange County, Calif., in an apparent attempt to prevent her from giving closing arguments in a gang murder trial. The woman, whose name has … Continue reading

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Chinese Drones Banned By Military

Yet another security warning: The US Army is going to ban its units from using drones manufactured by the Chinese firm DJI due to “cyber vulnerabilities”. The decision was based on the findings of a research conducted by the Army … Continue reading

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Antifa Acquires Intel Support And Training From Socialist Venezuela

If true, this is disturbing: A very troubling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Donald Trump has convened all of his top national security officers for an emergency meeting at his … Continue reading

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Baked Alaska Blinded By Acid Attack

Think about this: Baked Alaska was the victim of an acid attack to his eyes, still in the hospital, may be permanently blinded. The perpetrator(pic related) appears to be associated with the antifa group “Redneck Revolt” a red bandanna being … Continue reading

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Chinese Smart Phones Come With Spyware Preinstalled

Intel is valuable, and you never know what you might get if you keep a door open: Android devices are one of the most vulnerable mobile OS (operating systems) due to its open source nature. But what would a user … Continue reading

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