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BBC Presenter Shocked By Child Sex-Dolls

This was interesting: A BBC presenter was reduced to tears while visiting a Japanese factory which mass-produces sex toy robots – including petite dolls with ‘kid-like’ qualities. Having travelled to Japan to learn more about the industry for the BBC … Continue reading

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British Youth Are Going For Knife “Scores”

K-selection closing in: LONDON teens are stabbing each other to earn kudos on the streets in a dangerous scoring system, it has been claimed. The shocking points system, known as Scores, reportedly sees teens earn points for each person they … Continue reading

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Transgender Sex Doll Sales Soaring For Chinese Company

The world is one big experiment in how far amygdala atrophy can destroy traditional mores: DS Doll, located in the Chinese city of in Dalian, is aiming to dispel the widely held belief that realistic silicone sex dolls are “just … Continue reading

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Man Gets Pregnant With Facebook Sperm

There will come a time when a K-ified society will look back on this period with a level of shock and awe which just might be amygdala-stimulating enough to prolong the next K-period: A former Asda worker Hayden Cross, 20 … Continue reading

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Women Are Searching For Violent Porn

Interesting: A quarter of straight porn searches by women are for videos featuring violence against their own sex. Five percent of searches by women are for content portraying nonconsensual sex. While men still search for significantly more porn than women, … Continue reading

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Flashback – Melborne Police Chief Says, Let The African Gangs Take Whatever They Want

Notice the rabbit-like comfort with the idea of being preyed upon, back in mid-2017: Melbourne residents have been left terrified with a massive crime wave spreading across the city’s west as police reveal there have been four home invasions in … Continue reading

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r-strategists Call For Normalizing “Twincest”

There is no bottom to r: … what’s incest? And why is it so taboo? … others argue that ‘consensual incest’ is a victimless crime – providing the sex/relationship takes place between consenting adults. Way back in 2013, Jeremy Irons, … Continue reading

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A Meditation On The Venezuelan Apocalypse

A good article on what to expect: We never could have imagined…or prepped for…what happened in Venezuela… What happened was something entirely different from what we had prepared for… We prepared for some of the consequences of turmoil, unrest, riots, … Continue reading

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Petition To Make Congress Prioritize Admission Of White Refugees From South Africa

Not a bad effort here: We the People call upon Congress to apply immigration priority to the South African Farmers facing systematic land confiscation and murder by their own government. These government sanctioned land confiscations / murders are race related … Continue reading

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Brazilian LGBTQ Deaths At Record High

A reader emailed this article: Violent deaths of LGBT people in Brazil have hit an all-time high following a sudden spike last year, new research reveals. At least 445 LGBT Brazilians died as victims of homophobia in 2017 – a … Continue reading

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