DHS Hacks Georgia State Election Networks

Strange case:

The state of Georgia is asking President-elect Donald Trump to investigate what it described as “failed cyberattacks” on its secretary of state’s network that it traced to the U.S. Homeland Security Department.

In a letter Tuesday, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp said his staff has uncovered nine more instances this year in which computers they traced back to the Homeland Security Department apparently attempted to infiltrate the state’s network between Feb. 2 and Nov. 8. His letter followed earlier complaints that his office had detected what it called “a large attack on our system” one week after the presidential election. Trump’s transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

My impression is the country is entering a weird phase, where agencies of the government, and even individuals within the agencies, are seemingly becoming more powerful than the political leadership of the nation, since it is the agencies themselves which have the weapons – and the fingers on the triggers. The uncertainty over the state of affairs has everybody in lower positions of power assuming the worst, and everybody at the top treading carefully lest things be as bad as they might be. I am not sure if Trump declared war on the security state, whether he wouldn’t end up assassinated. And I am not sure Trump could say with any certainty either.

It is impossible for us to tell what happened here, but clearly the state leadership just assumes somebody at DHS is hacking their system in retaliation for their opposing DHS’s proposed increase in authority. That distrust of the most powerful agencies of the federal government by state officials cannot be good for national unity as the Apocalypse closes in. Even worse is the possibility that things have gone on behind the scenes of which we are unaware, to precipitate such mistrust.

The only thing worse for the nation would be if DHS actually did it.

r/K Theory and the right to bear arms are the only certainty anyone has.

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  2. mobiuswolf says:

    Oh, I think it’s 2 and 3.

  3. DirkH says:

    “I am not sure if Trump declared war on the security state, whether he wouldn’t end up assassinated. ”

    You can be certain that Trump has a sizeable faction of the security state behind him from the start. Not the CIA obviously with its “It was the Russians” bullcrap – but they seem to weasel back already as they didn’t give a congressional hearing. There’s a power struggle going on, well, basically decided now. Bush-Clinton-CIA lost. This all goes back to Bush sen. CIA time and CIA-led drug business (Iran-Contra); an agreement between the Bushes and the Clintons to take turns running the White House, culminating in the ridiculous desired constellation of Hillary running against Jeb! Bush, which the voters on both sides flatly rejected.

    I do think that the America Firsters, the 200 generals fired by Obama, are behind Trump, and MAYBE the NSA.

  4. Add two more Red states to the list — WVa and Ky. One is weird enough, three is some sort of conspiracy. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/more-states-confirm-cyber-attacks-sourced-to-dhs/476227320

  5. Mr_Twister says:

    Isn’t DHS full of Moslems?

  6. everlastingphelps says:

    I’m with Dirk, there’s the FBI/Domestic arms of the security state, and the CIA/Foreign Adventures arm. The CIA arm hates Trump, because they can’t bullshit him into wars for profit. The FBI likes him because he is actually going to turn them loose on the real bad guys (Muslim terrorists) and stop having them hunting bigfoot (“far right domestic terrorists”).

    I’m close to someone who works in the middling tiers of ICE, and he can’t wait to get back to work “bagging and tagging.” I think the entire domestic arm of the security state feels that way. No one joins up to turn on their own people — they all had specific “them”s in mind. For the FBI, it’s Mohammed Attas. For ICE, it’s illegals.

    As for the DHS thing, I think it was more likely this — someone in DHS said, “you know what, let’s just do a port scan and then we can write up a scary report about how insecure all of these sites are” and found out once they started that they were actually more secure than the average fed site. That’s why we never heard from them about it (their original plan failed). That could have easily come from some adventurous middle management type (and it’s their kind of thinking.)

  7. SteveRogers42 says:

    IMHO, this is a big reason The Don has three highly-regarded generals in his Cabinet, as well as giving a post to the sister of Erik (Blackwater) Prince. If it’s time for the Game of Thrones, he’s getting his players into position.

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